To Mommy blog or not to mommy blog …

Warning: this is a mommy post :)  Well this is a post about whether or not I should do mommy posts. Its come up that I may have made the turn into mommy-blogging of which some of you like and some of you don’t, so I figured it was time to address it. (See this post and comment thread for what i’m referring to).

Reading a mommy blog as a non-mom is like being a car-less, non driver watching a demonstration about how to fix your transmission; you aren’t interested, you have no point of reference and you don’t really retain any information. I’m exaggerating, it’s not that bad nor is it the case for everyone (as many of you have been so kind to tell me). But reading a mommy blog while pregnant or a new mom is like your car breaking down, being stuck on the side of the road, in a desert with a broken transmission and you would read the entire encyclopedia if it meant there were some transmission answers in there.

You get it – some people love it, crave it and engage more with the mom-content and many just aren’t interested.  I’ve thought about this for weeks, nay YEARS as both a reader and a writer – to mommy blog or not. I think that unfortunately its an extremely nuanced question that garners, yes, its own blog post.

emily henderson baby

First off: this blog has always been very personal in addition to being a design blog. I write what I like to read and I’m a voyeur that wants inside peoples emotions and lives as well as houses, so I’ve always shared my personal life online. As much as I love DesignSponge and Apartment Therapy I’m addicted to the blogs that have a person/family behind them. I believe that while I have some design chops, that many of you read this because you feel like we have some things in common, that we relate, and you know that you aren’t getting a machine, a schedule (got knows … ) or a group of contributors that are crunching out 10 posts a day. Its me, with some help now, of course, but it’s a person. I, Emily Henderson, am a person.

So, of course it would make sense that when something HUGE like having a child happens to your personal life that yes, you blog about it more than you did before … especially at the beginning when you are barely leaving the house so you aren’t exactly shopping and styling and your hormones are hardly letting you think about anything else. Its 100 percent all-consuming for the first 2 – 3 months and that is a good thing.

That being said …

This blog has always been a conversation between my readers and I. Without you I would just be journaling which would be a wonderful thing but not nearly as satisfying as writing for a wide audience, and certainly would not be furthering my career. I know that I’m not going to please everyone and frankly I don’t really want to. But that doesn’t mean that when I see a pattern of comments that I don’t take notice. I’d be an idiot to just ignore them without addressing them. Not only am I addressing them but i’m listening to them.

emily henderson family

Lately I’ve been pushing it with the amount of Charlie posts – its like I knew I was kinda doing too many but unable to stop because they are just so easy and cheap to do. My design posts some times take weeks to write and thousands of dollars to produce. They receive good traffic, sure, but then i’ll write an instagram roundup of Charlie pics with a question like ‘hey any tips on breastfeeding?’ at the end, that will garner 476 comments.  That post took me 2 hours and cost me nothing and got me a lot of engagement and frankly useful advice. So yes, when i’m exhausted from work and Charlie, and staring at the blank draft posts on my computer at midnight its REALLY easy to just go for that. This blog was never intended to be a mommy blog and it’s still not, but my god its tempting to write about Charlie when my web traffic is telling me what is most popular. But I pushed it too and strayed too far away from my style roots, and you guys called me out on it.

emily baby

So after thinking about it for weeks i’ve decided to never speak about Charlie on this blog, again. Charlie will no longer exist online.

Ha. Yea right. I’m kidding obviously, don’t worry Charlie lovers. What i’ve actually decided to do is create a new page for the super personal stuff. A lot of people mentioned to do what Young House Love does, which i’ve thought about, and because i’m totally redoing the blog (upgrade, folks, with lots of new functions to become a blog and total design resource) it will take a while. So until then I’ll be doing a few charlie/mom posts a month and on those days I’ll do a second style post. The Charlie/mom posts will have a ‘read more’ thing so for those less interested you won’t even have to look at his adorable face. If, however, its a style post that just happens to be about Charlie or have pictures of Charlie in it, then I’ll probably just stick to that one post.

The reason i’m not completely getting rid of these posts is that there is an audience for this dialogue and while there are A LOT of mommy blogs out there, there aren’t a ton of working mommy blogs that I relate to with real stories (and please leave comments of your favorites because maybe I just hadn’t found them). For instance, I read all over the internet that if breastfeeding isn’t working for you its ok and that formula isn’t harmful, but if someone who I have followed for a while and who I seem to have a lot in common with and trust said, ‘I wanted to exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months, but due to traveling, working, a nursing strike and a growing boy I am unable to keep up with it and am supplementing with formula’,  I would be ECSTATIC. It would make me feel SOOOO much better. There are a lot of tips, product roundups and discussion boards, but there are very few blogs by individuals that I know that make me feel good about my situation, and most just make me feel worse. So ignoring those conversations just seems nuts and downright un-American.

emily and charlie

To those of you not interested in the kid thing – I totally get it. It can feel like a betrayal to come for one thing but be force-fed another. I was childless once, too, and I would get kinda annoyed with blogs that turned that corner. All I can say is I’ll do my best to balance it and with the added traffic of the mommy followers i’ll hopefully be able to create more content about style, too.

To those of you who are suffering from infertility and reading this blog makes it hard … I am just so sorry and you should know that we tried for a year and a half, had a 10 week  miscarriage and was seeing a fertility specialist when I got pregnant. So I totally understand your pain and it kills me, truly, that my blog causes you any of it. That is the most compelling reason for me to not write about Charlie, for sure, and while i’m tempted I know you know that I can’t stop now.


The content of this blog is kinda dictated by the traffic and the comments. If you like a post and want more like them, please share it on Facebook/twitter or Pinterest. It honestly means the world to me to see all our hard work actually pay off. I look at the numbers and I see what is popular and see whats not and it definitely informs our content, so if you want more makeovers then share the makeovers. If you want more mommy posts then share the mommy posts on Facebook. All you have to do is ‘like’ it at the bottom (or tweet it or pin it) and it makes me sooooo happy. So really the content is up to you – you share it, we notice it, we do more of that. Is this my way of manipulating you into sharing the posts? Kinda, but honestly I also really want you to be happy and fill like you are getting what you want from this blog.

Either way, I really, really, really appreciate each and every one of you. So the question is to Charlie or not to Charlie … Weigh in, y’all.

*ps In case you are just joining: read the pregnancy announcement, watch the gender reveal video, read my 5 favorite things about being pregnant , check out my maternity must haves, see my first baby showermy second baby shower and read my birth plan and of course the play by play of the birth)

*ps and something is wrong with my comments and they aren’t showing up, but my IT person is on it and they are being entered and will show up in a bit.

All photos by the lovely LK Griffin team. Thanks, Kat and Luke!

  1. It’s so hard!! I try not to talk about my kids TOO much, but I do like blogs that talk about their kids so why am I avoiding something that I would enjoy reading myself. There is a balance to find and every blog’s balance is going to be different. But I would never complain about baby posts!!

  2. SLG

    I’m not a mom, and the jury’s out on whether I’ll ever be one. But I appreciate the Charlie posts, mostly because of exactly what you said — there are so few blogs out there by working mommies (or at least I haven’t found them, not trying to insult the mamas out there who blog that I don’t know about). I totally get it, because who has time to work AND be a mom AND blog? But Emily, your posts encourage me that being a working mama may be hard but it is also possible and even joyful, and it’s OK to have a life that’s imperfect because it can still be a life that’s beautiful.


      Yes to Charlie! :)

    • Chelsea

      I 100% agree. I am not a mom, I hope to be someday but who knows if it is in the cards. I am a designer and I read your blog every single day no matter what the subject is and the mom blog portion of it does not bother me at all! If anything it gives me 5 minutes to stop my design brain for the day and just enjoy the fact that you are loving your life with Charlie!! – gives me hope that some day I too may have a (more) fabulous design career with a family, so kudos!!

      • Emily

        Thank you guys so much. Thank you xx

      • Elly

        I agree- I’m not a mom, but came to your blog actually because of your post on your birth plan- how you are not having a birth plan/plan. I really appreciated that and it made me think…. ok, maybe one day I could be a mom- but not a martha stewart mom, more of a modern day working mom. I am into design but to be completely honest, on your blog- I love the honesty of motherhood.

        Ps. I have your birth plan post bookmarked in case one day I get pregnant.

  3. i’m not a breeder. i think working mommy chic and pregnant chic and chic children’s clothes and furnishings are interesting. i am interested in limited personal info like how overwhelming it is. i am stunned, stunned, i tell you, with the pelvic politics writers (florence king named pelvic politics as a strategy of southern belles). all this militant self pity around private female problems grosses me out. i think you handled your private woes in that department with fortitude, class, and, best of all, silence. i have every confidence that you will continue to do so, with just enough personal info on the growth of this darling child to make wallpaper posts interesting. you’re doing fine.

    • Emily

      Wow. THANK YOU. I haven’t heard that phrase before but i’m googling it right now. xxx

  4. Jessica

    Good call. While I’d be sad to see the Charlie posts go (um, that little hat?! whut?! so cute.), I love the idea of having a Charlie-only part of the blog. As I’m not interested in kids at all, I usually skip the kid related posts. But this change would make it more of the design blog that I love and tell peeps about!

    Also, thank you for explaining the process you went through to make this decision. That’s what I love most about your blog – the authenticity. Keep rockin’.

  5. Amber

    Please do include Charlie! I like hearing about the people behind the projects. I understand it may be off-putting to others. As long as you don’t forget to post about design too! Thank you for asking. :)

  6. Meri

    Hi Emily,
    I was personally drawn to your blog above all else because you are an amazingly talented writer. Informational blogs are a dime a dozen but it is rare to find a blog that literally makes you feel like you’re hanging out with a friend. Keep talking to us from the heart because that’s where the magic happens.

    • Emily

      :) thank you xx

    • Ditto a thousand times, Meri.

      • Morgan


    • Laurie

      Completely agree.

    • Kathy

      Quadrupal agree! I don’t care if you’re talking about Charlie, design trends, or your toe nails, I’m always interested in what you have to say because it’s real.

  7. mj

    Hey just so you know, YHL are stopping the separate ‘life’ site, they are cutting back on everything and rolling it all back into one.

    I think… you gotta do what you gotta do. What you are passionate about is what’s going to read best. Your audience will change over time anyway.

    I am childless and there’s nothing I can do about that – I’ve still read your Charlie posts and enjoyed them. But would I come here specially for those…? no. I came here for your styling posts because you really unpack that info so so well. And I’d still love to read that flooring post when it eventuates.

    More generally I’m feeling uneasy lately about the number of babies and kids who are getting exposed on blogs, sometimes with product tie-ins. Where is this all heading? I worry about what it does to a bub to be engaged mum’s styling, snapping, and in some cases, shilling? These babes get no privacy.

    Ok my 2c. Do what moves you most…

    • Ida

      YES! I feel the same way. While it is interesting to me eventhough I’m not a mom (yet), I am GLAD my mother was not a blogger when I was little, and that there aren’t hundreds of diaper photos of me somewhere on the internet.

      • Angie

        I agree with you. Although I love looking at/reading about the adorable, adorable Charlie, ultimately, your decision about whether to blog or not to blog about about him will be determined by how HE feels about it. He may prefer his privacy.

    • Emily

      thats totally interesting and i’ve thought about it. Its interesting/weird when your personal life becomes your brand. In one way its amazing that you become paid to actually hang out with your family and take photos with them, but obviously you/one NEVER want to exploit your kids to your benefit. So far its been fine – he’s a baby, he doesn’t care right now. But at some point this might lead to something that he doesn’t want and I am sensitive to that. This new internet world is weird and navigating it can be tricky. But its a good reminder that if some people think its weird and dangerous that I should be more thoughtful about it. xx

  8. I’m not a mom now and I probably won’t be one, but I LOOOOVE all your Charlie posts and instagrams. I want more. It doesn’t hurt that he’s absolutely adorable and I think you guys are the cutest family ever.

    • Emily

      THANK YOU!. xx

  9. KM

    I came for the style/design and have stayed for your voice. I happen to love babies so the addition of Charlie now gives me two reasons to visit. I think your suggestions of how to deal with the different topics makes great sense. (And I don’t have babies of my own yet, but I think what you’re doing with juggling your career and home life is AMAZING and I’m really grateful for you sharing it – because we don’t have enough examples. More voices and evidence of varied parenting are always a good thing)

    • Emily

      Thank you. i’ll try to do both, I promise.

  10. Mandy

    I love seeing Charlie posts (but I’m a mom, so duh) and I have always felt like you’re striking exactly the right balance. I’m not ordinarily a commenter, but since you mentioned YHL, I thought I’d point out that they just posted this week they they are doing away with the Young House Life section of their blog and bringing all those posts over to their main site (in addition to pulling back to less posts per week). I’m also not a blogger (just a professional blog reader ;) but I personally feel like fewer posts makes the content better and makes me more eager to read. Either way, you’re FAB and I always look forward to seeing what you have to say!

    • Emily

      This comment exactly! I like the authentic stuff that shows your true passion. Be it Charlie, or an amazing makeover you’ve worked so hard on – that’s the stuff that makes the most compelling content. I’d rather you blog less and have really intriguing content I’m excited to click over and read then see you blog 5 times a week but with weaker content just to have something to post. If anything my least favorite posts are probably the DIY stuff or round ups that feels a little forced/manufactured. The Charlie and design posts are where it’s at!

      • Laurie

        I agree – I’m most excited about Charlie posts and design posts, least excited about DIY how to’s and round ups. No need to post every day – I gotcha on Bloglovin :)

        • Jessica

          We began reading your blog for the design and your talent and have stayed because of your authenticity and your personality. I enjoy getting a glimpse into your life. I respect you even more seeing how you are juggling being a new mom with being a talented designer with a career. I completely agree on seeing fewer posts with compelling content. I feel like I can tell when you’ve rushed through writing a post because you felt like you HAD to post something. I’d prefer to wait a bit longer for a great post. And if Charlie happens to be in a post from time to time, that just makes me like you more.

        • Emily

          Thanks guys. I know! I wish i could post really good content every day, but since I can I always thought that a roundup (which does create revenue) is a good subsitute. so its interesting that you’d like less and the best because man, that makes my life a lot easier. I guess in a perfect world we would make every post pretty if not REALLY good, so that’s what i strive for, but I know I fail. I try to pull together a post at 1am and hit ‘publish’ without really reading it. Sometimes those are the most popular but only rarely. My life is so weird. :) Thanks for commenting. It really helps me make decisions.

    • Taylor

      Totally agree with this post. I come here because I love reading about your family and how it relates to your style / profession. Fewer posts that mix design and lifestyle would be my vote!

  11. Jade

    to charlie!!!! love both topics, love the blog, no worries.

  12. Darlene

    Your blog; your call. It needs to be fulfilling to you as well as your readers. I love design and seeing design posts. But yours is one of my favorite blogs because it feels “real”; written by a real person with a real life. I love that your are so open about your life and want to share. For me it enhances the design posts; by knowing you I am better able to see your design vision and your thought processes.
    Do what feels right! I think that has been a driving force in your life so why not continue to follow that? When I see a post on a blog that I follow that I am not interested in, I just skip it. Not sure why others get so uptight about things.

    • Emily

      Thank you. I love that by knowing me you relate to the design posts better. I hadn’t really thought of it like that. Thank you.xx

  13. stacy


    i so appreciate the honesty in posting this. i’ve never seen such a clear-cut ‘hey readers, what do you think about this?’ post on a blog before. so, thank you.

    i for one, am not a kid lover. someone talks to me about their kid — i respond with cat stories. hand me your kid for minute and i’m lost. however, i’m young and i know that one day i will want to have kids. that being said, i actually really love your mommy posts. maybe its just because i love your (writing) voice (you are a truly entertaining writer!) or maybe its because i know that this info will pertain to me someday. i really do enjoy reading about it, even though there is no relevance to my life at this moment.

    please keep sharing whatever makes you thrive. and i’ll keep pinning your design posts :)

  14. Alexis

    I think it’s cool that you are so self-aware. I always come for the design aspect of your blog, and it never even occured to me that you were “over doing” Charlie posts. I see your blog as a peek inside your brain. And it’s true, like you said, that the first few months of baby are all consuming. So just write what’s on your mind.

    And there are very few blogs out there for working mamas, trying to balance things, being the bread winner, primary caregiver husbands. I LOVE that you put that out there. We need more representation of that, because it is real life.

    • Emily

      Thank you. xx

  15. Emily

    I am not a mommy and I read your blog way before you were pregnant but I just want to say that I absolutely love posts about Charlie. You’re right, it is so much more fun to read posts when you know there is a real person behind them and now there is a real person with a really cute baby and while it may make me seem weird, I totally love reading about mommy things, even though I don’t have a baby anywhere in my near future.

    Basically, keep on, keepin’ on, you’re awesome. And Charlie is adorable.

  16. CAT

    I’m 42.5 years old, not a mom, and haven’t been really interested in being a mom. That being said, I found your blog about a year ago and loved the content and feel of the posts. You’re funny and sincere and sweet. And now with Charlie, I actually love the blog even more. I actually look forward to seeing the Charlie posts almost more than the design posts. Weird, hey, for a childless woman like me? It’s just that your family and your happiness that comes through the pictures and the blurbs make me smile. I kind of feel like I’m on the journey with you,even though I never really wanted to go on the same journey, myself! I think your happiness, contentedness and all-around pleasure with your life and family comes through each and every blog, and I’m really glad that you’re not ditching the family stuff just to focus on design. I truly think your new addition has influenced your blog, for the better. All the best to you in this new change.

    • Emily

      Wow. Thank you so much. this makes me soooo happy to hear. Thank you thank you

    • ck

      If there was a “like” button – this would be liked.

    • Ditto!! It is YOUR blog and your readers are here for your voice, point of view, design sense, etc. How can you not include your personal stuff from time to time? I am similar to you – full time working mom, love design, love my babies, it’s all good!!!

      I think a simple fix is to make a super easy and obvious way on the website to filter the posts. You don’t need to have a completely separate website! Have a category or “channel” for All, Before/After, Charlie, DIY, etc. Then people can pick what interests them. I am a UX / Web designer so if you have any questions, ask away!

      I do look forward to a post from you once a day. Make it easy on yourself and do smaller posts about one piece of a design rather than the entire shebang. I do like the entire shebang posts too though!!

    • Pamela

      Agreed! Even though I have no kids (and will not, since I am turning 50 this year), I came to this blog for the design and stayed for you. What makes you special is your authentic voice, your love– for your family, friends, work colleagues AND your readers– and your happiness. We need more of all of it in this world. It is clear from the stories you’ve shared that you’ve worked hard create the life you have, and all that effort has culminated into this moment of pure joy. Even though we may not have the same life details, we all can share and celebrate your joy.

  17. Sarah

    Blog about your baby and any future ones! I come to you first for design advice and find that any parenting insight is just the cherry on top. I have 2 babies and find myself quite inspired whenever you happen to write about Charlie. Keep charging ahead!

    • Franny

      I agree with Sarah – came here first for design but following your journey with Charlie has been a great addition. Keep it up in whatever way you feel most comfortable.

      • Emily

        Thanks, guys. Thank you. x

  18. Being a mama, and a designer, and a blogger, and a celebrity (what – you ARE!) I imagine it is impossible to make EVERYONE happy. I love that you are sharing the process, being honest and raw here gives all of us fellow mamas permission to tell the truth too. It’s like exhaling. However you choose to use this blog, and whatever you choose to share here, I am in. Thanks for being such an inspiration Em!

  19. Kathleen

    Oh Emily….Can we be friends? Like you hangout with me when you come to Atlanta and I hang out with you when I’m in Cali..Geez…You my dear are awesome. I loved you since Design Star and I think that you are a great example on balancing work, being wifey, and mommyhood!! Thank you for sharing and as a working momma of three and aspiring interior designer, I enjoy reading about how you do it all!

    • Emily

      Thank you and yes, lets be friends. xxxx

      • Oh emily! I love your blog And how real it is as a mom blogger i can totally relate, having a sepárate page for charlie post doesnt seem like such a good idea, people aré lazy And i kind of love having everything in one page. The read more jumps should work for those not interested. Your blog reflects your personal life, and i for one love that. Stick to What you love to write about.

  20. Rana

    Hi Emily!
    Love your blog, design, mommy posts and all. I say keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing. BUt you do need to write back folks to aim to get picked up for projects- like your design staging project where you’ll go all over the country to stage. I imagine you get 100,000 messages a day from adoring fans…but I think the idea that you actually scan/glimpse at our rantings are what keep us in sometimes!
    Respectfully yours!


  21. More Charlie! Just like any other human being, you are more than one thing – wife/mom/designer/comedian/etc/etc… so it makes sense for your blog to be as versatile and vibrant as you are. Charlie takes up a large portion of your heart space, and your blog will reflect that. I think it’s kind of you to categorize posts, and to create “jumps” for readers to read more only if they’re interested. Love you dear, and you’re doing a wonderful job! Praying for you and your sweet fam!

  22. Liz

    well, I’m a mom, so I like the mom posts. It’s been fun watching you discover parenthood. My oldest is 6 now (it goes soooo fast), and I almost forgot how magical it is in the beginning with the first.
    I think the choice to have a separate page for that is a good one. You have to be yourself here. You can’t completely ignore the biggest part of your life AND be sharing an authentic version of yourself at the same time. It can’t be done. I think you’re on the right track in figuring it out. You’ve got a loyal reader in me…either way.

  23. Emily Kathryn

    Charlie posts please! My Nella Grace was born just a month after Charlie and I feel a kindred spirit to an Emily that loves navy blue and has an adorable kiddo! You do you, and the right people will follow!

  24. sg5785

    Hi Emily, you’re right that your blog is so personal, and this is a landmark of its readership. But it’s personal not because of the subjects you cover (Charlie, Brian, Joy, your experience as a prop stylist, etc) but because of the personality you have developed in writing. I would read what you write even if you wrote about …transmissions, about which neither I, nor, I suspect, you know very much yourself. I also read Orlando’s posts about his travels, and his now-gone childhood home, because I enjoy how Orlando writes. My point is, your non-Charlie posts are very personal too, and perhaps more personal than the Charlie posts. In fact, I do find the design posts more personal, because they speak more directly to what you see as fabulous. You’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what is fabulous design-wise, and that makes them unbeatable. Emily the designer is more unique than Emily the mother (well, if you’re not Charlie). I welcome the posting of the Charlie blogs on a separate page, because I think that, if you have them all together, you might develop a narrative, which will make them also more engaging. Can’t wait to see the new design!

    • Emily

      wow, thank you. Its so weird to see what you strive for commented on by others. I mean, there was never really a clear goal, but if there were it would be to .. ok, thats too embarassing to write. but you made me feel really good. so thank you.

  25. Sam

    Emily, this is YOUR blog, being a mummy is now who you are and I want to come with you on your journey.
    It’s very thoughtful and kind of you to appreciate not everyone has the same point of view and by creating a separate page I’m sure everyone will be happy.

    For what it’s worth I expressed milk for 5 months and topped up with formula when necessary, my son was 6 weeks prem and just couldn’t get the hang of breast feeding (and we tried and tried until it was making us both unhappy). Learning to manage the “guilt” that we mostly place on ourselves is yet another skill you will develop, happy parents and memories are what’s important.

  26. Campbell

    Balance = awesome! I think finding that balance – between the professional that you are and the mother that you have become is so challenging. I don’t have a blog and yet I struggle with the same identity crisis. You are evolving, as is your brand. I love it and will continue to read!

  27. I am a mother of a four year old boy, and I also love design. Of course I like Charlie, and I like seeing pictures of your new family, but I did come to this blog to see your design sensibilities, which I can never get enough examples of. There are so many chic mommy blogs out there, but not many good design ones (especially with the range you have). I follow you on Istagram and I think it’s really cool that you mostly post pictures of him there, but when I want some instruction or inspiration I want to come to your blog and feel that hit. It makes a difference to me, so thanks for posting this question to your community.

    • Monica

      I second all this. This is my favorite design blog, so I come here looking for those kinds of posts.

      I have 3 kids (7, 6, and 4) and I get enough mommy-ness all day long. I like reading on other things. I read blogs for entertainment. The Charlie posts don’t bother me. People blog about their passions. Your passion, right now, is Charlie. It’s pretty obvious. I respect that. Might be the new-baby stage of unbelievableness you’re living, so I try to see past that. Skim it over and come back the next day. I don’t care for baby posts because, maybe I’m past that stage. Same reason you might not read a high school senior’s blog about homework, games, and the prom. You get it, but you’re past that, your interests have changed.

      To me, blogs are like reading the paper or getting the mail, or even catching the new episode of a series: sometimes it’s memorable, sometimes it’s boring, sometimes it’s junk. There’s always tomorrow. Always the next one. I like your style on decorating and writing about it, that’s why I come back every other day.

      I personally don’t have instagram, or facebook. I don’t pin anything because I use pinterest mostly for projects. I pink what I need at a specific moment (a particular party, lunches for the month, etc). I sometimes comment or click on the ads, that’s about all I can do to show my support.

  28. Kathleen

    Oh Emily…Can we be friends? You hang out with me when you are in Atlanta and I hang out with you when I’m in Cali…Geez! I have loved you since Design Star and you show us how you are balancing work, being wifey, and mommiehood!! As a working momma of three littles and aspiring interior designer, you inspire! Keep doing whatcha doing girl because you are the BOMB!!! =))

  29. i am not a breeder, but i liked the chic maternity clothes post, the well-designed baby gear posts and the general stylin’ mom and baby posts. i am interested in the personal aspect of how overwhelming it is, but i’m not interested in what the great writer florence king called “pelvic politics”. i am, frankly, appalled by certain mommy bloggers and their periods and cervical plugs and their cracked nipples and, most of all, their militant self-pity and hormone-driven narcissism. i think you handled those issues with class. i like cute kid stories and i know you won’t overwhelm us with them. i think you’re doing fine and your natural good taste and manners will carry the day.

  30. Ruth

    Thank you for this, Emily.
    I’m one of those who can’t have children and it was sad to see another of my favourite blogs turn into a ‘mommy blog’ that I wasn’t too keen on reading. I can totally appreciate the cuteness of Mr Charlie and also your need (and desire) to share the biggest event of your life and all the joy and sweet baby pictures that go with it. But, thank you for thinking and caring.
    I think a different page will be perfect. I have no problem seeing the odd picture and hearing the odd story about motherhood but, frankly, that’s not what I come here for. I come for the excellent style/design posts and for the quirky, Emily wit. Looking forward to more of it. :)

    • Lee

      Hi Emily, just wanted to say that I am in the same position as Ruth (I can’t have children) and feel the same way as she does. :)

      • Emily

        Ok. Thank you so much for commenting, honestly. That is soo good to know. The more i know about my readers the better the blog is. So thank you very much. (and also, i’m so sorry if my baby posts have caused any pain at all, truly sorry) .xx

        • Ruth

          No, no, don’t apologise. I didn’t mean it like that at all. I do appreciate and don’t resent (at all, at all) other people’s babies (and you do have a very cute one) but, at the end of the day, I think about design not babies and therefore go to read design blogs not baby blogs. :)
          But it is your blog and I’ll continue to respect you whether your posts are design or baby.
          Keep being awesome.

  31. Emmy

    I think a balance of Charlie/mom and style posts is great! Of course you’re going to post about him, he’s a huge part of your life now :) I love seeing his cute little face pop up on the blog (and instagram!).

  32. Dawn

    I love the design posts, but as a mom of a 2 and 5 year old I also love hearing about the mom stuff. I think your plan to do both is perfect! You’re my fav blog (and I follow a lot of blogs!).

  33. Emily S

    You got your big start on a reality design show, we saw your journey, your ups and downs… and eventually the exciting win. Yes, it was a design show, but we saw emotions and personal moments too. I think your blog has been the same… a fine mix of ‘hey i’m a designer’ and ‘oh yeah i’m a mommy/wife too’. I’ll read whatever you have to write about. Keep it up!

  34. Suzanne

    To Charlie!! Obviously, to Charlie!
    As a reader who is suffering from infertility, reading about, seeing photos of, and learning about Charlie, is delightful, even if at times it does bring up feelings of sadness. At most times it brings up chuckles and joy – he’s just so friggin’ adorable! I love the personal and style blogs equally – your voice and life are a big part of what makes this blog so awesome. Thanks for all you do!

  35. Julia

    Emily, I think you’ve settled on an excellent solution for making all your readers happy. At the risk of sounding like a kiss-ass, I have to say it again: Of all the bloggers I read, I truly think you’re the only one who really understands the blogger/reader dynamic. You’re thoughtful and measured in your approach to this space and dammit girl, you know where your bread is buttered! This is a smart smart move from a smart lady. Looking forward to reading all your posts!

    • mj

      while what you say is mostly true, lets face it, there have been some ‘filler’ posts of late. we don’t encounter Emily’s “voice” on here as much. the internet is cluttered with useless DIYs already and for that I have slowed my visits.

  36. Kim

    You hit the nail on the head. I am also drawn to blogs that showcase a personal story as well as design/travel/food/whatever. I always end up burning out on the blogs that churn out so many posts per day! I LOVE the Charlie posts, and I’m nowhere near having kids myself. Guess I’ve got the voyeur in me, too ;) I also love your personal design posts… updates on your home and projects you are working on. I generally prefer the personal posts (design, family, or otherwise) versus DIY and shopping (although I love your commentary on those posts as well, which is why I don’t skip over them!). All to say – I’m a faithful reader who will continue to check this space, life twist and turns regardless!

  37. Kim

    I say just keep being you! I like your style, both as a designer, and as a Mom. My favorite blogs are all of your friends it seems, A Cup of Jo (Joanna is awesome and honest, and includes her sweet family and friends), Little Green Notebook (I am amazed at how much Jenny can get done with three young girls, she has terrific balance going on), YHL (they just decided to cut back a bit to enjoy moments with their family… I respect their honesty), Design Mom (6 kids, and a great blogger), Brooklyn Limestone (I like her style, and her voice is her own. Strong chicks rule!), etc. I appreciate when you all keep it real, Charlie is real, and so are all those amazing spaces you create. I keep coming back because I like YOU!

  38. Margaret

    I do not have any kids and am not nearly to that point in my life but I still enjoy the mommy posts. I love your writing and I love getting to see pictures of little Charlie. I enjoy your other posts too, but I feel like you have found a happy medium between baby and decor related content. :) So I say keep up what you’re doing!

  39. Allison

    Hi Emily!
    As per your request, I’m recommending a “working mommy blogger” that you should absolutely check out if you haven’t done so already. She includes blog posts about having to leave her children when she has to travel for work-Wonder Woman, honestly.
    Melissa Jordan at:

    Good luck with the transition!
    P.S. I thoroughly enjoy the Charlie posts :)

    • Emily

      Oh, good to know. I’ll check her out now. Thank you!

  40. G.L.

    I also like blogs that have a lifestyle aspect too. But I think percentage and focus is important. And I prefer the majority of the posts be about the blog’s original topic. For example, if there are 4 posts in one week and all of them are about a design project with a tidbit about the blogger’s life, I love it. If it’s 2 design posts and 2 full-on mommy posts, honestly I will tune out. If it’s 3 design posts and 1 full-on mommy post, I’ll still love it. I think the balance needs to remain in favor of the blog’s original focus. That is unless the blog wants to transition into a general lifestyle blog or if you really have a ton of “mommy posts” to write, then I would suggest a second blog for those interested.

    • Emily

      I think you are totally right. The first few months after having a baby I was, well, a shell of a person with only mommy-ness. But hopefully i’m feeling/representing a more balanced life now. xx

  41. Bethany

    I love the Mommy/Charlie talk as a mix in with the design. And I don’t think you can separate the two…design is about how you live, which is just another huge part of what changes when you have kids. My vote is keep it all coming. Your readers, well me, are reading for you. You are all of these things now. It’s good stuff!

  42. Kristy

    Sounds like you have already come up with the perfect compromise! I am a working mom of two young children. While it certainly doesn’t hurt me to see pic’s of your beautiful family (Charlie is the cutest!) – I read your blog for the design posts. For me, this blog is a brief escape from all things mom. You are hilarious and have style for miles. Keep it coming!

    • Emily

      Good to know. I’ve read a few comments like that so its very enlightening. Maybe i’m good for new moms but not-new moms are still in it for the design. Thankxx

  43. Honestly, I think you’re striking the perfect balance right now. I LOVE getting updates on the house you bought and seeing what you’re doing for yourself. But Charlie is too cute to not see sometimes. It’s also great to see someone I admire balance a successful career with motherhood.

    I also have a style question:
    I’m moving into a small house and getting some new (and new-to-me) furntiure. I’m trying to go for the mid-century meets bohemian comfortable style, not unlike Bri Emery’s apartment. My question is…do you ever mix metals? Mid-century is a ton of brass, but also a ton of chrome, and I’m having a hard time because I’ll find something chrome that I love, but then I love brass accents. Style on a room by room basis? Thanks!

    • Emily

      Thanks you! As far as mixing metals – you can do both if you pepper them around the room evenly. Just make sure you give them both the same amount of attention and its all good. Thanks!

  44. stephanie

    kudos, emily henderson. i adore you.

  45. lana

    I love seeing updates about Charlie! He is too cute not to share!

  46. Tanis

    I love the mommy posts! I’m a work at home mom to a 13 months old baby boy and I cannot tell you how much I love the online community for connecting me with other work at home moms via their blogs. I don’t know anyone else in this particular situation in my real life, so reading your posts about balancing work and Charlie (or not) make me feel so connected and inspired.

    • Emily

      Oh good. i would like inside your brain, too. Its such a weird/awesome/awkward/hard position to be in xx

    • Me too! I work from home with my seven month old daughter and I don’t know anyone else in this situation. I’m also trying to study for my architecture licensing exam and lay the groundwork for starting my own design firm. Most days I’m lucky if I get anything done at all. It’s nice to see that there’s others out there doing the same thing. I seriously have no idea how people get things done!

  47. The best part about any post you write, is your attachment and excitement. Don’t stop with the baby posts. We, as readers, are excited when you’re excited.

    • Emily

      See. that hits home. thank you. i will remember that. xx

  48. aimee

    Hi Emily, I always look forward to your posts because of your style of course but also because of the snippets of your personal life that you share. I am childless, and I get bored and sometimes annoyed with mommy/baby content that seems to randomly pop up on some blogs. But, your content has to do with your experiences and “not great ways to disguise the space under a crib.” It’s more like hearing about baby life from a friend, which I am always okay with.

  49. Nicole

    Interestingly, Young House Love decided to stop posting to the family blog:
    I still want to hear about Charlie, because, quite frankly, he is adorable and reminds of my 3 children as blonde-haired-blue-eyed babies. I will admit that I really enjoy your design posts. Maybe it’s just where I am in my life with 3 teenagers. Or the fact that I greatly admire your design brain and want to glean as much information as I can. I will keep reading whichever direction you decide to go.

    • Emily

      I keep hearing that. new moms love the mom posts, but after a while they get old if your kids are older. good to know, and that totally makes sense. xx

  50. I love your mommy posts. I love your approach to motherhood and career. I left behind a career that I did not love to be a full time parent and am currently chipping away at building a photography career. I have a 16 month old and am pregnant with baby #2. I love being a full time parent but am looking forward to combining that with work I love. It will take time, and I am taking a lot of notes from your experience. I appreciate your honesty and grace as you find your way with parenting, motherhood and career. I also very much admire your design chops! Thank you.

  51. I totally think you should do it!! Even though this blog focuses on design, I love reading about you and secretly wishing you were my friend ha! I honestly do love your personal posts among your makeover and DIY posts. Keep the Charlie posts coming! I’m not a mom yet so count this vote as a yes from one of the babyless people who comes to this blog often :)


  52. Emily Ruth

    I love the family posts and totally agree that design blogs with a REAL person behind them are most interesting.

  53. Karen

    I definitely come for design inspiration, but like you, my favorite blogs are the ones where I feel like I know the person — which means stuff about their personal lives (and pics of their adorable kids/husbands). I think a few (1-2) posts a month about Charlie and life as a working mom are fine on this site, and I too like the idea of a separate blog to track the daily life of your kiddo. Good luck!

  54. Alex

    Emily, I love both the design posts and the Charlie posts. I originally came for the design and I’m not a mom yet but I like to hear about these things for when my time comes. I think you should continue to post whatever makes you feel good. I think your authenticity is what makes your blog so enjoyable. Also, the photos in this post are absolutely gorgeous. :) Congrats

    • Emily

      thank you. xx

  55. Miranda

    I’m not here for just the design posts. I read your blog because you are funny, witty, and I can see myself in you. Your life has evolved and so should your blog. That’s life. Some people will no longer follow and but you will also be gaining different readers as well. I do not have children so I generally only “Pin” the mid-century modern cabinets with blue things on them but I like your personal Charlie posts the best! (but why would I pin his cute face? I know it’s cute and should be pinned by the thousands, but it would entirely creepy if I had a board full of Charlie faces…) So in conclusion: be careful of statistics, they’re not always a “true” measure of what people like, and as Dr Seuss would say “Say what you want because those who matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter” (or something like that. Again, I have no children nor do I read Dr Seuss for fun nor on a run…bad pun?)

    • Emily

      i’ve never heard that quote and its now officially up there with Bill Cosby’s ‘i don’t know the key to success but i know the key to failure is trying to please everyone’. So thank you so much for sharing. And thank you so much reading.

  56. Susan

    Im a new mom with a 2 month old and started reading your blog when I was pregnant. Like you wrote, it’s great to read about someone experiencing something similar. Some of the design/ DIY posts I’ll read more carefully and some I skim. Seems like a good plan to keep both kinds of posts.

  57. Rachel Taylor

    I, for one, love both kinds of posts. I sometimes can’t relate to all of your design posts because I don’t have the time or means to do similar things in my house at the moment, but I do hope to be a mom one day! I find your posts so uplifting, and I love seeing your happy family! I’m so glad you’re not quitting on either category of posts! Your blog is allowed to change as you change; we change as people, too.

  58. Clair

    I love both and come for both! But as a new mom too, my little boy came just two weeks after Charlie, I have been more excited to see mommy posts. It’s so nice to read how you’re feeling, how you’re juggling, and how Charlie is growing. I’m allll about the personal!

    • Emily

      yeah! congrats, and thank you

  59. Steph

    I am not a mom (I am a 24y.o. student) and I LOVE your blog, mommy posts and all. I think a balance is good. I am such fan, your writing is excellent. I feel like I know you! Thanks so much for all of the entertainment.

  60. I think it’s kind of sad that you have to separate out the facets of who you are. Everyone is always calling for bloggers to be real and not present this idealistic life of perfection. Yes, you are a designer, but are you only a designer? Of course not! You are many things and Charlie is one new and one of the most important parts of your life now. I understand that people love the design posts, but I don’t think it’s fair to make you feel guilty about being real, being who you are, and representing your life as it is.

    Good luck!

    • Emily

      THANK YOU, Acanthus. Thank you. xx

  61. Nicole Scibetta

    Just curious, how could a blog post costs thousands of dollars to produce? You mean your blog cost you money, or does revenue from ads cover it?

    • Emily

      so basically some of the posts are all original content that we just do for the blog. some of them are sponsored posts that pay for themselves but many aren’t – they are just to garner more readers and to maintain current ones. every post is different. xx

  62. Demoree

    I definitely love reading your design & styling posts, but Charlie is a charmer! I appreciate your honesty and also your sensitivity to people who may not want kids or not be able to have kids. :)

  63. Lori

    I don’t have kids and probably never will; however, I do love seeing your adorable little one and I love how your writing gives us readers a sense that we know you and your life. My personal preference would be for the blog to be design-heavy with only occasional Charlie posts.I like seeing cute babies, but I’m not particularly interested in the mechanics of parenthood, so I’d rather mostly see design.

  64. Emily, you need to keep writing about Charlie. When I read those first mommy posts after you had him, you had me in tears. I was like, Oh my gosh, she totally gets it, and you express it so eloquently. And I totally felt like a creeper watching your birth video, but when they put him on you and you told him you loved him…ugh. I am a fan for life. Emily Henderson they stylist is amazing, but there is something extra special about Emily Henderson the mommy stylist.

    • Katrina

      Ditto to what Mandie said, When I read those first mommy posts after you had him, you had me in tears. I was like, Oh my gosh, she totally gets it, and you express it so eloquently.

      I love both the design posts and the Charlie posts, don’t feel you need to change your blog content. Keep your original blog design/home life and Charlie!

      Charlie for the Win! Oh and hello little baby pudgy wrinkles, I could just gnaw on him…nom,nom,nom. In a total non Hannibal Lector way. ;)

      • Emily

        AHHHH, thank you .xx

  65. Z

    Hi Emily,
    I have NEVER commented on any blog that I follow (and I follow a lot), but I felt compelled to pop my commenting cherry on this particular post. I understand that you have to think about what your followers want to read/like when coming up with your posts, but at the end of the day, this is YOUR blog. You have a truly unique voice and the personality behind your words is what makes me come back. At the end of the day, you have to do what feels right for YOU. Your audience will change over time anyway.

    As for Young House Love, they’ve actually decided to blend both their personal blog with their decor one – I am assuming because it is hard to keep up with 2 blogs (among other things – like life!), so you might want to look into that first. Another blog that I follow, has been doing baby-related posts only on Wednesdays. It seems that has been going well for her. Hope this helps!

    • EvY

      Bouncing off of Z, the once a week family posts, since your intentions sound like its to remain mostly a decor blog, sound like a nice compromise and the whole “read more” function feels like a nice intentional symbol. Like hey, this might not be your bag but it’s small so you can skip it and I’m only doing it once a week and if it is your bag, read more. And it seems like a lot of us want to read more about your life in general and your experiences with being a mom specifically. And yeah, young house love just moved their whole life into one blog and they’re right, it’s all one life you’re living even though it’s different elements of your life. The balance is tricky but you do what you want and people will either join or peace out.

      I’m a current pregnant person and will also become a “working mom” and you are so right, there’s not a lot of working mom blogs out there so it’s nice to hear from someone that’s going through that experience. I read your blog mostly for the design stuff of course but now that I’m in your predicament, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your posts on pregnancy, childbirth, and the registry items. Not only were they personal and funny but they were informative and helpful. I mean, isn’t the internet and blogging about the shared experience? To bring us closer together as humans?

      Sorry you’re getting some haters. They gonna hate.

      • Emily

        thank you, Z and EvY. every single comment informs what happens next, so than you so much. xx

  66. Erin

    Keep doing both! I’m not a mom yet, but when I have kids my situation will be like yours — I’ll likely be in medical residency working insane hours, while my husband will have a normal job and be able to be home much more (at least in the early years). I love hearing about how you’re making it work!

    I actually un-followed a bunch of exclusively mommy blogs a few years ago, because my career and life didn’t allow for kids yet, and reading posts from stay-at-home moms about their baby-centric lives was hard. But I still follow the best ones that (like yours), have a separate focus, but include meaty mommy posts as a bonus. And that’s why I love your blog — great design stuff, but with bonus posts on your adorable baby and how to balance it all. Keep doing both, and I’ll keep reading.

  67. Marie

    Amen to the lack of working (outside of the home) momma blogs! That said, even as a Mom, sometimes I don’t read the Mom posts on your blog and others, some days I do, it really just depends on how much time I have. I LOVE seeing pictures of your new home, and projects you’re working on. I LOVE seeing makeovers you’ve done (and I also really, really miss your show!). I also enjoy your Mom posts, commiserating with how hard it can be to be a working mom. I think you have a good plan for mixing it up going forward.

    P.S. I breastfeed both of my kids for about 5 months, then it was formula from there out. I wish I could have done it longer, but it’s SO hard with work and travel. My kids are healthy and happy and so far no one has asked them if they were exclusively breastfeed until the age of one :)

    • Emily

      i’m on a plane right now, pumping. it sucks. i’m so over it. not the time when he’s actually nursing but these days its so rare (nursing strike and i’m traveling or low on milk) that it seems pointless. I love when he drinks but i hate when he doesn’t. xx

  68. Hannah Rose

    LOVE all the family photos in this post! Most adorable family ever. Write what you want – people will come and go regardless. I appreciate all your sensitivity! Your caring and warmth for people always comes across in your writing.

  69. Thami

    I am a mom of an almost 16 year old, so I understand how much having a child can consume your life. Being a mom is an amazing thing. However, I have no interest in reading about mom stuff aside from major events, like your pregnancy announcement, Charlie arriving, etc. I come here for design info more than anything, and I have zero interest in reading mom-related stuff here. I think having a personal blog and a design blog separation would make everyone happy! Then you could blog about Charlie till your fingers fall off and nobody would mind one bit. :o)

    • Emily

      So good to know. thats been a consistent comment, so thank you. solution coming soon. xx

  70. Adrienne

    First time commenting…I love it all, and it’s YOUR blog. Be you, it’s what we love and why we are here. Sometimes friendships get a little different and you may not want to hang out every day…that’s the way it is with blogs and I LOVE that.

  71. Amy

    I feel like you’re doing the writing, you get to write about what you want. I have my own free will – I can unfollow any blog I choose at the click of a button. However – I’m still here so i guess it shows that I like your content. I actually didn’t START reading until about the same time you had Charlie.

    Another note – I believe Young House Love has decided to discontinue their more personal blog Young House Life – in order to be more focused on the LOVE site. Totally their perogative. As I understood their post, they will just incorporate more personal stuff into the LOVE site and not be spread so thin.

    Emily Henderson – Stylist AND Mommy – go do your thing and be true to yourself.

  72. Hi Emily,
    As a fellow designer, and blogger, and hopefully future preggo, I get it. Balancing design posts with personal posts is tough. Personally, I never know where to land when it comes to my own blog. That being said, I assume that most of your loyal readers follow this blog for YOU. There are tons of design blogs out there if someone is just looking for facts, but I read your blog because your commentary makes me laugh, your style is unique, and I feel like we could be friends. The Charlie posts are fun and sweet, and as long as you keep posting design stuff too, I’ll be here day in and day out reading each and every post. Keep truckin!

    • Emily

      THANK YOU. seriously. thank you.

  73. Sara

    Do you and ignore the haters. I work full time, I’m going to school for a PHD and I have two amazing kiddos. I had to supplement with formula with both of my kids and the minute I stopped feeling guilty about it the happier my entire family was. You are 1000% right that the more women support each other and talk about the realities of trying to be Super Mom’s the better all of us will feel. Happy Mom’s make happy homes, keep rockin’ it!!

    • mj

      where are these “haters”? they haven’t shown up so far.

      everyone posting here is showing regard and cordiality, no matter how they’re answering Emily’s question.

    • Emily

      THANK YOU. I’m so over breastfeeding (excpet the one hour a day he’ll actually do it) and its so nice to hear other mothers not going 3 years. thank you .

  74. What? No Charlie? Blasphemy! :)
    Seriously though, it’s your blog, to showcase what you love. Personally, I like being reminded that there’s a person, with love, and life, and friends, and family behind blog. You do a great job with your corner of the internet, so just keep it up! :) Life’s too short for haters! :)

  75. Cindy

    Lots of good comments here. I agree with those that talk about your writing voice. I think that’s what keeps your readers coming back, regardless of what you are writing about.

    You have written a lot lately about how tired you are (did you see the recent statistic that new parents lose approximately 44 days of sleep in the first year of their child’s life?). Is a two-part blog something you can sustain, even though you are launching it with the best (the very best) of intentions?

    You won’t want to post so much about Charlie forever. As he gets older, you will want to protect his privacy more and more. The balance will shift sooner than you think.

    I am with you: I wouldn’t intentionally bring more pain on couples struggling with infertility, not for a million dollars. But ultimately, this is your blog, and we want you to blog for a long, long time, which means we need you do make a choice that is sustainable.

    Good luck in your decision! (And for what it’s worth, I love Charlie posts. :) )

  76. Muoi

    I didn’t think you could impress me more but here we are =) That was really well thought out and written. I have to echo so many other commenters. I came here for the design posts and as a single childless (by choice) lady, I’ve still enjoyed all the Charlie posts. It’s been so fun to see you on this long anticipated journey and it’s true, your happiness shows through and is infectious. I may have kids later and it’s been really fascinating to see how you’ve navigated working and having a family. I esp appreciate your honesty when things aren’t going smoothly. I, and many others, may have came here for your design work but I know I found so much more…your funny and engaging writing style, the beautiful pictures and fun DIYs, the amazing make-overs of homes and studio spaces and of course, a peek into your family life. What ever you decide to do, I’ll still be coming back for more.

    • Emily

      thank you. i’ll create more content i promise.xx

  77. Celeste

    This is why I love your blog! I feel so included. Like we’re hanging out swapping advice and jokes.

    Anyway, I do come to your blog for design inspiration, but I read the Charlie posts when they are there. He’s part of your life! It feels natural that your thoughts on motherhood and work would be here. I don’t mind the integration and I’m not a mother.

    Maybe a schedule, like Cup of Jo? I love that if I’m not in the mood to read a kid-centric article, I can skip Monday’s motherhood post and come back Tuesday for something else. Knowing when to expect that content helps me a lot as a reader, I think.

    Point is, whatever you write will be thoughtful and probably funny and relatable. I love daily design posts, but understand the issue of resources and driving traffic.

    • Erin

      I like the schedule idea!

  78. Laurie E.

    Charlie is the person you love most in this world, right? Yes, you love your husband and family etc. etc. but you REALLY love Charlie. (It’s ok, you can admit it.) So, if you want to write about the person you love most, why would you stop doing that in favor of what someone you most likely don’t even know wants you to do? Charlie is your world. You shouldn’t edit him to please some readers. Please yourself, and do what is in your heart.

  79. Jenny B

    As I’m sure the majority of commenters have stated, we come for your writing. Frankly, I love your posts about anything design related (especially makeovers, i.e. your house or anyone else’s!) and anything about your life (Charlie included, who is obviously the focus of your life right now). The things I am least interested in are the sponsored or product posts. The idea of two separate parts to your blog seems overkill and annoying! However, I so appreciate that you went down this path because someone suffering from infertility who happens to read this blog was upset by the baby references, and you felt their pain.

  80. Julie

    I love the Charlie posts! I am childless at the moment but don’t plan to be forever, and I can see how people might think the baby posts were a bit much in the beginning, but I personally think the Charlie/family posts add nice balance to your blog, and I find them equally as interesting and fun as the design posts. I think its great that you “own” how you feel about your baby (and everything else!) and you shouldn’t have to dial that down at all, especially on your own blog.

  81. Calvine

    I don’t have any children yet and I love reading about you and Charlie! Your point about someone who you follow online and trust is spot on – I love all of your advice and earmark it for when one day I have children. Keep going and thank you!

  82. erin

    This is why I love your blog. I saw that comment a few weeks ago and your response to it. It kicked me in the gut as well – I was in that space and never want to go back there. I love that you have compassion and took her comment to heart. Your response and direction is perfect. A class act. xoxo.

    • Emily

      thank you very much

  83. isabel

    Dude. Im a working mom so busy i almost didn’t write this comment. BUT, since there is a dearth of good blogs written by working moms that also have entertainment and design value, i totally would love to keep seeing motherhood posts. In fact, think of it as paying it forward to all working moms struggling to find balance. Pretending like your personal life isn’t part of you at work actually propels this notion that we should be super moms and do it all perfectly. We cant! So please keep us sane by helping the wold see that being a working mom is possible and that you do all the read stuff you do while raising a child! My $.02. Written with one hand and nursing infant in the other haha.

  84. Huette

    I’ve followed your blog for years and keep coming back. The primary reason can be summed up it one word . . unpretentious. No one wants to read about design that is out of reach. Also, no one wants to read about a person who doesn’t have the same worries as the rest of us.

    When you talked about house shopping budgets and the one pair of maternity jeans you loved, I got it. I could relate. I would love for you to continue in that vein and speak to all of us (mommy or not) on how to bring affordable, attainable design to our lives.

    One suggestion, I would love more in-depth posts about particular problems solved. As a soon-to-be mommy I would love a “real” post about nursery furniture. I have looked everywhere for affordable design ideas. Several blogs I’ve seen have beautiful nurseries, but who can afford their outlandish suggestions?

    All the best in your blogging journey

  85. Jennipher

    I’m so glad to hear that you’re doing this, and just wanted to comment that I am actually a new mom too and when I read the Charlie posts I think to myself almost every time “girl, you need to dial it down a notch or ten.” The birth video nearly drove me away for good.

    I love your design sensibility, think you do fabulous work, and that’s what I’m here to read. Even though I’m a new first-time mommy (and obsessed with my own daughter), I’m just not into the mommy stuff at all on the blogs I read. Obviously it’s life-changing and I don’t expect you to NEVER mention Charlie, but I think the direction you’re going in is a really positive one.

    Thanks for being responsive to your readership and striving to find the right mix!

    • Emily

      well, good. thats so funny. i’m so obsessed with other births/mommy/infant situations but its interesting/good to know that not everyone is. thanks for commenting, seriously. xx

  86. Elizabeth

    I’m currently married without kids and I started reading your blog because I love your design aesthetic. But, now I love your Charlie posts equally as much as your design post. I hope to be a mom in the next few years and I’m always encouraged to see that you can become a mom, be totally obsessed with your kid, and still stay “with it” in other areas of life – like design, marriage, etc. Love everything about your blog – how personal, informative, and inspirational it is!

  87. Rae

    I love your Charlie posts. I love your design posts. I even loved this post. You have a real gift for writing relatable, engaging content, regardless of the topic. As stalker-y as this sounds, I read everything you offer because I do feel like I am reading the thoughts of a friend. I guess it is worth mentioning that I am a parent of a wee one, as well as an artist and designer, so perhaps I am an easy audience for you. I encourage you to write about what is interesting to you and I will be there!

    • Emily

      thank you. good luck with your wee one and your design business and thank you so much for reading. xx

  88. Tana

    You’re my absolute favorite designer and blogger, and your writing really resonates with me — i think because I’m also a working mom with a baby a couple of months older than Charlie.

    I’m so happy you’re going to continue writing about your personal life (including him) because I agree that it’s so hard to find someone you relate to out there that can explain different things going on, bring up discussion topics, etc. where it almost feels like they understand your situation better than you do. And you’re that person for me!

    Being a working momma is the real deal (tough, rewarding, and exhausting — not boring!) and we need you and your talent — it matters so please don’t stop:)

    I also understand the other side of the spectrum for peeps struggling to conceive or who just don’t care to see baby pics all over the place. But like you said, you can’t please everyone, and I think just staying true to who you are and not filtering what you have to say is the way to go.

  89. Joyce

    Emily, I LOVE your blog – that includes the Charlie/mommy posts just as much as the design posts! (For what its worth, I have always loved kids and babies but I don’t have kids yet, though I hope/plan to one day in the near-ish future…)

    Most of all, I love the authenticity that runs throughout EVERY single post. Whether its your trolling Craigslist posts, or big design projects, or your more personal life posts, its clearly YOU writing them and thats what keeps me coming back! You have a way of making readers feel like friends – thank you for that. No matter what, your blog will continue to be on my “must read” feed. Can’t wait to see the resign!

    P.S. Charlie Hendo is absolutely a DOLL.

    • Emily

      thank you for aknowledging its me. thank you. and charlie is such a doll. i’m on a plane home right now after 32 hours of not seeing him and i’m dying. can’t wait. xx

  90. tmcc

    I come for your wit and your work, and your candid talk about motherhood is great. But I’m a mom so I’m into it. For those who aren’t, why not double down on the posts? If there’s a Charlie post, there must also be a design post at the same time. That should satisfy all. xo.

  91. Lisa

    I love your mommy blog and more personal posts! My advice would be to follow your intuition and let your bliss lead you…you never know where you’d end up perhaps somewhere better than you ever imagined. Xx

  92. Kimkay

    My kids are grown and I hope for grandkids, when the time is right. Really it’s not in my control. Which may be why I want you to continue including Charlie, after all it is a big part of your life now. He is completely dependent on you and his Dad. He’s adorable and I love how you have written about his life joining yours. Your voice seems true to yourself and what you are experiencing and learning. I love all of your style content.Really it’s a good balance for me.

    • Emily

      awesome. thanks, kimkay. thank you

  93. I don’t think you should make a new page or change what you’re doing at all. It is easy for a reader to quickly see if a post is not something they’re interested in. If that particular post is not something they want to read then they can skip it. I don’t know about everyone else but I do this all the time. If a recipe or a design related post doesn’t catch my eye, I move on. It doesn’t mean I stop reading the blog, it just means I’m not into what you’re into that day. And guess what? That’s OK! You mentioned Young House Love having a separate family page, but they just announced they’re incorporating that back into the main part of the blog and I’m glad. Personally I’m with you, I like blogs that have a real human behind them. If you didn’t post stuff about yourself it would feel more like reading a commercial. But since you do make yourself available here, when I’m thinking about what I can do with my house I think “would Emily dig this?”, because whether you meant for it to happen or not, by exposing the real you, you’ve made internet friends with all of us. It sounds like you’ve made your decision and I respect that, but I say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If people are taking the time to complain that you’re posting about your kid instead of just skipping your post for the day, then they probably have too much time on their hands anyway……One last thing, your blog is called “Emily Henderson” not “Emily Henderson Design Blog”. It would be kind of weird to only discuss design when the space is really about you. Keep up the amazing work and keep talking about Charlie, he’s a cutie.

  94. Sarah

    I found your blog through Cup of Jo, and have been addicted ever since! I suppose that tells you that I am a big fan of mommy blogs in general, even though I don’t have kids and have no current plans to have them. Your Charlie posts and personal posts are actually what makes me appreciate your design posts more. It’s like getting a real life insight into what it’s like to be a successful career woman, mom and wife. Your work/life/love balance is impressive, and I love to hear about all of it! Keep those cute cheeks coming, please! Also, I hope whatever you decide, your Instagram stays full of Charlie pics!

    • Emily

      oh it will. as much as i try to change the blog, the instagram will not be without sir charles. thank you,

  95. Ashley

    I am one of the only people in my group of friends who is a mom and I used to feel self-conscious about sharing anything about my son. I do have other stuff to talk about but things are just different now. I could tell some of my friends didn’t want me to share but an over-whelming amount did. Within the last year I finally feel more confident about how to strike that balance and feel the situation out. I just think of it as being one of the (million) things that we learn to navigate as mothers. You’re awesome and you’ll figure it out.
    It’s sweet that you are apologizing for accidentally offending some people with your Charlie posts but know that you have NEVER come off as a smug mommy-type.

  96. Holly

    I must say I LOVE everything about your blog! I’m not a mom yet (hope to be someday), and I really do appreciate what you share about design, life, Charlie, and everything in between! Thank you for being so genuine and for sharing all that you do :)

  97. Lisa

    I may be biased because I have young kids and am obviously interested in this stage of life, but I feel like your mom-ness has added another layer of depth to your already bad ass writing and personality and now I just want to be your best friend even more than I already wanted to. :) seriously though, you could write about fruit snacks and concrete and it would be entertaining and a blast to read. Keep doing what you are doing…you’re so real and genuine that people will want to read you whether you over-Charlie or not! And I am pretty sure that the world can’t do without Sir Charlie Henderson now that we have met him. Xo

  98. Zina

    I would stop reading your blog if you stopped making it personal. You strike a perfect balance and it’s refreshing and makes you seem real, approachable, and like someone I want to go get specialty sodas with and the do some wild DIY project with Charlie in a snuggie the whole time. #teamcharlie

    • Emily

      ha. #teamcharlie. yes. thank you. i love you. xx

  99. Megan

    I think you’ve got the right balance of baby/style on your blog. And sometimes, I wish I could know more how you do it all-career/baby/blog. I am a stay at home mom that works from home part time and I can barely manage that! So, I’m extra curious how you balance the baby with everything else you have going on. Anyways, I enjoy your blog and your authenticity, and I love both the baby posts and the style posts.

  100. Amy

    I like BOTH! Don’t make a new page and Young House Love isn’t keeping Young House Life anymore….just the one blog. I like to see people’s lives!!! Design Mom does integration really well. I don’t want to read a magazine, I want to read about real life.

  101. First of all, those photos!! OMG y’all are just the cutest little family ever. As far as the blog, I think it’s just like everything else in life: it’s all about balance. I have to admit that your style, while fantastic, is not my style at all, but that hasn’t stopped me from reading for the past couple of years. And I’m a few years away from kids, but I love the mommy posts too. That’s what’s so great about blogging…there’s something for everybody! :)

  102. Kate

    Keep the sweet posts about motherhood (which includes the hard parts.) But get rid of the posts that are lists of most comfortable maternity clothes, best gadgets for babies. It’s been done and overdone, and as a person with infertility, I find this to be what I really enjoy and that you do it pretty well. Your baby ties in to your style blog so much with you redoing your house and how it does change the way you work. It wouldn’t make sense to me if we didn’t hear about that. Just my opinion…

  103. Kikelomo

    I really love and appreciate your design perspective and writing capabilities, but absolutely abhor when a great blog devolves into a ‘Mommy Blog’. While I don’t find children offensive, I don’t care to see the blog’s original intent shift its focus.

  104. Christine

    Thank you for giving so much credit to your readers and for sharing so much of your life. I enjoy your blog and think you should write about exactly whatever you want.

  105. Kate

    I’m a mom now – we were pregnant at the same time, struggled with a miscarriage at the same time, infertility – you get it. I didn’t come here for that stuff, but it was a pleasant surprise when my favorite designer could relate to something so personal. And I admire the way you handled it all. I’ve never felt like it was taking over. But honestly, you could write about lunchboxes and I’d still visit because I love your voice and the way you write. I think bloggers get so caught up in content – and I get it – but I mean, we all came here for you. When you were writing and doing what you wanted to write about and do. Don’t try too hard to appease everyone, because you won’t ever. So just do what feels right to you and we’ll keep reading! I will anyway.

  106. Kim

    I’m going to be totally honest as opposed to just polite, as it appears you are looking for basic market research. Your site has been my regular stop in the mornings to kick start my creativity in the morning. When you have baby/mom fashion/baby tip posts, I move on to my next favorite site. In all honesty, I’ve been there done that, appreciate your weaving your life into your posts, but do not read your posts that are 100% baby or family life related. If I would be looking for a site which is family related, I would go to Cup of Jo or something similar, which has 97% family life, 3% design.

    I realize life changes, and our work follows suit. I simply find myself checking your site less often, and for some reason since the design continuity is lacking, I’m less enthused when I do come across a new design post. That being said, I do know how very difficult all encompassing the motherhood / work life is. I’m still dealing with it in the teen years!

    • Emily

      Ok. good to know. I totally appreciate your honesty. I’m thinking about it now.thank you. xx

  107. Meg

    I’m not a mom yet, but I’d love to be one in the future :-) I LOVE reading your mommy posts. I’m at the age where a lot of my friends are having their own little ones and since I’d love to have my own at some point (as well as juggle a career), I love to hear how other moms are doing it. I think blogging is a place for you to show what you’re doing in multiple facets of your life and the more personal, now mom posts for you, are so lovely and shed a little light on what your life is like behind the scenes. Keep them coming! :-)

  108. Shanna

    I think what you’re writing is more a lifestyle blog than a “mommy blog” or “design blog.” It’s that multi-faceted approach to living that I find so entertaining. To me, a mommy blog kind of makes me think of a bunch of navel-gazing, rally round the (attachment-parenting/free-ranging/breastfeeding/formula feeding/take your pick) flag posts that appeal to a very, very militant but small minority. I like the balance blogs like A Cup of Jo has struck. A little fashion, a little parenthood, a little design, a little cooking (or not!)…not every post speaks directly to me, but it speaks to how varied life is, and I like that.

  109. Ariana

    I love the Charlie posts and I agree with several other comments I read this blog because of your voice not because of the content. I am dying to see more pictures of your new house!

  110. Danielle

    Hi There

    Long time reader and mostly lurker. I don’t think I’ve ever commented before.

    I came here orginally for your decor/styling. I stayed because you are hilarious and witty and really passionate about design. I have enjoyed the Charlie posts and even shared them with some friends who are preggers (FYI they did NOT like your glider and went with one from west elm, said yours was uncomfortable.) I’m probably the worst type of reader as I enjoy but don’t share/like your posts. This is mostly due to a few factors…factor 1 I read you and other blogs on feedly app. For a while I couldn’t even get your blog to work in my feedly app. So I stopped reading you (sorry I’m lazy!). Feedly has all sorts of ways to show I like something most of which I don’t use. (Again lazy). Factor 2 I am terrible with linking and sharing and connecting on social media particularly Facebook. I’m so/so with pintrest and pretty great with Instagram. My point is I would like or love many of your posts, but instead I just save them to my Pocket app. And keep it moving.

    Which brings me to my conclusion. Post more about home decor. It’s why we all started reading you, it’s your career, it’s hard but it’s amazing. And you just got the gig at Target from all that right? So despite analytics on your posts obviously the design stuff matters. But a few posts here or there about the baby and mommy stuff is great too. And who knows that may bring you other oppurtunuties. Land of Nod certainly owes you big for all the products you talk about and use (brand ambassador perhaps?) If you want a ratio, which I always thinks helps, 70 percent design 30 percent mommy blog. We love your work, we love your spirit, and we are learning to love Charlie (he is just so cute it’s hard not to love him.) Follow your heart and your passion but don’t loose site of your roots. Meantime we can all (my lazy ass included) be better readers and really respond/link/like the posts that matter most to us. We have to play our part too.

    Whew! That’s a lot of feedback. I feel good how about you! Lol! Hope it helps.

    • Emily

      Awesome. Thank you so much for that feedback, seriously. I like your 70/30 even though i was thinking more 80/20 (which would mean one kid post a week which still kinda feels like a lot), actually. Anyway, continue being lazy – i just like that you read it :)

  111. Melissa

    I believe people are most successful when they are their most authentic. Do what you love and write about what you want , because you do it well. xx

  112. Jennifer

    Hi, I never really comment on blogs, but wanted to chime in. I personally love both types of posts and feel like you strike a really good balance. As a working mom of a 10 month old, I so appreciate your posts about how you balance everything. So many mommy blogs are written by stay at homes moms, which is fine but often times hard for me to relate to. It is possible to love your career and your child! And it is so refreshing for me to see someone else be like I love my baby more than anything and I want to snuggle his face all the time and I’ve worked super hard at my career and want to continue with it. Basically I admire and respect you and think you bring a unique perspective to the blogging world. Keep on keeping on!!

    • Emily

      Amen to this whole reply!!

      • Emily

        Thanks, guys.

  113. Emily

    I love all your posts, including your mom posts. I would so much rather see a post about Charlie and being a working mom than a post that’s a roundup of products or roundup of posts elsewhere. I really don’t think you need to make a separate page for family-related stuff.

    PS- I’m a working mom that travels and did my very best to exclusively breastfeed my two sons. I obsessed and pumped endlessly and took a million capsules of fenugreek and drank gallons of Mother’s Milk tea and ate bowls and bowls of oatmeal. And ultimately I supplemented with formula and it was OKAY! I fought it like the devil with Son #1. With Son #2 I accepted it and was so much happier/less stressed as a result. :)

    • Darcy


      I agree 100% with this reply AND, Jennifer’s above it!!

      I also have to agree with Emily’s PS about BF-ing — Exact same experience!
      So much less stress and happier the 2nd time around! As long as that baby is healthy and growing, that is really ALL that matters!

      • Emily

        Ok, good. He’s 5 months now and i just got back from a trip where he was left with only about 1 bottle of breast milk a day. I didn’t cry this time an I think i’m officially not competing with the formula anymore. Finally starting to feel so much better about it all. I’m sure with #2 i’ll even be better but I guess thats just a rite of passage for #1. xx

  114. Sarah

    Emily, my sister in law shared your birth plan blog with me when I was a few weeks away from giving birth. I am(and have been for a few weeks) back at work and my baby is 3 months old. I feel like I have connected with you over the mommy posts. I am not very stylish but I think you have helped me with that as well :) I have really enjoyed your posts and I look forward to reading them first thing when I get to work. Thank you for letting me start off my day with a giggle and something to look forward to.

  115. Adriane

    Please don’t stop writing about motherhood! I might be biased because I had Charlie’s future girlfriend, Lucy Ellis, about two weeks after you but there is an absolute HOLE on the information superhighway with GOOD content for new Moms. At least I haven’t found it yet and it sounds like neither have you. I love the mix of design and life and I’m glad you aren’t stopping these. :)

  116. Melanie

    Um, yeah. I’m ‘Team Charlie’ so please blog away about that little ball of cuteness!! He is delicious!

  117. tata

    I have to admit… i used to come to your blog every day religiously. now maybe once every other day, once a week… but it’s not because of charlie post. but it’s more because i think the quality of your design post has gone down. and i get that you just had a baby so you can’t go and you are not working 100% like you were before. so i don’t blame you, it’s only natural that it is what it is. But i do think the DIY post and the craiglist posts are boring and not appealing. and other than that, design wise, there hasn’t been all that much. i do enjoy the house progress but i don’t feel like there has been much. again, i understand why. i can see that design blogs take time and energy but unfortunately, it’s showing. so maybe as you are taking your maturnity leave, so are we.. a little bit. again, don’t mind the charlie posts. keep them coming. just maybe tone it down a bit but add more interesting design blogs. something that doesn’t require too much of your time and energy but still interesting. and i always recommend getting extra help. if you can’t do it all, delegate. but delegate to someone GOOOOD! even if it means paying a bit more it.

    • Emily

      I agree with you tata

      • Emily

        Alright, good to know. Totally appreciate the feedback and I think that since we just hired a new person hopefully we’ll be able to produce more content. xx

  118. Nicole Kuch

    I mostly read your blog because I think you are funny. I am not into babies, but I LOVE every Charlie post. Keep ’em coming!

  119. I think you’re perfect and Charlie is perfect and whatever you decide to do is fine because it’s YOUR blog and we all come here because you are an amazing designer, stylist and writer (and mommy!)

  120. Hilary

    As someone who has had some miscarriages but is still on a path to one day be a mom, I just want you to know that your posts don’t make me jealous/sad/etc. They just make me hopeful and excited for when I get there. Thank you for sharing your story, the good and the bad. When I found your blog it was right after an ectopic pregnancy and it was the first time I had discovered that blogs existed which covered miscarriage, or at least acknowledged its existence and the fact that it happens in this process. I love knowing that you have such a beautiful baby and will live, madly in love with him, happily ever after.

    • Alison

      I agree along the lines of this comment. While it is very sad when people are dealing with loss or some other grief in their own lives, it is not your responsibility to not be yourself and discuss what is meaningful to you (and which is not directly hurtful to anyone else) for the sake of avoiding other people’s sore spots. I know it is difficult because I’ve been there (dealing with serious grief/loss and finding it hard to share in others’ joy), but people need to own and process their problems in the way that works best for them. You cannot be expected to do it for them. Just as someone who is struggling with infertility might find the transition of your blog to including the joys (and trials) of motherhood difficult, so could someone who lost a partner find it difficult to read about your marriage, or someone who lost their hair in chemo could lament you having hair, etc. etc. It’s really endless. There were activities and relationships I had to let go of when I experienced my own loss because they were too painful of reminders for me. But over time, the wounds healed and now I can reengage with them. So, just to say, I think it’s lovely you feel compassionately for the people who struggle with your discussions about Charlie because of their own infertility, but I don’t think it should in and of itself make you feel obligated not to discuss it for personal or business reasons it is what you want to do.

      Also, uh, this blog is free for readers! You put work all the work into it! We get all the results! Free lunches DO exist! As far as I’m concerned, you do what the hell you want, and I’ll choose to read it or not. And I completely respect whichever way you would choose to go with your writing. (Unless it became a shaming or racist or some other terrible adjective kind of blog, obviously… haha.) If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t read it, and I would not feel the need to tell you I don’t like it. It is not all about me. I’m thankful for any blogger who puts in time to share their life and work with others, and I’ll choose to engage with those that speak to me and let the rest go. :)

      • Emily

        Thank you. I pretty much totally agree with you and love the bit about free lunches. xx

  121. I’m not a mom nor am I expecting, and I LOVE the Charlie posts! Why? Because just like you said I love your blog because I can feel you in your writing. I can feel that there is a person writing the posts that I really like on a personal level (not just a designer level, though hands down you’re my favorite designer!).

    Excited the Charlie posts will stay! :)

  122. Alexandra

    I’m not a mom, not pregnant, not even trying for a baby yet, and I still love your Charlie/Mom posts! Of course we come here for design and style, but your personality 100% makes this blog, and without knowing other bits and pieces of your life (not to minimize Charlie), we wouldn’t have as good a feel for that personality we all adore.

    As a reader in general, I very much appreciate that you’re addressing this so reasonably and honestly. I think skipping the personal page and just including a “read more after the jump” kind of link would be sufficient for anyone not interested. Also, I’m another lazy reader who follows via feedly and rarely shares/likes/etc. so I’ll get on that. :)

  123. Emily,

    I love reading blogs that have a heart behind it. That’s why I love your blog, Young House Love, Cup of Jo and a lot of others so much. It’s good to know their is a living, growing, adapting and learning family behind the scenes of any blog. I would be alright if you kept posting personal things on your blog, even though I am currently childless, but growing one.

    Also consider how YHL is doing away with YHLife and bringing it back to the main content – I love this. Clara and Teddy are a huge part of their life, and knowing how two normal people handle kids and work is very helpful.

    Knowing how a fellow working mom handles and balances, or not balances sometimes, is affirming that as long as our kids grow up to be law-abiding citizens who pay their taxes on time, we are doing well.

    Your family is growing and adapting to your work growing and adapting, and as a fellow voyeur, I want to watch as my family does the same.

    Much love and encouragement to keep doing what feels right for you,


  124. I love mommy blogs but I go to those specifically for that kind of thing and I come here because you have the best style. I love to hear about Charlie but honestly see all of your amazing work with a little Charlie (he is adorable). Hope that is helpful.

  125. Lyndsey

    I love your blog as is, with all the Charlie talk. I would second another comment about not over extending yourself. It’s the quality (and your voice) that brings me back- whether the post is about design or kids or fashion.

  126. Caitlin

    Please, please, please keep blogging about both design and the mommy component of your life. I really enjoy reading about you and love that everything you do has your personality in it. Charlie is a huge part of your life and, thus (if you want him to be) he should be a huge part of your online presence. Those who don’t want to read the mommy stuff can simply skip it. But for those of us who enjoy it, it is really nice to have someone to relate to and I hope you continue to write about Charlie lots and lots!

  127. Kate

    Wow, so many comments!

    I am not a mom, but I LOVE the Charlie posts as much as any other. I LOVE the design posts too, and get inspiration from them, so I vote to continue both. HA!

    Also, is your blazer in the photos above from Anthropologie? I’ve been lusting after it for a while and perhaps just need to buy it already…

    • Kate

      Speaking of which, I would LOVE if you just mentioned your outfit details (if applicable) at the bottom of each post. I love your style, and although this isn’t and probably won’t ever be a fashion blog, I’d love to know where you find such great stuff!

  128. emily & charlie fan

    my stomach lurched when you said you weren’t going to post about charlie any more! you are my style heroine and i’ve also really enjoyed the mommy stuff — as you said, i can relate to you so appreciate hearing how hard the work/life balance is (i have a 3-year old daughter, who took 5 years of grueling fertility treatments to arrive).

    honestly, the hardest part of your ‘mommy posts’ is wishing that i had a) taken more professional photos, specifically with luke & katherine; b) made sure to have a blue or white faux fur blanket for the best blonde-blue baby photos; c) your fabulous smile & jawline.

    just because i don’t have those things doesn’t mean i resent you for it. babies are everywhere. people without stories are boring. you rock and are the first thing i read every morning.

  129. Jessica

    Please continue to post about you and what you are about. Design, family, fashion, and motherhood. I read an article in Country Living about one of your design projects and it said, “Henderson, a new mother herself.” That staement may have been a small fact, but it is a big part of who you are now. Design should come from the heart and be a reflection of who you are. I assume Charlie is a big part of who you are now and that will reflect in your design work. I started following you after a cousin posted an instagram pic with a pregnant you at a trade show supporting I had seen your work on HGTV & had just had a baby myself. Needless to say your design posts AND especially your Charlie posts have been very helpful. I am a working mother with some of the same issues you have had or questions you have asked. I also am always looking for new ideas on the homefront. You may not see this post but, please keep on doing what you do!

  130. I first started reading your blog because of your honesty and ‘take yourself not so seriously’ writing style AND that is the reason I continue to follow. I love seeing how your house is transforming, projects you have completed for clients, clothing + product posts but also, how your family is evolving. You have a lifestyle blog with an emphasis on design and I like that everyday, you bring something different to the blogosphere but they fall inline with a few key themes. I love your blog and seeing pictures of your beautiful family so I hope you don’t walk away from that too much.

    – Jaime

  131. Just my two cents, and there area A LOT of cents being thrown around, but I like a design blog with an actual person/life/family behind it. I don’t just want content, I wand CONTEXT. I want to know your life and your thought process. I was actually attracted to your blog in the first place because it was so authentic and personal. So I say keep up the good work, champ!

  132. Anna

    I frequently send your “mommy” posts to my co-workers who understand the struggles of being working moms. To echo prior comments, your VOICE is what makes this blog addictive–you could probably describe putting on shoes and people will enjoy reading it. Fortunately you are also a creative designer, fabulous friend, ingenious product-spotter and have an adorable baby…So you’re basically a blogging juggernaut.

    As far as traffic and sharing is concerned, you are making smart decisions to listen to your readerships and tailor your experiences to the proper venue. This single, female, marketing employee gives you a thumbs up!

  133. Sheila

    Hi Emily,
    I love reading your blog every day. Whether it’s about design or Charlie doesn’t matter to me. If I’m not interested in a post, I just stop reading it. We are lucky that you let us into your life. All the best to you!

  134. Chrissy

    Keep it all in one place! It’s who you are. It affects your design. For every reader you may lose, you’ll gain a new one. I would be very sad to see them divide since the reason I started reading your blog was because of the combo. I know a lot of others who feel this way as well.

  135. tracy

    i loved your blog pre-Charlie, and i enjoy it more now that he’s here! maybe it’s because i’m a new mom too (mine just turned two…TWO!) and it still blows my mind that i’m a mom. i’m a full-time working mom too, and i agree, i wish i could see more working mommy blogs. though to be honest, it is probably because they’re too damn busy. only if blogging was part of their business, then it makes sense(??) in any case, just wanted to say i love your content (mom and non-mom stuff), regardless of how you organize it.
    also, on the breastfeeding: you’re doing the best you can. that is all you can do, and charlie is all the better for it. the fact that you breastfed him at all is WONDERFUL, and i hope you know that. being a working mom who has to travel at times for work can make the breastfeeding/pumping thing crazy challenging, so don’t ever feel bed that you have to use formula to supplement. for reference, i breastfed my daughter until she was about 11 months, but we were already supplementing with formula at about 6 months (once she had a big growth spurt and my supply couldn’t keep up). you do what you gotta do and what’s best for your family.

    • tracy

      ugh i just saw a typo, i hate that. bad* (don’t feel bad* – not bed…though taking a nap in bed sounds pretty good right now)

  136. Zoe

    I’m 25, childless and I don’t mind one bit reading about Charlie. I like him.

  137. staci

    Keep Charlie posts! I think you have nice balance of design and mommy posts keep doing what your doing!

  138. I LOVE design posts but I also love the personal posts because you really show your personality. There are a lot of design blogs where I just scroll through pictures because their writing seems so lifeless and dull. A blog with a voice like yours is so rare. Some blogs are so crammed with giveaways and sponsored posts that it makes me feel like their only purpose is making money. Even though I know your blog does bring in money I also get the impression that you write for yourself and for your readers and would do it even if it didn’t make money, which is so great.

    Your design style has to be my favorite of anyone I’ve seen and you also give great advice on life in general. One thing I’d like to see on your blog is advice on where to shop or affordable products you love. I love vintage furniture but it is really hard to find where I live and really expensive online.

  139. Raven

    Emily, I am NOT a mother. Nor really care to be right now in my life, but I just adore Charlie and your Charlie posts! It’s possible he’s the cutest baby on earth, I show my friends most of his Instagram pictures, it’s sort of ridiculous. I totally agree with you on the personal blog thing. I love reading your blog because it’s about YOU. Sure, I love the design stuff too, but my favorites have always been the personal posts, on all the (too many) blogs I read. I happen to read a number of design/fashion-turned-baby blogs, and I’m totally happy to read the baby/mommy posts. Follow your heart, yo! Blog about what you want to blog about. If someone doesn’t want to read that post, turns out they have a choice and they don’t have to read it! They’re the idiots for reading it when they didn’t want to. I admire you reading all the comments and wanting your blog to go in the direction your followers want. I just get so frustrated when people comment negatively. It’s not necessary.

    My point…I am very glad you’re still going to blog about the handsome Mr Charlie Hendo :)

  140. Megan

    First of all, I’ve been reading the blog since around the time you did Oh Joy’s living room (I’ve been a long time reader of her blog). I also never really comment, but this post compelled me to comment as it appears you value your reader’s opinions. I love reading your posts about your own home renovations and other homes that you’ve decorated – and if those posts started to really dwindle or stop, I would probably quietly take your blog off of my reading list (I’ve done the same with other bloggers, but I’ve never made a stink about it – it’s a personal decision and if I am not enjoying or getting anything out of a blog, it’s not the bloggers fault, it’s just that I’m no longer interested). I think you’ve maintained a decent balance so far between design posts and baby posts. I did read a comment awhile ago on a post that you did from someone who said they were no longer able to read your blog as they had fertility issues and it was too difficult – I feel like that is a bit unfair to you. I don’t know the first thing about having fertility issues as I don’t have any kids and I am not planning on having kids – and maybe it isn’t even my place to remark on this. But when someone says something like that in a comment, I feel like they are trying to make you feel bad or guilty for having a child and posting about it. I feel sympathy for anyone who is going through a difficult situation and I will offer any assistance that I can, but if you are unable to even look at another person’s blog because they are enjoying being a parent, the comment should be more along the lines of “I am no longer interested in reading your blog as it is now a Mommy blog and not a home design blog”. On the internet, it is really easy to throw around a rude comment and forget that there is an actual human being on the receiving end. Maybe I’m out to lunch here, but I was quite offended by that comment and wanted to get my little rant out.

    I do think you should write about what you want to and what you are passionate about – that is one of the things that attracts me to your blog the most.

  141. kates

    I think you should keep it as one blog. I know YHL is combining both their blogs into one again. This blog is about you, your designs, your life… but if you need to switch it to two blogs one for Life and one for Work then I will follow both. Because I need your whit, humor and gorgeous designs as much as possible! LOL!

  142. Natalie

    Emily- I think its sad that you even had to post this or even think about it. I read your blog everyday and I have never thought any different than you being, well, you, and writing about what you love and about your life. That is why I love your blog and keeps me coming back. Its authentic YOU! I’m actually upset that you’ve even had to ponder about this and I don’t even know you. Keep up the blogging about your life and your loves. That is my two cents, not that it matters…

  143. jen

    i’m a ux designer so i definitely recommend keeping it as one blog. i’m also a mommy and i’ve been coming to your blog because i really appreciate your perspective as well as another voice in the working mom community. and charlie is absolutely adorable but sometimes i’m not interested in the baby posts so i’ll skip it. everyone can do the same.

  144. Aly

    I found this blog because of your design which of course really stands out among the rest of the design blogs I follow…but what I enjoy most is your personality. I do feel like you share enough that I wish you were my friend…without crossing into the narcissistic over sharing territory that so many mom bloggers run into. I LOVEEE the Charlie posts because there is something about them that seems different than most mom blogs. I can definitely see how doing two feeds makes sense though for those who aren’t baby obsessed like myself.

  145. Chelsea

    I’ve been a fan of yours for years (since Design Star). I love reading your blog because you are a real person with real opinions and talents. I don’t have kids, but I love the Charlie posts, because they give your blog authenticity and character. You are a designer and a mom. As someone who would love to pursue a creative career full time and have kids (eventually), I love hearing that you are able to juggle it all (with a healthy dose of humor). If I just wanted to see design, I would read one of the thousand design magazines or websites out there. I wouldn’t change a single thing about your blog.

  146. Kristina

    The name of your blog is style by Emily Henderson, not style. This blog is about you and what you do. If you style a room, a shelf, a baby, a garden…it’s about you and we come to read and enjoy that experience. I feel like we’re all becoming way too judgmental and down right bratty about the internet (blogs specifically) Life is about sharing. You are a bold and brave sharing person and you do it well. Thank you for sharing. xo

  147. Dana

    Team Charlie all the way! My favorite thing about this blog is your style of writing, it’s incredibly witty and makes me wish that I was nearly as witty. Think of all the words and thoughts you have to share about Charlie…these thoughts help people with children feel like it’s okay to be a working mama. It makes people with broken homes have hope. It makes 21 year old college students like me laugh and think “hey maybe I’d want to have a kid if it was as rad as Charlie”….maybe. To not blog about your child, such a major part of your life, would also mean not blogging about your husband or your friends or the major life experiences that make you so relatable to your audience and keep us coming back for more.

    Just sayin’.

  148. Elizabeth

    Mommy blog! please! We are of that age. I don’t have kids and I love reading your mommy posts. My husband and I are currently trying. You have given me inspiration beyond words. I’ve already researched doulas and would know nothing of them if it wasn’t for you. That is just one of many things I have learned, it is nice to share in your joy. I have even sent your posts to friends with newborns who want product recommendations. Please keep on mommy blogging, it is part of you which is what we love to read about, you. You have a great way with words that isn’t like hey look at me life MY life is SO awesome, but more of down-to-earth approach that I think attracts readers like me. I think your blog without mommy post would be missing the true essence of what we all love about you, you.
    :) Elizabeth

  149. AmyC83

    It’s funny, because YHL recently posted about how they are scaling back on the blog and getting rid of the separate page and just doing everything together on their main page.

    I’m in the mommy blog camp!

  150. Charlie!
    Plus whatever else you want to post!

  151. Charlotte

    YHL is also burning out and scaling back…I think your child and family life deserves some privacy. Is it really necessary and a priority to put it all out there and online? Sorry,I just don’t get it.

  152. Victoria

    Emily the photographers did a fabulous job in capturing these photos, it is the love and joy in your faces that make them priceless.
    My only child is old enough that clothe diapers were still used and not just by a future king. When you blog about baby things, Mommy clothes etc. I skim through and if something pops out at me I’ll stop and either read then or perhaps later. When you blog about Charlie I will immediately read your post as your writing is so warm, funny and unfiltered it makes me smile, laugh and tear up at times. I don’t react with those same emotions to your design blogs but I do read them immediately looking at the images of how you put that or did this. The reason I found your blog was because I was so bummed you had no new HGTV shows that even your reruns were not being shown at the ridiculous hour of 6 AM.
    I would miss not reading about Charlie the same as I missed not seeing your shows. Actually more, the Charlie known in your blog and Instagrams is the most delightful of baby who most of the time looks like he can’t contain his glee at whomever he is focusing on.
    Your solution to separate the Mommy blogs from your original Design blogs seems like a perfect answer.

  153. amy jones

    I love Charlie posts! I do have a Charlie of my own and can relate to the total bliss you are feeling. I read a ton of blogs and yours is one of my absolute favourites. Keep up the excellent work!

  154. Jess Hartnett

    Kids are not on my radar, but I enjoy ALL of your posts. :)

  155. Chandra

    Your blog. Your way.

  156. Rachelle


  157. Kim

    I LOVE the Charlie posts. I am a mom as well (June, 3 years old, and Maggie, 4 months old) and it’s nice to be able to relate and connect with someone going through the same things.

  158. Jaleen

    Share away…share it all! I wouldn’t consider it a “mommy blog” but an “Emily Henderson” blog and guess what…you are a mom too. It’s mind boggling that people want to edit you rather than themselves. Meaning…you can right whatever you want and they are not required to read it. I personally really enjoy the mix. Not being a mother and recently experienced a miscarriage I have still found joy in all of your posts so thank you very much!!!!

  159. Patricia

    Keep the charlie posts! you make me feel that even though I have a baby too now I can still make something out of my life just for me too! I agree with the majority that if you don’t like a post you can skip nobody is forcing you to read certain parts of your blog. I feel like a chant should start of “WE WANT CHARLIE! WHEN DO WE WANT HIM? NOW! WHERE DO WE WANT HIM! HERE ON YOUR BLOG!”

  160. M.

    Another new mom here, who loved your blog before and continues to enjoy it now. But there’s a definite distinction in the kind of enjoyment I get. The design posts seem interesting, impressive, and helpful: they train my eye, even if the result is just a desire to consume more and rearrange my apartment. The mommy posts, oddly enough, fulfill what feels like an even baser desire: nosiness. I feel almost guilty reading them, wondering why I’m so interested in a stranger’s life. In part, yes, it’s because you’ve crafted an incredibly likable persona that I bet matches the likable real-life you– I am definitely sold on Emily Henderson! But mommy blogging creeps me out a little: it feels vaguely exploitatitve, especially as the little ones get older, and then I feel kind of gross for participating in that exploitation. That may be my problem more than it is yours. You’re in charge of deciding, for yourself, how much you want to profit from your own life, how many photos and stories about your son are worth sharing in order to get free stuff and sponsored posts to support your family. And then we’re in charge of deciding, as readers, whether we want to spend our time online peering in at other peoples’ lives.

  161. MJ

    Sounds like a good plan, Emily! My daily reads for the past 5+ years have been Oh Joy! and Cup of Jo, and for me, it’s been exciting (and natural) to watch their lives unfold and families grow. These are women who I trust and look up to and who inspire me, and in that weird, semi-creepy, voyeuristic internet blogger-reader relationship way, Joy and Joanna feel like old friends. I began following your blog I suppose about a year ago, and your engaging, kooky personality drew me in, and now I am a dedicated reader. The point is, being genuine is important and you have that figured out. Know that your long-term readers are on this journey with you (and sometimes parallel to you), as fans and friends. Do your design posts make my heart race? Yes. But I’d be bored if there wasn’t more heart in it than that.

  162. Tracy

    Dear Charlie,

    It’s time to get out the cute, adorable, funny and silly things you do to light up this blog and start your crusade. Perhaps a small parade across this blog to remind everyone that before long you will want nothing to do with such festivities. You will wince when the camera starts to click and will dodge any occasion to make memories of joyous events. For that matter, you won’t even have on matching outfits or accessories that coordinate anymore. You will be ALL boy! Oh, and smell like one too. (insert momma grin)
    So, while you have the ability to impress and look like your an edible arrangement that we can all deliciously devour, please keep waving your baby banner! Your mommy will come the conclusion very quickly that most blog readers enjoy what’s real in life, puts a smile on a girl face and melts one’s heart.

    We love her just for being R.E.A.L.

  163. Megan

    Keep Charlie! I’m a mom to a sweet and energetic 18 month old boy, so of course, I say keep Charlie. I’m not a working mom, but I’m educated and left a career in my 30s to take care of my little guy. One of the hardest things I’ve found is the pressure, even by other moms, NOT to talk about my son. I understand not giving up your identity once you have a child, but why deny that someone is such a large part of you? Having a child is life altering and there is nothing wrong with that. I love your blog. Keep it up.

  164. Brooke

    I will admit I’m a design viewer and the kid thing doesn’t really interest me. I am however able to realize that Charlie is part of your life and I still enjoy seeing baby design ideas (regardless if I don’t have kids). If it’s a post that is more about “mom” things then I can choose to skip it (and I have skipped some, sorry!). I’ll still come back tomorrow to see what you’ve posted :)

    For anyone who’s offended or hurt etc, sorry but you can do the same thing as me and skip the posts you’re not interested in. Frankly the world is full of disappointments and things that hurt us and just because someone can’t have kids (me included) doesn’t mean people are purposefully rubbing in their good fortune in your face. You never know what their journey has been or where it will go so you can’t judge their intent etc. They have the right to feel happy without feeling guilty for your situation.

  165. charity

    I say mommy blog. It’s your blog and it should reflect your life. I don’t think you have had too many Charlie posts myself…he is really stinkin’ cute! And on formula, I am working mother of 15 month old. I shed such tears because my body couldn’t due to a variety of factors: she came out a month early, health, hormones. My daughter was born at 5 pound 1 oz. She gained 1 pound 9 oz in 3 weeks of formula and doubled her weight by the time she was 3 months old. We loved Enfamil and I would make the same choice again.

    Let me know if you find any working mom blogs, I cannot find them either!

  166. Nathalie

    I read your blog because I love your writing style, whatever the subject. You are funny and honest and you don’t take yourself too seriously which is more than I can say for the majority of bloggers (especially the mommy bloggers!). As a new mom myself I have really appreciated reading about your journey with Charlie because you are honest without being preachy. Keep up the good work!!

    • Exactly this! I love HOW you write. I love that you’re honest, witty, and funny. So whether you write about design or about Charlie, I will keep on reading your blog. But just so it’s clear, I’m on Team Emily, designer and mother :)

  167. Kay

    Kid posts are really frustrating to those of us who’ve long followed your blog because of your design career. By all means, write about your boy, but please keep it SEPARATE with a separate RSS feed. I unfollow when bloggers get too mommy-centric.

    I love the recent YHL approach where the cute kid(s) appear in occasional photos but the post is still about design/DIY, the topic of the blog. We non-moms enjoy the cuteness but don’t care about details of parenting. Thanks for asking our opinion.

  168. Claire P

    I say, blog about everything! I am NOT a mother, but I hope to be, and it is so encouraging to read about successful and inspiring ladies who are also having babies, and to know that they are facing the same questions and challenges as everyone else.

    Also, it’s your blog, and it should reflect what’s important to you.

  169. Laura

    I’ve followed your blog for a while and have always enjoyed your design style & expertise, but even more than that, I’ve enjoyed your PERSONALITY. More often than not I find myself nodding my head and genuinely laughing out loud at your posts. Your blog has basically made me want to be friends with you (in the least creepy way, I promise).

    I typically have no interest in mommy blogs – I am 24 years old and don’t ever plan to have children. So your posts about parenting-specific things like maternity clothes or things to buy when you have a newborn don’t really interest me. But the posts that are just about your life with Brian and Charlie, I truly enjoy just as much as any other post on here – because I’ve gotten to “know” you through your blog, and I like hearing updates about your life. I even enjoyed reading about your birthing experience, because I was just so crazy happy for you!

    All that to say, keep doing your thing girl. Those bits of personality you interject in every post make us readers feel connected with you, whether you’re writing about coffee tables or posting pictures of your adorable baby boy :)

  170. Jess

    My oh-so-expert advice: It’s impossible to be completely content with whatever you choose! And it goes without saying that nothing you choose will make everyone happy. Ha, how’s that for a pep talk?! I say just go with your gut because it’s your voice that has created this brand of yours, and it’s your voice that most people will continue to respond to, whether it’s blogging about design or waxing about Sir Charlie. I am a first time mom of an almost two-year-old and I also own and run my own business (a sassy little kitchen shop in Montpelier, VT) and I’m just going to say it: this sh*t is hard. In the beginning, I was always trying to separate these parts of myself: business person, mom, wife, friend (to people who don’t have children and couldn’t understand why the impromptu late-night cocktails had to stop flowing!). Now I am just at peace with the fact that all of these pieces just work together to make up my entire self, and they can’t possibly be separated. I am just one woman, often frazzled, always seeking balance; a woman who occasionally feels like she’s crushing it in every aspect of “self” and a woman who sometimes feels like she’s failing in all aspects at once; a woman who cried and cried just this morning when her little girl put her hand on the side of my face and said “I love you, Mama.” (sniffle). It’s not easy, and it will never be easy to be a business owner/mom, but you just keep doing what you’re doing, what feels right! Tons of us will keep reading no matter what because whatever you choose to blog about, it will be genuine and funny and cool, because that’s what your writing always projects :-)

  171. Deb

    Hi, Emily, just remember you are a wonderful combination of woman/wife/mother/designer/hilarious writer and the list goes on and on. I say, be true to yourself, follow your heart and your gut will tell you what to do. Personally, I love reading about all aspects of your life and am amazed at how you balance them all (and share them with such grace and freedom). For the record, it’s okay to start supplementing with formula; I can guarantee that Charlie will get used to it, you’ll still have cuddle time, and you’ll be way less tired (I speak from experience). By the way, the Parenting magazine has a great compilation of lullabies my sons enjoyed, along with anything from the 60’s & 70’s (think “Age of Aquarius, which they used to sing with gusto, Age of Asparagus!, the Beatles, etc.), and the occasional classical tune, not to mention the Wiggles :) I think your best design creation (with the help of Brian), is your son. So keep those posts coming. Love reading every day and appreciate your authenticity. Cheers to you!

  172. Lindsay

    Keep the mommy/baby posts coming! Part of the reason I read blogs is for the personal stories.

  173. Cami

    THOSE PICTURES!!!!!!!!! Just beautiful!

  174. Charell

    Hi Emily– I don’t have children and don’t really plan to have kids any time very soon, but I don’t mind some small doses of Charlie. I really liked your maternity outfit posts and design-related baby stuff, but I think that what made it out of whack was the lack of design posts lately. Does that make sense? I guess I mean that–for a bit–the Charlie content ratio was really high in comparison to the design content, but I’m sure it will start to even out as you get back into lots of design posts. AND, wow, am I excited to see your house in Domino. Like, absurdly excited.

  175. Laura

    If you decided you only wanted to blog about your cats I would not be able to help reading. Seriously. One militant plug for breastfeeding however: I’m not a big fan of pumping but do try to BREASTfeed as long as you can. The benefits will be with him for his ENTIRE life.

  176. Alison

    Where do I begin: I love you and everything about you. I think separating your personal life from your professional life would be like showering with a raincoat on…in other words, it doesn’t make sense. I am not a mom, but having recently gotten married and starting to think about starting my family, I love reading about the journey for other people. Like others have said, I came to your blog after following you on Design Star and watching your show for design tips, but love that you don’t mind sharing your personal life and all that comes with it. Keep it up, you’re awesome!

  177. Kelly

    Hi Emily. I’m another childless reader who has endured 6 rounds of fertility treatments. The second last one resulted in an ectopic pregnancy which was physically and more so emotionally painful. Not looking for a pity party but want you to know where I’m coming from. I’ve read this blog for a long time. The large number of pregnancy and now Charlie posts aren’t my fave but completely understandable since that has been and is a HUGE chunk of your life now. I think you are an incredible designer and I read this blog to see your amazing design work…and that’s what will keep me reading. You clearly love your little guy and seem to be a great mom. Personally, I’ll just skip the mom posts if I’m having a seriously sad/mad/jealous day (I know that’s what it is for me and I certainly can’t speak for others). My advice to you is to do what you think is best and to stop writing such long design posts. Seriously!!! Maybe break posts up so they don’t take so long to write and you can post more frequently. Just my two cents!

  178. Marie

    One of the reasons I love reading your blog is because you share your life. I feel like I know you. I recognize your friends and Brian, we’ve seen pictures of your house, so why should Charlie be left out? If there is a blog post that I don’t relate to at this point in my life I just browse it or skip it. Keep the Charlie posts!

  179. Sandy

    I read your blog for the design. You are my favorite designer. You rock my world. You made me fall in love with the color blue (blue and I have been on the outs for a long time.) So thank you for that. :) I have to admit I was a bit worried this would turn into a “mommy blog” because that’s not where I’m at and it doesn’t interest me. Although, on the flip side I don’t mind an occasional family/Charlie post (he’s adorable, who wouldn’t) because it keeps you real and more relate-able. I like blogs that are by people who have real lives and real ups and downs, and aren’t afraid to admit that their houses don’t always look like they are photo shoot ready or always have their ducks in a row. Right now you are a new mom and everything is a new and different experience. It only seems natural that you would gravitate towards writing about those things. I think you will find your equilibrium and it will all sort itself out as time goes on. Just be yourself because ultimately that is what your readers come here for.

  180. I have to say that I love your baby posts….and love this post in particular. I take issue with the mommy blogs out there (you know who you are) that not only pimp out their poor kids for advertising dollars and reader traffic but present “life” from such an unrealistic angle. I am old enough now to know the difference but wonder how it affects girls who can’t see through it. it does way more harm than good, IMHO. anyway, your voice is real. keep it up. x

  181. Sherri

    I enjoy both your design posts and your Charlie posts – but, at the moment, (sweet) Charlie rules. I love checking the blog and finding another Charlie post and/or pic. He’s growing and changing so fast right now! I personally wouldn’t have you change the blog a bit. I like the mix of design and Charlie. I like your writing style. And I particularly like the humor and fun. All those things make your blog different than others. And one I look forward to checking regularly.

  182. Kat

    Sounds like you found a good balance! Also, as a working mom I practically killed myself to make sure my daughter was exclusively breastfead for 12 months. It was a source of constant stress, fights with my husband (when I thought he “wasted” milk I worked so hard to produce), etc. Looking back, I think I should have relaxed and supplemented with formula. Do what’s best for you and your kid and don’t beat yourself up about it!

  183. Suz

    I think we read your blog because we LIKE you and we look forward to your daily blog conversations, nomatter if they are about Charlie, Mormons, style or Snoop Dog. You have such a gift of writing like you are talking to a friend over coffee or wine. Don’t change a thing!

  184. Jenny

    I have a son who was born just a few weeks after Charlie. Reading your experiences has been so beneficial (totally had mom guilt supplementing with formula when I first went back to work). I, of course, love the mom posts and look forward to more!

  185. Allison

    Hey Emily!
    I’m a working mom who happens to be a designer and mother of a little boy named Charlie myself and I gotta say that I love your blog!I really like the integration of Charlie posts with posts about projects and design-being a working mom is about balance and I think you accomplish this on your blog very well. And I couldn’t agree more about mommy blogs and how a lot of them make me feel bad about my choices even though I’m doing everything within my power to make sure my child is happy/healthy and showered with kisses every day. Keep it up-I would love to see more voices like yours out in the blog-o-sphere!

  186. Can I just say a quick hot damn to the LK Griffin people. Those photos are so so good.

  187. Deb

    PS The pic of the three of you giggling is absolutely adorable; I hope you frame it and put it in a place of prominence in your home! And here’s an idea: Why not have a q&a section on your blog which deals solely with design questions? You could still incorporate your life into the main part of the blog, and answer a question or two in the design feature. That way, you’re sorta flipping around the concept of Charlie/no Charlie (to which I say, YES! Charlie!), and having a dedicated design space. Just a thought………..

    • Maud

      Love the idea of a design Q&A section.

  188. Jen

    Non-Mama here, just wanting to reiterate everyone’s comments about the beauty of this blog coming from your authenticity. I love everything you do style-wise, but the reason I’ve continued to follow you (and have dropped most others) is because of YOU. I have thoroughly enjoyed updates about Charlie — just like everything else you write about, I appreciate your perspective and candidness about motherhood. It’s refreshing. And it has been such a joy to here about the joy in your life.

  189. I’m struck by how many commenters above have said that they want to be friends with you, and I think that says a lot about you and what makes your blog so unique and popular. Your willingness to share your personal life with us lets us get to know you and to care about you and your family. I think you’ve struck a nice balance, and I adore getting to watch Charlie grow up (those chub sleeves!). I also want to say that I admire how devoted you are to Charlie, even while keeping your vibrant career and blog going. The cliches are true: being a mom is the hardest job you’ll ever love, and the days are long but the years are short. You’re doing a great job, and you shouldn’t be hard on yourself. There are a lot of years ahead for more design focused posts. For now, just keep sharing what is important to you (Charlie and design alike) and what you’re interested in, and we’ll come along for the ride. Thanks Emily!

  190. Julie

    Hi Emily,
    I don’t usually comment on blogs. But i had to say something and let you know that you’re amazing!!!! You drew me in with your personality, the positivie energy you exude and how authentic you really are. So write want you want to write about, I’ll still be loging in every morning looking for your new post. They make my day. Love not a mom

  191. Stephanie

    Dear Em,

    I’m personally shocked to know that people don’t like “the Charlie” posts. I find them delightful and inspiring. I was a reader before you brought Charlie into the world and I crave “the Charlie” posting and love reading about your experience with motherhood. It’s always refreshing to really get to know the person beyond their passion and talents. With that being said, this you blog Emily Henderson and you write what you damn well please, what inspires you, what makes you happy. You can’t please everyone. But know that the majority of us are happily checking in daily.


  192. Alison

    I am not a blogger or design professional and have no idea how easy or feasible this would actually be on the behind-the-scenes end of things, BUT if you were wanting another thing to post about that seems to my amateur self like it wouldn’t be too hard and time-consuming but is design-related, is I’ve thought it would be awesome to be able to send you a picture of a room in my home and ask for advice. (Of course I mean “one’s home” not just MY home…other people could send photos, too, I guess… ;-).)

    Not like, a whole design overhaul or filling in a completely blank slate, but I would send in something like, “Hey, I got all these awesome pieces of furniture for my living room and a great rug, but something is still off. Do you have a couple tips?” And maybe you’d be like, “well this bookshelf is really messy and detracting from the space try these two styling tips.” Or, “you have too many colors going on in here, what if you narrowed it to this palette by removing such and such pillows or repainting the walls white instead of green etc.”. Or maybe “you have too many antiques/period pieces I would edit this and this and bring in something more modern like xyz (hyperlinked to store or CL) to balance things out”. So like, finishing touches, super-mini-design consultations.

    The comments section could allow other readers to comment and provide even more ideas, so it seems like it could be a good way to foster reader engagement, as well.

    And um, I’m moving to LA in a month and have no job lined up, so if you want to hire me to manage this part-time just let me know. ;-)

    • laura

      love this idea. even just posting a picture and just talking about what makes it a good design or what colors would work better. You’re doing such a great job!

    • Laura

      I agree that there must be design-y posts that would be less time-consuming to produce. Like once a month have an “Ask Emily” where you pick one or two specific design questions to answer. We would all love that and it wouldn’t be very labor intensive.

    • Jenna

      Great idea!!!

    • Michelle Moore

      Would love this!

    • Ali

      This this too!

    • Alison B

      Yes, I agree as well!! I think that showing someone, especially an expert as yourself could be very scary since no one wants someone in the field to tear it apart when you take the leap in showing them something personal. However, I all ready feel like I can trust you to give constructive advice, not scathing criticism of someone’s home that they felt proud enough to stick their neck out and show you. Just my two sense on this idea.

    • Monica

      I follow a “tiny” blog that does this. I love it! I can’t seem to find another blog like it:
      She doesn’t post often but all her posts are readers requests.

      She’s witty and honest and has great style. Different than Emily’s but good taste.

    • Sarah

      Yes! Yes! Yes!

  193. Erica

    I think you should do what honors who you are and what feels best for you and your family. Admittedly, I really enjoy your personal posts and hearing about Charlie and I agree that that is what draws me to your blog and others – personalization and not rote generic posts. I think doing a “read more” button for Charlie related posts is a good idea for those readers who aren’t interested. I understand your concerns about readership but please remember that you will never be able to make everyone happy so focus instead on what makes you happy.

  194. Jolene

    I have been a long time reader because I fell in love with you and your design. Charlie is now part of you, so I love him too. Because your life is part design, part Charlie, I think your blog should be both as well. I personally would go for 60/40 or 70/30 design to Charlie ratio. How’s that for a new statistic to keep track of? You could say – Ginny, could you run me a report on our current “design to Charlie” ratio?? lol! I have recently found myself wishing for a little more solid design content on your blog. I grasp onto and drool over the home/room design stuff and breeze over the rest, even though I enjoy those too. I love first and most the room makeovers, second the Craigslist Trolling, third the Charlie/family posts, fourth the DIY posts and probably least the product roundups – I just don’t relate to them well because of a lack of moula and access to stores.
    Back to the Charlie posting subject – definitely try out the separate page for the nitty-gritty mommy stuff like breast feeding and diaper reviews. If it works and its comfortable, go with it. If it seems like a burden or not worth it, there’s no harm in stopping it and saying that you tried it out. Just don’t keep all the Charlie cuteness on the mommy page. :)
    I’m starting to get a little long winded here, but one more thought on the design posts. You seem to feel a ton of pressure to have everything professionally photographed before you share it with us. Yes, it does make for fabulous presentation, but also makes each makeover that much harder to post. We just want to see the space and your designs and don’t require top-of-the-line photography for every project. One good thing to learn about managing our lives is to give up some of our dogmatic expectations and personal requirements in order to make things more manageable. (I’ve recently learned this about book-work. Such a burden to have off my shoulders!) Love what you do – I’m just glad to read whatever you decide to share with us!

  195. Laura

    I love it all – first came for design ideas but LOVE the pregnancy/baby posts too and will happily seek them wherever you post them!

  196. Emily

    I wanted to say that I’ve appreciated the mommy posts. As a brand-new mom myself, who just returned to work (sob), I am desperate for stories of working moms too. In my darkest moments of feeling working mom guilt, the lives of typical mommy-bloggers only exacerbate my feelings of inadequacy. They get to stay at home with their kids and make money doing it! They chronicle perfect moments with their kids that I’m missing, they don’t have to slink away to pump in secret at work, they don’t feel like they’re doing two jobs, neither one well. As much as I like the design blogs, the ones I’m excited about seeing pop up in my feed are always the personal ones.

  197. Allison

    Hi – I love your personal posts. I also wanted to say that if you need to supplement with formula (which, if you’re traveling *of course* you do), Charlie will be fine! He’ll be great. You can google the Atlantic article about breastfeeding, and the most recent research about it. It’s such a hot-button topic, and of course breastmilk is great, but most working moms (and even some SAHMs) cannot exclusively breastfeed. Formula is not poison. You’re doing wonderfully!!!

  198. Jenica

    I love your posts – all of them. You have so much to offer – love the working mom aspect – the juggling – being REAL! Keep the little man – and those who dont want to read, can skip over!

  199. Sarah

    Hi Emily! I know sooo many people have given you their opinion, but my two cents is you’re never going to please everyone, so I wouldn’t put any effort into changing anything! You’ve obviously done pretty well for yourself so I would keep on doing your thing and trusting your gut. Your life is different now, so your blog posts are naturally going to reflect that. Before I had my son (he’s 2), I read Cup of Joe daily and that didn’t change when she had her son, she posted a lot more about being a mom but I didn’t mind a bit, then it was SUPER helpful down the road when I was pregnant/a new mom too. You are a talented designer and now a new mom. That’s your life and you should shout it from the rooftops! Haters gonna hate;)

  200. Julie

    I’m not yet a mom, and while I originally began reading your blog for your design savvy, I can definitely still appreciate the Charlie-related posts. As a passionate interior designer myself, I’ve wondered if I will be forced to decide between my career and having a family, so the way you manage to balance the two worlds brings me comfort that I can find a way to do both. I appreciate your honesty on the topic! Thanks for sharing. :)

  201. Katie

    I can’t get enough Charlie posts! I loved your blog before, and I was ecstatic, not only to find out you were pregnant, but to learn we were due at almost the same time. My first baby (also a boy) was born one week before Charlie, and reading all baby-related posts of yours…well, you are able to articulate everything I am thinking/feeling/experiencing, even though our circumstances are different. I love reading your point-of-view because, as the first one out of my friends to have a baby, it’s nice to be able to relate to someone. My friends do not get. it. I have SORELY missed your “mommy” posts (um, can’t we just call them “personal” or “lifestyle” posts… why do they have to be so polarizing just because they’re about having a baby?). Also, please post about 100x more Charlie photos on Instagram!

  202. Jenna

    I really appreciate this post and asking the question, it really means a lot to your readers. I agree that there is a solution somewhere in the middle. Either having a separate blog, separate link, or a specific day of the week where you post about Charlie makes a lot of sense. While I love your design, your writing and your blog, its true that I frequent it less because I’m just not interested in the mommy blogs. Mommy blogs are everywhere and easy to find, what makes you so unique is your design and your ability to express and share it.

    So while I vote to have just a bit less or just separate mom posts, in the end its your decision, you have to follow your passions. Do what feels right to you.

  203. Katie

    Emily, I came to your blog for the style but I’ve stuck around because you make ALL your posts so personal. I am a new working mom too, and I check your blog every day in hopes of a post about your sweet little Charlie. Please, oh please, keep the mom part of the blog!

  204. Beth

    It’s like going on a date night with your husband and trying not to let every conversation revolve around your kids. It takes effort and practice and you’ll get the right balance! I know your true love is design and your heart is Charlie so I never fear that I will get bored around here!

  205. Hannah

    I just love your blog. Like, love love love it. I read it weekly and always come away with something new. I appreciate your snarky, yet always tasteful posts, but more than that I have truly loved being able to watch how your life has changed since becoming a mama. Motherhood changes you, yet we don’t have to stop being the person we were before we had kids. To me, your blog is a great reminder of that. Kids totally change your life! I have a 15 month old and my life will never go back to the way it was before she came into this world. But, your posts about Charlie encourage me to not give up on my own dreams or to become this super maternal woman who only wears yoga pants (they totally have their place. no judgment here). As a reader, I find the tension you find yourself in very real and its what keeps me coming back. Thanks for your hard work and for sharing so much.

  206. Emily

    I love your blog and your voice – you seem grounded, inspired and fun. While I’ll admit that I’ve backed away from other blogs for turning ‘mommy’, they were very different from yours. You’ve never come across as preachy or self-righteous; in fact, you seem honest and real when you talk about motherhood and its rewards/challenges. Please continue to post as you desire, and I promise we’ll continue to support you! Thanks for sharing with us

  207. Jen

    When I first became pregnant (my son’s birthday is just a couple days after yours, Dec. 18!), I told my very good guy friend, who isn’t even close to starting a family, to treat me the same way he always does. I feared that he was going to view me differently and that our relationship would suffer. Well you know what he told me? He said, “I understand your concern, but your life is going to be totally different. That includes our friendship. That’s just the way it is, but just because we’re not going to be doing as many things together doesn’t mean we’ll grow apart. We’ll adapt. It’ll be different, but great.” And then I promptly cried. I cried because I knew he was right, and I had been in denial. (I’ve never been that great with change.) But back to your blog — it’s justifiable that your blogging will change because YOU have changed. We’ll all adapt, and in the words of my super great friend who is still my friend, it’ll be great.

    p.s. I returned to work around the same time you posted about being a working mama and it resonated with me like no other. Thank you for baring your soul to us.

    • Jen

      My son’s birthday is a couple days after Charlie’s, not yours. Groan for making errors and not being able to correct it.

  208. Shan

    I love everything you write. I know that’s not really helpful in directing content, but just so you know there are those of us who enjoy hearing it all. Life is multifaceted.

  209. Geli

    Rarely do I comment on blogs, unless its a question like these. Please don’t change a thing! Posts about Charlie are a natural progression of your posts about your pregnancy – why on earth would you omit him now? From all the 200+ replies there are only a few sour grapes, the majority just adores Charlie and loves to see pictures of him and hear of his progress. I am an older mom (teenagers now) and I still adore baby pictures and like to hear about a happy family. How does the old song go? “… can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself” You’ve found a good balance between design and Charlie posts – keep it up and please don’t change a thing!

  210. Sarah

    Yay!!! More Charlie posts!!! My Louis was born December 6th 2013 so I feel like we’re somewhat connected… On top of that, I wanted to breastfeed for 6 months but threw in the towel after too many dips in my milk production. I totally understand how you feel, I felt as though I had failed despite my husband, family and friends telling me that it wasn’t a big deal. Over here in France people aren’t very open about breastfeeding, so many bottle feed and popping a boob out in public outside of the beach? Scandal! Such a strange double standard… Anyway, keep up the Charlie posts!!!!

  211. Bridget

    I’ve never commented before but I am big fan of your design posts and your baby posts. I bought a house (on the border of Glendale) in December 2013 and I had a baby in February 2014 so I feel you Emily, I really do. I will read every day. I especially LOVE your new mom round ups–the clothing picks and products.

  212. Sarah

    hey emily!
    found you on design star and have followed you since then (Portland, represent!)
    I am a new mama and a SAHM.. I personally love to see how obsessed you are with Charlie– and I get why! Even though I tend to not be as interested in other people’s kids as much as I am my own, I LOVE seeing other mamas loving their kids! That is what inspires me about your Charlie posts. It is so obvious how much you love that lucky little guy and it helps me view my own baby as a blessing instead of a burden on those hard days : ) Does that make sense? It’s also refreshing to see a working mom publicly praise her child. This may come out wrong via typing but I just feel like a lot of moms (working AND SAH) view their children as a nuisance and your perspective (despite all your responsibilities) is just refreshing.

    Love ya girl! Keep up the good work!

  213. Haley

    Like you, I had a precipitous birth with my first child. And like you, I also struggled with infertility. It took my 20 months to get pregnant with baby #2 (who is a mere 11 weeks gestated – just cookin’ in there and making me miserably nauseous…little angel), and I had a miscarriage during that time.
    Even during the difficult, infertile time, I enjoyed the Charlie posts. I had the overwhelming feeling of ‘Here’s someone who gets it.” Though my situation was different, because I already have a sublimely perfect kid at home, it was refreshing to see someone who has amazing taste, a funny writing style and loves her kid so much that he can’t help but weasel his way into post after post.
    I do think the timing is funny that you mentioned YHL when they JUST announced last week that they will no longer have a separate family section on their blog.

  214. Gwen

    It’s the Emily Henderson blog! Not just a design or mommy blog. Which means it’s about you and your mad design skills, awesome family, sassy personality, etc. I read it because of YOU! Leaving Charlie out doesn’t make sense at all.

    • Marilyn

      I agree with this. It’s a personal blog, and I like it has both design content and personal writing. My favorite posts are the ones where you style real rooms that people will live/work in, and also I love the posts about your life.

      I think I like blogs for some of the same reasons I like memoirs. You might pick up a memoir because you’re curious about, say, the world of restaurant criticism, but then what makes the book memorable is the force of the author’s personality and the strength of the writing. I’m glad this blog includes heavy doses of your life and personality.

      My least-favorite posts are actually the “how-to” or crafty posts. There’s nothing wrong with them, but it seems like a lot of blogs like to churn them out just to create more content on the cheap, and it feels forced at times. Some of Design Sponge’s crafty posts can seem that way (and out of place among such beautiful and sophisticated design content). But maybe I’m way off-base and everyone else loves them. Ultimately it’s your blog though, and thanks for writing it! I enjoy it a lot, and obviously it would be pointless to even read blogs if I expected everyone’s taste to be just like mine.

  215. Charisma Broadbent

    I love your blog. You are a very talented writer and you come off as very friendly and down to earth, you keep it real. I only really read design blogs but my favorites are the ones that give a personal side of themselves. I have three kids who are young but beyond the baby age but reading those posts just makes me reminisce about when mine were babies. I think it may be more work for you to run two blogs but it may provide for a nice journal for Charlie as he grows. I don’t think you should have to feel pressure to write two blogs because you are now wanting to blog on Charlie, unless you prefer to do it that way. Save that time to snuggle with that baby. It will go by so fast I wish my own kids growth would slow down. I prefer your design posts just because your work is so awesome but I like your Charlie posts too. But as many previous comments have said you have to write what’s in your heart and that’s part of what makes your blog so real. I think you are doing a great job and will continue to read. Keep it up! BTW if you want to come design my house feel free to bring Charlie to work with you. LOL!

  216. Jenny

    Hi Emily,

    I started following before Charlie, but I’ve started reading more closely since you got pregnant, I love the personal stuff! I’m not a mom, but I love getting glimpses into people’s lives whether they have my exact issues or not, I can definitely still relate. I’ll follow whatever you do, but can’t be too much mommyblog for me!

  217. Ursula

    Hi Emily,
    I love your blog and loved your show and while my baby is 25 years old now, I still like seeing babies. And Charlie is most adorable. Oh, that hat!!!!! Anyway, I think your balance of baby and design on the blog has been pretty good. It’s really hard to work and care for a new baby. So, hats off to you–especially Charlie’s hat.

  218. Hi! I’m weighing in because you asked or I never would have said anything. I’m not a parent, have no interest in being a parent and tend to unfollow style bloggers who turn the mommy blogger corner. I’ve stopped reading Oh Joy recently not because I’m mean or hate her or anything, but just because most of her posts weren’t that interesting to me any more. I’ve unfollowed you on Instagram for the same reason. I’m sure lots of people love looking at baby pics and want to hear all about ways to cope as a working mom. So you just do what feels good and right to you. I just probably won’t stick around if that’s the direction you go. Really not trying to be harsh or difficult, just telling the truth for my reading habits.

  219. E

    I am in my twenties, no kids, and single. I love reading the Charlie posts because, as others have said, they represent your life and voice.

    YOU get to be the creative director, and I think the reason you chose to start a blog was not only to grow your business but also to invite your clients and supporters into some of your personal life. If you were including Charlie in your business pitch to Target or your client proposals, yes that’s weird – but you’re not! This blog is the right, strategic place to share your personal life, and it seems like the numbers support that – even if there are a few opinionated commentors that disagree.

    I love what you said about seeing working mothers represented and that is so personally encouraging to me. One more thought – and this could be controversial, but if a dad was writing a blog that intersected work and family, I think he would be applauded – and you should as well. I think in some more conservative work spaces women have to downplay their family life but that’s a sad thing, and this isn’t one of those spaces.

    All that long-winded opinion to say I vote no family tab – keep it all here!

  220. Kelly

    So interesting! As bloggers become mommies their lives take a different turn and because you share your lives with us we feel an expectation that the blog should be one way or another. I enjoy a healthy mix of personal experiences (family/baby posts) and the reason I came to the blog in the first place (style/design/interiors). Keep doing what you feel is necessary to keep blogging. I would hate for you to stop because you’re feeling you have to cater to people. You are interesting, intelligent and as your life goes on your interests will change. That’s the beauty of blogging.

  221. Annika

    I am pregnant with our first and in the throws of remodeling our home so I love everything about your Charlie/make-over posting combination. Please keep the mom and baby advice coming!

  222. Ellie B.

    I’m so glad you aren’t removing Charlie all together! Is it really that hard to scroll on by? Young House Love actually just announced that they will be getting rid of the extra family blog and reincorporating it into the main blog. I will always read the blogs that share the real world over laser-focus. I’d vote no to the family tab or treating family posts differently than style posts but I’ll read it all either way! Love you and your beautiful family.

  223. Lyn

    I absolutely love the Mommy posts (and stalking your instagram for them too. My husband thinks I’m insane b/c I always show him the pictures like he’s supposed to know who you are. HA). Not only do you provide a great perspective on being a working mom, but also on making a beautiful home for your family. I’m currently pregnant with a little boy and also had an earlier miscarriage around the same time as you. I can’t tell you how helpful it’s been to watch from the sidelines as you go through pregnancy and early mommyhood. I love and always have loved your design posts and get excited to read them, but I also get so excited when I come here and see another Charlie/Mom/personal home update post. Keep it going girl!

  224. Sarah in OR

    I enjoy reading your Charlie posts; they bring back sweet sweet memories of that precious time when my oldest was a baby.

    I like when bloggers do “Mommy Mondays.” I look forward to regular family updates and it never seems like weekly parenting posts are too frequent. I suppose it also makes it easy for those who aren’t interested to skip them. As much as I enjoy the Petersik family I never went to Young House Life, but I did read family posts on the YHL blog.

  225. Jessica S.

    I’ve loved visiting your blog, Emily, ever since you first debuted on HGTV. You are literally my design hero and design soul mate. I think Charlie is adorable, but a happy balance is best… The name of your blog is “STYLE by Emily Henderson.” That’s what I came here for! That being said, I’ve always loved your quirky shenanigans and you always make me laugh. Even your birth story post was hilarious, and I am a 29 year old single woman with no children. It didn’t make me feel weird or mad or annoyed. So I think some Charlie posts are fine – or even better, a separate section for him – but I want to see more design posts from you. I neeeed that fix.

  226. Erika

    Dude, here’s the thing. Life happens. Things evolve, circumstances change. Married or single, kids or no kids, everyone faces new chapters and challenges, and to not write from the gut – from the true soul of what you’re feeling in that moment – would be a travesty! Okay, maybe not a travesty, but sister, you gotta do you. I’ve been reading since Brass Petal and I keep coming back because of your baddass aesthetic (duh) but also your unique voice. At this stage in the game, I think that for blogs to be engaging, they have to be about more than just the original subject that they were once rooted in. As you know, there are just. so. many. I used to have about 30 design blogs in rotation and now? 3. Yours is one of them. Why, you ask? Because I don’t just come here for the pretty pics (though they’re a bonus), I come here for the story BEHIND the pretty pics. Bottom line: everyone has a story. Not everyone tells it well. My thought is that if you’re being true to yourself and writing organically as opposed to about what you think your readers might be into, everything will fall into place. You do you, and the traffic, page views, all of it will come. (If you were Kevin Costner and we were standing in a corn field, this is the moment I would whisper that thing about building it.)

  227. Pascale

    I am a working mom of a pre-teen and a toddler, I am obsessed with interior design and I love the combination both in your blog. You as a person is changing and growing and your blog is a reflection of that as well so of course it will change and grow…I love it.

  228. YOU HAVE TO KEEP BLOGGING ABOUT CHARLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anything that gets you to blog more, really. I love reading everything you post…….

  229. Anne

    Hi Emily,
    I’m a mom, a reader, a business owner, and an Emily Henderson enthusiast!
    I adore your blog! My biggest complaint? I wish you had an editor – not for content but for grammatical errors, spelling, typos, etc. I think if you’re writing a blog, you should take it seriously enough to edit errors.
    Ok, that said, I come back to your blog again and again because your style is so appealing. I have enjoyed your posts about Charlie because you’re sharing what you want to share, and it feels like I’m getting to know you. All of that just enhances my enjoyment and understanding of your style!

  230. Noelle

    I love your blog and find its content to be incredibly real and relatable. Your posts about Charlie are sincere, funny,and poignant. Even as a mother of two young children, there are times when I am disappointed that blogs I once loved have turned into “Mommy blogs.” In so many cases, they lose the essence of what they once were (i.e. why people started reading them in the first place) and become boring photo dumps of babies and a deluge of baby product sponsored posts. I think you have a great balance on your blog. I look forward to updates on your house, your DIYs, my personal favorite Trolling Craigslist (will you do Baltimore?! I’m convinced we have none of the great stuff that you always find) and your more personal family posts. Your blog is one of my favorites and I look forward to reading it! Keep up the great work!

  231. Katie

    Hi Emily,
    I started reading your blog (shortly before you announced you were pregnant) because I love your design style. I love reading about Charlie because we both have baby boys born only a week apart! Please keep him part of the blog, I would miss it if you didn’t.

  232. Gaia

    Oh man, this post makes me so sad. You should write about what you WANT to write about! I know its a business and you have to take that into consideration, but like you said, this blog is also personal and this is what is going on in your life right now. You can’t please everybody and I think thats ok. For the record I think the family/personal posts are great. (Though full disclosure: first time mom here– our kids are a week apart–who also works for herself.) Keep up the great work:)

  233. Beth

    So, I didn’t listen to a thing you said… yes, I’m a mom… of teenagers — don’t need tips from new moms– but I will always LOVE a good baby picture and these are adorable. Congrats on your lovely family.


  234. StacyShine

    LOL! At the lady in the comments who said “I’m not a breeder…” Can’t believe people refer being a mom to being a “breeder.” It sounds horrible. Emily, I am not an obsessive follower but I think your blog should be real and about you. When blogs become complete business and not personal feeling I stop reading (ie: A cup of Jo.) I think you should include your posts on your life.

    PS: I have a Charlie too and he is by far the BEST THING that has ever happened to me.

  235. Lena

    I think your Charlie is super cute and I am happy to see his smiling face:) But, I’m childless and don’t really relate to long posts on babies. I started coming here for the style advice and great photos, but realizing that this blog is about your life, I’m fine to skim or skip the mommy posts. Just keep the style ones coming please!

    Congratulations on your family and your career – you rock girl!

  236. Shirley

    I don’t have or want kids and honestly don’t really like them, but I haven’t been bothered or even surprised by your Charlie posts! You had a child so it seems like the next logical step would be to include him in your lifestyle blog as well. I love your design posts but personal posts definitely keep me coming back to get your individual voice and perspective.

  237. Jessica J

    As a mom who loves design, I already frequented your blog but found a lot of the design elements a little out of reach for someone with kids. Sharp edges, white rugs and tons of awesome (breakable!) things on shelves — I coveted your design style but found a lot of it hard to replicate in my home. Since you’ve had Charlie I love seeing the Mommy posts. Nursery inspiration, changes in your own decor choices are sure to come in just a few months as he grows up, and just a general feeling of “hey, she’s a mom too, and a real person! who’da thunkit?” I get that it’s hard to choose to write about your baby when others are telling you that they have worked so hard to get pregnant, etc, but this is YOUR blog and your story. Relegating your Mommy posts to one section doesn’t really seem true to this blog’s style — which is you being the super unfiltered Emily we all know and love (in a non-creepy blog reader way).

  238. Ali

    Hi Emily :)
    I just want to say that I love your blog! All of it. I come here to read about YOU, which means your design life AND your personal life. I have met you a few times at various flea markets and events and you are a real, sweet, genuine person with a full and interesting life. Keep doing what you’re doing!! You are awesome :)

  239. meg

    Charlie…including a full reveal of his nursery!

  240. Firstly, I would really like to say bravo for being so open and honest about your thought process through all this. So many people find it impossible to give up their ‘game face’ and, to be honest, this is the main reason I love your blog so much. You are REAL. Flawed, happy, struggling with some things, succeeding at others, finding your way through the world kind of real. I love the happiness that flows through in to your writing. Your general positivity is very inspiring to me and always provides such a pleasant spark in my day. Honestly, you could write about mud puddles and I would still read. xx

  241. Tiffany

    To Charlie! I came here for design and it is so interesting to see how motherhood is influencing your work and blogging. I love your voice and writing and it makes me feel like we are friends. You are my top three imaginary best friends Mindy Kaling and Beyonce take the other spots! Cheers to you and what ever you decide. But I say do what you do because when it becomes forced your readers will know.

  242. Me

    I’ve loved following your path from HGTV ingenue to lifestyle star. I have wanted to comment on blogs with personal content for a long time. Clearly, I am from an older generation hence my hesitation with the level of personal content. I follow many blogs so I am a bit of a stalker but….. I worry about the amount of personal information people share on their blogs. I think some Mommy content is incredibly contrived esp. regarding birthday parties etc. Would Mommy really go to all that effort if she wasn’t promoting/peddling kid on her blog? Is Mommy really engaged with kid or actually spending time making the “super”: B-day party and taking pictures for the blog? Are Mommy bloggers really engaged with their kid? Other issues to consider….What happens when life takes the unexpected turn esp. with divorce? Do your children really want their life chronicled on the internet for all to see? Do you really want your child to be an internet celebrity? More importantly, does he want to be an internet celebrity? Your child is beautiful but do you really need the entire blogosphere to tell you that? You are already showing us your home etc. maybe its best to keep part of your life private. All the responses have been so positive I just hope you do consider privacy/darker side of so much exposure. Having said all that… love your blog but usually pass over the highly personal content.

  243. Tiffany

    I really like your blog how it is. For me I enjoy your blog because I enjoy you. If there is something I don’t like then I don’t read.

  244. Lynn Gill

    Hi Emily,
    FIRST, be true to thyself.
    Your blog is part of my daily routine.. wake up, coffee and read your blog. I am not a Mum (yeah, gidday from Australia), and I guess I came to your blog because of the design styling content…. . THAT SAID, I feel that I’ve come to know you and your lovely family, and I definitely need to know whats going on with Charlie (and Brian)… BUT most importantly just be yourself Emily, that is what your loyal, regular followers want, and even if we come purely for the design content… Mom/Charlie are part of who you are.
    So again, most importantly stay authentic, be true to yourself, and keep enjoying your blog, dont rely too much on approval etc. blah blah, and you will keep and grow your following girlfriend.. Hats of to you..!!!!! Much love from Oz, Lynnie

  245. Without sounding all creepy and stalkery – I really enjoy your voice, your wit and your humour. Whether that’s talking about gorgeous wallpaper or Charlie’s laugh, it’s enjoyable either way, and gives me a very authentic insight. I don’t have any kids, but find your honesty about managing it all really inspiring and heartening. I definitely came here for your design chops, but the cute Charlie posts in no way keep me away.

    Keep it all up!

  246. Sarah

    I read this post this morning, have thought about it all day, and this is my conclusion:
    I think what bothers me most is that (as you’ve said), you’ve clearly strayed from what is informative to what is easy. No one likes a lazy blogger. I will say that when I read magazines that would quote someone as “mommy blogger” (or, you know, the euphemism for the same idea) I give them WAY less credibility than I would to someone who has established herself as a designer in her own right. Are you entitled to your mommy gushing? Of course. Do I want to read it? No, not really at ad nauseaum. This isn’t to say that I don’t frequent other “mommy” sites. I look to you as a design and inspiration resource. I think that many other sites involve their kids in a more subtle way, and it’s actually more effective. Then you’re not infringing on Charlie’s privacy (will he want every photo published on the internet?)– think about how Smitten Kitchen links to a Jacob photo in EVERY recipe, but rarely gives us a “real” update. It always leaves you wanting more, and its much less take-it-or-leave-it divisive. Congratulations to you for noticing that the pendulum needs to swing to both extremes before you find the happy medium, and know that there will still be plenty of readers once you figure out your “new” voice a little more.

  247. Chenell Tannure

    Young House Love has actually eliminated the Young House Life page, FYI.

    Personally, I have three kids, so I am not bothered by it per se…but since you are asking, maybe it is TMI for blogging in general? I think experiences and thoughts and such have an obvious place in what is essentially a “lifestyle” blog (minus cooking) but the deeper emotional stuff definitely takes it to another place. I think you can leave things as is, but ease back just a bit, and remember that once on the internet, forever on the internet. Charlie will be 7 and googling you someday and reading these entries, too.

    Just my two cents because you asked…but I will tune in either way, because too much design “entertainment” I find looks stale and cheap, and your stuff doesn’t. So no worries.

  248. Melissa

    I have been reading your blog for a while now (it’s by far my favorite) and I started not only because I love your style, but because you do share your personal life and let your readers peek inside what designers do and what your life is like. When I started reading I was struggling with infertility and sometimes the pregnancy posts could be tough, but if I wasn’t in the mood, I would just skip those. No biggie. Now, I’m pregnant (after trying for over a year!) and I’m going back to your archives to check out your old posts on maternity wear, etc. It’s a gold mine!! And I have always loved your Charlie posts no matter what I was going through on my end. How could I resist him?? I want to see more (or at least the same amount) of Charlie and to know how you’re doing managing it all. And I love to see the pics of you and Brian so happy with Charlie – I’m happy that you guys are happy! So, keep doing your thing, chica. You rock. I think your solutions on your site make sense. Can’t wait to see more of your makeovers including more of your own house!! xx

  249. Shelby

    I think you’ve come up with a good solution. I am a stay at home mom to a 20 month old but I feel like all I do is mommy stuff. So I prefer design posts if I’m getting to read for 3 minutes alone (usually on the potty with a toddler screaming outside lol). I guess if I was working and had breaks I wouldn’t mind thinking about babies more but honestly, I rarely get to talk to another adult besides my husband so I love just escaping into adult land online! I think you should blog about what makes you happy and share whatever you wish though. I do get excited when I see a post with design insight. I feel like I stare at my house all day and think “what would emily do?”

  250. Jennifer

    I honestly don’t think you write that much about being a mom! Love your blog, wouldn’t change a thing.

  251. i like your whole life. #teamcharliehendo

    ps—my pediatrician told me, after two+ weeks of trying so hard and getting zero milk, that a happy mum is better than a breastfeeding one. it was the best thing anyone could have said to me. i embraced the formula and was able to enjoy my newborn twins. i did not miss that pump one bit.

  252. Kim

    I have been reading your blog for years. I have championed you in more places than you will ever know. I think you are the most relevant designer of our generation and I honestly hope I don’t say anything offensive but I do want to be completely honest.

    I started reading this post for design and for your inspirational content. I was very excited for your pregnancy and I loved hearing your stories along the way but the blog went on baby overload once Charlie was born. I think that’s completely understandable, it is the most exciting time in your life. I went through a similar situation when my sister had her two children and they became her only topic of conversation.

    Personally, I don’t want to read a Mommy blog. I came here for design content and those are the posts that I’m really interested in reading. I do enjoy some of the personal content, just not when it becomes part of the norm. I used to check your Instagram everyday too but it also started veering away from design. I’m sure design will come more into focus, you are experiencing the most exciting and best time of your life. I see it in my sister’s eyes every time she holds her children. I get it, but I will never experience it.

    I say it is your blog and you have to do what makes you happy. There is no harm in writing content and posting it. We can choose to read those blogs or skip them that day. I would like to continue to have Charlie updates but would prefer the blog focus on design.

  253. Sarah

    Charlie! It’s your blog and I like a mix of both.

  254. Jenny

    Here’s my feedback but please take it with a grain of salt — after all, it’s your blog, your space!

    As a long-time reader, a design creative with her own business and a mom of two, aged 6 and under, I don’t see it as either ‘the peeps with kids love and appreciate all-posts ‘baby’ and the peeps with no kids don’t and roll their eyes ‘. As a reader and a parent, I don’t fall into either category; more about that in a minute.

    I also am not a huge fan of the design blog ‘slash’ working mom blog strategy either as I’ve been both a full-time working (in an office) mom, full-time at-home mom, and part-time work-from-home mom (so, I promise, I’m not talking completely out of my a**!) and that kind of blog is not what I need because there’s many other places to get that dichotomous focus and feedback. Thank you, HuffPost.

    When my kids were babies, I craved tons of the baby post stuff, just as you confirmed. But, even though you could not have convinced me then, times change and now I’m not into hearing about about babies all of the time because, yeah, I’ve been there done that and it lasted 1.5 years. Even though – then – it was all-consuming and felt like having a little baby would never end and I enjoyed being a baby-everything sponge. Do I nod along knowingly while reading the occasional breastfeeding/baby weight posts –yes, sure! But once one of your kids is 2, you really do look back and realize that while that was an all–consuming, sometimes wonderful, sometimes frustrating time, it’s actually really short and there is a whole new, arguably equally as interesting world, out there AFTER babydom. It’s okay though; we all go through it and that’s what makes us moms – experienced and new — effortlessly wax poetic about breastfeeding and the removing the swaddle and the perfect peasant blouse that covers your, ahem, work in progress mid–section.

    I’ve loved your blog because, yes, it IS mostly design BUT you’ve effortlessly infused it with your casual and fun personality, banter and little personal tidbits that make me care about you as a person and that’s the reason I return. Other bloggers do NOT do this well so this sets you apart and that is incredibly valuable in itself.

    If I had my druthers, not much would change content-wise other than sometimes you share a personal Charlie post about what you guys did last weekend (with pics!) or day-to-day life — what you would talk about with almost any of your friends — regardless of age, martial/child status… And maybe it’s once every other week, or weekly, depending on how often you post and the rest is design-focused… just a nice balance. And no apologies for it — it’s your LIFE! No ‘warning, this a baby post! You should not need to clarify AT ALL.

    On the other hand, struggles with breastfeeding, missing your baby and must-have baby-items… yeah, been-there-done-that-old-hat so I feel much more disconnected. Instead I nod my head because I know yet another mom has figured out the mother CODE! Yeah, it’s all brutal, it’s all beautiful — we all learn it after the first year and all what you thought you understood pre-kids about being a mom but clearly did not – wow. And you want to read about it and talk about it to everyone all of the time. It’s truly wonderful, isn’t it? But as my husband would say, there’s books on that ;).

    At the end of the day, it’s still YOUR blog, brand, business and family — they are all yours so you’ve got to do what best for you! Thanks for the opportunity to offer our two cents though. xx

    • Oh- I would love more about life goings on as well! Yes!

  255. Lauren

    Keep the Charlie blogs coming!! I started reading your blog for design tips (and tricks!) and have totally fallen in love with you and Charlie (are you totally creeped out yet?) I don’t have kids (…yet…) but love them and can’t wait to be a mom some day. You had it right in your post (no surprise there), we read the blog because we feel connected to you in some way and the personal nature of the posts are so important and appreciated! Keep em coming!

  256. Michelle

    Bring on the Charlie I say!

    Also, just want to say I absolutely love your blog, your whole design esthetique. Love seeing a girl from Coos Bay, like myself, shutting it down :)

  257. K.

    You do you Emily Henderson. Personally I love the Charlie content, especially your unique perspective on being a doting mom + in-demand, frequently-traveling designer :)

    And I’ll be the 10th the chime in the YHL recently announced that they’re closing their family blog and reincorporating that content into their main blog and instagram. One blog is hard to keep up, two is far worse!

  258. Carol

    I love the mom posts. I think on some level every mom goes through this kind of experience. I lost friends when I became a mom, because some people couldn’t relate to my situation. Of course a blog is different, but it’s easy to not read on those days where what you’re seeing isn’t of interest to you. I do that all the time with fashion blogs and I still come back the next day! Personally, I like seeing you as a person and not some seemingly lifeless designer. Your personal inputs is what makes this blog great & thanks for sharing!

  259. Felicity

    I’m Team Charlie….enjoy this time, because he’s quickly going to learn to say “no pictures, no blog, Mama!” And then we will all be sad….

  260. KathrynJ

    I have been avidly following your blog for years. I love seeing your design and everything interior design but I also love your personal voice and your humour. Your personal voice can’t be separated from who you are and you’re now a Mum and I’m really happy for you. My youngest is now 18 ( how did that happen?) so my interest in the nitty gritty of babies has waned but I still can appreciate Charlie’s adorable cuteness. My one concern, and it’s about all ‘Mommy Blogs,’ is the commoditisation of children. Other commenters have also mentioned this: what impact does it have on a person to know that they were used, without their informed consent, for commercial gain? Not that I am saying you do this but some do. On the flip side my own kids tell me that “privacy is a 20th century concept” so maybe I’m out of touch. Keep up the great work Emily, I will still avidly read your blog whatever you write about.

  261. Lauren Tyner

    I love the Charlie posts! I’ve always likes you but now feel like I can relate to you. Keep them up! And don’t feel guilty about it. But I think your plan is excellent. Or make one day a week “Charlie day” and post about him or motherhood on those days??


  262. patty blaettler

    It’s your voice that drives the blog. And your interests, whatever or whoever they may be…’Nuff said. Write what you want. We will be here.

  263. Chausey

    You are so compassionate and thoughtful! I absolutely love hearing about Charlie and your life. We love your heART! Share in whatever way honors you! Your life inspires us to live more creatively and joyfully! :)

  264. Gretchen

    I love everything you write and I will keep reading it all. You have a great voice and I feel like I know you because of how you tell your stories. I find it kind of amusing that people are telling you to separate your family and work blogs right when Young House Love is combining their two blogs back into one.

  265. Rachelle bell

    You’ve done a perfect job of both Charlie AND design posts. I love them all!

  266. Ellen

    Just be you. Don’t overthink it. We all read because you are adorable, talented, funny and, I think mostly, honest/real. In the words of my girl Tina Fey “do your thing and don’t care if they like it”. Which btw if you have not yet read her book, bossy pants, she writes a hilarious chapter on breast feeding. A nice working mama role model. Keep it up Emily!

  267. Emily- I check your blog everyday. I am not a mother. I am seeing a fertility specialist. We have been ttc for 2 years. Yes, I still ready blogs that have turned very mommy. On hard days, there are certain ones that I avoid. YOURS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE. I think the reason why I can read your posts about Charlie and motherhood is because of your endearing writing style and your honesty. You don’t seem to be sugar-coating any of the difficulties of motherhood (although personally, I would still love to hear about your journey to conceive. Why yes, I am also a voyeur). As long as the blog stays honest, I will be here.
    You are an amazing designer who I loved watching on HGTV and I treasure the posts that you invest so much time and money in because they are incredible inspiring. BUT- don’t stop the personal posts. You could have a blog that had no design aspect and I am pretty sure I would be there! So, Thank you. Keep writing! xoxo

  268. Gwen

    Honestly I do not read the full mommy posts. However I do LOVE seeing the pictures and your humor. If it is what you need to do then do it! The people who aren’t interested can just skim or come back the next day right? (:

  269. Ellen

    I like your mix of mom and design posts – I read most but I read ALL of the mom posts. Disclosure: I am a mom of a 18-month old and am newly pregnant. But I say, keep them ALL coming! Really, you should just do what feels natural and right for YOU.

  270. JP

    Not a mom. So cheered to see Charlie photos. Love the multi-dimension, keeping it real character of your site/blog. Originally came just for style/design, but as one so interested in said/same, I find it intriguing to see how working successfully in the field blends with everyday life… how it’s really done. Many thanks!

  271. kate

    I am a mom but I never bother with the kid posts and it seems so unprofessional for a recognised designer like you to bring your personal life into the blog. Be a mommy blogger or be a design blogger, to mix the 2 is just lazy and highly unprofessional. And in the long run it just diminishes your credibility. Please don’t water down your blog with mommy crap.

    • Kelsi

      ^Rude and hurtful, not productive.
      Take a moment to think: would you speak to someone on the street like this? A colleague? Your sister? The anonymity of the internet offers this awful way of allowing us to speak our minds without a filter, just knee-jerk reactions (and you’ve just proved this in spades). “Mommy crap?”. “Lazy and highly unprofessional?”. If you are speaking to people like this in real life, I wonder how many folks you’ve managed to isolate.

      Blogging has an interesting ability to blur the lines between personal and career. It holds such great appeal because of the very HUMAN quality it offers to readers.

      Emily H., your credibility isn’t being diminished by your inclusion of the HUMAN elements of your life. People come here for your combination of taste and style AND your approachability. The last piece is the most important. So ignore this comment because, wow, not true.

  272. Hi Emily,
    I started following your blog because your design work really caught my eye when featured on some of my other favorite blogs (Cup of Jo, OhJoy) and while your design posts are what I ASPIRE to…your mom/life/personal posts are what I RELATE to. I love your down-to-earth voice and attitude. I love that you are a mom AND a businesswoman. I love that you tell it like it is and don’t shy away from touchier topics like breastfeeding, work/life struggles, frumpy mommy clothes. =P As a new mom myself, I also wish there were more working mom blogs that I could relate to. Because, while I love reading mommy bloggers who have the best dressed kiddos, fresh baked bread in the oven, perfectly curled hair AND manage to breastfeed till 2 years old…that is not a reality for me. I also supplement. And while I am finally comfortable with how I feed my babe, it IS comforting to read it here. Thank you and keep it up!

  273. Brooke

    I enjoy the path your blog has taken. The addition of genuine and interesting personal details is what gives a blog character. The other day, I was just thinking your blog does this successfully, which is why I am commenting (something I never do).

    In comparison, I’ve recently been turned off by various blogs (I used to.enjoy) that seem to simply “curate” fashionable products as sponsored posts. While these bloggers (and their children) often look interesting and beautiful in the photography, the lack of a story or personal connection to these posts is often soulless and hence increasingly boring.

    thought of your blog as a successful

  274. Pippa

    I wanted to thank you wholeheartedly for this thoughtful and frank post. I for one feel acknowledged by it. I haven’t been able to have children and also experienced a 10-week miscarriage of our IVF baby. So, on some days, beautiful photos of you and your gorgeous son can be a body blow. Your brilliantly well-considered solution seems to me to be a fabulous one. With warmth and gratitude from London, UK.

  275. holy toledo! reading those comments from your birth video post was like a soap opera! i think i could read for days and still be entertained. anyway, i just wanted to let you know that i am not a mother and not even close at this point in life, and i happen to love your charlie posts. i’ve read every single one. so never fear, you’re a real person and i happen to love it. xoxo

  276. Emily

    I love your blog. I love your style but I also love that you share your life- ups and downs. I started reading your blog when you were already pregnant so it’s all I’ve known but I enjoy the mix of great makeovers and life (although I admit, I didn’t watch your birth video!).

    The way I see it, you being you is what made your blog popular, so don’t try to hide it just because you might lose some readers; what scares them off will likely attract others…

    My husband and I have been trying for a baby for several months now with no success, but reading your blog, you sharing the story of how long it took you and your husband to have Charlie, gives me hope, and seeing how much you adore Charlie, makes me think that no matter how long it takes, it’s worth the wait. I see reminders I’m not pregnant everywhere I go in the real world (pregnant women/children/playgrounds/baby aisles in the supermarket) so it’s actually easier to skip a baby blog post on bloglovin’ if I’m feeling sensitive than going to the supermarket.

    Thanks for sharing.

  277. Lauren

    I’m 26, I’m not a mom (maybe someday I hope) and I love the Charlie posts. I’m here to learn about your life just as much as your design. I value the advice and opinions you share about what it’s like to be a mom and your parenting and relationship philosophies just as much as I want to know how to style a nigh stand. What I love about this blog and your style is how authentic and true to yourself you always seem to be — I think at this point it would might be a little bit inauthentic for you to not blog about the biggest/most important part of you life. So, I vote for Charlie!

  278. Melissa

    Hi, firstly I just want to say I love this blog, I love you and your style.
    I’m not a mum but hope to be one day soon so I definitely love seeing Charlie posts and to be honest you writing about your child really brings personality to your blog and makes it interesting to see the person behind the beautiful style blog you have.

    So don’t stop the Charlie posts I love them, just don’t hold back on the styling posts . I would have to say I would rather more up to date posts then you spending hours worrying about the layout etc I really think your blog lovers really dont care about those minor details. I love your new house make over and DIY posts the best although they are few and far between at the moment hope they continue more often.

  279. Sarah

    First of all I have to say you are my favorite blogger! Love the design and Charlie posts, it’s who you are now, if people don’t like they can just skip it.BTW I have two boys under 5, breast feed them both for the first 14 months . But and this is a big but, I also supplemented with formula, staring at two months. I did this for my own sanity so I could just get out and run a quick errand, and for work. It worked out great and made my life so much easier.

  280. Okay I almost went past without a comment thinking everyone probably covered it, and theres no way she’ll read this, then I had to back up and put in my two cents because I love your blog and I’m one of your bffs that you’ve never met… Until your post today I had never heard the term mommy blogger… I guess I am a mommy blogger! I started blogging after I became a mom( Ruby, 3, and Huck 3 1/2 months.) Although its meant to be a design blog and vehicle for my shop, its become a creative outlet about my LIFE. My personal content is way more interesting than my post about good sofas. (unless youre a design whore like me) Your old circle may not appreciate your mom content but you are a now a parent and your circle will, and is changing. Its unavoidable and also awesome. You may lose a few who visit only for design porn but you will gain a huge amount with the people who are relating to you now and it will be because of the “real” stuff. Otherwise you’re doing twice as much work to hide your personal life in your blog? How is that going to work with being a mom? It doesn’t. Your personality is why people read a good blog. Charlie is your first priority now and its okay that it comes through in your posts. good luck.. dying to see more pics of the house!

  281. Anna

    to charlie!! I love your mommy posts, please continue them. My daughter is the same age as charlie and I love following along with your experience.

  282. Julia

    Hi – long time fan! Just like most of the commenters I also just wanted to get my two cents in. I’m not a mom yet (hopefully one day), but I love the humor and joy you put into your posts about Charlie. I bookmarked your birth story post so I can go back and read it when I (hopefully) have a baby. So I’m all for the balance you were talking about in content of design vs. baby. Something that is interesting to me that I haven’t seen a lot of the ‘mommy blogs’ address is if you should use your child for blog content since they aren’t old enough to decide or express their opinions on the matter. In a way you are creating a permanent, digital presence for a person that isn’t old enough to decide if they want one yet. But you are Charlie’s mom so you get to decide what is best for him. Not sure what the right answer is, but would love to see what some bloggers think about that.

  283. Rachel Guymon

    I am a mom but I follow your blog for the design. I don’t think you should have to hide your cute baby, but for me personally, I didn’t come to your blog for mommy posts so…I would be more inclined to keep following if you kept up with a lot of design posts and if your mommy posts included something besides just mommy stuff (design/style/fashion). But whatev.

  284. Dona

    What makes your blog so appealing is that you REALLY want to know how we feel! I’ve been trying to figure out how I feel about this and give you the feedback you asked for. The fact that I even want to do this is a testament to your unique ability to connect with your readers and make us feel that our thoughts are important. I had my first and only child at 40, he is 22 now – I was working then and still am. I came to your blog for the design expertise – how you unpack the process is brilliant. I think I’ve stayed because of who you are. I would love to read a design post every day! But I also enjoy the depth and honesty of your family posts – and even miss Bear posts!. Your posts bring me back to the besotted stage of my early mommy years – and reminds me of the journaling I did when my little one went to sleep because all I could do was think about him and was bursting with love! I remember – and I get where you are.

    Oh, and about those journals. I was sure I would share them with him when he was 18 and left home – until he was a teenager and I realized they would humiliate him! Maybe one day if he becomes a parent he may be in the place to read them- I don’t know yet. But I wonder how it would be if those posts were online. It’s a different age than when I raised him, and perhaps kids /will be are more accepting of diminished privacy. From a Mom’s point of view – I will never understand how expressing your unconditional adoring love is embarrassing. I still feel that way sometimes :)

    So, bottom line, I will continue to read your posts no matter what – but would like to get my fix of design posts more often. I think your solution sounds great! Thanks for asking.

  285. Blair


    I am not a mom. Will not be a mom for at least another 5 years and that’s if everything goes well which is a big “if” right now. I LOVE your “mommy blog” posts. Yes, I come here for the design posts but the “mommy” posts do make me feel like one of your friends and the advice I’ve amassed from you is wonderful. I love that you show other moms (and hopeful moms-to-be) what mother-hood looks like even for a work from home or consultant mom. I really do hope that the wonderful photos of Charlie and you and Charlie and the whole family continue but I understand not wanting to alienate your readers.

    Just know that this is one reader you will not ever alienate and one who hopes you don’t feel like your experience and love for your baby will ever have to be stifled by anyone.


  286. Michelle

    Hi Emily- I think this issue has come from your having your work/life so snugly interlaced! Sharing aspects of your real life has added such wonderful colour and authenticity to your blog and I think it would be a damn shame to try and edit out such a profound part of it and possibly then render your ‘voice’ less authentic. I love hearing about Charlie and your transition into motherhood – although it’s not an experience I share (getting a bit too old so not sure if it will happen!). Maybe there’s something to be said for letting yourself ‘be’ in this phase of your life? I’m sure the balance will shift again as Charlie gets a little older and you have more headspace outside of motherhood? Basically I’m treating you like my friends with new babies -expecting anything but total obsession is silly! Love your blog, your style and your authenticity xox

  287. Megan C.

    As a mom, I love the Charlie posts. Keep them coming!

  288. Kellie

    I’m not a mom (yet!), but I want to be a mom. So, until that day comes, I get to live through your amazingly touching and thoughtful posts on being a mommy and working full-time. It’s not easy to think about balancing a career and being a mommy, so I enjoy reading about your struggles, questions, and concerns. It’s uplifting to know that there are other successful women out there who can do both and be great at it. I also just moved (to Portland) and bought a house that needs massive amounts of work. I so feel like I’m not alone when I look at my to do list of house projects.
    So, I read everything. I love the pregnancy clothing posts and the kids decor, as well as all the usual design posts. I follow you on Instagram just so I can see pictures of your little baby boy. Kinda creepy, sure, but you are so inspiring. Thank you for being all that you!

  289. Sara Rhodes

    I think that in order to be good blogger (or any kind of writer) you need to write about what you’re passionate about. Your passion about design is clear (and infectious!). Your passion about Charlie is clear (and infectious!). I believe that part of what made your blog so successful and popular is that you always present your most authentic self, and that’s certainly what I love about you!
    If you start censoring who you are online then you are no longer being true to yourself. Whilst I TOTALLY understand the pain that is experienced when you are unable to have children, the decision to no longer read a blog like yours is that person’s decision alone and you should not feel bad about it. You can’t stop being who you are because someone doesn’t like it.
    I read all the comments and your replies from your birth story post and I felt myself getting angry because I felt like you were apologising for being a Mom and writing about it.
    It upsets me to read about all the cruelty in the world, but the solution is to stop reading the details and opening those news stories, not to have journalists stop reporting the news because I don’t like it.
    I hope to continue reading about Charlie for many years to come. It may not seem like it yet, but being a mom may in fact affect you as a designer. This will be interesting to read and see as many of us would love to know how to accommodate little ones without completely losing our sense of style!!
    Please keep doing what you’re doing Emily. You have an amazing blog and an amazing voice, and I for one would be saddened to see you withhold that to make other people happy.

  290. Katie

    Your blog for me is the perfect blog to follow! I am a new mom and I love designing, thrifting and home decor. I follow a number of mommy blogs and home decor blogs and I can get both in one spot when I come to yours. I think you’re doing a great job of balancing motherhood and designing. This is your blog and you should be able to write about what you want to write about. Some days it’s Charlie, and some days design. Like you said, it’s not Apartment Therapy, it’s a PERSONAL blog. I think what keeps me coming back is exactly that. I know you are writing from your heart and if I didn’t hear about Charlie, I would wonder about him and you and how you were doing and so I love that I get to hear about both your family and your work.

    If it was my choice, I’d day keep doing exactly what you’re doing! I LOVE your blog!

  291. Melissa

    Hi Emily,
    I’ve been a fan of your blog since your hgtv design star days. And I love the variety of your posts. I like them all. Charlie is beautiful and so fun to see grow. I’m a working Mom of 2 and it is so refreshing to see someone else in my shoes. To make you feel better about your breast feeding comment, Let me just say I’ve been there. I breast feed each of my kids, my goal was 6 months and I made it about 10-12 months (is been a few years and believe it or not the details get fuzzy.) I travelled about once a month at the time and supplemented with formula. I was really happy with my decision at the time, I knew I was doing the best I could do. And several years later, I wouldn’t change a thing. Even dragging that damm pump through the airports.

  292. Agnes

    Above anything else, I love your style of writing and appreciate your humor and talent as a designer and a mommy! ( but I too, am a mama of 2 so I probably can relate to it more then those not interested in kids?). So I will keep on reading and enjoying either way:)

  293. Hey Emily! I have no kids and I love all of the baby posts. I love to see how a working mom makes it work. You are totally right that a lot of mommy blogs don’t come from working moms so I think your voice is very important and you should keep doing it.

  294. Diana

    Wow, check out all the support! Go Emily :)

    I’m not a big blog commenter either, really, but the general sentiment is this: your readers are here because of you, your personality, and the quality of your writing (which is quite awesome, by the way). It is very thoughtful of you to have two posts a day on Charlie-centric days, and also thoughtful to put those posts behind a “Read more” stamp.

    That said, you shouldn’t remove all the Charlie content, or even move it to another section of the blog. Your posts are always interesting and the differences between the Charlie and non-Charlie posts isn’t that much of a difference, not really. It’s always a pleasure to read, and your honesty is the best part about reading your blog. You’re always open to your readers, and I’m pretty sure all of us love that most about you.

    As for which posts are best: the DIY and the round-ups are indeed the least interesting, but sometimes they’re really great (I loved the laundry one… who knows why?) and I think they’re always bound to spark some thoughts on how the particular project or items you list can be altered or adapted. It’s always food for thought.

    Too long, didn’t read: You’re wonderful as you are, and so is your blog. You don’t need to change, but if you want to, please don’t change too much. :)

  295. Karen

    If what you’ve been doing since your son was born is considered “mommy blogging” then you are the first mommy blogger I’ve liked. I read your blog because of your personality. Your design style is secondary for me (although I love looking). So, like you, I’m drawn to the person – to their personality. It’s sort of like having a friend (who lives in another city and I never get to hang out with) had a baby and I’m interested because I’m interested in her. That said, anyone who talks bout only one thing ALL the time is kind of boring. But it sounds like you have a plan to make it all work. Well done, you.

  296. I discovered your blog because of your design work, but got totally hooked to reading every one of your posts because of your personality! I love it! Even if my feed is 200+ posts to read I will always click yours, there’s just something about your wit and relatability in your writing, your passion just shines through. What I’m trying to say in that long-winded intro is keep writing about what you’re passionate about because it’s wonderful to read even if I’m a single childless renter! :-)

  297. Tricia

    Emily, I have followed you since you were on Design Star and LOVE that you have always brought your personality with you to everything. I love that I feel as though I get to know a piece of you through any of your shows that I have watched and particularly through your blog. I really enjoy and appreciate that you include your personal life in your blog; it’s the main reason I follow! If you didn’t include Charlie and other things going on, it wouldn’t be the same blog space. I’m so appreciative that you include what it’s like to be a working mom and the struggles and joys that you face. I first discovered you because of your design style, but I’ve stuck around because of your personality and ability to share your life with so many of us. I love the connection you have created with your followers and hope to see this continue!

  298. Andrea

    I appreciate your request for feedback. I come to your blog for style posts so I must admit I’ve been deterred by the shift to baby posts. Partly, because other blogs I read have done the same thing and I’m not really interested. That’s not what I come for. I totally appreciate your happiness and that has been nice to see but family posts will deter me. It just won’t keep my interest.

  299. Sarah

    My little guy is about the same age as your Charlie, give or take a week. I agree so much about the lack of working mom content on blogs so I appreciate your perspective. Despite being in a drastically different industry than you (banking) your thoughts have given me much comfort as I gear up to go back to work.

    BTW, started giving the kid formula in prep of going back to work. I worked so hard when I had him to get the breast feeding working that I was pretty bummed to transition. There is just no way I’ll be able to pump enough to feed the beast.

  300. Anna

    My bottom line…Charlie is awesome, but he’s not why I come to the blog. Your style is SOOOO good, and your personality really comes through in your writing and design work. The Craigslist trolls are some of my faves. Mommy blogs are a dime a dozen. Being a mom is so special and awesome and consuming and wonderful (I have a four-year-old myself) but having a kid isn’t what makes you unique or draws me to you, personally. The things you write about Charlie are great and also reflect a lot of my experience as a mom when my kid was that age, but it sounds generic because of that. Also, having a young baby like Charlie is just one very specific part of motherhood. Now that my kid is older, I’m even less interested in other people’s experiences of motherhood because I’m already doing my own thing. Sorry if it sounds like I’m knocking your family life. I think it’s awesome that you’re a mom and Charlie is a super cool kid. But I’m SOOO much more interested in design stuff than mommy stuff. But, be true to yourself. If you lose a few readers like me along the way, at least you’ll be doing what makes you happy.

  301. megan

    I basically just couldn’t stop staring at those gorgeous photos of you and The Charlie. So wonderful! Love, love, love. That is all (also, write whatever you want as far as I’m concerned!). :)

  302. cait

    i love the combo- style and your real life (charlie, cats, husband, and all included :) ). i love your perspective and sense of humor and hope and frankness when it comes to life in general :) so, i hope to see style & charlie posts- it’s you and your blog and your awesome self that keeps me coming back to read :)

  303. Sabrina

    If we can get more design posts from the occasional baby gushing, I’m all for it. I love your style, humor, and unique voice, but no way am I watching anyone’s birth video. It sounds like you’re working out a good balance though.

  304. Roza

    As some have mentioned, your style tips are wonderful, but many of us also visit your site because of your personality and your writing. I’m not a mom yet, but I’m a new aunt and I love reading all of your Charlie posts. Frankly, I would enjoy them even if I wasn’t an aunt. He’s adorable and it’s wonderful to read about something happy on the internet.

    The way I see it, if someone doesn’t like the topic of a post, they don’t have to read it. they can come back later and read a design-related post. This is your forum and you should be able to share what you want without justifying it. Thank you for taking reader feedback into consideration, but do your thing.

  305. Jess

    I love your blog and started reading because of the design and your writing style. As someone who works in the interior design industry I found it really refreshing to read a design blog that was too serious. But honestly, I’m one of those readers who started visiting less and less as the pregnancy posts and now Charlie posts became a part of the blog. I’m not a mum and it’s not something that is currently on my radar for many reasons, so while Charlie is the cutest it doesn’t resonate with me.

    But that isn’t your problem and clearly there are so many others that it does resonate with which is truly great. And at the end of the day – this your blog and you get to choose what you present and the path that this space takes for you. Your time is precious – even more so now I am guessing – so any time you spend in this online space should be focused on what is most important to you.

    I think people forget that when reading a blog that you are accessing free information (for the most part) and that as readers we can choose to visit or find something else that appeals more to us if the content shifts.

    I’m really looking forward to checking in on the blog and seeing where it goes

  306. Phoebe

    Emily, I really appreciate you understanding all types of your readers! I unfortunately fall into the “please stop with the mommy blogging” group. Frankly, you hit the nail on the head — I don’t have kids and I come to this blog to read about design…not babies. Although I have no ill will toward Charlie in the least, I generally just don’t really like babies (for some reason toddlers aren’t as bad for me) in real life, so please, I beg of you…no more mom-focused blogs. I find that Young House Love’s method works really well (although they’re getting rid of Young House Life and condensing their blog). There are some other bloggers that I have literally unfollowed/stopped reading because they had way too many kid-baby-mom posts on their blogs. Argh.

  307. Anne

    Please write more about being a working/traveling/designing mom! I’m several months behind you (not due ’til August). But I love my job and it requires travel to do well. I’m so curious how other career women do it.

  308. Ashley Marshall

    Okay first I’m not a mom (i feel like that matters). Came here originally because I like your style but LOVE your voice. Awesome designers seem like they’re a dime a dozen in LA- not to say that you don’t have your own great style. But I’m not interested in a designer who has flawless taste and a big budget, but nothing funny, quirky, or original to say. My two cents are probably not needed, as you have 1,000 cents here, but after readings few posts from people who say that Charlie content is not welcome or “unprofessional” I really felt that I HAD to say something.
    It is ABSOLUTELY LUDICROUS to think that you would do something so ENOURMOUSLY LIFE CHANGING as bringing another human being into the world, and NOT EVEN MENTION IT on this blog which is supposedly an expression of who you are. No one can compartmentalize their life like that, nor do I feel it’s healthy to do so. Charlie’s birth forever changed who you are, and your identity will be forever defined by that singular moment.
    Please, I beg of you, do not allow these haters convince you to keep Charlie off this blog. Those of us who are truly devoted come here for who YOU are — not the roundups, not the DIY posts, but because there is something about who YOU are, Emily Henderson, that is truly magnetic. There is no one else like you out there. And Sir Charles is a monumental part of who YOU are now, whether all your readers like it or not.
    Now if I’m a non-mom and if I can see that… Then I say screw the naysayers! Do what feels right. Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind. And in fact we kinda love it. :)

  309. Lauren

    I’m a mama with a 1 year old and I come for the great design info, your personal voice and humor, and your general aesthetic. I think a few more design posts would be nice. I’m happy hearing about your family, but I miss all the über helpful styling info, before and afters, product recommendations, art, etc. but you know days I’m not super into the post, I just mosey on and check back another day. I’m a loyal reader, but I don’t really come for the mommy stuff. I have commented more on the mommy stuff tho, as your comments show, but that’s because I know about being a mama and I have some experience with that whereas I look to you for the design direction. You’re the expert in that department! I have my mommy board and girlfriends for a supportive woman community. But if some aspects of your blog are geared towards that, it’s cool. It’s your blog and I think its overall fantastic.

  310. Judy

    I also come for the design tips and am continually amazed at your creative solutions and so appreciate the fact that you give sources and work with products that folks with thin wallets might also acquire.

    You do have the cutest baby ever and I really enjoy the family images, but I could do with a little less baby paraphernalia content. This doesn’t mean that I am a “hater” as so many of your readers suggest. If anything, perhaps not so much DIY and more design content might suffice. Cheers!

  311. Della

    I’m one of those people who abandon design blogs when people have a baby (and post about it all the time).

    I have to admit, when I saw that you had a baby I dreaded all the impending mom blog entries. I even whined to my boyfriend, “I have to abandon my favourite blog because the blogger had a baaaaaaaabbbbbbyyy!”

    I get it. Having a baby is incredible. It’s life-changing. He is the most amazing thing to happen to you. However, I come to this blog for your expertise on design and unfortunately babies have absolutely zero to do with this. For me it’s as if though you suddenly started posting about NASCAR racing (something I obviously don’t care about).

    (I do really hope you and Charlie are happy though – I hope you guys are happy. I just don’t want to hear about being a mom.)

  312. Bingin

    Write more posts about Bear Cat! And post pics of your cats modeling on furniture or subathing on your deck.

  313. Although I have never had children, I love reading your blog posts about whatever, because you have such a fun personality. I initially discovered you on HGTV with your various design shows (which I wish were still airing). So please don’t curtail your mommy blogging on my account!

  314. Linda Bui

    I just discovered your blog not too long ago while googling cheap curtains and my life changed forever. Well, ok that may be an exaggeration but you have definately sparked my love/interest in vintage furniture. With that said, I think what sold me was this chick just had a baby! A baby! That means she’ll start posting on how to style/design with a family/messy toddlers in mind. Because in my humble opinion (and I have no style background whatsoever, I’m just a chick that likes to look at pretty things), I would imagine that styling/designing for adults sans messy monsters/kids is muuuuuuch easier than for a young family. There are lots mot to consider. You can’t just buy that beautiful etagere (sp?) with sharp dangerous corners to fill in a empty corner. No with a family, it’s more complicated. It’s gotta look good and be durable, not stain, not kill someone, and not substantially eat into said monster’s college fund. Anyhow, you had me at the post where you baby proofed Joy’s living room. I can’t wait for more posts about your little man….especially design related posts. I just wished you had him earlier so that I can read all your previous posts on how to decorate when you live with a person that picks their nose and licks EVERYTHING. Yeah, I have 2 of them.

  315. jin

    I’ve been an avid reader of the blog for several years now, but to be honest, I don’t visit nearly as much anymore. The new content just doesn’t interest me. But I love your personality and design!

  316. LeisaJJ

    I’m definitely not a hater, I love your blog, however I come here for the design, go elsewhere for “mommy blogs”. You have incredible style and have helped me develop my own sense of style so I will continue to come back for inspiration no matter what you choose to do.

    • Sarah

      I agree

  317. Tiff - Australia

    I first stumbled upon your blog when my second child was about 2.5 years old. I was coming out of the “fog” of the last five years, had lost sight of what I liked and was ready to remember what that was. Enter Emily Henderson! You are a constant source of information and impeccable style that I try to incorporate into my own home every day. While I must admit to enjoying the ‘style’ posts more, as a reader I don’t think I can expect you to share every detail of your new home (which I am LOVING and can’t wait to see the full reveal) without having you also share what I know is really the most important thing in your life! And like the previous comment, I am enjoying your “child friendly approach” to styling your house. Thank you for your amazing blog. I appreciate that you aren’t possessive over your style, explain your decisions and allow all of us to click on a link and find it ourselves! As always, I can’t wait to see how your house is going as well as all of your amazing make overs. Thank you Emily!

  318. I like this web site very much so much great info .

  319. B

    I’ve not scrolled through the comments above, so don’t know if I’m repeating what’s said, but want to express the following: A. I’m not interested in the mom posts. Part of that is that I’m busy, and my on line time is directed. I look to a design blog for design-related information and ideas, I look to a news site for news, etc. I’m not morally opposed to mom posts, but I don’t find them substantive or engaging, and they read as self-focused and unprofessional to me. The professionalism is key here. I love many a mom blog that is written by friends or relatives. Those are personal blogs and that’s what I seek in them. When the blog is someone’s job, though, I don’t think that material belongs, or at least should be very limited. I’ve lost interest in numerous blogs that have “jumped the shark” away from their stated purpose. I’ll follow for a while hoping it’s temporary, and if it’s not, eventually that blog gets deleted from my favorites and fades out of my life. It may be important to remember the sheer volume of such blogs that are out there that have gone in the mom direction (mostly design and cooking it seems), so from the reader perspective it’s not just your blog – it’s yours and the 20 others your readers might follow daily, and it can feel like a massive boring tidal wave. B. The other thing I want to note is how quickly you’ve jumped to the assumption that reader preference follows along the mom/not-a-mom dichotomy. I’m certain there are many moms who want to read a design blog with a specific design-related direction and focus. I’m certain there are many non-moms that are happy to read about your child. Starting from a place of stereotype like that doesn’t do anything to help your field, your work, or the building of the kind of broad perspective that will help solve dilemmas such as the one you’ve posed.

  320. Jenny

    I quite like the Charlie posts, but I have young ones too. I really respect how honest you are in your writing about motherhood. What I’m not so keen on are the the family/baby photos. I think they can look a little over-staged/styled and lack the honesty that your text does. They’re a little ‘Perfectland’ for me.

    I have to say though that you shouldn’t be afraid to change your blog to reflect your priorities. Sure, you’ll lose some, but you’ll gain too. But I guess if this blog is more career-progression rather than just self-expression than that must lead you.

  321. Helo Emily, I’ve been following your blog since awhile (before Charlie), and I’m a mom-of-two (5 and 1). My blog is about crafting/creating with and for kids, and occasionally for adults as well. I do not talk about my personal life with kids on my blog, I guess because I want to keep it focused on my own work. I want readers to come and see the core, the projects, get inspiring ideas and understand how-to’s, not get distracted with much randomness around. I agree, producing creative posts takes longer, and sometimes I feel I’d like to share some randomness along the way to let off the pressure of making time- and energy consuming creative posts. From time to time I make it, but I try to keep the blog focused. I love Charlie’s posts, I’m more into reading the design content, but I appreciate how you talk about problems, joys and feelings as a mom. I’d love to see your blog featuring both. And though there’re LOTS of mommy blogs, the yours is special, and I guess many readers would agree with me – it has style, it features high quality photos, I love the way you talk about kids stuff, and it’s not exclusively about kids, which I agree, can be exhausting. I don’t think you need to separate both lines, it’s easy to skip the content that’s not appealing for other readers. I stopped breastfeeding my son earlier as my first-born girl, he was more demanding (so I added formula earlier), growing faster (much faster), my husband was working more- like 13 h a day, and I was more tired, far from my family, in a foreigh country, with few friends. I felt guilty, but that’s how the life is, sometimes it works (worked), and sometimes not. I got back to my normal life and it felt great, though I missed breastfeeding a lot. You do a great job, I mean as a mom, and everything you share is inspiring and positive. I enjoy reading your blog!

  322. I really like that your blog is personal, that you are writing about your little baby and being a working mom, but also about design, diy and other stuff. Your honest about it and that is really pressures. We also had some troubles getting pregnant and I am happy that you are saying that too, sometime it seems so easy for everybody to get pregnant.

    I stop by your blog everyday for a year now and I really enjoyed seeing the transformation of it.
    I am pregnant at the moment and I think it is really inspiring seeing a working mom juggle. I will be a working and studying mom too and you help me to believe in my husband and me that we will figure it out. And that you don´t have to be a stay at home mom do be a good mom.
    I would love to hear more about how you and your husband juggle and about little charlie, but I also love your designing it is an inspiration too.

    groetjes from Holland

  323. Bella


  324. Jill

    My sister and I have discussed the fact that your blog has become more baby posts than design posts — we’ve both been fans of yours for a long time and would like to start our own blog. My sister is childless (not by choice) and doesn’t enjoy the baby posts. I have two small children and the posts don’t bother me, but I prefer to read about design. I can read about breastfeeding about a thousand other places on the Internet, but there isn’t one other design blog that is like yours. I do think it’s good that your mommy posts are about your experiences more than specific, personal information about Charlie.Before you post about him, remember that what you post won’t go away. Will it embarrass him when he’s 13? Something to consider…

  325. Noni

    From someone without children, I enjoy all of your content. I’ve read your blog pre and post Charlie and still love it. I think you’ve come up with a good solution to appeal to the majority of your readers (the “more…” link to expand the Charlie posts) but ultimately this is your blog, your life, and your decision. There are many opinionated people out there and I feel sometimes their opinions can be rather selfish and come across rather harsh. I think you are doing a great job. I’m a big fan Em and thank you for letting us have a glimpse into your life and fabulous work.

  326. Karen.F

    Charlie’s gotten SO BIG!!

    You’re a wonderful writer — readers can feel your emotions in your posts. Heart strings get tug and we come back for more.

    I come here for design. I’m am, however, new-ish mom and of course loved every Charlie post. I am not involved in social media, but I emailed pregnant pals links to your prego posts last year.

    I like your variety and your conversational writing talent. I think by including the mama things is real, and normal.

    But don’t stop sharing the design. Us moms need a break from the kid chatter too.

  327. Kate

    Love the Charlie posts!! They are honest and real. Also like the new mom round ups… Beautiful pics by the way!

  328. Melkorka Kjarval

    I really enjoy your honest and personal voice (it is one of the things that I think set you apart from other editorially focused design blogs). If motherhood is one of the topics which is inspiring you at this moment and you want to share – I think that is wonderful. Don’t let trolls dictate your voice!

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  330. Jackie

    Mommy Blog all you like! I love it and my daughter is now 25. It makes me want to do it all again, I always meant to have more kids, instead I’ll live it through you.
    Your blog is you and if that is your life, that is what it is. I like reading because of you.

  331. Karen T.

    I can’t believe you even have to write a post about this….this is your blog….post whatever the f*** you want. That being said, I love the Charlie posts and I love the makeover posts. I’ll come back no matter what you post.

  332. At the risk of sounding like a ‘hater’ and a ‘troll’ (because honestly, just because someone’s opinion differs, that automatically makes them such? I don’t think it does), I am really pleased at your thoughtful decision. To be honest, if you wanted to continue to include the mummy posts, that is absolutely your decision – it is YOUR blog and people obviously love them – I just tend to skip those. I’m not having children (infertile although I’m totally at peace with this) and so it holds no bearing on my life. No different from any other blog that may on occasion skirt off in a slightly different tangent, really. It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t continue to read your blog though. And it’s that honesty and authenticity that makes this blog – and you – so amazing. I would hate to see you burn out completely however with doing double posts some days – it’s perfectly okay to take a little break and not stress about pleasing all of your readers ;) We’ll still be here reading! xx

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  334. Julia

    Honestly, I’m not a big reader of mom blogs even though I am a mother myself. That being said, I love your Charlie posts and read every word. You are a very consistent blogger and blog more than more design bloggers out there so I see no problem taking time to do simple Charlie update posts every once and awhile. Every year your getting bigger and more successful and I think the personal updates humanize you. Your not a design machine after all! Also, I don’t care whether you like mommy posts or not, you should still be able to appreciate the Charlie eye candy! That kid is beyond adorable. Makes me want to have like ten more babies.

  335. Kate

    I just watched your birth video. Not something I would typically seek out, but I have to say, it was super sweet and I love that it’s real.

    I come to your blog for the design content. I love your style, and I find your work inspiring, so it’s a motivational thing for me. I’m not a mother yet, but when I head down that road, your blog will be one I come back to for advice. It’s like you said—it makes you feel better to see how like-minded people deal with real-life situations.

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  338. Emily

    First of all, what gorgeous photos!!! Thank you for sharing! Secondly, keep the Charlie posts coming. I’m not a mom, and don’t plan on becoming one for quite a few years, but I appreciate the Charlie posts. I read your blog daily for two reasons: 1) your amazing style and 2) your amazing personality (which I feel like I’ve come to know as much as one can from reading about your life on the internet). The blogs that I find to be truly successful, and which I take the time to follow, are the ones where I not only love the content, but also enjoy getting to know the person behind the content. Keep up the fantastic work!!!

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  340. i have to add,I DOTE ON THE DIY. don’t give them up, they’re awesome.

  341. Sonia

    I always read your blog for the design content and have recently stopped because the posts are not the same quality they used to be. You should definitely post what you feel passionate about, including your child but it’s just not what I’m interested in.

  342. Alison B

    Thank you for this post as I feel like it is important for women in general to say “This is what I am really feeling and I hope you will respect and acknowledge that they are legitimate.” Took me 28 years myself to say it to be frank and now I really feel alive so hopefully this post made you feel alive too. I just found your blog a couple days ago and I am excited to go back and look at previous posts for inspiration! Take care and give that cutie Charlie a kiss for me:)

  343. jaclyn

    Hi Emily!
    First off, I love you, your blog, your design sense AND that cutie babe of yours.

    I thought I’d chime in with an opinion regarding mommy/design blogs from my perspective. I’m a creative professional that relies on blogs and internet research as my inspiration and resource for my daily work. Thus, 99% of my blog reading is done at work, on company time, for legitimate purpose. However, there have been a few blogs over the years that I just sort of stopped checking in on because there came to be just too many kid-posts. If my boss walks by and sees me reading up on the latest living room rug trends or the latest DIY concrete planter that’s fine and dandy, but if she walks by and sees me just scrolling through seemingly endless photos of someone’s kid, then we’ve got a problem.

    But hey now, this is your blog so geez by all means do your thang girl, but yeah I totally would love a good supply of design posts once in a while!

  344. Emily, you are one of the most real design bloggers out there. Continue being genuinely you. This is what makes your blog so refreshing. :) If I get sick of Charlie Hendo posts (which I haven’t yet!), I will just skip past them. It’s impossible to please everyone, there will always be posts that some people identify with and others do not. Your faithful readers will stick with you through all of them. xo Nat

  345. Emily

    As a mother of two kids who works part-time, I relate to you more now that you are a mom. I enjoy the design posts first, mom-related posts second, and frankly I skip the DIY posts, because who has time to do those kind of things when you’re a working mom? I’ve been reading your blog since way back, and I feel that you are still delivering great design content, with a bonus of personal content that I can relate to. I say keep it up!

  346. I think you’re doing an amazing job and I love all the posts I find here!! I always appreciate your honesty and total candidness about how you operate. I agree with you about loving the blogs with a person behind them, I’m the same way. I’m way more drawn to those where I get a mix of everything, not just magazine style writing – that’s what I read magazines for! Thank you for being such an inspiration as a working, creative mom

  347. Lana

    I’m a working mom and I feel your pain. You just can’t please everybody and do it all and do it all as well as you want to. I’ve learned to just try to be “good enough” in all the different areas of my life- be a good enough worker, a good enough mom (as painful as that can sometimes be when I want to be the perfect mom), a good enough me. I think it’s cool if your blog is just good enough for you- it’s obvious that you have a lot of support whether you do the style/baby route or the just style route. Frankly, I would read your blog even if all you wrote about everyday was aardvarks, because the way you write is funny and interesting and genuine. And I like style. And I like babies. Maybe you could write about stylish baby aardvarks.

  348. I’m so happy to see this post! As a fellow blogger, with I must admit, far less traffic than your site, I keep wondering about how to proceed. Mommy blogger vs. Staying true to my core audience and original blog goals. Luckily it’s just the beginning of my pregnancy, but I read plenty of other blogs and get upset when post-baby it becomes all about motherhood; especially when the blog originally dealt with food or fitness. Though I may still incorporate less details about my pregnancy and motherhood into my blog, I love that you addressed it and I love your positioning on both sides of the argument. Thanks for sharing!

  349. I’m a working mom trying to build a new home with two under 4. I love your personal posts. It keeps it real, if I wanted design only…I would go to a site not a blog. I want real life. Can you do tips on how to design for families? I love acrylic but there are a lot of fingerprints in this house. I love white but my oldest loves to spill (by oldest I mean the husband). There are always ways to blend being a mom and your design posts.

  350. Sarah E.

    I don’t comment often but I had to weigh in :) I personally like reading blogs that reflect the author. Sharing what is real in your life is what I recognize/love and keeps me coming back for more. I like the Charlie posts and I am totally fine with reading design and personal posts. I appreciate that you are being so considerate to your readers but I caution you about work overload. YHL has decided to discontinue Young House Life in hopes of slowing down their crazy work schedules. I really appreciate your thoughts and as you said, I am a working mom so I find it refreshing to read a blog that I relate to so well. Thank you for being you and for sharing what you have! I will always be a fan no matter what you decide :) HUGS!!!

  351. Maureen

    Childless here (and always will be), but I just LOVE to read your posts about and see pictures of that beautiful baby! Keep them coming!

  352. Lauren

    You are never going to be able to please everyone so keep that in mind. I like the quote by Bill Cosby “I don’t know the key to success, but I know the key to failure is trying to please everyone”. I have that hanging on my desk at work and I try and look at that every day and remind myself I can’t always please every person that walks through my office doors. With that said, my personal opinion is keep doing what you are doing. We love you! That’s why we keep coming back day after day. Thank you for thinking of your readers, but those that are loyal and true are going to stick with you no matter what you blog about. P.S. I love each and every one of your posts :)

  353. erika

    I’m a mom to-be so personally I know find your mom blog stuff very interesting. But before that I came here not only to get home design and style advice, but because I genuinely like you and I always really like when you open up and share personal tidbits – babies, friends, marriage, etc. As a working woman I’m also always intrigued to to hear how woman manage their lives – kids or no kids. It’s nice to know what works and sometimes just is a #fail. I really appreciate your willingness to always share the good, bad, and ugly. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  354. Cecilia

    Love your blog, end of story! No changes necessary. I just breeze through the baby stuff, look at the adorable pictures, and move on. (I’m mid 20s, no kids, and homeowner.) My favorite parts of the blog include: inspiration boards, pictures galore, and your funny rantings.

    Charlie is adorable and most of all I love that I feel like you’re a friend even though we’ve never met! But if you’re ever needing cool places and restaurants to eat in Houston, I’m your girl.

    Also – I read Young House Love as avidly as I read your blog, and I never went to their personal site. Another side note: will you go back to HGTV? Loved your show!

  355. lisab

    If you want to brand yourself as a lifestyle guru then family posts and DIY are fine as they broaden your base. If you want to go the serious interior designer route then you would concentrate on only design posts and scrap the family and DIY stuff. Anyway, Charlie is mighty cute.

  356. Autumn

    You can do no wrong Miss. Henderson. I don’t have a baby, but I love Charlie to bits. I love your design talents, but I also love obsessing over your perfect babe. I don’t think you need to categorize yourself, just be natural. Whatever you want to write about, write about. We love you for you Em.

  357. Love the design posts, and love the Charlie posts. As several readers agreed above, the new diy posts haven’t been my favorite. I do feel their a bit of a filer.

    All in all you’re a rockin mom with a great voice. Keep doing what you’re doing!!

  358. Paige

    CHARLIE. I worship your style savvy and am expecting a baby boy myself. You make me feel like it’s all doable (even if it’s not).

  359. Lisa

    I love all your posts,Emily! As a proud, loving mother of two fur-boys, I really like connecting with you on your more personal posts. Design is so personal that it is nice to meet the person behind the fabulous designs. It would be a dream come true having you still my place. Swoon!!!

  360. I’m so confused…I went back through posts and I don’t feel like at all there are that many Charlie posts!! I love when bloggers post about all aspects of their lives because it helps me relate and therefore helps me think I can do some of the design things myself! Design stuff from people I don’t relate to seems unattainable. I hate that for some people babies are a source of pain but coming from someone who has been down miscarriage road it seems women become completely focused on the wrong things. Instead of being happy for someone who was once in their shoes they expect that person to suffer with them. If they were the one to went on and have a healthy child I don’t think they would expect everyone to turn on them. I totally understand that infertility is a terrible hurt but people can’t baby proof their lives! I say it’s your life and you need to do what you want with it!! I highly don’t your readership will suffer as every one reader not interested a new one will make their way here :)

  361. Katie

    Emily! Every time I see a photo of a designed room on Pinterest that I am head over heels about, it’s always your work. It’s uncanny how much I love everything that you do. It has been amazing to have access to the thought behind how you approach design via your blog, and, hey, turns out you are a hilarious, talented, highly entertaining writer too that I thoroughly enjoy reading (including your Charlie shout-outs, even though I’m not a mommy). Keep up the amazing work.

    MUY IMPORTANTE P.S. Please keep the Trolling Craigslist posts coming. I wouldn’t necessarily pin them to show my support (everyone would be like “why are you pinning this weird foreskin chair?” haha), but the insight you give in reviewing each piece is so valuable (for example, when you explain what type of setting a piece will and will not work in – priceless).

    Thank you, Emily, for sharing with us! You are sooooo talented and I enjoy your work to pieces!

  362. LDK

    I’m in the same camp as Katie above me. I’m a fan of your design style and the added posts about your life (charlie included) are what really adds more personality and voice to your blog. Please don’t over think this.

  363. Jenna

    I know you have gotten a million comments, and I haven’t read them all but, can I just say that I come here because I love your style of writing. You always make me laugh, no matter what you are writing about, which to me is the most important thing. That fact that you have amazing style and a super cute baby are just icing on the cake!

  364. Mika

    You’re probably not reading comments by now, but MORE CHARLIE PLEASE!!

  365. Heidi

    This is my first time commenting because I have to stop in and say I love the way you have been doing it! I am like you where I prefer to read blogs where I feel like I can relate to the person. I am a working mom of 2 who loves design and loves fashion. I totally feel like we can relate! I love blogs that make it personal and keep it real. I enjoy every post you write and never even thought there was too many Charlie posts! :) You’re doing great! Keep up the good work!

  366. Stef

    I’m a fan of you and your style. “You” obviously right now highly involves Charlie-As a mom of two myself I understand. But I enjoy the blog because of you and not just the style stuff- so more Charlie! He’s so cute!

  367. karen

    I’m not a mom and I don’t want to be, but I love reading about Charlie and all the other personal stuff you share with us. My vote is keep doing what you’ve been doing — you’re blog is fantastic!

  368. Patti Z

    Your mommy posts don’t bother me at all and I’m not a mom in any official capacity. I love your writing whether its about design or your life. You always make me laugh! And the photos – they are awesome so I will continue to follow whatever you write. I’ll try to post more often as I’m usually just a lurker.

  369. Laura

    I love reading the Charlie posts! I think your personality is one of the things that makes your blog so successful and that would be missing if you never wrote about the biggest part of your life.

  370. Separate sections is the way to go. Have your cake and eat it too sister! Make a Charlie/personal section of your existing blog. Then you can go crazy and post as much as you like about family life within that section. If you continue to post Charlie stuff within the style/main section you will always be asking yourself..”Am I posting too much about Charlie?”…and potentially holding back expressing yourself in that area. Have it both ways! Go for it and do both.

  371. Sarah

    I don’t currently have kids, but plan to in the future… I’ve been absorbing all the baby information I can get- especially from working moms, women I admire, people who are real and I can relate to.

    I totally understand why some ppl wouldn’t want to read about that part of your life, but thats just it- Charlie is a huge part of your life. How could you not write about it? You must get something out of blogging, just like we get something out of reading. And because of that I think its important that you write about him in this community you’ve created for yourself.


  372. Kelleigh

    I totally understand your decision to make a separate area of the blog for the personal stuff, in major part to honor the wishes of your fans who don’t share this commonality.

    But let me just encourage you: I started reading this blog because I saw your show and hunted you down like a bloodhound on a scent; I connected with your style, recognized your talent, and wanted to learn more. The reason I KEPT reading your blog is because of your vibrant personality, charm, and because it feels like you are talking to me like a friend. It is FUN to read your blog, and I do so daily.

    I am not in the same phase of life that you are, but I was SO excited when you announced you were expecting, and suddenly my favorite posts were those about Charlie. I feel happy that you are so obviously happy. Do I have a child? No. Will I have one anytime soon? Probably not. However, your joy is delightfully contagious and I don’t think you need to hide it or apologize for it.

    In summary: Charlie Hendo is an absolute cutie, and I would feel sad if I couldn’t join you in celebrating his growth and see that adorable smile from time to time. KEEP THE CHARLIE COMING! ;)

  373. sarajane

    Childless lurker here, saying that a little bit of Sir Charles is fine. I do come here to read your stellar design tips and to hear them from you, but it would be sad to be Charlie-free. Besides, he’s pretty damn cute.

  374. I like all of your posts. They’re funny, often helpful or educational, and I wish I were as funny, no matter what you talk about. Cheers to not pleasing everyone!

  375. Kate S

    I LOVE the mommy part of your blog. I found your blog before I was pregnant, but I was so thrilled when you revealed you were pregnant and only a few weeks ahead of me. I’ve really appreciate your candor when it’s come to mommy-hood and working and everything else. It’s been so nice to hear your perspective and struggles and accomplishments. Please continue!

  376. Emily, I really love that you listen, and that you think about these things. I have to admit, while I find Charlie adorable, I do miss seeing more non-Charlie content mixed in, but I get that he’s obviously front and center in your brain these days. I definitely don’t mind the occasional mention, but I do like the idea of putting some of the more personal/baby posts in a spot where they’ll be accessible to those mommies looking for your story.

    I have a feeling some of this will just naturally shake out as he gets bigger and you go back to working a little more…we tend to write what we’re living, and what you’re living right now is Mr. Hendo Jr. So, I’m happy to hang in until that happens! :)

  377. Jess

    Someone maybe already said this, but YHL is getting ready of their family page and doing less and doing it “all”, family, work, whatever on their regular page. Your life is different now, I think you should blog that way too. People can always, gasp, not read family posts. As a momma to 5, there is no way you will be able to keep the Charlie part of your life separate. It’s just not possible, and you won’t want to.

  378. Donald

    So…the more people ask for shirtless photos of Orlando and/or Brian (OOOOHHH, Brian and Orlando, shirtless and wrestling) there’s more of a chance we’ll see it?

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  380. Kristin

    You already have 417 comments, but I will leave one anyway! I feel very strongly that you should post about whatever you want. You can’t worry about offending people or hurting their feelings. Your blog is about YOU and the things that are important to you in your life–design obviously being one of those things. Before you had Charlie I remember that you mentioned Brian a lot in your posts. Did you ever think about cutting out all mentions of him because it didn’t fit into your style posts? Would you have done it if someone wrote a comment about how it made her, as a single woman, feel sad or inadequate that you mentioned your husband?

    I love your blog very much. I read everything you post, along with Cup of Jo, Little Green Notebook, Design Mom, YHL, Making it Lovely…and all of those sites blog about design and family. They are really all lifestyle blogs, and that is how I think of you as well. I think you just need to embrace it. You have a baby and he is super important to you and if you want to share that with the rest of the world on your blog you absolutely should. If they don’t want to read it they can skip it and wait for something that they are more interested in. I almost never read your Trolling Craiglist posts because that doesn’t interest me very much. But I can’t imagine telling you to stop writing them!!!

    Also–about breastfeeding–I nursed my three kids (the oldest is now 7) for about a year to 18 months each, and I worked full time. I pumped at work, but I NEVER was able to pump enough to fulfill all of their needs. So we supplemented with formula for all of them after they were about 3 months old. They would get one or two bottle a day that were formula and the rest were breast milk. Whenever I was home with them, I nursed. I had no problem keeping a steady supply during that time period, I just wasn’t a great producer when pumping. I’m sure if I would have been home all day I could have nursed them with no supplementing, but man…pumping is hard! A few bottles of formula a week is not going to do anything to hurt your supply. I think supplementing actually helped me to nurse my babies longer, because it took some of the pressure off of me. After they each turned a year old I stopped pumping and just nursed them twice a day, in the morning before work, and at night before bed. My body adjusted to that supply pretty quickly and I did that for a few months before weaning completely.

  381. Terry

    I skip the personal stuff and read the design, DIY, trolling posts. I find reading about a blogger’s kid(s) just like I feel about dreams – interesting when they are yours, not so much when they are someone else’s. If your content went too far towards child rearing, I’d stop checking in, but an occasional post now and then is fine (I would just skip it).

  382. Lisa

    I love that there’s a real person (people) behind this blog! That being said, I read it primarily for your design ideas. I’m personally beyond the mommy-blog stage, but I get it. If I don’t want to read the post that day, I’ll just click through it. Keep doing what works for you — including supplementing with formula, even though you want to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months. Its really hard with work and travel; I ended up doing that and my own kid turned out healthy and just fine. Just keep being real!

  383. Barbara

    No Charlie info. Sorry but so not interested in hearing about your son.

  384. Robin

    So Emily, when I was on maternity leave and going a little nuts, I happened to discover this little show called, Design Star. And there was this cool chick Emily that seemed to rise above all drama and just do her thing. I was so excited when she won! It took me awhile longer to discover your blog, but I’ve been addicted since. I love your design, your voice and your personal stories.

    I suffered from infertility and I get how hard it can be for so many women to read the baby posts. I think a good solution is a short intro with a ‘read more here’ link. I love your Charlie photos, and I would never want you to hide that part of your life. That’s what makes you you! For awhile Design Mom had regular guest posters and I just really didn’t like it. (not them, but I went to Design Mom for her voice, not theirs.) So if you are a little pooped, or just want to write a Charlie post or even skip a day, do that. But please don’t edit your voice!

    The fact that you are an amazing colorful designer and a working mom has intrigued me even more. I’m a working mom and trying to figure out how to manage working with creative projects, travel, kids and activities, that’s tough! I really appreciate hearing from a woman I admire on how she’s just normal and trying to figure it out too. Also I have a house with 3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 preschooler, so I really look forward to your design advice on how to create a really livable and safe, but well designed home.

    Keep up the great work, posts and all the inspiration. Don’t let others make you second guess yourself!

  385. I love when you write about Charlie, it would be almost weird not mentioning him when he is such a big part of your life. It even makes it more personal and fits perfectly with your style. I think a lot of people follow you for your open and honest way you write your blog so please stay that way. Beautiful photos by the way, you can feel how much you both love him.

  386. Emily

    Hi Emily,
    I’m so glad you wrote this post. I’ve been visiting your blog for the last few years because your design and styling inspires me – I considered your blog one of the best on the web and loved seeing what you were up to. However I’ve noticed that the styling and design posts have dropped off lately and I’m not really interested in babies or how to make a bracelet holder (sorry ! But your far more talented than that) and i’ve wondered whether I should save my time and stop visiting your blog because the awesome projects that you used to do have vanished. I would love to see how your house is progressing, even if it’s on you doing something really basic and sharing the tips. I know it’s hard but in the end you have to do what your heart tells you even if you feel like your disappointing people :) good luck !

  387. raquel

    i find that the know more i know about a blogger, the more i care about their design, decor, crafts, etc. like i loved reading your birth story which made me LOVE seeing Charlie’s nursery. or vice versa, whichever came first. i say blog it all!

  388. Julie

    Wow, there are so many posts ahead of me that you’ll never get around to reading mine. I don’t mind a few Charlie posts now and then. The whole birth video? Don’t want to know. I come to this blog for design and especially your quirky way of writing about it that makes it seem doable by the average person. Please don’t turn into a mommy blog. Thank you.

  389. SC

    I come here for the design, not the kid (got 2 of my own thanks).
    So happy for you and your fam, but reading design blogs is an escape from all the kid/ mom/ parent stuff I already have in my life.

    If you’re trying to gauge interest…

  390. Hi Emily,
    I think you do a great job of balancing your posts. I don’t have kids but I love to read about your experience into motherhood. Like you said, it makes me excited to know that work and life with a child can coexist.

  391. Hi Emily. I follow you from Québec. I am a stylist and a huge fan of your blog. I follow you for your incredible design ideas but also for your personality. I wouldn’t mind to read some kids posts once in a while. But please, don’t turn into a mommy blog !

  392. Anna

    I love your Charlie posts! Keep them coming! I was of course drawn to your blog because of your take on interior design, but I love the personal posts too. I find that I become more invested in a blog, and return to it often when I feel like I “know” the writer.

  393. Lisa

    Hi Emily! I absolutely love reading your blog, but I will admit I haven’t checked in as frequently as before because of the mommy posts. The thing is I want to be a mom, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet, and I could probably learn a lot from your mommy posts. But, I also feel like I have enough people in my life that I can seek out for that information. Charlie’s and adorable little guy, and I would love to hear more about his life and your life as his mom, but I kinda enjoy reading stylebyemilyhenderson more than charliebyemilyhenderson or motherhoodbyemilyhenderson. What about “themakingofcharlie”? Too much right? Lol, people might think the blog is about something else! Either way, I would enjoy a separate blog. But I’m clearly outvoted!


  394. +1 for you, e6m0f5f1 that post was f9b9c5h3 really great

  395. Taylor

    Hi Emily,
    I know you’ve gotten a ton of responses and might not get a chance to read this, but I figured I’d give my two cents.
    I think that you, Brian and Charlie have a very sweet story and are a very cute family unit. But. As a 20-something who has no plans to have children ever (yes, ever. no, it isn’t something I’ll change my mind about), sometimes the last thing I want to see when I pull up my favorite blogs is another post about babies. And it isn’t just you, many women who write blogs at some point or another become a little baby-centric. Yes, I did just use “it’s not you, it’s me.” But that’s the point. I think your baby announcement was one of the most adorable things I’ve seen on a blog, and yes, I think posting the video of Charlie’s birth was TMI. But I skipped it. I obviously found your blog because I love your style. And that’s what I personally want to read about.
    Ultimately, this is your blog. And you should write about what you want to write about. Whether that is a full on mommy post or a post with a family update, it’s up to you. And whatever you write, I will continue to skip full on mommy posts, skim family updates (and then go back and read it), and read (and then usually re-read) style posts.

    In case that needs a summary: You should write what you want, and I’ll read what I want.

  396. Anonymous

    I have to be honest…I had no idea that there was even any controversy because you lost me with all the ‘mommy’ blogging. I was so happy for you when you blogged that you were finally pregnant and stayed equally excited for you throughout…but you turned a corner once Charlie was born. It became less about design, and more about being a mother and all things Charlie. While, I can appreciate the love between a mother and her son, (especially a first time mom), that’s not why I started reading this blog and now why I would continue reading. Sure, an update now and then would be great, but not every week and certainly not mentioned in every single post (which is what started to happen). So when I saw this in my Feedly with the topic, I had to check in to see what was going on. I really hope this blog gets back to the great content that it once it had. It used to be my go to blog, every single day. I’ve been cheating on you with Vintage Revival among others now. I miss my Emily Henderson inspiration!!

  397. Sara

    Write what you’d like to write. This blog is free to its readers & you don’t owe anyone anything.

    I’m personally here for YOU—I like Emily Henderson.

    I’m a mom, but I don’t read “mommy blogs” (I don’t even like the term, it feels derogatory, like you’re not a valid blogger if you’re writing about parenting). Your blog is not & has never seemed “too mommy” to me. Like any sentient being, I am capable of skipping anything I’m not interested in—e.g. I would never watch anyone’s birth video, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other people who would love to see it.

    I don’t even *gasp* like mid-century modern! Can you believe it?!?!! And yet here I am. All because of you & your personality, Emily! :)

    Your personality, talent, & likability are what draw me to your blog or shows. Don’t lose yourself because of a small percentage of negative comments

    (Oh, and formula is fine. Don’t be too hard on yourself—it’s all too easy to fall for the myth of perfectionism as a new mom, believe me I’ve done it & it’s not good for anyone.).

  398. mannq

    Your blog is on my daily read list, along with ohjoy, YHL, nytimes. I’ve been a fan since Design Star and have been reading your blog from then. I ready daily because I really like your design tips, and I appreciate your humor and kindness. (In case it matters, I’m a work-at-home mom w/ a post-college professional degree, in my early 30s).

    Since you asked, here are my thoughts

    – I used to struggle with infertility for a few years. After some time of struggling, I really couldn’t read baby-gushing posts. I had a hard time going on facebook. It made me feel too left-out and sad. I admired the people who had the same health issues and were still able to be surrounded by baby stuff, but that was just not one of my strengths. So, remembering my past mindset, I think the changes you suggest like creating a different section, or putting more info after the “jump” are great ideas. I think it shows great tact on your part. A lot of people wouldn’t gush about motherhood to a friend struggling with infertility (or brag about how much money they have to a friend who is broke), and I think it’s nice when bloggers make the effort to ease the pain/discomfort for some of their readers – even if they are in the minority or leave unpopular comments.

    – I now have a baby a couple of months older than Charlie. At times, I really enjoy reading your Charlie posts, and often times, your love for Charlie encourages me to love my baby even more. But other times, it’s still a little too much, and I just skim the post. Maybe it’s the over-sharing that just makes me tune out – tldr, too many posed professional photos, etc. I think humility, humor, honesty (about the good & bad) go a long way.

    But … here’s the thing. You can’t please everyone. You just can’t. And I’m sure there are many readers who love the long Charlie posts where everything seems so perfect. You please one group, and you offend/ostracize another. It all gets very tiring. I’m sure whatever you choose to do will be just fine! For now, I plan to keep coming back (M-F).

  399. Rachel

    As a mom in (eh hem) Ohio, it’s hard to find “stylish parent” stuff. I LOVE your family/Charlie posts for the resources you provide, as well as your perspective. PUH-LEASE keep sharing. Otherwise my kids will end up in overalls in a cornfield, which, if done correctly, could be pretty damn cute, but that’s not really the look I’m shooting for!

  400. Stassja

    I know these comments are probably what people have already said, but as a working mom, I just wanted to THANK YOU for being real about your work that you love, and your baby that you love. Too often it feels like people don’t understand how you can love both, why you would leave your baby with others etc. I just think it’s great that someone as smart & talented as you has continued to contribute through your work, as well as raising your son. I also love your personality through your posts and how honest you are – that’s really why I read.

    Also, I have a baby girl literally 2 weeks older than Charlie, in addition to an older boy, so I’m pretty much just following along.

    Be an example for those of us who are trying to find the right balance between being an individual, and raising children.

  401. Jen

    I just want to thank you for touching on the subject of infertility and considering ones going through it. My husband and I have been dealing with “unexplained infertility” for 2 years, and it can be hard to see everyone I know on Facebook announcing their baby with numerous types of cheesy photos. But, I come to your blog for your work, your advice, and your point of view. I love all of your posts, including the baby ones. Seeing that personal side of you is awesome.

  402. Keirele

    I know, a new baby is a big part of your life, and you live at least a part your life in public, so it seems inauthentic to leave out the mommy posts. But consider giving your child the gift of a private childhood. The awkward teen years will be so much easier without the searchable history. And then you don’t need to deal with the ethical dilemma of generating income from your kid’s life, when he’s not old enough to make that decision himself. Just my opinion.

  403. Kristin

    Emily, First of all, I love you as a designer. I began reading your blog because of your style. But what I love most about your blog is your writing. You are so funny, a great storyteller, and a great teacher. You should continue to write about Charlie, about your new home, about design projects, about craigslist….I don’t think I am the only one who wants to hear WHATEVER it is you have to say. Other design blogs are so dry. Yours is full of life. Your blog makes me LOL, for real. Just keep writing it all.

  404. Karla

    Hm, I wonder if you’ll see this as so many people have already replied? But this post definitely struck a cord.

    I too, am a mommy, of a couple boys who now qualify for “big kids.” While I think Charlie is seriously AHH-dorable, I have been avoiding this blog — or rather, skipping it when scrolling through my bookmarks. It’s not because I don’t absolutely love your style & family, but it’s because I do visit your blog for a reason. That reason is your fantastic style! I love the way you write so I’m sure for those moms looking for mommy inspiration, you’re a dream come true. But for me (a mom who has been there and needs a break from all-things-baby), it seems like every relationship (we’ll call this blog reading a relationship to make things easy!!) needs to provide something positive in your life. I don’t want to have a friendship where I’m not getting what I need….does that make sense? Totally selfish? Maybe. But that’s the honest truth. If you put the Charlie posts in another area, I’ll probably visit it once in a while because he’s so darn cute. BUT — I come here mainly for the decor tips and would love to see that continue without a repeat of a bf’ing v bottle debate I’m pretty sure I saw in 2005.

    • Amber

      I will second those exact words.

  405. 1. You’re awesome. Ditto for Charlie.

    2. There is a bizarro comment on the birth video post–just look for the one that resembles an extremely articulate cat typing a small novel in your comments thread. It seriously took up like two or three screens on my tablet.

    3. Seriously, though, awesome–and I talk about my kid incessantly, too. Fortunately, my freshmen think he is adorable and love hearing my funny stories…or they just fake it really well.

  406. Emily

    I read your blog for the great design advice and have not been reading as much, or skim-skip through all the baby stuff, because I am not interested in that right now. However, I do totally understand the whys behind you doing it. That being said, I often wonder how the children of “mommy bloggers” will feel when they are older and able to understand that their lives were discussed, written about, photographed (sometimes nude) and broadcasted to anyone (strangers) with an internet connection. I wonder how they will feel? Will they see it as a celebration of their life or a violation of intimate personal details and privacy? Who is being an advocate for the children who, mostly, are unable to voice their opinion about how they are presented to the world?
    If you do continue to do both maybe your blog/blog bio should be more reflective of the whole you, “mommy” included. Reading the caption under your photo does not really prepare one for all the baby stuff IMHO.

  407. Maud

    I’m a child-free reader and I visit your blog every day.

    I like:
    design inspiration
    your writing voice
    feeling like I know you

    I welcome:
    reading about your personal life (including Charlie)

    No thanks to:
    an official focus on baby/motherhood topics

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  409. Paula

    Ok. First of all I think it is great that you opened this up to discussion and you are brave. My thought is that since you opened it up for discussion you must feel like the way you are doing things thus far since Charlie’s birth isn’t working for you. And I think that bottom line you need to make this a decision about what works for you. There are a lot of factors to the decision, how this blog supports you, how much of Charlie you want on the internet, pictures stories etc, what you like writing about and feel authentic writing about (because if it isn’t you the quality will suffer). As for what I as a reader enjoys (and I am a mom of two myself) I like Charlie posts and love Charlie Instagram pics, but I do love the design posts more. That’s how I discovered you and you are a creative unique voice out here in the design ether that I can’t get elsewhere. You go Emily, you rock! and you will figure out what works for you and the readers will follow.

  410. Lynn Gill

    WOW, my second response to this topic (and second response to a blog ever!!). EM, I am old enough to be your mother, so listen up girly, STOP STOP trying to please everyone… just be true to yourself will be the most pleasing to most of your audience and followers. Promising a daily style blog, plus Charlie blogs (aren’t you busy enough already!!), and yet you promise even more…… dont spread your sparkle so thin – that you stop shining. Charlie, tell ya Mum to stop stressing, and spend that time givin’ you more loving.(if thats possible…), regards Lynnie from Australia

  411. Verity

    Props for acknowledging this issue. As someone interested in interiors and not a mother, I’ve been sorely tempted to stop following your blog as of late. I’ll be interested to see how you choose a format which works for you and your readers

  412. I love your blog for its authenticity, so keep up the family posts. And as a working mom to a 5 year-old and newborn, I appreciate your perspective.

  413. A.B.

    Keep your mom posts! You could try and limit the posts per week if you wanted, but as a reader I do not mind.

    I nursed both of my kids and had supply issues with each. I’m due with number 3 in three weeks and already so anxious about not making enough milk and doing formula – even though my kids are both smart, totally healthy AND switching to formula made everything in my life and my time so much easier!! I still feel guilty about it sometimes even though I shouldn’t. And you shouldn’t either. We used Earth’s Best Organic Formula for both (one had a dairy intolerance, so used the soy version) and it was great.

  414. Margo

    I don’t love reading all the mommy blogging. I come to your site for design posts. But what really irks me is the impression you give that all moms are like you. In this post, you kind of imply a couple of times that only women without children won’t be interested in your posts about charlie. Well, I have children whom I adore. Not all moms want to read mommy blogs. I wish you wouldn’t imply that that makes us unfeeling parents.

  415. ruth chancellor

    I love being up early on a Sat. morning with a quiet house, a cup of coffee and your blog. There are many reasons why your blog is the first one I read (often the only one). I admire your design style and how you relate to us. ‘Stylish, fun, quirky, well edited’ are words I would use to described both your design style and writing style. I like the personal aspect in your blogs and knowing a bit about you BUT, I’m here for design. Between my husband and I we have 6 kids. I’m kind of full in that department! Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to see a picture here and there of Charlie, Brian and Bearcat (it’s a pretty cute group) along with a few comments about life in your world. However, I come for the design aspect. ‘Secrets of a Stylist’ was one of my all time favorite shows. My favorite posts are ones that resemble the show. That is, design done and told by Emily Henderson in the unique Emily Henderson way. More please, sir?

  416. Cristin

    I’m a childless (by choice) designer but I love Charlie posts! I was afraid you were going to stop them but very glad to hear you’ve made the decision not to. Thank you!

  417. Michelle

    I follow your blog because I like your personality and you are entertaining! I’ve liked you since Design Star and stumbled across your blog! I like all of your posts -whatever they are about! If I come across a post I’m not interested in I just don’t read it! (But as a first time mommy I totally love the Charlie posts!) thanks for your work and inspiration!

  418. Megan

    So glad you are keeping the Charlie posts! I actually made a frowny face when I read your joke about never posting about him again, haha. I just had a baby and love reading about what’s to come! I found your new mom essentials posts especially helpful.

  419. Malia

    I’ve always enjoyed your blog but I like it more now than before. It’s more real and there’s more of a personal connection. Plus Charlie is adorable.

  420. I am so excited for your new personal life page, I love the way you right about motherhood, your positive and honest voice is very refreshing and I would certainly miss those posts!

  421. Amanda

    Given the amount of feedback on this question…is there any doubt about what to do?
    What business are you in? Design…wait…AND Design Blogger. By definition, blogging has to be driven by personality – this is a media driven product.
    Appealing to our curious (voyeuristic) needs is all part of it. We love feeling like we know you and your family and want to be your best friend or, at least, your mother-in-law!
    Keep it all in, Emily. Just like TV, we can change the channel to find Charlie, but I would rather get the whole story in one place.

  422. Kelsi

    Love the Charlie posts, but I am also 6 months pregnant with my first (a boy also).

    Maybe to strike that balance and not get totally burned out you can do a couple of things…..some ideas (just throwing them out there):
    -Don’t feel pressured to post daily. Maybe every other day is a better schedule right now? I still check Orangette, Sprouted Kitchen, etc. and they post maybe once a week at best.
    -More personal house stuff as it develops. Stretch it out so you can max your content and posts – one topic at a time. Anything in your immediate circle that is easy to blog about but still interesting – “The 3 fridges we’re considering.”….”here’s how we fixed our railing”, etc.
    -Feel free to shorten your posts! LOOOVE the longer content but if it isn’t realistic, cut yourself some slack!
    -Maybe share some behind-the-scenes stuff with your general day to day work? Still design related. Are you able to share anything that’s happening with Target or is it hush-hush?
    People need to understand that it isn’t lazy blogging to not have a huge amount of stage productions all the time. You post a HIGH level of content, and you’re effectively a one-woman operation (in regards to the blog itself). Be proud of that!

  423. Morgan

  424. I think you should do whatever you want. I like the Charlie posts. But it is not my blog. I do want to mention that Young House Love just announced that they are moving their family blog to their regular site now. So, those posts will now be part of their main blog.

    Love your style. And those pictures are so good!


  425. Valerie

    Not going to lie, I’ll be skipping the Charlie posts. Your kid is cute, but I have enough going on with my own kid, and honestly I’ve never been into following mommy blogs. I do love your style though, so I will be checking in on everything else :)

  426. Dana

    I don’t have any kids but I love the Charlie posts! While I am was over heels for your design style and your posts on your work completely inspire me, I keep coming back for your hilarious writing style. I love blogs that are written from a distinct point of view. And I agree that while design sponge is great, the blogs I read most are written by one person who included their personal story. Keep doing what you’re doing, girl!

  427. Verity

    I’ve been thinking about things overnight and am coming back for a second comment. Speaking honestly here… In the end, I think it all comes down to your blog’s branding and where you want to position yourself with your audience. You promote yourself as the winner of Design Star etc on your home page and so one would expect your blog to be about design. That is why many of us came here and so by changing the content without changing your branding almost feels like we’re being cheated. I remember at the beginning of the year you said you wanted to grow your audience. Well, which audience? The design audience or another?

  428. Z

    I’m not a blogger but I am an instagramer….I mainly post about interiors and very occasionally will throw in a shot of my 8 year old. I didn’t think twice about doing this until my 8 year old asked me not to…….they have been learning about how not to share personal information on the internet about themselves as part of a Keep Safe programme at school here in Australia. My Instagram is not set to private so anyone can see my account. I have now stopped sharing photos of him….despite the fact he is damn cute and my followers agreeing and wanting more shots of him….sometimes An 8 year old knows best!

  429. Sabrina Ogden

    Your blog, your way… that’s my opinion. I, personally, love reading about all aspects of your life, Emily. Charlie became an added bonus to the design scene. And if you have an audience for him and you want to share him with us, then do so. You’ll wear yourself out trying to please everyone, sweetie. I do think your idea to recreate your blog to allow for both interests is a wonderful idea. Sending love your way… S.

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  431. Jane

    When it comes to your kids, I think it doesn’t matter what your readers prefer. I think the most important aspect to consider is how that child will feel as they grow older. So many bloggers seem to be sharing SO MUCH of their children online these days, and I just don’t know how that’s going to turn out.

    Regarding the frequency, Scott at UnMarketing has the best advice ever. Post because you have something awesome to share. No one ever helps a post go viral just because it was posted on time on Monday morning. :) I love that!

  432. Sonia

    Hi Emily. On this subject, i only have one piece of advice to share: please consider your child’s privacy. In a few short years he will be using computers and asking you why you are posting all this private information about him and your family life. So not worth it!!!! Personally, it is a big turn off. Because mommy blogging is a big part of the internet and our modern culture does not mean everything about it is good or healthy. The worst example in my book is the Petersiks at Young House Love. The way they are pimping that little girl for clicks is absolutely disgusting (yes, i know “pimping” is a strong word in this situation). please do not go down that path. I love your decorating style and look forward to more posts on interior design. Best of luck. SB

  433. Heather

    I read blogs when I feel like the writer is a REAL person. I’ve been following your blog for the past several months, because your voice seems honest, and part of that is sharing your life as a mom. I’m not a mom, but I enjoy following your story – wherever it goes!

  434. Sonia

    One last thing: I really like your decorating style and would love to see more design projects. I may sound cynical but mommy bloggers ar a dime a dozen but there are not that many great design blogs out there. Live your family life in private but keep moving your career forward and exploring your talent.

  435. Initially I started reading this blog for design but over the past few years I’ve grown to just love your spirit. I enjoy and appreciate whatever you choose to share. If it’s design, great. If it’s Charlie, even better! Those are such precious moments that you don’t have to share and I think it’s amazing that you choose to share them here with us. It strengthens our connection and makes me feel like more than just a reader. I almost feel like a part of the family (idk if that’s creepy).

    You’ve influenced my life in a major way. It was your blog that gave me an indirect push out into the world. Your happiness makes me happy. When I was at the SXSW AirBnB Park, I felt like a little kid sitting in a space that you curated. So basically, thank you. Without your influence I wouldn’t know the importance of following a dream.

    In short, share whatever you want! If you want to talk about Beyonce, I’m here. If you need help building a tree house for Charlie…I’ll help you Google. Either way, I love you! :) xoxo

  436. I am a stylist and fell in LOVE with both your style, and your voice. Actually, I only began following you about 6 mo. ago. At the time, you were just headed into maternity/ baby posting. While this didn’t deter me from reading, it always makes one wonder if thats where the blog was headed.
    Sir Charlie is freakin adorable and you are so engaged in his life, by no means should you leave him out of this. Also, not being a mom myself yet, it has been inspiring and encouraging to know that there are really people in the word who do both. And do them both extremely well :)
    My preference would be this: dont loose your name and nature as a style blogger, my favorite posts are the ones where you talk about a. your personal home (will we ever get to see the finished product! its the best cliffhanger ever), b. challenges and rewards of designing for clients, and c. how you juggle being the best mom and the best at your career as well :) I would say 1-4 ratio of charlie-style is my two cents.
    Your quick wit and no frill nature is the number one reason your blog keeps me reading. Taking your personal life out of it, is as you said, simply not possible.

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  438. mary

    I like the Charlie info. What turns me off is the post about a $275 canvas bag. Ha! It’s ok, a lot of people like that stuff. I don’t have to like every post on a blog. If it became *about* overpriced accessories, I don’t think I’d be around long, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. So carry on!

  439. Carrie

    I feel like I’m late to the party… So many posts. I will bare full transparency and admit that this is the very first time I have posted a comment. I and when I say I… I should say we (my family… Elliott 9 going on 25 and my husband) have watched you and followed you since design star. We rooted for you! We all fell in love with you- the whole you that we were able to see and connect with. You inspired Elliott to have a completely- and I mean completely open voice about his room and how it should look. It’s impressive! I have followed your blog, your shows and boards. I guess what I am trying to say is that what you do is design for life- all parts of it and for some those parts are family! We are all someone’s kids… We adore all of you. It makes you both aspirational and accessible. We support your decision and will read whatever you choose to write about! Thank you.

  440. Melanie

    Emily, love the blog for many reasons. I am not a mother nor ever intend to be one and evenso, I enjoy your “mom posts” because it reminds you are a person and that you are not a jet setting, ivory tower elitist who has gobs of dough to spend on whatever you fancy. Also I kinda wonder what you’re doing when you’re not decorating!

    I would say though just scrolling through these comments that blogging and asking for tips about Charlie in conjunction with the design might open you up to censure to what is the MOST personal in your life. If you read and appreciate the positive comments, you also have to consider the negative ones, and who needs that in their life??

    I suppose you are used to critique, good and bad, from the blog but maybe mixing the upmost personal and delicate part of your life with the professional (and still very personal) might be a lot to take. I say this as a person who is an avid reader who appreciates everything do and has no problem with the “mom posts.” There are some that do have issues and who wants that kind of negative feedback? I mean, you are a designer not a lawyer or a politician so you have license to express your personality (isn’t that what you’re supposed to do???) but I worry that open discussion about Charlie as opposed to how you reupholstered a fabulous $100 sofa might cut a little close.

    In any case, carry on, follow your instincts. I trust you will not abandon your design passion in lieu of your new-found role in life. What kind do message would that be to women who want to have a career AND a family? Plus you’re so goddamned good at both :)

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  442. Atiya

    I adore your blog, style, and voice. Been a HUGE fan since Design Star. Unfortunately I’m in the bucket of people who have fallen off in following the blog daily for about a year now because of the high frequency of baby/mommy stuff :-( For reasons I won’t go into, parenthood is not something I ever seek to read about so I LOVE the idea of a separation between design and parenting on your blog. No question I’d add your site back onto my list because I miss my daily dose of your genius!

  443. Joy

    I’ve been following your design blog for several years. I have three kids (all boys), and work from home. That said, I’m pretty neutral on the Mommy posts geared specifically to new moms (neither love, nor am annoyed by them), but enjoy the family photo posts, as I am a professional photographer, and like seeing others’ work. Regardless of the post content, your conversational tone is the second reason I keep coming back to read your posts (first being my love of your design style, of course), so I love the way you naturally entwine your personal life into your content. What I can’t wait for are design posts on how to make your house look great with furniture, etc. that can’t be immediately ruined by children. Maybe those will come once Charlie starts walking!

  444. Meg

    I’ve found the Charlie posts inspiring and insightful, especially for someone that hopes to be a mom one day (likely a working one too). I love interior design and all that is ‘style by emily.’ Keep the Charlie posts coming.

  445. Hi! I am a mom, but I am not interested in mommy post. I read your blog because I like your work. However, having in mind that this is a personal space, I don’t mind a mommy post once in a while, as long as it does not turn your blog into a nursery :)

  446. Julia

    I am not a mum but I love your Mommy posts, your design posts, all of it. I come here because of your writing – ditto what Meri said (any many others I’m sure, I didn’t read through all the comments)

    xo julesinflats

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  449. Natalie

    I started reading your posts as a design lover, now I’m also a new Mom. I love reading your Mom posts because they are so honest. I want to know even more. Did you breast feed? And if so for how long? Please continue the Mom posts!

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  451. Nicole

    Hi Emily,

    You asked so I’m answering. I love your blog for you (you’re awesome) and all things design related. I read your blog when my kids are in bed cuz it’s my time off from being a mom and I finally get time to me to read what I’m interested in – design. Not breast feeding or being a mom.


  452. Ann

    You just keep right on blogging about anything your heart desires! It is YOUR blog! XOX :)

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  455. Shannon

    I’m not a mom, and I haven’t yet decided if that will happen for me (if it’s even possible–I know it’s not guaranteed), but I still love hearing the voice of one I admire! Seeing the joy it brings you and how you’re figuring out the working mom thing tips the scale a little bit toward “yeah, maybe I could do that.”

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  457. Jeanette

    This is really interesting and I had a feeling it was going to come up sooner or later. When you start reading a blog, most of the time, it’s like building a one-way friendship. You, Emily will probably never know me or my life but yet I know so much about you and what you do. I came to listen and see you share your designs, get inspired by the beautiful work that you do, it just seems inevitable that once a baby comes along, it just changes things. For you, that’s for sure and since this is your blog, you have every right to decide what you would like to talk about. I think I have stopped some blogs because the focus just completely changed and it was baby talk all the time, some writers talk 3/4 of the time about their intended topics and maybe threw in some kids stuff once in a while. I remember one writer said they will only post a picture of the baby once a week but all I saw was pictures of the baby. The person I think integrated her kid really well into her blog is ohjoy. I guess Ruby is her inspiration for a lot of the things she does. I am always happy to see Ruby in the blogs, her photos, on Instagram.

  458. jaclyn

    I don’t have children, but I still love hearing about Charlie. Joanna Goddard weaves life and family seamlessly. I loved her blog before the boys, but I really enjoy that she posts about her life with her adorable kids. I am just as excited to read a Toby post as I am to read about which lipsticks are cool right now. I’m not married either, but that doesn’t stop me from reading posts about your married life. And you’re right- I read your blog because I relate to you. You show me pretty things I like. I like that you speak honestly about how you deal with a baby and a crazy job. I feel like most women believe that if they had the perfect job and a perfect man they would be floating on a stress free cloud. Thanks for bringing me back to Earth. I support you in any decision you make about this blog. I encourage you to write about whatever you’d like (I am on team Charlie).

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  462. Emily, I’m a newish reader who stumbled on your blog from Jo Goddard’s. Your vintage style warmed the cockles of my heart and I hung around for the makeovers. Love, love your work (haven’t ever seen your show; I’m based on Australia and maybe just haven’t caught it on cable here much as I’d one day like to).

    I was also, around the time I discovered your blog, in the throes of infertility sadness and trying and failing on my mama quest. We tried for 3 years and it was at times a pretty hairy journey. I finally got pregnant and am 24 weeks with a boy (kinda spooky, as the name Charlie is in my top 3 – shhh, gotta hide that one from my nosy family who need SOME surprises!)

    Anyway, long and short of it: I love the mama posts. They’re actually my favourite, given where I am in life, but I also get how torn you are. I recently started (at week 16) writing a Wed pregnancy post on my blog – which is otherwise a dating and relationship advice column and more about others than me. But I love doing it and want a reminder of this time, if it turns out my chicklet is the only child I ever have. It has been met with mixed reactions but mainly good ones. (Phew!)

    So glad you’ll keep up the baby posts (I wish you’d do more!) and I just wanted you to know (do you really read all your comments!? I have to scroll down forever to get a look in :-)) you have a devoted reader in me whether it’s Charlie related or a more designy vibe on here. Hugs, Rachel x

  463. Keirele

    Aw, man. I’ve been following you for years and finally commented. And you deleted my comment because it wasn’t pro-baby blogging. Really disappointed and won’t be coming back.

  464. MM

    Sort of on the fence about all the baby posts. I think better to focus on design, with just a sprinkling of baby posts from time to time if you must. I think you have to strike the right balance between keeping it real (where family is part of your life) and excessive baby content (whether because it’s easy or just to drive traffic). I think most people come for the design, but are not too annoyed by occasional baby posting. What is annoying is failing to announce that a post is sponsored up front. Keep up the good design work (and yes, totally fine to supplement with formula).

  465. I love your blog – it’s always so genuine! Even though I don’t have kids and can’t relate, I still love reading your posts as somehow its always fun to read as you have such a strong voice that really comes through in your writing!

    Check out my lifestyle blog based in Brazil:

  466. Krystal

    Did you see that YoungHouseLove is getting rid of their personal blog and merging both personal and ‘professional’……they say it is too time consuming for their lifestyle now. Personally I like it all merged into one. I don’t want to have to move from one to the other. Like you I LOVE a blog that has personal insight to them. I want to hear about their lives. Whether it is a mommy blog that non-mommy readers have to look at or a blog about single people who get to live a life of leisure and travel that us moms only dream of ( envy ). You can’t make everyone happy. Just keep doing the fabulous job you are doing and don’t make more work out of it to please others. I know I am enjoying it just as it is :) ….and yes I am a mommy ;)

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  468. Emily –

    I love your blog and style, and aesthetic. I remember watching you on Design Star and pulling for you to win, and watching ALL of your secrets from a stylist episodes, because, as a designer myself without formal training, I read blogs and look at style shots to learn. I particularly love when you share some of the design rules so to speak – how to choose the right rug size, how to style your pillows, etc., and my other favorite posts are definitely shots of spaces you’ve designed.

    The thing about blogs is that there are so many out there and being you is what makes your blog different. But, I will say that as a 25 year old, I am sometimes disappointed when the content strays from that core design/style aspect that some blogs were built on. And I mean that with no offense at all whatsoever (truly), its just something I can’t relate to, and wind up skipping over. I think your idea of having the mommy posts segmented to a different tab is a great compromise, as is your idea of posting twice if theres’ a charlie post (who is so adorable, and while I love seeing nursery design, I’m not really the type to read a breastfeeding post). You have to stay true to who you are, and that means embracing your present but also keeping with what got you to where you are now.

    As someone who only wants design posts, I can totally cope with segmenting and I think thats definitely a fair compromise.

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  470. pvg

    yes to Charlie! Before I became a mom I would have said “eh” but no longer. Love to hear about the kiddos. But only if you keep on strong with the design stuff.

  471. Hi would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re working with?

    I’m going to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a tough
    time making a decision between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal.
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    P.S Sorry for being off-topic but I had to ask!

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  473. Kayla Henley

    I am new to your blog. Just found this pin on pinterest and it intrigued me. It is something that I have been praying about doing myself. Loved the post! Congrats! And can’t wait to see your new adventure.

  474. Sarah A.

    Hi Emily — I read this post a couple days ago, and then saw something on Orangette’s blog that made me think you’d enjoy her post as well.

    My two cents, only because you asked, is that whatever you do, be your most authentic self. Then you can’t go wrong.


  475. Cortney K.

    Yes to the Charlie (and more makeover) posts! I like to know you’re human too ;) And I LOVE reading about how you manage both being mommy and a kick butt career. You’re a super hero, Emily!

  476. Jessica

    I really enjoy both the design posts and the mom posts. I like hearing about the real person behind the blog. So I vote to keep both kids of posts coming!

  477. Jen

    Hi Emily,
    I don’t know if you’re even reading replies to this anymore, but here is my two cents. I am not a mom and the Charlie posts make me happy…with one caveat: I like reading them because they feel like a genuine expression of who you are and what your life is about right now, as opposed to feeling like Charlie is being used as a prop to advance your personal brand. The latter is a huge turn off to me, and I’ve stopped reading the vast majority of mom lifestyle bloggers as a result. Given how “normal” it is to share online these days, I don’t know that privacy is the main issue (of course if Charlie becomes uncomfortable with being on the blog one day that’s another story). IMO, it’s the rampant commodification of kids that is the issue. It just feels gross to me. I’d say that a good litmus test is whether your blog could stand on it’s own as a business/brand without Charlie. If the answer to that question is “yes,” then by all means keep including the mommy posts. After all, you’ve always written as someone who wants to share more than just design, and I think it would be out of character for you to wall off this one, very important part of your life. If, however, Charlie starts to become a significant part of your business/brand, then I’d think twice about the direction you’re heading.

  478. Meg

    I just love that you even asked! You have such a personable, genuine,thoughtful and intelligent writing style, not to mention a whole heap of personality and that is why I love reading. I love reading about design jobs, personal posts, and now, Charlie posts. I’m not a mother, but I find your perspective on the experience wholly refreshing and honest and full of love – just the right balance. I’m sure I’ll continue to read whatever you put up here if it remains as warm and down-to-earth. Thanks, as always, for sharing.

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  480. jamie brunner

    I love your work, Emily. Your work includes Charlie now. I’m okay with that.

  481. gina

    Emily – you are amazing. i am a working mom but read your blog avidly before charlie. your voice and honesty and talent made me a reader, and seeing those things extended to motherhood have made me even more appreciative of you. please keep posting about anything that feels right to you.

    that being said, i did struggle with infertility before having kids and i think having fewer huge photos of charlie is a good idea and will be more sensitive to those readers who experience real pain at the sight of babies.

  482. gina

    PS. i did supplement with formula. my kids are doing great. i did my best to give them all breast milk when i could, but i am certain that a happier mom has benefited them more than if i’d holed myself up at home and scaled back professionally (which is what i personally would have had to do given my milk supply issues – not saying that’s the choice everyone has to make) to give them 100% all the time.

  483. Holly

    Camp Patton is a great mommy blog. Check it out, you’ll likely LOVE it.

  484. Yes, yes, yes to #charliehendo! Your mom posts are my favorite of all. My son Desmond was born in October, so I can relate well to the new, big, fat momma love you express so beautifully here. I agree that the best blogs have humans behind them and I love getting a glimpse into real peoples’ lives, especially when they’re as pretty as yours. So my vote is a loud and clear YES for Charlie and more mama goodness.

  485. Cindy

    Hi Emily!

    I’ve been a fan of yours since Design Star and totally love your aesthetic. I’ve also been reading your blog for a while. Reading about your miscarriage, fertility struggles, and ultimate success was seriously inspiring for me. I have struggled with infertility, cried a lot of tears, cursed my body for not doing what it was made to do, been envious, but didn’t give up hope despite my many fears. Your story made things much less scary for me. Ultimately, after years of trying naturally, and after a few months of fertility treatments (really minor treatments, in the scheme of things) I was able to get pregnant and will be expecting a baby boy in July. I still get terrified that something will go wrong, but stories like yours, having a super supportive husband–and having a very close friend who struggled with issues similar to mine, suffered multiple miscarriages, and who now has a healthy baby girl–remind me to keep my chin up.

    Sorry if this is a total word-jumble! Basically, thanks for sharing your life–career AND family, included–it’s super brave to put it out there. That said, I love your design posts, as well as your family posts. It’s who you are!

  486. Mary

    Probably too far down in the conversation, but I like the idea of a read more link on the mommy posts. I come for the design, and enjoy the baby (I mean he’s adorable), but I stay for the design. If I’m curious I’ll read on, if not I’ll move on. Kind of like the Craigslist posts. It’s not in my area, but half the time I can’t help but read it!

  487. Rebecca

    I think the people who TRULY love your design/writing style will continue to follow you whether they are interested in the Charlie posts or not. Many of us DO love the Charlie posts (and I am a Grandma). Those that don’t will simply skip those parts, but will still return for the design posts. I say stay true to yourself and do both :) What’s not to love about the journey of discovery of this cute, little Design Star as she makes her way into the world of Mommy-hood!

    I love the big, whole house/venue makeovers like the Lake House and Fig House. The anticipation of seeing each room come to life is AWESOME! I can’t wait to see the next post and then pictures of it all complete.

    I do not read the DIY stuff at all……Sorry to say…. But I had enough DIY when I stayed at home with my 3 kids. Now that my kids are grown and I have some money (heheheheh), I just want to BUY stuff!!!

  488. Jenn

    I wouldn’t change a thing about your blog. I love the personal parts as a wife and mother, even though I began reading because of your designs. As your life evolves, so can your blog.

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  490. Esther

    I love you Charlie posts! For me family is … everything! Thank you for sharing your experiences as a new Mom. I have a 20-month boy and I feel like I relive some of the first months when I read your blog– makes me so nostalgic for the good and the tough!
    P.S. You did not ask for this input but what the hell–I also love your house makeover posts. They are like amazing in my opinion.

  491. I’m a new mom and absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Charlie posts. It’s actually one of the main reasons I come to your blog daily. I can also relate since I’m a working (full-time blogger) mom as well–so please keep the Charlie posts coming :)

    ps. when my breastmilk started decreasing, and my son was allergic to many of the components in formula, our pediatrician recommended making our own goat milk formula. It worked like a charm and our son loved it.

  492. Yes to Charlie! I love reading your mommy posts and this comes from a reader without kids (yet) who started to follow because of your design content.
    There are definitely readers out there who love to hear about both topics and enjoy mommy posts :) I really like hearing more about you as a person.
    I have two jobs at the moment (office job and photography business on the side) and I know when I have a baby some day I will still want to work both so it is very inspiring to read how you manage with both job and baby.

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  495. Kathleen

    I really enjoy your blog. I also really LOVE the baby posts. Seeing pics of Charlie makes me smile and think back to the day when my 20 year old son was a little guy. I do not always love hearing Moms share about their babies. Your writing seems so genuine, I think that is why it really works. I say be yourself. IMHO that is what has made your blog a success. In trying to write what you think others want to read, you will lose something. You are sweet to consider your readers opinions, however follow your heart. And continue to savor and enjoy dear, sweet Charlie. This is an intense time but will pass all too quickly!

  496. Robyn

    We’ve been out of the country so my response is completely late in the game. But I’ll throw my two cents in there anyway. I am not a mom and will never be a mom. Cancer took that option away from me. (No feeling sorry for me…we exchanged baby lust for wander lust and now travel whenever the mood strikes.) However, as others have stated, I love your Charlie posts. I’d probably skip over anything related to breast feeding or the best diaper cream to use. Not that I can see you writing about diaper cream. Please don’t ever write about diaper cream. But chubby Charlie cheeks are always a welcome sight. And it certainly helps that your particular kiddo is actually cute. (No…not all babies are cute…my Facebook feed is a testament to that.)

    I do think that segmenting is a good idea. Your brand seems to be growing quickly. Your blog needs to mature with your business. I for one would like to see an entire segment on your flea market finds alone. And one of the house progress and one just for pillow throwing with Orlando. Seriously. You and Orlando need to collaborate forever and throw pillows at each other all the time. You could have a YouTube Channel that just features the two of you throwing pillows at each other. ;)

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  498. Mariana

    hi :)

    this is the 603 comment it seems, so not sure if it will get read, i also didn’t read others above but, i just wanted to share my view that blogs are for screening too, hardly we are ALWAYS interested in every single post. So for those who aren’t moms and are looking strictly for design, they can scroll down till they see something that catches their eye, no?

    any who that’s my grain of sand (granito de arena?) And i’m a mommy so yay for mommy posts with awesome cute pictures of you and your fan ;)

  499. Mariana


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  501. Breanna

    I’ve never left a comment before but have been reading this blog for the past few years. I’m not a mother, but a proud auntie of three adorable kids. I first came to this blog because I followed you on Design Star and then Secrets from a Stylist. You were so personable and I felt that if we lived closer we would be great friends! What is alluring is your personality and how your unique POV is reflected in your posts, whether it’s about design, fashion, crap reality TV or your growing family. It’s what connects me to this blog and keeps me coming back. So bring on the personal posts! But I also love the design and it inspires my space, so keep on keeping on :)

  502. Meggan

    Emily, your transparency is what makes you, your designs and ultimately your life so beautiful. Don’t censor what’s on your mind because it will show through on the blog. Being true to yourself and your calling is what has gotten you this far, right? Stick with your formula of inspiration. Is Charile your inspiration today? Then share. Is it some fabulous thrifty find on Craigslist? Share that too. You have a real appeal and trying to suppress any part of that seems insincere. You are a mom. You are a designer. You are a blogger. All of these things can exist in one space. Compartamentalizing your craft would be like trying to separate the parts of yourself. They all contribute to the overall fabulousness. Truly. No one has the perfect solution for you, just you ;)

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  506. Jenny

    I also love the breadth of this blog! I adore the design posts (adore!) and who doesn’t love an adorable baby?! I have to say I was bummed when YHL created their Life blog for family stuff. I missed that content, but even though I have been a daily reader for 5 years, I didn’t seek it out. AND they just announced they’re bringing it back to the main blog. Food for thought.

    I think what makes a blog successful is when it’s authentically YOU, and interaction in comments is a major bonus. I’m a work from home Mama, too. I design lifestyle books, cookbooks etc full time and am a full time mum to my two kiddos ages 12 months and almost 4. Work/life balance can be hard, and I love reading about your journey as you navigate the newness of it. As long as you’re having fun, we’ll have fun reading about your adventures! Be them design or baby. xox

  507. Anna

    As a newish mom, I know the need to share in the first year or two, but it does actually settle down as your kid grows up. I mean, you are still totally excited about every new thing your toddler does, but the need to share it all lessens over time. I enjoy your blog because of your voice and obviously part of that voice is now a mom’s, so it makes sense to keep Charlie posts as part of your paradigm. Having said that, some of my favorite mommy blogs ( the ones that won’t let me formula feed–which I did in the end anyway) can just be too much. I have kids, I’m a mom, but even as the target audience I find those blogs OTT sometimes. Sometimes it’s good to just take a break as a mom and focus on some serious design. :-)

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  512. Mary

    I enjoy both the design blogs and your personal ones as well. Keep ’em coming!

  513. Sarah

    Coming from a mommy of 4 under four (yes, I’m crazy:) write what ever you feel…I love reading anything someone is passionate about and it’s pretty obvious that you’re nuts over Charlie.
    Mom high five!

  514. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but
    after going through many of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely pleased I stumbled upon it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back often!

  515. I’m not a mom, yet, but I love all your posts! The one’s about Charlie included! Just watched the birth video again and it brings me to tears every time. Tears of joy I mean, that some day I can have that too!
    I see your blog as the life of a successful designer and giving birth/being a mom, is part of a person’s life. I follow you because you have a unique voice and that hasn’t changed because you are a mom. All your posts are beautifully styled – wether they are about design or not – because that’s who you are and that’s what I love about your blog. I think that is also why so many people follow you: to be inspired in their everyday life.
    I am a HUGE fan!

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  517. Lil

    Emily, do your thing. It is YOU after all who is running around the country designing spaces for Snoop Dog and then taking/making the time to stare at a blank post at midnight for us…knowing that sweet little Charlie is going to want to eat in 3 hours.

    Someone has probably mentioned by now that Young House Love (love them) recently ditched Young House Life…too much work.

    Thanks for being you.

  518. Do YOU Emily! DO you. Don’t apologize :)

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  522. Alicia

    First time post here. I have to say that I came across your blog for something design related, and I started reading your pregnancy posts before I was pregnant. I am now pregnant (but also experienced a miscarriage and understand how difficult it is), and I LOVE your mom posts because they are so refreshing. They are so genuine and heartfelt, and I feel like I’m listening to one of my own friends in my kitchen (this goes for non-mom posts, too). I especially like that they cover issues that working moms have to deal with it, which are hard to find. Your posts are so refreshing and helpful to read. Thank you for being so honest, and I hope the Charlie/mom posts continue.

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