The day before Charlie was born … my pregnancy photos

You are about to see a lot of belly. You have been warned. Sure, I could just show you a picture or two … but, Katherine and Luke  did such a great job that I wanted to show all the different kinds and styles of maternity shots they took. There are black/white, close up and pulled back, alone and with Brian, or even super obscured. They just did such a good job of capturing the whole situation in such different ways. Clearly they love photographing and I couldn’t recommend them more.

Emily Henderson Maternity

Now maternity photos are tricky because you want to remember that belly without showing it off too much and being all Demi Moore about it. So the line between ‘tasteful’ and ‘tacky’ or ‘taking yourself too seriously’ and ‘silly’ are lines that you have to dance carefully. But you want to remember that time because the days before having your first baby are a strangely special time.

Emily Henderson Maternity

Luke and Katherine came in and shot the hell out of us – in the most fun way. They had such a great energy, full of opinions and were so enthusiastic. Plus they didn’t make me feel like an idiot. And when you are jumping on the bed, 9 months pregnant, in an unnecessarily fancy vintage kimono, you automatically feel like an idiot. So I really appreciated how easy they were to work with.
Emily Henderson Maternity

It’s so crazy that that night, 12 hours later, I went into labor in that same room. It’s just insane that little Charlie was just inside waiting to come out. Did he have any idea that day was his last day inside? Did he want to come out or was he warm and cozy and had every intention of waiting 10 days longer til his due date? It kinda makes me want to ball, actually, thinking that I was lucky enough to have this little being inside me for so long. I didn’t like being pregnant but now in retrospect I LOVED it. Once I saw him it made me so happy that he was inside me. I guess I just don’t have quite the imagination I thought I had.

18 hours after these photos he was on my chest … Emily Henderson Maternity

Emily Henderson Maternity

Emily Henderson Maternity

I will say that I got these taken in my 9th month (at 38 1/2 weeks) and it turned out great, but if you think about it earlier get them done in the 7th or 8th month. Generally you feel a bit more energetic and not quite so massive then. I know that I didn’t look that big, but I really felt it … so, just a tip from one pregnant chick to another …

Emily Henderson Maternity

Emily Henderson Maternity

Emily Henderson Maternity

Emily Henderson Maternity

Emily Henderson Maternity

Emily Henderson Maternity

If you are on the fence about having maternity photos taken, I get it. I was, too. The only reason I did it was because I have a blog and it seemed like something a blogger should do. So when Luke and Katherine emailed and showed me their portfolio I thought why not? I don’t have to show anyone if I don’t like them….

Emily Henderson Maternity

I’m soooooo glad I had them taken. If you are self-conscious, take really pulled back photos or get really close up on it – you don’t have to fully pose all boudoir style for the camera – it’s just about capturing something to help you remember that time.

I’m going to be a weepy mother, I will tell you that right now. When I first saw these photos I thought they were so beautiful and bright/fresh, etc, but now that I have gotten to know Charlie they are so much more poignant to me. When I was pregnant I was so excited for my future with him and I loved the idea of him so much, but it was too abstract for me to ever really get that moved about it. Now that I have him and I actually know him, I’m just so amazed and happy for my past self that it was him that whole time.  It’s not just a belly anymore – it was him. 

In short: take some maternity photos. Use fun filters. Get your husband to do it. You don’t have to hire someone to do it, really, it’s just about having a few shots of your future inside of you.

But if you happen to be in LA and want hire someone for maternity shots (or wedding, engagement, etc) I highly recommend these two. Photo credits: Luke and Katherine of Max and Friends

  1. Kelley

    Great pics — where’d you get the floral robe?

    • Emily

      Its a vintage kimono. So pretty but I gotta tell you, not terribly practical or cozy. :)

      • amy

        The photos are gorgeous. I really treasure mine and my kids get a big kick out of them. You’ll be amazed how quickly the details of your pregnancy start to blur so these will be priceless.

        On another note, do you have a good source for vintage kimonos? Love yours!

  2. E

    And the red dress? Fashion credits, please!

    • Emily

      Ok, just found the designer:. its called the ‘hot sake’ dress. But i still don’t know where to purchase!

  3. Lara

    I second the red dress inquiry? You look great!

  4. Zoe Royall

    I think this is a really refreshing point of view on maternity photos…spoken from someone that is not on the baby train. I don’t have a kid, so sometimes I think all of the baby prep hoopla for baby #1is just a little too much, but I think you have framed it in a way that is spot on and palatable. Bravo, mama!

  5. Gorgeous photos. Absolutely and undoubtedly tasteful (of course!!). I think I would want to do this to document how incredible our bodies are and what we as women are capable of (making life – I mean, does it get better than that??). Thanks for sharing your photos and your tips, Emily!

  6. Jennifer

    Love the photos and yes, love the red dress. I’m currently 8 months pregnant and looking for a dress to wear to my baby shower. Where can I find it?

    • Emily

      I’ll look! Its not a maternity dress and I bought it three years ago at a boutique. Its pretty much bursting at the seams, but It was still my go-to near the end because it actually showed that i was pregnant, not just big. :)

  7. Lauren

    These are the most beautiful maternity pics I’ve seen. I was so sure I wanted to do them and then I just did not feel great about the way I looked, so I decided not to get professional shots. We just had my dad take some of us when I was 37 weeks and I am very glad we have them. Anyway, you are stunning, the outfit choices are perfection and the photographers are very talented!

    • Emily

      I didn’t really want to do it either because i wasn’t feeling good. I wish i had done them at 8 months but again, i think its about the angle and the style of the shots that are still kinda flattering. Thank you so much. xx

  8. Elizabeth T.

    You look absolutely beautiful! You convinced me to get them when there is a baby on the way!

  9. You both look so happy in these pictures! It’s wonderful to see

  10. Victoria

    Gorgeous photos capturing the love and joy between two people and their child just before birth. Thank you for sharing your thoughts which always sound like they come from your heart, mind and soul/gut and these amazing photos.

  11. alexis

    i’m currently 35wks pregnant and this made me cry a lil (big shocker!). please give the details on that dress asap!!!

  12. I LOVE that red dress and these are gorgeous.

  13. As a photographer myself, let me say that these are inspiring and beautiful!

    • Emily

      Ah, thank you! they did such an incredible job.

  14. KAIT

    SO lovely! The colors of clothing you chose were PERFECT too :) Gorgeous family

  15. I had a maternity shoot done with my first. It is fun to look back and see how big I used to be and compare them with my second pregnancy when I got much much bigger (but gained less weight, go figure) My bare belly was never showing because I got stretch marks like no one has ever seen before. Seriously, people gasp when they see them. Gasp. And I love your makeup in these pics. Actually I love your makeup all the time. Maybe someday you can do a little tutorial for blondes that don’t want to look like Mimi from the Drew Carey show when they put on lipstick!!

  16. These photos are beautiful! I can’t pick a favorite, but they seem to really capture your personality and that to me, is what photos are all about.

  17. You look gorgeous… seriously. I also have to say, my husband and I are ready to start having kids and reading your blog has helped me find peace with all the crazy thoughts/fears/questions in my head. You are so real and genuine; your ‘tell it like it is’ writing is something I relate to and has been so helpful to me.

    thanks and congrats on Charlie!

    • Emily

      That is so nice to hear. I felt that way about natalie Holbrook’s blog – it actually made we want to start a family faster (even though i’m 34 ;))

  18. Sabrina E. Ogden


  19. beautiful photos!!
    you can’t know this yet, but charlie will love looking at these and pointing to your belly saying, “THAT’S ME IN THERE!” when he gets a little older.

    • Emily

      That sounds VERY cute.

  20. kaela d.


  21. Oh my goodness, Emily. These photos plus the beautiful picture you’ve painted in words just made this post perfect. Almost bringing me to tears.
    On another note, you should rent your house out for pictures. Good golly, it’s awesome!
    I’m really loving your posts and am always looking forward to reading your next one.

    • Emily

      Thank you! And as soon as we renovate the kitchen and bathrooms I think we are going to rent it for photo shoots. Make some extra dough … So thanks :)

  22. Alison

    Stunning!! I would love to know how you’ll use these beautiful images from a design standpoint. Would any ever make it onto a wall? Or do you display photos in table-top frames only? Or do you prefer albums/photobooks? Just curious what your approach will be, especially since the style of these photos seems to mesh so well with your own decorating style.

    • Emily

      Good question. I think one or two could definitely make it into a family/friend gallery wall. Too pretty just to stick inside a book. but it would probably be one of the ones that is more abstract – maybe one of the really pulled back ones. I love all of them, truly, but would be a bit embarrassed of so much belly on one wall. :)

  23. Thanks for sharing Emily! Beautiful.

  24. Lauren

    You captured something my husband and I have said countless times so effortlessly – it was HIM all along. We say it to each other, we say it to Maxwell. “I can’t believe that was YOU in there all along” (and now I’m teary) all along that was my little maxi man in my belly, flipping, punching, kicking, hiccuping. Now I picture his little newborn body swirling around in my big belly and it brings much more poignancy and meaning to the pregnancy process. Thanks for inviting me to remember that this morning as I sit here at my desk and pump for my boy, who is a couple buildings away at daycare, learning and crawling and playing away the day. xo

  25. Your maternity shots are insanely beautiful and yes, very bright/fresh feeling. I’ll be definitely using LK Griffin for my future shoot. Hopefully they’ll make a trip up to SF?

    • We’d LOVE to come up to SF to photograph you guys!

  26. These are easily the most beautiful maternity photos I’ve ever seen. I never looked that good at 5 months pregnant, let alone hours before I gave birth. :)

    Just stunning, Emily! Kudos to the photographers, but clearly they had lovely subjects and a beautiful setting. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Melanie Price

    Stunning work! You look fabulous Emily…and yes, it feels so weird having someone take photos of you when you feel so huge. It is such an intimate photo shoot too if you think about it. But so worth it, in my opinion. Cheers.

  28. GORGEOUS. adorable, intimate and not at all cheesy. Love love love. And I think I got to see a glimpse of what you’re doing with the railings….. :) R

  29. Liz

    You can’t go talking about jumping on a bed at 9 months pregnant and not share that shot! Beautiful pics and how awesome that you had him in your arms just 18 hours later.

  30. I do think at least one pregnancy photo is so worth it. With my first pregnancy, I almost didn’t take any. Than 1 week before my daughter was born my husband took one to send to my out of state parents. I looked huge and hideous but it was so fun to look back to. What was even more fun was seeing how HUGE I was compared to my second pregnancy.

  31. Okay, seriously? You did not look 9 months pregnant! Best belly situation ever!

    We don’t have kids yet, and to be honest, I never really thought about whether we’d take any pictures taken. But now I think I want to. Beautiful!

  32. Love these. So well-balanced – you showing off the belly, but still looking classy, the photographers’ clear understanding that their subject matter had enough impact to carry all that glowy white dreaminess, your understanding that this was the time to make those kimono purchases seem totally justified… Thanks for sharing!

  33. Lori

    I actually got all teared up. These are just beautiful. I’m so happy for you guys!

  34. Casey Bovee

    These maternity photos have completely changed how I’ve felt about them in the past. So extremely beautiful!

  35. Raven

    Oh Emily, these are amazing! I’m so glad you had it done, and love that you’re looking back and giving us advice on what to do if we’re a first time mom. You guys look great!

  36. Wow, Emily! These are STUNNING. The last one of you and the one of you guys sitting beside the fireplace with the paintings “feel” like southern California to me. It’s making me miss living there! :)

  37. Amy

    Beautiful pictures Emily! I was loving your blog before but now that I am 6 months prego I am enjoying it even more! Can you please give the details on your blue velvet headboard? and maybe what the rest of the bed frame looks like? We moved from NYC to Austin and bought a king size bed to celebrate but the mattress has been on the floor for almost a year because I can’t find a platform bed I like. Now that I’m so big it’s really hard to get out of bed (off the floor), especially in the middle of the night. I need your help!

  38. S


  39. Gabby

    These are beautiful! I think that Charlie being born less than 24 hours later makes them even more special, I love it.

  40. I can’t believe you still had an inny belly button! And also, the pictures are so lovely :)

  41. Elizabeth

    These turned out beautiful! How wonderful to have captured this moment that is so easily forgotten when your baby turns into a teenager,… happens in a blink of an eye! Well done!

  42. I am not a mom and have to say that generally when I look at maternity photos, I feel a bit like a voyeur. Like I’m snooping in on a couple’s most intimate family moments. But I don’t feel like that with these which I think is a true testament to the talent of your photographers. They captured these beautiful touching shots without making the the moments looked forced but also not so over-the-top that you feel like a total creeper looking at them. I’m sure this is also a testament to you and your personalities as well and they are truly lovely.

  43. Gem

    Emily. You babe of a lady! I love these photos!! sheesh, they are amazing. You babe, and charlie is a babe too, babes all around.

  44. Megan

    Emily, by far, these are the most amazing, interesting, and beautiful maternity pictures I’ve ever seen. What a wonderful way to remember the day before he was born!

  45. Rae Ann

    Emily, what makes this blog so fabulous is how open and real you are. The pics are so amazing. The love just jumps off of them.

  46. Venita

    I love these. I’m 50 years old and have 10 children. With most of them, our bellies were hidden beneath layers if loose smocks and kimonos. My last baby, a little surprise caboose came just 5 years ago, and it was fun to wear some more fitted tops and knits to show off my expectant curves. I so wish I had at least once, some pictures of my future babies. I was always proud of my belly getting rounder and heavier. Good for you! Gorgeous pictures of a lovely point in your life.

  47. I took pictures every month I was pregnant. At the time it felt so silly to pose the same way with a different background each month but now knowing my daughter and knowing she was growing big and strong inside me just fills me with so much emotion I don’t even know how to explain it. All I have to say is that I get you. I get this. And I absolutely LOVE it! I had those monthly pics printed on polaroid style backgrounds and they surround the wall behind her crib. she’s now 14 months old and has recently started pointing to them, saying “mama” and kissing them. To which my reply is, “that’s you too!” and then I kiss them too.

  48. I can’t even put into words how beautiful these are. You look stunning and full of happiness and excitement! The last one is my favorite – it’s just perfect.


  49. Amanda DeFerrari

    Remarkable, inspiring, fun, delightful, poignant, stunning, out-of-this-world!!
    Brian and Charlie are lucky guys.

  50. neesey

    Aww, everyone else is being so sweet and tasteful, but all I want to say is…you got the best boobs out of this pregnancy! Mine grew so much, so early on, they were bigger than my belly until about the last 2 weeks! I’m so jealous!

  51. Incredible maternity photos!!! They did such a beautiful job and you all look amazing. One thing I regret is not getting them done, and I loved being pregnant. Welcome to the world, Charlie Hendo! <3

  52. These are gorgeous, Emily! You will always be SO glad you got these lovely, intimate portraits. You will never be pregnant with your first ever baby again! Some day, when you have four or five kids running around the house and your back is hurting and you’re wondering where you put the gummy vitamins, you’ll be able to look back on these pictures and remember what it’s all about. People. Relationships. The love of a man and wife spilling out into a family of little runny-nosed toddlers and dimpled cheeks. What a gift!

  53. That red dress makes you look like one hot momma! Some of the most lovely, least awkward maternity photos I’ve seen. :)

  54. BEAUTIFUL photos!

    Just found your blog today… I can’t remember how, someone linked up (Oh! It was A Blog About Love) and am going through all your posts… well, not ALL of them, I’m sure I’d be here for weeks, but, you get the idea.

    AMAZING how just 18 hours after the photos he was on your chest. Wow.

    My sister had her first 5 months ago and my best friend is due at the beginning of March–I’m surrounded (but not a mother myself) and loved taking my sister’s maternity photos for her and look forward to seeing my bff’s after this weekend.

    Keep up the great blogging :) and of course, congrats!

  55. Robyn Schanzlin

    Would you share where your bra was purchased? I am pregnant and having such a hard time finding comfortable bras. This one looks for simple and comfortable.

  56. Glenda

    I hadn’t even thought of getting photos when I was pregnant. My best girlfriend just happened to take some pics of me in my 8th month. I didn’t feel good (was on bed rest). But I am so glad I have these pics. My daughter is now 15. I can’t tell you how many times she and I have enjoyed looking at these pictures. When children are 4, 5 and 6, the are fascinated with where they come from. And it takes you right back to when you were carrying them. Congratulations Emily!

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  69. We waited three hours for the breakfasts to take effect and then gave the children a frustrating game of swing ball to play. What we were looking for was not swing ball skill, but rather the ability to stay focused on the task in hand and not get frustrated with losing.

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