TGIF and a few personal updates …

Lets hear it for the weekend, folks. I want to play hookey so bad today and I realized it was because last weekend I spoke at Americasmart in Atlanta on Saturday so I didn’t really get a day off the last two weeks (except flying, which doesn’t really count).  Which reminds me, any of y’all going to the Vegas mart on the 29th, i’ll be speaking at 10am for the ‘First Look’ panel. COME!!!!!

Meanwhile I have the long 1 hour ultrasound today that measures every toe of my growing baby, so I might be spending the day after that just shopping for future toe rings, who knows.

Or i might just do this:


In case you think this is a picture of Bearcat (who is a ‘she’) trying to strangle me and the baby, its not. Nor is it an intentional selfie although i realize that it totally is. But instead this is a demonstration of how we sit. She puts one paw around each side of my neck, burrows her head in and purrs so loud I can barely hear the episode of ‘Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis’ that i’m watching. The happiness she brings me is insane, which you can clearly see on my face. I can’t imagine how this is going to feel when its my baby boy … and ..  now ….i’m … crying. I can’t believe I have to wait 5 1/2 MORE months for him!!! The guinness book of world records called and they told me that my pregnancy was indeed the longest pregnancy in all of history. Congratulations to me.

The mood swings have stopped, thank god. I feel like I wasn’t properly prepared for the level of irritability and Six Flag style Rollercoaster of sadness and happiness I would feel in the first trimester. But now the happy tears just flow constantly, like the true emotional freak that I am.


Meanwhile Brian and I are trying to buy a house, like, TODAY. So follow along on my instagram with the hashtag #ehhousehunting and check out what we are leaning towards.

But it is totally terrifying. Despite having a career i’m totally proud of, Brian and I aren’t Scrooge mcDucking it over here in money.  L.A. is REALLY expensive and experiencing a bit of a real estate mini bubble. All the houses even in the ‘up and coming’ neighborhoods (and you know what that means …) are going for wayyy over asking with cash offers, and we don’t exactly have $600,000 save, so competing is difficult. I can’t spend another year renting, and certainly not in a house where the landlord has told us we can’t do any updates. Idiot. I could add so much gosh darn value to this house it would be stupid.

Anyway, wish us luck.  Little Charlie (Or Oliver, or Starke) really wants me to be able to wallpaper his nursery.  Speaking of, check out this nursery that i’m almost done with:


Obviously the client wanted a less ‘baby’ nursery than most. That wallpaper is ridiculously awesome (drawn by the 8 year old son of the designer HERE). We need to add some color (i’m thinking blues and ochres) but we are getting there. Little Charlie/Oliver/Starke is VERY jealous already. I’ll blog about all resources when its finished, this is just a little sneaky peeky.

Have an awesome weekend, you guys. I hope its filled with flea market finds and mimosas. For me, i’ll be having ‘Mom-osas’, which are decidedly less fun, but Charlie/Oliver/Starke wants me off the sauce for another 5 months – he’s super lame like that. Oh and I forgot to tell you, HGTV’s new online wellness channel is documenting the pregnancy. We just started shooting and The Hendersons get very ‘Real Parents of hipster Silverlake’ on you.  Expect lots of belly footage, candid talking about fear, parenting, doula interviews, weight gain talk, nursery talk and yes … the live birth …. Apparently my lack of privacy and decorum is hitting an all time high (or low) these days. So far its crazy fun and totally on our terms. Hopefully its something that you guys enjoy watching (not out yet, i’ll let you know) and that we love having as a family.

And i promise to use the word ‘journey’ minimally, if at all. I accidentally used it once already, and immediately slapped my own face.




  1. As long as your ‘journey’ doesn’t end with the most dramatic/shocking/surprising rose ceremony ever, I think the term is okay to use.

    • Staci

      Best comment of the day!!

      • Emily

        I’m actually insisting that the dr. ask, ‘Will you accept this baby?’ right after he comes out.
        Yes. yes, i will.

        • Jessi

          And then you can see how many times you can use the word “amazing” to describe the baby, and Brian can take a shot every time you say it.

          Wishing y’all the best, as always!

  2. Lisa

    Oliver Henderson…can’t beat that. I love that nursery…that wallpaper is perfection. and I cannot wait to see what you do when you find your home. You are amazing!

    • Mandolyn

      Oooh completely agree! Oliver Henderson—love it!

      • Sarah

        When I read Oliver, I thought the same!

  3. Kathleen R

    OMG! Bear Cat Snuggling looks like the best thing ever. My cat Starbuck is definitely a slacker in this department. She wants to play with my hair and then gets excited and bites me.

  4. I love how candid you are always, but especially on this journey. Looking forward to your house hunting adventure! My hubby would be happy with something brand new, already “done” but what he is coming to realize is that I will want to change stuff no matter what. No one’s taste is going to match mine, ok ours, exactly.

    My baby name vote is for Oliver! Or Charlie. ;-)

  5. Brittany

    Good luck on the house hunt Emily! We just bought a house in Eagle Rock and it was a pretty excruciating 3 months… It’s amazing how competitive it is out there right now! But you guys will find something amazing and make it even amazing-er.

    • Emily

      We love Eagle Rock. I want to be your neighbor, for sure. Just ate at Little Bird last week and it was DELICIOUS. Hopefully i’ll see you in the neighborhood. xx

  6. Dana O.


    I’ve never met a frat guy trying to date rape a 19 year old with the name of Oliver, so that’s my “name vote”. Also, my life NEEDS you to go all Extreme Makeover Home Edition so that I can copy every single door handle and paint color. okay?

  7. Ali

    Congrats on the home search! I have no doubt that you and your hubby will find the ideal {fixer} pad for your little bundle. Can’t wait to follow you along. Happy weekend to you :)

  8. Sherri B

    Why would a landlord say no to your reno?! That’s crazy talk!

    • Emily

      Because they just don’t get it. They ‘redid’ everything 4 years ago although the kitchen looks like early 1993 with shiny maple cabinetry and linoleum flooring. SOOOO BADDDD. But i’m pretty sure my property manager just has never asked my landlord, and he won’t give us his info. i was pissed for a year, but now i’m channeling that energy into finding my own house.

      • I am a renter and my place is run by a property manager too. I need the owners number bad!

      • Shannon

        seriously!, do they know who you are!!!! do they live in a cave or something? their rental rates could go crazy after you leave if you left your stamp on the joint. they could market it, ” E. Henderson lived here and turned it to GOLD!”

  9. So great. The whole thing all of it. I like Charlie! He could be Charlie or Charles or Chip or Chuck or Chase or Chaz, depending on your/his mood. So much potential. Plus, I work with kids and there are a whole bunch of Olivers running around, but I get that too – it’s a cute name and like Dana said above, sounds respectable.

    Hope you find a house and I can’t wait to see what you do with it! Selfishly, of course. I may or may not already have a note saved on my phone with EH-approved paint colors.

  10. Ang

    Is it creepy that I’m super excited you’re documenting the entire pregnancy so I can pretend we’re besties and you filmed it just for me?

    Never mind. That’s definitely creepy. I’ll leave now.

  11. Jessi

    PS I vote Starke, because I love it when maiden names are used for baby names!

  12. Adriane

    So excited to hear more about baby Henderson! So glad to see another pregnant lady as obsessed with her cats as I am… :) Good luck on the house search. Can’t wait for you to go all YHL on it…

  13. YAY house hunting! I hope your find your perfect dream home (all in shambles but structurally sound, of course, for you to fix up as you want).

    That picture of you and your kitty is adorable. And that wallpaper in that nursery is amazing. <3

  14. Stephanie Acker

    SUPER CHEESE is all I have going on right now after reading your post! :)

    • Emily

      Hm, not sure what that means. Is that good or bad?

  15. holly r

    I would love to go all young house love on a place! I am anxious to see what you guys pick.

  16. I am with you on buying a fixer upper. I can’t imagine buying a “move-in ready” home. Oh, and I loved every ultrasound. If only I could have taken that machine home with me…

  17. Holly

    We did the whole put the house on the market and try to find another house as fast as you can before I had our second and it wasn’t easy – mentally and emotionally draining. Not trying to scare anyone just prepping because it was rough and I was a basket case. We came so close on a few houses and then we ended up getting beat out. At the end of the day we’re in a house that we really love and can’t wait to renovate and put our own touch on. Good luck to you on your hunt – you’ll find something great.

  18. Fiona

    Ha! When we were looking at houses, I’d see something gross and be like, “Project!” However, we did that with our first place, and for some reason, my husband did not find it enjoyable.

  19. Kathryn

    Right there with ya, sister – I moved and remodeled a bathroom while pregnant. Not ideal, but doable. Happy house hunting, what a bunch of exciting things you’re embarking on!!!

  20. Kimberly

    First, let me just say I LOVE the name Starke, and I have an Oliver (but he’s my little Lhasapoo mix). Second, your landlord has to be the biggest moron in the history of landlords!! Does this person not know who you are? How they could pass up on your expertise and get all that insight and value for free while getting value added to their property is just beyond. Ya know what? They don’t deserve you!!

  21. Raq

    how did you get the happy home wallpaper in that color??? I am in love! online they are only showing the light version

    • Emily

      Hmm, i think thats the only color? its a taupey beige and black. I kinda wish it were white and black but the client actually loves the taupe and it fits their house. xx

  22. Miera

    Hi Emily!
    I just love your commentaries! They are very entertaining! Miss not seeing your show on HGTV. The best of luck with your pregnancy and congratulations!

  23. Leave it to you to pull off black curtains in a nursery! I love it! Good luck with house hunting, I can’t wait to see what you pick.

  24. Meleah

    Best wishes on the home buying!!!! So exciting!!!! :)

  25. Jenni

    Our little gray kitty Chuu does the same thing. Haha, he also drools on my husband during the cuddle sessions. Adorable. So happy for you both and CANNOT wait to see you redo your new house… and nursery!!!!

  26. Oooooh. I see now why you say Bearcat is the best. She IS. My kitty obviously needs some lessons.

  27. I love everything about this post! I’m (we’re) also looking for a house right now, but in Salt Lake. I just can’t imagine not getting a fixer upper because where will all my creative energy go? I cannot wait to see what you guys end up with!

  28. Megan

    Just wait…those 5 months are gonna fly by. I’m down to 3 months and had a mini-major freak out because IT’S GOING TOO FAST (especially because I’m in the blissful second trimester).
    Also, my Biggie nuzzles me the same way. I have real anxiety over him feeling displaced by baby but also can’t wait for him to be a big brother. :)

  29. So much excitement going on in your life right now! How crazy is this market?! We are in Orange County and same story. All cash, over asking… Hope you get the house you want :)

  30. Maria

    My husband and I are now renovating a house and I’m 3-1/2 months preg. My complete lack of a filter and the irritability factor toward our contractor is actually helping the process along. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. Best of luck to you two! PS. Can’t wait for the show!

    • Emily

      Thats hilarious. There really is a general low tolerance for BS that has set in, making me wildly more assertive, if not more bitchy, too:)

      • hillary

        I found that the assertiveness/low BS tolerance continued after pregnancy. I believe it is a prime feature of motherhood.

  31. Charity S

    Oh please name this baby Charlie! My husband and I have five kids and I wanted to name our latest baby boy charlie sooo bad but I lost. We finnally agreed on Walter, I like kinda old man names for boys, I’m 33 and have five kids the oldest being 14 and the youngest being 2 months, so you can see why I like to pretend I’m you sometimes, plus I love your style, yours is the only blog I follow faithfully. When I saw you had Charlie in mind I knew I had some style left in me!

    • Emily

      OMG, i can’t believe you have 5 kids. Thats incredible. HUGE congratulations. Its a totally different life but sometimes i totally wish i started really early and was a really young parent (not that i’m old) but just starting at 33 (giving birth at 34) isn’t exactly 19 :)
      Thank you so much for reading faithfully. It means the world to me. xx

  32. Cannot wait to see you tackle a fixer upper! CAN NOT WAIT!! eee!

  33. jacqui

    As a current HGTV editor and a former “Baby Story” editor, all I can say is, please do not utter the words “we feel so blessed!” – with regard to the baby OR house hunt! No act 4 of “Baby Story” was complete without it. Good luck with your house search – have you ever thought of an Eichler in Granada Hills? Maybe TOO mid-century? You get a lot of bang for you buck, but it’s hot!

  34. Christiana Brown

    You WILL find your fixer! I just did and I’m so thankful I didn’t give up! We were out bid and discouraged and up popped a one-owner estate-owned 1970s gem! We are getting so excited for the remodel!! You CAN do this with baby!

  35. Julie

    I recently escaped LA for the calmer waters of PDX. I was a renter, but my property mgr (and realtor) in Culver City was awesome sauce. She’s down to earth and very Midwestern in “sense of value.” So, maybe she can help you find a stellar place? Her name is Nancy Hoff and she works outta Dolce & Associates in CC. Good luck, Momma!!

  36. This post had me cracking up! Love the names! My little boy is Charley (spelled a little different) but it’s so cute calling a little man Charlie/Charley.

    You haven’t lost your humor through all of it! It’s tough but you will be soooo amazed at what’s to come. Good luck on the house hunting!!

  37. Linda

    Emily, I know you must have read Victoria Elizabeth Barnes’ posts about living in her house while renovating it. If you haven’t, you must! A reality check and the best thing to make you laugh.
    Readers, ck out that blog. I just found out about it and read every post.Makes me laugh out loud.
    I love Emily’s blog, of course. It’s pretty clever also. Love reading it.
    Charles is such a good name. A classic. Dignified, sounds nice, all around good name for a precious boy.

  38. Kellie

    I love your blog and am so happy that you are documenting your pregnancy. I hope to use all your cuteness as a reference when it’s my turn :)

    My husband and I just moved from LA to Portland; we bought a house in the Hollywood/Rose City district in Feb. It was built in 1917, so we needed to do some serious renovations: structural, electrical, flooring, and plumbing! We are just starting on the kitchen and bathrooms, so I finally feel like it’s going to be a home soon. It’s been a ton of work (we are doing most of it ourselves with the help of resourceful family members) and we can’t move in until the end of August, but I know it will be worth it.

    I know how tough it is to find a decent place in a realistic price range, but you will find it! Don’t get discouraged. Just remember that you will find your place and you will transform it into the most beautiful space for your family. It’s so much better than putting money into a rental that is not yours. Once you do find a place, I can’t wait to see you document all the spectacular renovations; yours will top YHL any day!

    Best of luck and congratulations. I look forward to seeing the Ulive video and (hopefully) seeing the ultrasound.

  39. love hearing your personal side! you’re already on the path to being the coolest, sweetest mama.

    totally agree on the gut job. and you don’t live in the builder’s beige that is the midwest. if i see one more “newly renovated” kitchen with cherry cabinets and black and brown flecked granite, i’m gonna puke.

  40. Brianne

    Emily, I am obsessed with your blog. I pretty much check it every day, sometimes twice. And I am excited for you to get a fixer-upper so I can live vicariously through you, then copy every thing you do once I get my own home. Your style is impeccable. And I think all three names are awesome. I think a Newsie could be named any of them.

  41. patty blaettler

    My first born son is named Charlie! He was a wonderful child! All grown up now; he’s a U.S. Marine. And so smart!!

  42. Paola

    Emily, the elderly lady who lived next door was recently moved by her family due to concerns over her health/age. They mentioned they’re looking to sell but haven’t listed the house yet. They also mentioned the house was a “fixer.” They left their contact information in case you’re interested. By the way, we’re in the Eagle Rock/Highland Park area.

  43. Pamela

    OMG I am in Vegas the week of the 29th to give a keynote speech at another conference but I see that Vegas Mart is design-trade only. SO sad– I would totally skip out of networking at my own event for an hour or two to come see your talk!

  44. Natalie

    First let me say, I discovered your site earlier this year and I’m so happy I did. Totally inspiring in the design sense, and so honest and funny on the personal side.
    Yes, the L.A. housing market has lost it’s effing mind, but hang in there. We started looking in January, and after losing out on all of the offers we put in, we’re now in escrow on a bungalow in Highland Park. We also couldn’t compete with the ballers and all their cash, but someone finally decided to cut us a break (we were so close to knocking on doors of houses we liked to see if they wanted to sell us their house). Good luck on your hunt and I can’t wait to see what you do with your new place!

  45. Heather

    Not sure if everyone chiming in on the baby name will make you more or less likely to choose what we love… but for what its worth Oliver is quite possibly the greatest boy name ever. Well, that and Otis… but since thats not on the list… Oliver. definitely Oliver. :)

    Plus super sweet photo of you & Bearcat.

  46. Julia @cuckoo4design

    I have 3 cats (my fourth just passed away and he was my only snuggler which makes me super upset) I wish out of the remaining 3 just one would snuggle with me like Bearcat does. That’s just so super cute. She’ll probably be super sad when the baby is here ;)

  47. Gushki

    My 2 cats, Charlie & Oliver btw, meow congratulations to you on all of your journeys! I can’t wait to check out your pregnancy ventures on Ulive. Brave soul you are!

  48. tamra

    Loved, loved, loved the photo of you and Bearcat! My cat does that too, and it’s so sweet it’s stupid. I wish you the best fortune in finding a new nest and the crazy, freak-out ride that is mama-hood!

  49. hillary

    This post is exactly why I read your blog. Baby names! Sailing ship wallpaper! House hunting! Those are pretty much my three favorite things. Good luck finding the perfect, full-of-potential place. The market is nuts right now but you’ll find your nest.

  50. Jennie

    This is such an appealing post. First, I know you and Brian will be such great parents. And, all your possible baby names are great. Second, where can I find a cat like Bearcat? Did you raise her from a kitten? Third, I’m sorry the house hunting is so stressful. I would concentrate on finding a house that is on the best lot in your favorite location. You can always renovate (or even rebuild) as time goes on, if the lot is large enough, and situated well, and on a great street. Another approach to house hunting is to find a “starter home” that you know will sell easily in a few years (i.e. not on a busy street or next to a factory, and not in a neighborhood that isn’t what you would want, etc.) Fourth, if you don’t find something to buy before your little one makes his appearance, it’s ok. You will find the right home eventually.

  51. Jennie

    Fifth, I forgot to mention, even though you aren’t thrilled with your kitchen, I think your apartment is gorgeous. It has wonderful Spanish style architecture, and spacious rooms, and your decoration has made it just beautiful.

  52. emily, so so happy for you, you are looking divine.I stil check your blog daily and really appreciate your content and style.
    My first born son is Charlie, followed by Theodore (Teddy) and then little Rose. I think your HGTV doco will be amazing! – a little thought from this parent of 8 years – show all of the pregnancy ride but I would really advise to stop the cameras at the delivery room door! some things are just for you and your family and you cant really endear us to you anymore than you already have!
    Totes ignore this if it is your want, big blessings and stay well.

  53. Jill

    All three names are fantastic, do you think my 8 year old would cooperate in going down to the courthouse to rename him Starke? It’s better than pushing him back into the womb for a do-over. Or I’ll just start calling him Starke and see if he gets with the program.

    Best of luck with the house hunt. I cannot believe your landlord wouldn’t let you update the rental, seriously?! What a loss for him!

  54. Lisa

    my son is Oliver Hamilton, so of course I think Oliver Henderson sounds fantastic!!!

  55. Nothing compares to hugs and purrs from a cat. No baby can top that. I had two kids before I discovered the joy of owning a cat.
    I love my kids, but as far as the kind of enjoyment you are getting from bearcat, no way. My cat has never given me sleepless nights, bleeding nipples, a broke bank account, temper tantrums, rudeness and bad attitude. Even the best kid on their best day is not fuzzy and cuddly like a cat. By age 2, my son started pushing me away when I tried to kiss and cuddle him, so I had to invent the “kissy monster” just to be able to plant one on him. BTW enjoy dressing him in cute outfits until he is old enough to get an opinion.
    And wait until they start throwing the perfectly selected accessories out of their rooms around age 12, because they are too “old” for Pinnochio, vintage story books and tin airplane toys.
    Just trying to keep it real and I am possibly PMS-ing. Sorry.

  56. Bearcat … what a sweetie! None of my 4 kitties are chest or neck snugglers. That nursery you’re working on looks so classic, yet modern. Good luck on the house hunt so you can design the heck out of Baby H’s nursery!

  57. Are condos out? I’ve been living in one in Little Tokyo for a few years now, and it’s wonderful. There’s plenty of green space on our property (plus several new parks in the area, with more on the way). You really get a “neighbourhood” feel, like you do in Silverlake. You can walk to the local library, grocery stores, cafes, you name it. Plus, the prices are much better. I can’t speak for all condos, but there are a number of families in my building. I see people out walking baby carriages all the time.

  58. Cathy

    Oliver Starke Henderson….has a ring to the ear. He’ll be an awesome designer.
    Architecture, furniture, art, or a cure for cancer, he’ll do it big!
    Glad I stumbled upon your blog as I am still looking for the right gray to go with honey oak kit. cabinets. Glad there is life after HGTV ( or because of it).

  59. Man, if you were our tenant I would tell you to go to town!

  60. Mar

    Good luck on the LA house search. It is definitely excruciating (including escrow!). We just bought a house in an “up and coming” part of Pasadena and what really worked for us was the “love letter”. Our seller did not want to sell to an investor, even though they were all cash and higher offers! I definitely think your love letter can go a very, very long way. Good luck!

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