Styling 101. How to style your mantel.

Alright, folks. Welcome to the beginning of the video styling series that will address all your styling needs. Remember the post where I asked for content suggestions from you? Well, we’ve been compiling them and shooting videos of them (and stills).  We have the first two ready to go.

Styling tip #1 … How to style your mantel:  3 different ways to style your mantel that I guarantee will be beautiful.

How to Style Your Mantle from Modshift.

This video was produced/written and styled by me, Emily Von Henderson, and directed and edited by Arian from ModShift.

Show us (by sharing) some love if you like it. These things cost money and time and if you guys are all “meh,” then I’ll focus my money and time more on other blog adventures. Or on more “Real Housewives.” Or googling “Kittens wearing mittens,” which is truly a rewarding pastime. It’s amazing how many times in a row I can say, “Oh my god, so cute,” and genuinely mean it.

Check out my newest video ‘How to mix Patterns’ and not look like a crazy person.

  1. I like the video, the tips were concise and useful, and I currently have a devastatingly boring mantel so the timing's nice. And of course, every time I see you I'm all 'oh my god, so cute!' and actually mean it. Keep up the good work. That being said…

    "These things cost money and time and if you guys are all 'meh' then I'll focus my money and time more on other blog adventures."… like acknowledging this one?

  2. Holly Baumgartner

    Great job, Emily! I wanted to study each version a little longer during the clip, but know I'll go back and hit the pause button! Keep 'em coming!

  3. Jenericparent

    Great! I kept looking over at my mantel as I watched…hmmmm, do I need to change things around?
    Loved the video!

  4. Laura

    Yes! Absolutely keep these coming! It's like watching little bits of your show.
    Beautiful video, very detailed and explanatory — real tips! So thank you. :)

  5. Michelle

    Love the video, great tips !!! They videos could even last a little longer in my book :)

  6. Missy

    I like this! Very inspiring as I stare at my own weird stair-step mantel. I just might clear the clutter off of it this weekend and try to style it up so it's a pretty focal point instead of a clutter catch-all. THanks!!!!!

  7. Pam

    Love the "how-to" idea. You're my decorating hero.

  8. Linda

    Emily, I check your blog almost daily and learn a lot! I admit that right now I want to see your comments about Design Star.

  9. harmony

    This is awesome – perfect – just exactly what I was hoping for! Really well done, beautiful to watch, and super helpful content. Yay!! More, please!

  10. Danielle

    Love it! We're going to be moving into a new home soon and as my old mantle top was pretty boring (pottery + giant mirror = snooooooze), this really inspires me! Thanks so much and please, keep 'em coming!!

  11. decorbuddy

    Love it! What do you do with a LR fireplace that sits in a corner taking up wall space on two walls (it wraps just a wee bit around to the next wall. This fireplace is the first thing you see looking down the front hall when you come in the front door. It is an odd place to have the fireplace since there is no good way to arrange seating furniture around it. Currently I have a large Oriental buffet on the LR wall (wrap wall) in front of the fireplace. Since the fireplace can't be used properly anyway, I am thinking about mounting the flatscreen over the buffet and ignoring the FRPLC as a focal point in the room. Currently it is painted white enamel brick and I want to paint it the same color as the teal wall in satin or eggshell finish to help it recede into the wall. Comments? I would appreciate your input, perhaps in one of your blog postings if you can't reply directly.

  12. Jennipher

    Thank you so much for this! This has definitely given me some ideas for how I can add depth and personality to my huge mantle. The thing I struggle with the most is the fireplace is positioned asymmetrically on the wall, so it's a weird layout to work with. Maybe if I can arrange the mantle beautifully, the asymmetry will stop bugging me so much! Thanks again!

  13. Elizabeth

    I loved this video! Very helpful and I've been wondering what I could do to help my pathetic mantel, thank you!



  15. Caitlin

    AMAZING! LOVE THIS! Its like you read my mind. Such great tips and exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work! Please make more videos and more tips lists! You are my design hero!

  16. Cheryl

    Love the energy, the direct presentation, the visuals, not just 'talking about' but actual 'doing' it. I echo a previous comment — the corner fireplace challenge, esp one that is not the focal point of the room (all furniture cannot be arranged around it nor do we want to mount the TV on the wall above it and get permanent stiff neck). We are doing your strategy #1 now, large art piece in the middle (about 24 inch in that mid-section) with the wings of the triangle sporting nothing. Minimalist approach but itseems to work.

    Loved your piece on flower arranging too — really detailed and so helpful.

  17. Steph C

    I love this video and hope you will keep them coming!!! It would be helpful to see stills at the end of the three options. Also, I cannot wait to see your review of Design Star this week :) I actually really like Brittany's style (is that her name? Obviously, her personality is not as

  18. pattyblaettler

    Excellent! Very helpful. Thank you.
    If you're going to "drop" anything….drop DesignStar. It's such a YAWN.

  19. Amber

    I freakin' love it. Keep 'um coming!

  20. Loving this. Any tips for if your mantel is super super narrow so layering is difficult? Would I basically be stuck with option #1 (the giant piece of art)?

  21. Lisa

    AWESOME!! SOOOO Helpful!!!! LOVE your work!!!! Thank you for putting your time and money into the video for us!! Looking forward to more!!

  22. Rose

    Really loved it and would watch every single one! I just caught a brand new SOAS on HGTV, and was really excited. Even my husband asked if it was a new one. I have most your episodes DVR'd so that I can watch them again — I even have your pilot, which, I must say, is still one of my favorites. Which brings me to a question you probably get often — is there going to be another season? If not, who at HGTV do we need to bug so that we can get you back on our TV screens? Wish I lived in the L.A. area so that I could apply to be on the show. If you ever come to Northern CA, sign me up. haha.

  23. Christine

    I am currently working on my mantel and your video is a great help! Thank you!!

  24. Kelly

    Awesome! Its helpful and reassuring. I always think I am on to the right track but then I feel like I am missing something, and then you say it. Yep, rule/step #3 that's was it and now it all makes sense. Design… algebra… same thing, you can't miss a step or its just off. Huge fan of the video posts, if it saves money pictures would be totally cool too! I just posted to pintrest and FB :) Also, I just got a kitten. This may seem like a random statement, but its not. I was super worried about shedding, and making my house look like a cat person house with a litter box, and scratching post and whatnot, but my husband really wanted one. So I just kept saying to myself "Emily has a cat, and her house is awesome, and I bet Bearcat doesn't dictate her style". So thanks :)

  25. Julie

    Love it! Would also love to see the three finished mantels as snapshots posted on the blog as well.

  26. Kat

    Love the video! I'm with Bianca, I'd love to get a few more seconds to see the finished product(s) so a few snapshots of the finished mantels or a few more seconds of camera time on them would be fantastic. Great job and I can't wait to see the next one… cheers!

  27. hillary

    Really great! Love the finished look for all three options. I am super jealous of your art collection! Now how do I style these three weird brick niches in my mid-century behemoth of a fireplace that doesn't have a mantel? Trick question, ha ha.

  28. you have the same problem as the editors of a magazine with cover pictures and cover lines. if i'm not interested in the headline, or the pic, i reject the entire magazine, which contains many other stories (and ads!) which interest me and make money for the publisher.
    "how to style your mantel" did not make me want to pick the magazine up.
    however, the do's and don'ts visual, the contrasting shapes, the wrong things, the rule of odd numbers, the breaking up of the three with the peonies — all that, fascinating visual information. and you, as always, full of good info.
    so i would call it mantel dos and don'ts. what not to put on your mantel. mantel tchotchke travesties. or something. you lose me at "style" and "mantel" — mainly because it sounds like something i don't want to worry about because there's more than enough already. it's like "Real Simple" magazine, which is all about things i have crossed off my list. and i wouldn't have watched it except for your asking for feedback. i was wrong. i like the thing itself, and the way it's done, and how the mantel looks so different each time. good job.

  29. Love it! Thanks for putting in all that effort and time! :)

  30. these are great tips. i usually avoid floral arrangements and keep things pretty basic….i'll have to experiment a little more!

  31. susan

    I LOVED this! I have a very long mantel, and the fireplace is off-center (skewed left), but this still gave me some really great ideas for how to style it. Keep up the great work!

  32. So awesome! I've been reading your blog for ages but because we don't get your show in Canada I've never actually seen you "live". So not only was it a great video, but I got to see that you're just in fun on tv as in writing. Yay!

    Now I'm going to go back to ignoring my mantle. It's awful, in a corner, with all sorts of plugs for the tv and even a stupid slot for the dvd player/etc. What idiot contractor puts in a mantle that is based entirely around the tv?? I don't even like tvs in the living room!

  33. Anne

    Yay! I only have one piece of art above my mantel and I thought I'd turn the video on and hear all about how I needed to add more stuff around it to look good, despite me loving it as it. Thanks for the validation that one big, beautiful piece is enough.

  34. Kara

    Great vid. Great to watch and great to learn!

  35. jenn

    I agree with everyone else. I'm diggin the video too! I love that you gave options and explained your thought process throughout. I loved that you showed some things that didn't work and explained why it didn't work. It's great seeing you in action and seeing your fun personality come through. I just want to put you in my pocket and take you home with me!! in a totally non-creepy way of course. I can't wait to see more videos.

    Oh… one more thing.. I agree that having a longer still shot of each finished option would be nice.

    awesomeness :)

  36. Katy

    I LOVE THIS!!! Both the concept (i.e., how-to styling videos) and the content! I don't have a fireplace in my dinky apartment, but I have a credenza that serves as a focal point, and I'm going to attempt to style it using your suggestions!

  37. Anna D

    I don't want to be off topic, but what color lipstick are you wearing? I love it! also, i have a flatscreen tv above my mantel which i wish wasn't there but there is no where else for it to go, so no mantle styling for me. :(

  38. Ellen

    I. Love. This. Exactly what I am looking for in my house – the mantel area is so freakin' tricky!

    I really like the videos – keep 'em coming!

  39. OK I am sure it was super helpful and all that jazz…but I am still completely stuck on your fireplace is painted white and your mantel is still brown!! So happy!! This is what I've been wanting to do but am far too afraid. So I should, right? Because my brick is still brick and it really needs to be white, right? Eeek.

  40. Sarah

    Thank you so much for this video! Your blog keeps getting better and better. :) I am learning so much and can't wait to go home and re-style my mantle.

  41. Cindy

    Bless you!!! This is exactly what I needed! My empty mantle is mocking me at this very moment, reminding me that the decor of the whole room is in limbo until I figure out what goes there. I'll take a me flavored version of option #3. :)

  42. Katherine

    I love this video demonstration idea, so keep 'em coming. This one helps me a lot, because I have a few mantels in the house, and I get super intimidated about what to put on them. This gave me a little more confidence to try some new ideas.

  43. Sunne

    I like these lessons a lot. Please keep them up.

  44. Tonia

    Loved the video and the tips were great. I can never seem to get that 3/5 off number thing down.

  45. carrie

    Emily, it was a lovely video and very informative! Please do more. For reals. Now, if only I had a "normal" fireplace and mantel to style instead of this monstrous (10 feet wide! all fieldstone!) fireplace and stone mantel situation I have going on here. Seriously, it is the elephant in the room as it has both an elephant's dimensions, color, and presence. Hellllllllllllllllp!

  46. Maggie O

    That was fun – you are really relaxed on camera.

  47. val

    Your how-tos are phenomenal, but I'd much rather have still photos. I visit the blog at work for breaks–seeing a little pretty and learning something is rejuvenating–so watching a video is not something that I'm as apt to do.

  48. Christina

    I LOVE the video! Your presentation is fun, hip, and flows. The music sets an appropriate mood. The information is succinct and presented in a tangible, organized way that is accessible. I would love to watch more of these. It is truly well done.

    Thank you for investing your time and energy in this.

    ~ Christina (MN)

  49. Elyse

    This is my first time commenting, but I've been reading your blog for a while :) I LOVE the informative posts and the video is great! Like others I would like to study the last (more complicated/detailed) mantle set up, so… would you consider adding still shots of the final product(s) after the video?

    Please keep them coming! pretty please?

  50. Steph

    Love this video! Good information, and I like that there are 3 options presented.
    I would love to see still shots posted of each option.

  51. Tia

    This was great! Yours is the only show I watch regularly on HGTV, but lately, I've been too busy to catch it (no DVR/Tivo unfortunately), so this clip was like getting to see a mini version of your show packed with some great tips. I really enjoyed it and hope you do some more!

  52. Ursula

    Thanks so much, Emily. Very, very helpful and I will try to apply this to my dining room fireplace (a pretty conventional fireplace with a pretty conventional mantel) Now, if only you could help me with my "art deco" ish fireplace in the living room that has no mantle–it curves out from the wall behind it and then is a large flat space in which there is a fireplace and above that a ribbon of brass and just a little shelf-like space to the far left and far right for something–maybe two fairly tall plants? of equal size and type? We have a fairly good-sized painting hanging in the middle.

    I really enjoy your blog and love your show.


  53. Awesome. I think videos help get across certain information much easier than text/photos would, so I say keep it up.

  54. Jen

    YAY! I don't comment very often, but I just had to say how much I LOVE this video. I don't have cable and HGTV never seems to update their SFS episodes, so I just don't get enough on-screen Emily. Plus, this was super duper completely helpful. I'm actually working on my mantle right now I'm so inspired! :)

  55. Sarah

    Love the videos. It's really practical.

  56. I absolutely love this video! Your personality really shines through, AND you give informative and thorough advice. My fave is option number 3! Make it a conversation piece :)

  57. ashley

    I'm a regular reader here but I hate to comment unless it's awesome, so yeah…this is awesome.

  58. Christie

    Great video! Super helpful.

    It would be great if you could do one on rugs – how to pick a size, how to place it in a room (furniture placed on it, partially on, rug in front of furniture….).

  59. You're so cute:) Thanks for the mini "show". Very helpful!!!

  60. alyssa

    Emily! I definitely enjoyed this instructive video. I love collecting all sorts of eclectic finds and mixing them together, but sometimes find myself at a loss for a cohesive design. Like "Does this actually look all design-y and awesome, or did I just surround myself with a load of stuff I love, but they don't seem to flatter each other". I hope you continue with these great tips and reminders (and "ah-ha" ideas that I never thought of)!

  61. kim

    love it and look forward to more! helpful, entertaining, perfect. thank you mucho.

  62. Erin

    Loved the music at the beginning and end…funky and interesting! I have always wondered about styling my mantel and the different options that exist. Would love to see another video.

  63. L

    Really, really, reallyreallyreally needed this! Now how about "How To Style A Weirdo Little Midcentury Modern Corner Table"?

  64. Laura

    Love the tips!!

  65. Amanda

    Loved it! Thanks for the useful tips!!

  66. Awesome! I love your blog, I've learned so much about styling here. Can't wait to see more videos.

  67. Sco

    Are you kidding me?! Yes, I want more of these awesome clips! And I want more of you on TV. I need my stylist fixxx!

  68. nadia

    Awesome! Very useful tips and watching you go through a few "missteps" was helpful too! I'm a complete noob so this is great, hope you keep doing them!

  69. Kristen

    Loved it! More please :)

  70. jo

    love the video! keep 'em coming!
    that being said, i hate to be all, "when is secrets from a stylist going to be on again, huh? huh? huh?" but that's what i'm saying in my brain. cause i miss your show.

  71. Jonathan

    Nice! More of these please.

    Consider running this as a standalone series a-la Put This On?

  72. Lyndsay

    Very cool Emily, the time/effort/cash is worth it! I hope you feel it is too!

  73. Jani

    Hi Emily! I enjoyed watching your video clip and look forward to viewing more! You've got great style and I really appreciate learning from you. Take care.

  74. Laurie

    Yeah! I actually searched your blog the other day looking for mantel ideas. I feel like mantels are really easy to get way wrong, so thanks for the tips!! Keep 'em coming.

  75. Kimberly

    Loved the video and this is exactly the type of information I was looking for when I was restyling my living room. I had no clue what to do with the fireplace mantle. I ended up going with your option 1 but instead of artwork I purchased a very large windowpane mirror from Pier 1 because I couldn't find a piece large enough for the mantle but small enough to not hit the low ceilings we have:( Please keep the video's coming. If you are in need for ideas…would love tips on styling multiple table top surfaces in the same room. Bookshelf, coffee table, media cabinet etc… I always find it hard to do multiple surfaces that relate to one another. Thanks!

  76. Heather

    Yep. Love it. Keep'em comin'…

  77. JILL

    i really liked this. and if you were questioning whether or not more videos are a good idea, in my little opinion… yes they are! our styles are pretty similar and i really enjoy your show, but i have been LOVING seeing all your work you've been doing to your own home. especially your guest bedroom. LOVE. keep up the good work :)

  78. Love the video! I am now dying to go home and redo my mantel. I would love to see more of these from you! I thought it was full of really useful information that anyone, no matter their style preferences can use.

  79. Emmey

    I love this! So many useful tips for decorating. Thanks, Emily!

  80. Kate

    Haha, the first thing that popped into my head was, "I love that Madewell shirt!" Secondly, of course, was that I love this styling tip. This is totally helpful, and getting specific instructions to vary sizes and shapes and finishes, etc., reinforces the technique. Great work. Thank you!

  81. I really appreciate the video Emily, keep em comin. I know they are time consuming, but i'd love to see more. I fancy myself to be a decent designer, but the end/styling/finishing touches are my weak spot. The more tips the merrier!

    Also disappointing about Hil :-(

  82. Emily

    hi there! new visitor to your blog, and thanks to this video (and a number of other, well-conceived and -executed posts), i'll be a regular, repeat visitor. i love the clarity with which you show AND tell, using visuals and precise, illuminating explanations. keep the videos coming, please!

  83. Love it. YAY videos!

  84. Robin

    Loved this mini clip! You truly are a master of scale which is what makes you such a great stylist. At this time, I don't have a mantle, but the rules for a mantle can also apply to a credenza or any kind of long wall shelf, so I got a lot out of the video. Another problem area for me is my coffee table (which is actually an old train cart). It's a huge area and at the moment all I have on it is a vintage tapestry and a tray of old mosaic candle holders…it could use some help! Thanks for the video…looking forward to seeing other styling tips.

  85. Wendy

    This is a great but simple how to. I love how approachable and easy you make this. I am literally going to go home and do this. I have a traditional long mantle with an off centered fireplace with an accessories cabinet next to it(fire place accessories) that makes me want to redo the whole thing but… now I think I just need change up the mantle and then see what i think. Thanks for the tips. I love your layering technique!


  86. christa

    So good! Very helpful ideas. Looking forward to the other videos too. Um, is it too soon to remind you we need one of these videos for those of us with freestanding fireplaces? Pretty please?

  87. sg5785

    Fascinating! I don't have a mantel, but this looks like it would work for consoles too, and i have one that I've been dying to style!! (By the way, this is a verb that I learned from you, Emily!) Since you asked for suggestions, here is what I am struggling with at the moment: my wife and I moved from a really small apartment to a house. You would think: more opportunities to style, what else can you ask for? Well, we need to go out shopping for a lot of decorative elements, small and large, art, vases, pots, all sorts of things… So I noticed that you generally buy things that you like, create a good mix but without a very detailed plan of where everything is going exactly, and then you place them in a room. Is this how it should work? Could you talk about this process in an upcoming blogpost or video? What would we be without Emily to show us the world?

  88. I love the styling tips! I want to pin all of them onto a little board called style it like emily henderson. Another favorite on your blog is how you post great items of home decor and furniture that is affordable and would look great in most spaces. Have you ever done a post on floor lamps? It is crazy hard to find a good looking floor lamp without paying a fortune! I would love to hear your opinion!

  89. Gina

    Yay!!!! Thank you so much for creating these videos. They're extremely helpful and I can't wait to start experimenting on my console table. Video production takes more time than one might think, so I appreciate all the hard work you've put into this. Keep 'em coming!

  90. I learn so much from you– this video was great! I say keep them coming!

  91. Adair

    LOVE your blog, and this video was worth the money and time you spent to make it. Thanks!

  92. Lindsay

    Love this- keep them coming!

  93. Great job, keep the videos coming!

  94. amanda

    Love it! It makes me want to decorate everything…immediately! Where did you get the side portrait of the puppy? I see it often in your styling/shows and I want to steal it every time.

  95. Adriane

    SO helpful! Thank you Emily!

  96. Yay! Love it!

  97. So excited to see that you're doing vids! I love your show and this is like a little extra fix. Would love if you threw in a little bit on where you get a piece or why that piece is personal to you. Or why you love it. Like that peacock painting. I love it too. and that frame.

  98. Lisa


  99. Are you kidding me!? I love this video. You must have read my mind. I need to style my fireplace wall before I put my house on the market and I've been debating what the heck to put up above the mantle in that big blank space.

    Here my post from my own blog about it:

    I have the hardest time making decisions and since I'm working on a very limited budget, I can't afford to make any big mistakes. And although my readers were pretty sure about which pic they liked best, I'm going to save that piece for another space. I need more color in my room, so I'm opting for pic. I love the section of colored stripes in the middle of the picture and will try to play that up with careful cropping.

    BTW, I see you haven't posted on the yurt challenge. IMHO, Brittany blew away the competition. Maybe it wasn't the judges fantasy but my fantasy always involves a spare, clean, fresh place on the beach so it was perfect for me. Yeah, I might have done one blade of grass broken up into a triptych but I love the color palette of grassy greens and turquoise blues. Looking back at all of the episodes, whenever there was a standout design, Brittany was either the designer or one of the team. She needs to relax a bit more but she's easy on the eyes and I get a sense of vision and preparation from her that I don't find with the other designers. Of course, IANAD so I could be all wrong about this.

    Don't worry, Emily. There is plenty of space on HGTV for two beautiful blondes with more talent than god. You two are totally different stylistically. No competition whatsoever. Keep up the good work. I love coming here for ideas.

  100. Shawna Palomino

    I loved it and want more! I love that wiener dog painting that keeps popping up in your shoots!

  101. Kayla

    I'm really loving these videos, Emily! Thank you for making them. I don't get HGTV with our cable package (and I really miss it!), so these videos of yours are the next best thing. Keep up the great work!

  102. Crystal

    I love this! Great tips, please keep them coming!

  103. Debe

    I really liked the video!! My mantel looks very similar to the third one. Makes me feel good that you validated what I have done. Thanks! Keep the videos coming. And I think it will be Britany! I like Danielle but I think Britany has done some stronger things. LIke them both however!!

  104. Valerie

    I liked the video, but that mantel was attractive to start with. Our mantel is beyond challenging…9ft wide + 10 ft. ceiling + 4ft up of brick + (here is the kicker) 8" deep mantel = it's been bare all 2+ years we've lived in the house. Wish I could post you a picture if it….it's odd…I can't cope. :)

  105. I've been looking for ways to add a little more depth and style to my mantles, and this video shows just that. I love how you demonstrated the fact that size really does matter when decorating the mantle, especially with artwork. Most folks tend to forget that and just keep on placing decor and artwork on the mantle just because they like how it looks, as it is.

  106. Great, Emily! As always, you're adorable, informative, and unique. I can't wait to see what you'll show us next! More! More!!

  107. Ashley

    tips for styling around a mounted tv above the fireplace?
    one place I actually let my husband win an arguement……sigh.

  108. Sandy

    Thanks for the video lesson on styling mantels! We just moved into a 1932 house and the mantel is enclosed- it's actually a mantel with a shelf above it and then a header board across the top that spans the whole wall. There are built ins on each side under windows. So, styling the 'shelves' is hard because I only have about 10-12 inches of height available, and everything just looks like tchotch. Any suggestions?

  109. Kelly

    Great video (which I somehow missed it when you first posted!) I will definitely be tweeting the love. Especially since I actually just posted on my blog today about finally finishing the styling of our family room mantel. I'd say it falls in the category of option #2 — which you can check it out by going here: Wish our mantel was just a little bit deeper though, because I'd love to create the more eclectic look of #3 or even be able to use similarly scaled books! Again. Awesome vid. Thanks!

  110. angie

    Awesome. Any thoughts on what could be substituted for the flowers? They're lovely but I can't afford to constantly keep such a nice arrangement on hand.

  111. Stacy

    Love the videos, but pictures and commentary are just as helpful. Although, I REALLY REALLY miss SFAS, so the videos hold me over until the new season ;)

    … and just to share a little bit of how you've inspired me, I have a herd of brass deer taking over my house… Prancer is sitting by my fireplace and it's 110 degrees outside.. Yes, friends, Deer are no longer just Christmas decor.

  112. candacekai

    Love it! So informative! I can't wait to use the tips on my mantle! PLEASE keep them coming.

  113. Anne

    Hey! This was linked to in Apartment Therapy, and I'm so happy to have found it! Love videos like this where you can really explain what's important and why, rather than just showing pictures.

    More, please!

  114. Pesh

    Very nice and helpful. Where you have mantle, I think you mean mantel. These words are often mixed up.

  115. Danielle

    Help! I just came back to this post to review the video and it's no longer available! Or at least according to this page, no longer exists! Any ideas how/where to find it??

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