Splatter paint hits fashion, furniture and interior design.

Jackson Pollack should be flattered because all these splatter paint prints, fabric, rugs and artwork were definitely inspired by him.  Its back in fashion, on the runways and its emerging into the home realm.  

But its new and therefore i couldn’t find very many good photos of it done well.  But here are a few.  

This one is tricky because it could be really cheezy, but the photo is good enough that it’s selling it. i’m wondering if in reality its weird and looks ‘forced’ or if it were applied directly on the walls it would be amazing.  

This rug is kinda exciting i will admit.  Naturally i want it to be navy and white instead of black and cream, but i like the concept.  If you are thinking ‘my third grade nephew could do that’ you might be right if he has a good concept of composition, balance and color, but in reality doing this abstract paintings that look effortless are indeed not so effortless.  

See. Its in pottery, too, although that has been around a bit longer.  If you are scared of the trend but want to start trying it, grab yourself some splatter paint accessories instead of committing to a huge wall, rug or piece of furniture.  


Kelly Wearstler did it in the new Elle Decor (above) except i think she turned it into wallpaper which is cool, but takes the hand painted effect out of it, obviously.  

I’m tempted to try it directly on walls in my bathroom but there is slightly more risk because if it doesn’t look good its going to have to be sanded off since it will be thicker than normal paint and have more texture.  I think the key to it looking good is picking a sophisticated and decidedly un-80’s color palette and having a ton of movement on it with big strokes as well as small.  I want to keep it as ‘painterly’ as possible and make sure that its balanced but not perfect.  

Where is my personality today you ask? It is busy prepping for a busy week so i’m all business right now.  But if you are at the Vegas Market come to my panel on Wednesday at 1pm disucssing the relationship between fashion and furniture with Cassandra and some other very lovely women who i’m excited to meet.  

Also i’ll be at Blogher in New York at the Leggett and Platt booth on Friday and Saturday – who are they? Oh, you’ll be hearing about them, so stay tuned, but meanwhile if you are going to be at Blog-her and want some one on one time then you can book 15 minute design consultation sessions on how to style/design/and spruce up your bedroom with me on Friday and Saturday from 1-5 each day.  Email Rachel at  Rlader – at – MWW.com for appointments and PLEASE come say hi even if you don’t want a one on one.  

And if you want some fast style tips right now, read my ‘Design Secrets to help your bedroom feel like a retreat’ over on the Leggett and Platt web-site.   Lots of original styling posts and videos about making your bedroom feel like a retreat coming very soon thanks to them.  

If you just want to ask me about Design Star or Bearcat thats cool too, you don’t have to need design consultation, we can just hang out with some cabana boys.  Because yes, there will be cabana boys.  

  1. Wish I could come and get one of your 15 minute design consultation sessions! That sounds like loads of fun!

    Not sure what I think about the new splatter trend. Maybe it's all those years in a paint splattered art studio in college, but I prefer a slightly.cleaner look. That being said, that rug is pretty cool.

  2. Sierra

    Oh man! I wanna come meet you! I would love for you to teach me how to style like you do. I'm terrible at it! I would love a white room with a splash of orange over one wall. That sounds fun! :)

  3. hmmmm interesting. I'm not sure I'd jump right in with a large wall, but perhaps some accessories would be nice?

  4. Eagle Eye

    Its actually pretty funny because I was just talking to my boyfriend, letting him know that officially hit a rut with my bedroom design for our apartment, so I could really use the help. Too bad New York is just far enough away to make it impossible for me to come down!

  5. Jessi

    I would kill to pick your brain for 15 minutes! Lucky blog-her-ers! Have fun!

  6. Kelly

    So I will be in NY for business, over at the Javits Center for the Fame & Accessories show. I emailed Rachel but she said only invites of BlogHer could go :( Sad day. If you want to come over and look at fun fashion stuff stop by (I sell fashion jewelry & we are based in Santa Barbara). I am sure you could register and get a badge there easily. I will be at booth 2272 on Sunday and Tuesday and booth 173 on Monday :)

  7. Candice

    When will we be able to know your thoughts on the finale of design star this season ? I can't move on from this season until I am privy to your opinion. Please, pretty please?
    P.S. I live in Seattle but I visit Portland twice a month because my best friend lives there. I agree that it is the best city ever especially the whole month of Summer. What are your thoughts on the show Portlandia? You should totally make a guest appearance.

  8. Arun

    Wow, quite provocative! Never would have though to use paint-splashing on furniture!

  9. An Abstract Expressionism painter myself,( Reverse painting on Acrylic glass) I'm thrilled to see this return. Although in my world it never left it 's just evolved