Sneak Peek into a new house

I’m at Alt Summit, about to speak in 1/2 hour now with some awesome chicks for some awesome chicks.  I have no idea why more single men don’t come to Salt Lake for the same weekend as Alt Summit. I mean, the amount of super stylish, pretty, chicks that are here is INSANE.  

But for now check out a work in progress:

What i’m speaking about is styling your own work, etc, and i actually didn’t really style this – just snapped some pics with my new camera.  But i wanted to give you something fun to look at while i’m gone.  So look away.  

  1. Wish I was at ALT Summit! Emily Henderson is going to rock their socks!!

  2. Absolutely love both shots…such a fun color combination!

  3. Iris

    Holy Moly!! I am loving this….that first image is perfection. The colors are awesome. Can't wait to see more.

  4. Laura

    I'm glad you posted that you didn't style that room because I honestly don't think it "works". That green/blue(looks turquoise?) chair with the blue rug seems like an odd mix. Same thing with the turquoise jar in close proximity to the blue white stripe throw(seems beachy) does not flow. I love the pictures you post of the rooms you style but those two pictures above hurt my head!

  5. Wiggs

    How awkward for Laura. You did design that room, right, but just haven't styled it for photos yet?

    It doesn't matter because I'm in love with it. I have blue walls and I'm constantly scared about mixing different shades of blue together. I love seeing it done so beautifully. And the Penguin Classics I'm seeing behind the couch…swoon. I have a plan to eventually get all of them, but first I have to convince my hubs that it makes sense to spend that kind of money on books I've already read and already own copies of. I got the children's set from Anthro a couple of years ago and I love seeing it there on my shelf.

  6. Caitlin

    Love these pictures, love all the blues. Emily you are awesome! Wish I was at Alt to hear you speak. Good luck and have fun!

  7. Nick


  8. Michelle

    I love the couch! Where is it from?

  9. Rae

    Oooh, so pretty! I would love to know the source for the rug.

  10. beautiful! the gold elephant is amazing.

  11. Beth

    I have been looking into doing some Chicago remodeling and once I saw the last picture, with the blue, I was sold! It's absolutely beautiful!

  12. Love the color combinations. What a beautiful sneak peek.

  13. Bonnie

    Am I the only one that has saved this in their inspiration file and is DYING to see more of the room???

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