Our newest, most wonderful vintage finds

Dear Emily,

We spend most of our days staring at things. At each other. At Bearcat as she climbs onto my lap, mewing her little head off in desperation (for love). At Brian, as he comes into the office exclaiming that he has to go on a run and/or look at glamorous real estate. But the majority of our staring is at the menagerie of objects that surrounds us on a daily basis. We find beautiful things, usually at vintage stores and the flea market. And then we stare at them for weeks and weeks, sometimes taking them out of the office to use for photo shoots.

Below is a selection of some of our current favorite finds, as we see them around the house and in the office.


Lucite Foot, $10, thrift store in the valley

Emily found this foot last week and every day since then she has asked me, “Have you seen my lucite foot?” She asks this of everyone who enters the office. If you stay in the office longer than seven minutes, she will ask you again. “Have you seen my lucite foot?” It’s just that amazing. I have the feeling the she tucks it in at night and talks to it when no one’s listening.

Brass-Handled Scissors, $23, West Elm

I noticed these this morning and assumed they were vintage. I was all “Emily, where’d you find these cool scissors?” And she was like “West Elm! Awesome, right?” And I was like “Oh. MyGod.” But seriously, it’s hard to find scissors this adorable anywhere, so the fact that you can just go online and order them is pretty cool. Me want.

International Clock, $65, Pasadena Antique Mall

This clock magically tells time around the world. You know what it also does? It makes my day worth living just by being so awesome.

Wood Horse Head, $15, Flea Market

This little horse head keeps me company every day. He’s a great friend and a great tabletop accessory. Just like you.

Clothespin Card Holder, $10, Flea Market

We used this to store some of the business cards we picked up at Alt.

Brass & Wood Ice Bucket, $30, Flea Market

Sometimes, Emily and I fantasize that we live in the ’50s, a time where we could drink all day in the office, using one of these fancy little ice buckets to chill our drinks to perfection. Just kidding. We don’t really fantasize about that, but if we did we’d use this ice bucket to make our dreams come true. It’s the best ice bucket on earth, and someday I want to marry it.

Leather Safari Chair, $200, Flea Market

We added this baby to our collection of warm, worn leather. Sometimes, when we feel sad and alone, we go over and sit in this chair and think about Julia Roberts movies from the ’90s and then we feel better.

Indigo Tapestry, $30, Flea Market

This tapestry can often be found draped over the back of my chair. It’s scratchy and uncomfortable, but I can’t bear to be too far away from it because the color makes me so happy.

Whale Door Knocker, $12, Flea Market

Did you know I love whales? And door knockers? And brass? This is basically the most exciting door knocker I’ve ever seen. And to be honest, it’s actually kind of hard to get excited about a door knocker so this is pretty exceptional.

Brass Neclace, A Gift from Emily’s Friend Scott

Scott bought this crazy thing for Emily. It’s from the olden days when ladies used to wear neclaces that had perfume hidden inside them. Do you know what else it has hiding inside it? Awesomeness, because it’s the coolest neclace around.

This is a most ingenious invention. It’s a match holder. But look! The heel is textured so you can strike the match on it. Amazing!

La Central Placquard, $50, Flea Market

This is the perfect little thing lives in the mantle right now, where we lovingly stare at it while we talk about our hopes and dreams.

So there it is. The collection of stuff we stare at most. What objects do you stare at every day? Tell us!



(All of these pieces will probably in the next One Kings Lane Sale starting March 10th, although clearly those prices will be wildly different).

Thank you Tessa for taking these pretty pics. :)

  1. patty blaettler

    I have that same whale doorknocker. I paid $6.00 for mine in NJ. I also got brass seahorse bookends for $6.00 in NJ. (different place) $6.00 seems to be my sweet spot.

  2. You guys find all the best stuff! LOVE the matchstick holder! That chair is pretty amazing as well.

  3. Kevin Orlin Johnson

    Is that an ice bucket or a cigar humidor? Because it looks like a humidor.

  4. Nicole Malcolm

    OMG!!! That leather chair is absolutely fantastic! I would so love to go shopping with you both.

  5. Hey, that's my business card in your cool giant clothespin! I asked you about floral kitchen curtains at the Blurb party and you kindly didn't laugh in my face and steered me toward Roman shades. You were very kind and it was lovely meeting you.

  6. Jessica

    How do we find Emily's listings on OKL?

  7. hillary

    Wait, the necklace that was a gift is going on One Kings Lane? That's weird! But I would probably buy it anyway, because it is awesome.

  8. I call dibs on the lucite foot, the international clock and the horse head. Oh, and the whale door knocker. I stare at a brass bell I just bought for $4 at a thrift store which is in the shape of Marie Antoinette. The bell is in the shape of Marie Antoinette, not the thrift store… :)

  9. AC

    Oh Orlando, you make me giggle when I read your posts. How lucky you both are to spend your days together finding amazing things, doing what you love with your buddy by your side. Job envy over here! Mwuah! Those finds are amazing! Just found a similar door knocker online for a friend named Jonah who of course loves whales…it's a mid-week present for my little buddy.

  10. Bridget

    I call dibs on the wooden horse head. I've already taped off a spot for it on my side table. So hoping it's on your OKL sale! The white and gold checked vessel type thingy I purchased at your first sale is enjoying it's spot in my navy blue grasscloth powder room. You would approve as on the PR wall hangs a vintage needlepoint of a peacock I purchased for $10 at a flea. Thanks for keeping us in the loop on your vintage purchases. Always interesting to see what sparks your interest.

  11. meg

    That business card holder is fabulous.

  12. Holly

    The foot and whale knocker are killing me they're so cool… I really wish I knew what that store in the valley was. The Santa Monica antique market on Lincoln just closed to make way for (MORE) apartments so I'm pretty bummed about that since that leaves us with not much like it in the area. At least there are still a few smaller thrift stores on the westside. I have yet to get to The Artifac Tree in Malibu when they're open – anybody been there and have a tale to tell?

  13. love that brass and wood bucket, and the cardholder. i too keep myself surrounded by thrifted bounties—a most recent addition is a beautiful blush-colored velvet chair that i scored for free from one of my english professors who was having to get rid of it from her office…i FIND reasons to go sit and think scholarly thoughts in it (like was it right for the dr. to lie to the granthams about sybil's death? what would it be like to switch bodies with my dog G for a day? etc, etc.)…

  14. Jessie

    I especially love the La Centrale sign and the scissors…and those scissors are on sale, woo!!

  15. Lindsey

    ah i am dying over here love, love, love that Indigo Tapestry! i have been on the hunt what seems like forever for a wall tapestry. hopefully one day i will stumble apon one :)

  16. I love when Orlando comes to visit your blog. I’m so jealous of the amazing vintage stores and flea markets that LA has to offer. Sigh. I should do a road trip with a trailer from Toronto. OK, that is crazy talk but wouldn’t it be fun? Almost as fun as owning a lucite foot, but not quite.

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