Our baby shower, part 2

Well folks, you can call off the search, take down the posters, hang up your 911 call because you have officially found the best ‘parenting party’ (co-ed shower) that’s ever been given … and it was ours, thrown by Scott, Corbett and Orlando – 3 of my very best friends in LA. Naturally they are also the people who I think have the best style and know me the most, stylistically, too, so thats awesome. Last week I blogged about the party but not the decor  – check out those photos here.

It was totally fantastic and just generally amazing in every way. Let me walk ya through it.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

They chose a triangle theme. Everybody kept trying to guess that the triangle was symbolic for something fertile or infant or something, and while it is the shape of ones, ahem, lower region area, I think they chose it because its super on trend and visually very fun.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Scott hosted the party at his new beautiful house in LA. In case you don’t know this man he is one of my very best friends in the world (like family, this man). We met on set years 12 years ago, both assistant stylists. He went on to work for Martha and has been a freelance (and very sought after) stylist for years.

So he got his DIY on to make some much needed confetti.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

triangle pendants

When I walked up to the house I was shocked at what I first saw. These awesome DIY brass pendants that Corbett just whipped up. Just like that. Leave a comment if you want the DIY – I’ll have her recreate it for the blog. They were awesome.

But that wasn’t good enough, nay. We also got to walk through this threshold of triangle ribbons. This was also around the holidays and could double as SUCH a cute holiday decor idea, too. It’s strangely fun to walk under a bunch of ribbon – it’s like life just turned up the silly and festive on you. And while I would have had a good time if they had just shoved a bunch of themed straws in my face, I have to say that Brian and I  both had so much more fun having it be so decked out.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Then Kristen from Moon Canyon made this awesome triangle wreath that was just stunning. Thanks, Kristen!

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Here’s a sneak peek into Scott’s house which is just ridiculously beautiful.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Even the ceilings had triangle banners … Because ceilings are people, too.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Oh and there was a teepee, naturally. What triangle themed party would be complete without a teepee serving as the bar? So beautiful.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

They even had this pinata custom made for me which of course I’m still hoarding in Charlie’s room for his 4th birthday. And in case you are wondering how much a custom pinata of this size is, the answer is either $18 or $28 … I forget, but definitely not as expensive as I thought it would be.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

Check out the other party post to see that triangle light fixture in action. It’s awesome, served as a focal point in the space and drew people to the other side of the pool.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

They painted on these floating candle holders which tended to want to just hang out at the edge of the pool, but looked chic regardless.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

The thought, effort and love that went into this party is truly remarkable. I stayed up til 12 on that Sunday talking with everyone while they kept drinking wine and I wasn’t even jealous this time because I had such a good time.

Emily Henderson Baby Shower

I mean, that’s a ridiculously fun, festive and modern baby shower/party. Scott, Orlando and Corbett KILLED IT.

emily baby shower

They are three of my favorite people in the world. Three people who I’ve never gotten sick of no matter how much time I’ve spent with them (which is A LOT) plus they all love each other, thank god. We all go flea marketing, thrifting, shopping and then many a happy hours drinking. Thank you guys so so so so so much. Without sounding too cheesy and hormonal, it truly was one of the best nights ever. Brian and I felt very, VERY, special. I love you. (To see all the party photos,click HERE).

Resources: They rented the majority of the furniture from Yeah Rentals, the food was by Heirloom LA (sorry, we devoured it before the pictures could be taken!) and the rest of the resources are here: 

Floating water lanternsGold triangle pillowPaper garlandTriangle rugTriangle fabricEmbroidered triangle pillowGold fringePyramid light garlandTeepeeGeometry pillowArrow pillowTriangle paper punchLarge triangle paper punch, Happy Habitat Throw.

All photos by  Christian and Reina. Thanks guys for such amazing photos!

  1. Jentine

    Beautiful!! huge YES on the DIY Brass Pendants – I love them.

  2. Sarah in OR


    Triangle -> 3 sides creating one shape -> family of three


  3. Gorgeous! I’d love a DIY on the brass pendants.

  4. Nastassja

    Gorgeous! How awesome is this baby party… And definitely please have a DIY on the Brass Triangular Lights :)

  5. Chris

    So much love! Can we see more of Scott’s house?!

    • Emily

      Yeah, he’s probably going to shoot it for a magazine. Its beautiful.

  6. Robyn

    Heck yeah we want a triangle DIY!!!! Those would look AMAZING on my patio!!!

  7. Alexis

    My 4 year old son got so excited over the decor, he took my ipad from me and started scrolling through all the pics in which I realized i was frustrated because I couldn’t read all the text which then led me to realize that I actually always read what you write! The only design blog that I do, usually I just scroll through people’s pics but your writing is SO good, just as good as all that eye candy which is saying a lot.

    • Emily

      AHHH, thanks! And thats hilarious. Just rip it out of his grubby little hands. Kidding. :)

  8. Mari

    Would love to see the triangle DIY. And how about a tepee DIY? Such a fun party!! Thx for sharing

  9. Carol

    You know you’re loved when people take the time to DIY for you! Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing. Ditto on the brass triangles!

  10. Kim

    I love the triangle paper garland. I created a pile of this for Christmas (circle and snowflake shape) and hung in my dining room and draped across the fireplace mantle. Everyone loved it. I did gold/white/silver/black/grey colors. Some mixed strands, some same color strands. So easy to do and such impact. And it looks way better than anything store bought!

  11. Beautiful! What an amazing gift.

  12. Pam

    You look so happy and fabulous the shower so adorable too
    will be hosting one soon grateful for the fab ideas

  13. SLG

    Please, please post a brass pendant DIY! They’re gorgeous!

  14. Jaime

    What a lovely shower. So good. I love that the theme is design-based rather than kitschy/traditional baby, and it could be used for any type of celebration.

    Yes, PLEASE for the DIY pendant!

  15. Moya Miller

    DIY of pendants PLEASE. <3

  16. Cindy

    Wow, I had to read this post three times to take it all in. Insanely good stuff!!

  17. Nicole M.

    What a killer home…and baby shower! Totally you! You can tell how much they love you by the effort and personal touches they put into this special occasion…those 3 seriously thought of everything! Please tell me that you will incorporate that teepee into your deck design for little Charlie :) And I love how Corbett coordinated her outfit with the triangle theme!

  18. Anna

    This is SOOOO FAB!! Charlie was the most stylish baby in the world even in the womb.

    I was just thinking about how much I would LOVE to see a series from you of how you would finish up, or put the Emily flair in, an already-started room from some of your readers. Sometimes I’ll look at a real-world room and think, this is good, but it just needs Emily to make it awesome. I would die to just see some good sourcing and mood boards to complete real-life rooms, or just tell us what’s working and not working…it would be like the Emily fantasy coming to our real lives. PS…I have some rooms for you to start with if you want some ideas! :)

  19. Sarah

    Theme: triangle has three sides and baby makes three.
    I assumed that was it! :)

  20. Francisca Paiva

    we need the DIY for the triangle brass lights!

  21. Annie

    What nice friends! It looked so fun! I’m wondering if you could do a house tour of scott’s home on the blog? Would he hate that or love it? It looks really one-of-a-kind.

  22. juli

    oh I love absolutely everything about this — so thoughtful, creative and fun — but what you said about loving them had me in tears.

  23. Steph

    This is so lovely! Do you have the source for custom pinatas? Absolutely love it!

  24. Page

    Yes to pendant! What a great-looking party.

  25. Hi, we’re the makers of the pyramid light garland on the mantle and the awning, and we just wanted to stop by and say thanks for including our lights in this beautiful batch of decorations for your shower! You guys killed it with the theme – everything is rad and perfect. Congrats on le bebe!

    Katey and Chris, The Society of National Industry

  26. sara

    Beautiful! Such a lucky couple to have wonderful and talented friends. And another HUGE YES to a brass triangle light tutorial!

  27. Kate

    Yes Yes, please do a DIY for the triangles. I have some at home and I put my air plants in there- they’re so fresh and modern!

  28. Melanie Price

    Gorgeous!! And yes to the link on the brass pendants please. They are awesome!

  29. Jennifer Werminski

    DIY Brass pendants please!!

  30. Lea

    This was the most beautiful shower ever! DIY Brass Pendants Pleaseeee!!!!

  31. Bee

    You are so lucky to have such wonderful and thoughtful friends. Thank you for sharing the party details. Oh, please tell Scott I want to live in his house! And, yes, let’s have the DIY tutorial for the brass pendant!

  32. Molly S.

    I would love to know where your red dress is from…


  33. Alicia

    Would love a little tutorial on those brass lights!

  34. Lyndsey

    Yes, DIY of brass pendants…..and maybe those cool triangle garlands? Were they paper or fabric? Was thinking those could look really cute in a kids room :)

  35. Congrats Emily! What a fantastic group of friends you have :) Oh and… share the DIY! DO IT! Thanks.x.

  36. Amazing! Would love to try that DIY!
    Thanks for sharing,
    xoxo Chy

  37. Jennifer

    love love love the triangle theme! looks like an amazing party. please share the DIY brass pendant info!

  38. Danielle

    Yes, please – DIY on the brass pendants!

  39. i never met a triangle i didn’t like. this is heaven.

  40. Rose

    Yes to the brass pendants! I need to make those!

  41. Kristen

    I’m obsessed with the small gold stars that were scattered everywhere. Where can I get my hands on those??

  42. edith

    so lovely!!! yes, on the diy brass pendants! they are amazing! love this blog! very inspirational.

  43. JT

    According to the tabloids this must obviously mean you are illuminati. Jk! ;)

  44. I love the decorations! Those pendants are so stunning.

  45. branka

    I think the omni-talented S, C and O have another career as party themers! Just super.

  46. So beautiful – thanks for sharing. I’d love a DIY of the triangle pendants and wreath. Such lovely ideas!

  47. You are one lucky girl to have such amazing friends. They went all out for the love of you, Brian, and your baby. Makes me tear up a little :)

  48. Megan

    Brass Pendant!!! Brass Pendant!! Brass Pendant!!

  49. amber peters

    awesome décor! Yes! I want the DIY brass pendant tutorial!

  50. Corinne

    Yes, PLEASE share the brass pendant tutorial! I love them!

  51. kate

    So be-oo-ti-ful! Please do post the copper triangle lights- so cool!

  52. Supremely cute town triangle USA, every last bit of it. Love that Scott Horne. Congratulations on your beautiful, healthy baby and gorgeous house! xx

  53. Brittany

    Dear lord, we need nothing more than that brass pendant DIY!!!! Please and Thank you Corbett & Emily!

  54. Rachel

    Hi Emily,
    Ever since I found your blog last year I’ve been an avid reader, going through your archives and expectantly visiting each day. I love your style and really appreciate how simply you explain design principles. I’m an artist, but interior decorating is new territory for me. What looks good on a painting can end up overwhelming a room. So I’ve loved learning tips like how to mix patterns–1 geometric + 1 floral + 1 solid and vary scale. See what a good student I am? I still remember ;) –I really feel like I’ve learned a lot and been able to translate a lot of your principles to my space. So thank you.
    Sadly, I guess this is a breakup comment. I was really looking forward to watching the progress on your new house this coming year, but I don’t want to read off-color humor. And I guess this post pushed me over my limit. I’m not trying to judge you or asking you to change your private life or personality or humor, and I know you might not care…but just in case you do… I wanted to let you know that if your posts weren’t overly racy you’d have one more reader. I’m sure there are others who feel the way I do too.


    • Kerry

      I went back through to re-read the post as I couldn’t recall anything racy. I still am at a loss as to which part was the racy part. Out of genuine curiosity, can you elaborate?

      • Jihane

        I’m lost too! And as curious as you, Kerry. But I guess the wise thing to do is to ignore this comment…
        So, amazing baby shower and yeeeees to DIY brass pendants!!!

        • Emily

          :( I’m super lost, too. And sad to see you go, Rachel. But we all have different triggers I guess. What can you do?

          • Sarah

            I think she was talking about the bit where triangles look like a woman’s lower region…

            Just discovered this blog. Love everything about it – racy comments included! So, u gained one reader for the one u lost :)

  55. Erin

    How amazing! This is an amazing party! Best friends ever! I’m baffled by the racy comment. Oh well, one less reader who obviously isn’t all together. Total loss, sadzies.

  56. Jordan

    Haha you’re like the cutest, least racy person! The shower looked amazing! Question: did you open gifts at the party? We really want to have a shower just like this with all our friends and family and lots of alcohol, we won’t host of course. But I’m worried that we will offend people (like my crazy aunts) who expect the whole boring song and dance of opening presents. Also, did you register and if so was it on the invite? It feels uncomfortable asking for gifts but I guess that’s normal for a baby shower. Thanks!!

  57. Kate

    Hi Emily,
    This was a beautiful shower & I’ve loved reading your new-mom stories…very real and honest.!

    Also would love to read a post on the DIY brass pendants…too cool! Lucky to have such wonderful & talented friends!
    Thanks!! Kate

  58. jasmine

    Where does one find a custom pinata? Am I missing the link for this?

    Amazing, as usual.

    • Emily

      They ordered it from a little mexican import store in LA and I think many of them do it, but sadly i don’t have a link for you. Sorry!

  59. kate

    Brass pendants, pretty please??

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  97. Renel

    I would love the DIY for the brass pendents. What a beautiful party. I hope the joy just kept getting bigger.

  98. Emily

    I have the same question about gifts – on one hand I don’t want people to have to bring gifts to a party, but on the other, I guess that’s the point – to help you defray the cost of your first baby?

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  100. Any update on the brass gems DIY? We’d love to make some of those for the office!

  101. P

    Hello – can you please post the DIY for the brass pendants?

    Thank you!

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