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The nightstand styling competition is alive and kicking. With four days left you still have PLENTY of styling time to snap a photo of your nightstand, upload it to the competition, and potentially win a pair of Serena and Lily nightstands. Enter the contest HERE. 

Meanwhile, here are some of my favorites from the competition so far that you can go and VOTE for:


“Mid-Century nightstand with pops of gold and orange.” By Sarah C.  Nice job, Sara — you followed all my tips and it looks great.



“Eclectic bedside table (with night time guard leopard)!” By Kayla K.  Love that lamp and pink throw.


“Old & New — not your usual nightstand table or cabinet, as it’s an old chapel chair used as a stand. I’ve added a little touch of vintage with my precious collection of old books (and new!), a vintage tea box and plate to hold some jewelry. Plus I’ve added some modern florals for a pop of color!” By Eunice Y.  I do appreciate the use of a chair as a nightstand, indeed.


“Simple subdued master bedroom. ‘His’ side has wooden typewriter table, brass architect lamp, and black and white cross stitch of a ship. ‘XOXO’ letters hang above the bed.” By Amy L.


“Serene night stand with feminine touches and dark masculine furniture. My husband had this existing night stand and I added my own girly accessories to make the decor look more balanced. I also made the accessories on the night stand functional because I am always thirsty so I added a water carafe, a place to put my rings, and I love to read before I go to bed and I need a place to put my latest reads. ” By Monica Wang

Nice job MONICA!!! So pretty.


“Unconventional & inconvenient” By Tessa Neustadt  Oh my god, Tessa, I love you and your crazy plants. SOOOO pretty.


“Cozy & Playful” By Samantha G.  Great. Love.


“After trying my nightstands a million different ways, I came up with this composition. Not, like, groundbreaking or anything but I kinda like it.” By Orlando

Orlando — son. Nice job, Grasshopper.


“Modern manly magic. Well, I AM a man, and I think it’s manly.” By Ryan F.

Indeed, Mr. Ryan. One of my favorites for sure.


“I found this pair of nightstands for $100. They were painted a terrible brown color, but after stripping, sanding, and staining, this is what was underneath. Definitely worth the work.” By Alexis Finc

Oh, hell yes, A. Excellent job. You made me very proud.


Enter contest HERE. Remember there are two winners; whoever gets the most votes and whichever one I loved the most.  Go forth and style (or again, if you just want to be a voyeur and vote, you can too, HERE

  1. I love them all but there is something so special about that first mid-century beauty.
    I love the wood detail.

  2. Kimberly

    The typewriter table is my favorite. I’ve never, ever thought to use one like that but it totally works for the guys side of the bed. I also love that last one with the nightstand that was refinished, just love bringing something back to life and it came out beautiful. I love the lamp on Ryan F.’s entry. The first entry by Sarah is pretty great too!! How to decide?

  3. Elizabeth

    In the unlikely event Samantha G (or somebody who knows her) reads my comment, could you please tell us about that awesome art on the wall? Thanks!
    Good job everybody!

  4. Tracy

    Yes, ditto on knowing how to make the photo booth photos turned wall art by Samantha G. — amazing! Also, Ryan F., the blankets on blankets, pattern on pattern work incredibly well. My husband would kill for that room. Kudos.

    • emily jane zarov

      me too, me too -LOVE the pattern on pattern by Ryan F!

  5. Samantha

    Hi there, I’m happy to oblige! I had that photo booth piece made a couple years ago. The artist who did it was a friend of a friend. Here’s the link to his Etsy shop.

    He doesn’t have any items for sale at the moment, so I’m not sure if he’s still doing them, or maybe just taking commissions. Anyway, he did a great job. He took a teensy photo booth picture of me and my husband on our first date and blew it up to that piece which is just over five feet tall. Glad you guys like it! Yay nightstand competition!

  6. Bonnie

    I do not envy you! How will you ever decide? My favorites are Alexis Finc’s and Amy L’s; but only by a small margin – they are all great.

  7. Becky

    Musty old-man chic for the win : )

  8. Lauren

    Errrr…can Ryan take me shopping for rugs and textiles…and tables…and maybe Amy can help me look for lamps too? Great job everyone!

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  10. sandy gimelstob

    where are the nesting tables available?

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