Nightstand Styling Contest


That’s right, friends. It’s another styling contest, like the mantel contest here, except this time instead of winning a brass trunk side table you are going to win a PAIR of nightstands of your choice (between the two you see above) from Serena and Lily. I’ve been wanting to work with Serena and Lily for a while because I basically love everything they sell. They have good price points, and modern, fresh, and feminine furniture without being too girly — just overall a great home design company.

Thank you very much Serena and Lily for your generosity of giving two pairs of nightstands; the Aqua Melrose Nesting Tables (set of three), $385 and the Mirrored Nesting Tables (set of two), $595. That’s right friends, you choose the one you like more and you get a pair of them. Brand new. Free of charge.

So, here is what you do:

1. Style your nightstand (my go-to’s are a lamp, tray, jewelry box, candle, flowers, water carafe, alarm clock, etc.)

2. Take a photo of it and upload it into the contest (best photos are during the day with natural light and shot straight on).

3.  Vote for your nightstand and get your friends to vote for it too.

There are TWO winners again — one with the most votes and one that I like the most. The contest lasts until March 25th and I’ll be featuring my favorites all month ’til then (and yes, calling people out with crediting, so all y’all bloggers who want more traffic enter now!).

To learn how to style your nightstand watch my handy little video about it:

To see the holiday mantel styling contest check here.

To enter this contest, click HERE. Good luck, my friends. May the best nightstand win.

hot pink hanging lamp

  1. great formula! It is important to have the bedside table be inviting, settling. love this.

  2. Thank you for the opportunity! I will be entering but have to think about which accersories to use!

  3. Well I’m sure I won’t win (the prizes are so awesome!) but it is fun to practice! I’ve been wanting to practice table settings too. Thanks Emily!

  4. Jessi

    I need to win this contest, because I don’t have any nightstands! Been on the hunt for forever. That will be a problem for the styling challenge, haha! It might end up being a dresser….hmmm…..yay thanks for the contest!

  5. Jac

    Sigh, I kinda wish you could win these nightstands by having the worst-styled bedside situation (ahem, shoe-in right here!) and therefore be in most need of new nightstands (and, by default, happier sleeps.) Still, maybe the S&L incentive will make me try to make the most of what I’ve got to work with … or at least be happy to spy other people’s bedside scenery!

    • Emily

      try!!! I know, clearly if you had an awesome nightstand situation you wouldn’t need new ones, but just try, you never know…

      • I love styling mine but I hate what I have to work with…which is WHY I want to win ;)

  6. Krista

    Can Canadians enter the contest as well??

    • Emily

      let me check with them – its all about shipping. I’ll get back to you.

      • Krista

        It says “Must live in the US” on the facebook page! Maybe next time :(

  7. Susan

    I’m styling NOW!…and keeping my fingers crossed!
    This is FUN!

  8. Azure

    I agree; if we had nice nightstands, we wouldn’t need to win this contest! LOL! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s submissions. I wonder if next time you would consider having an amateur and a professional pool. That way we non-stylist/non-professional bloggers would have a chance.

    • Emily

      don’t worry about the nightstand as much, its a styling contest not a nightstand contest!! Enter!!!

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  10. Just entered the contest! Please keep in mind I’m a girl who desperately needs a swanky bedside table for the following reasons:
    1. I love to style mine, I just don’t have a nice set of tables!
    2. I write a blog called bedsidesign bedside + design, it’s about MY inspirations while I’m about to go to bed…I think I need something inspirational.
    3. I’m in love with mirrored nesting tables but wouldn’t be able to afford them.
    Fingers crossed! xo

  11. Smooch

    Two designers I heart coming together. Love it.

  12. Joanna

    Great Video! Good tips…giving it a try.

  13. Jacquelyn

    Would love to enter, but I do not have a facebook ((might sound crazy, but I am not!) account! Will any of your contests be available to those of us who do not use facebook? (:

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  15. Fantastic contest, Em! I just entered – fingers crossed. (You’ll be able to spot mine – there’s a rather unique piece of art hanging on the wall above my nightstand. Look out for the nipples. Yes, I jus said “nipples” on the internet.)

  16. And I was so caught up writing the word “nipples” that I misspelled “just” in my previous comment. Ha.

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  18. Oh how I would love to enter!!!! Pity that I live on the other side of the world in NZ. Can’t wait to see the winner :)

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