My top 10 pins of the week

Sometimes you travel on planes all the time and sometimes you don’t have time to blog so you just put your favorite pinned images as a blog post.  Rumour has it.  

At least this time.  

Anyway, these pics inspired me and got me all hot and bothered.  

Follow me on Pinterest for all the credits.  Emily Henderson is my name (no doy). Oh and on instagram i’m emhenderson and i’ve been seriously trying to instagram like 5 times a day.  i just instagrammed now. and now. and now. 

yellow painted radiator

Repaint it every 5 years a fun color….. 


That painting kills me.  Via Apartment Therapy

Minakani wall. Minakani is a Paris based studio.   Frédéric Bonnin and Cécile Figuette have launched their walldecor line 2 years ago and offer custom size and exclusive motifs printed onto high quality non-woven paper. (via Le divan Fumoir Bohemien. 12/02/2012

Mural or tapestry, i don’t care i need it. And that green velvet sofa? shut up. 

Rue Magazine (January/February 2011). Decorated by Anna Klossowski. Photographed by Emily Anderson.


awesome painting



this person is interesting.

this is ridiculous.


such a good mural

amazing magenta shelves

such a pretty plant wall

Such a pretty photo.

And sometimes all you need is a pretty crepe paper garland on a simple chair….and a talented photographer. 

I fly back home tomorrow and god willing i’ll have internet on the plane and can work during those 6 hours.  Otherwise i will be watching Dawson’s Creek – a show i thought i was way too cool for in college but now I see the errors of my ways and am watching it for the first time.  I’m not cool enough for Michelle Williams circa ’98. 

Design Star review tomorrow, hoping to watch it online tonight…..

  1. Pantone should just check with you for color predictions! Looks like mulberry is gonna make a comeback!

  2. Ahg, love that bright yellow radiator and the shelves of greenery. I might need an outdoor herb shelf in my future.

  3. That green sofa is fabulous! I want it too.

  4. KatyO

    I almost hope you don't have internet on the plane just so you can watch Dawson's Creek! I was not too cool for it in college – I loved that show! I really LOVED that show. ENJOY!

  5. Lucy

    Those images made my day! Just repinned the pool/ocean pic and the yellow shirted lady.

  6. Dear Emily, I saw on the Pinterest you were ogling some retro fridges. I think you should make friends with Big Chill or one of the similar retro fridge companies, and do a crazy big giveaway on your blog. And then I should win, and get the baby blue refrigerator of my dreams. And we'd all live happily ever after. The End.

  7. Caitlin

    Smack me in the face with more awesome-ness, please. LOVE and DIE. So good.

  8. Lauren

    The pins – I obviously love. But most importantly, I've also recently started watching Dawson's Creek for the first time. It's addicting!

  9. Diana

    I love that you said 'no doy'
    Takes me back to the early 90's and my sister would say it all the time. It also reminds me of Full House for some reason, did Stephanie say 'no doy' at all?

  10. renngrrl

    I'm going with mural- it could be done to really feel textural by using burlap or another rough spun that has that horizontal effect. Work it in layers, seal with primer of your choice, then work the colors up to get that luminosity with the little bit of tea stain. Totally doable but probably not for a show. Could you do it in sections on a rigid backing then install? maybe. Damn now I have to try this >; )

    ps. _Huge_ fan, but quiet and stuff. Your blog is now my addiction while I wait for your next season

  11. Stephanie

    Where is your Design Star post for the week? I'm dyin' over here! I have my own opinions on their work, but I crave on your funny-as-hell validation of said opinions!

  12. sg5785

    Yes!!! Design Star post please!!! I am checking your blog like 10 times a day to see if it has come up! That's what happens when you start teaching your fans secrets from a stylist…

  13. ack! you gotta get one of your interns to credit these photos, emily:) the fringe garland is from oh happy day. i know you said people can follow you on pinterest for the credits, but most likely they will pin them from here and then the credits are lost which is super sad:(

    fun catching up on your blog. your sense of color is always so inspiring.

  14. I like the idea of a two person show… I think they have or are weeding out those who don't play well with others…
    The show could be based around a room with basic elements.. and each designer has to add their own spin on to the
    room and home owners choose which design they like best… Loser had to buy the winner a drink, then witty banter
    occurs between the designers….run end credits…..

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