My top 10 favorite wallpapers of all time

Bold statement, i know.  

This is less of a roundup and more of a ‘personal favorite list’. I love a lot of wallpaper but as far as what is my style and what i would personally be most likely to use in my house?

Well these are them. 

1. Zoffany



From Zoffany.  I saw this in last months Elle Decor or Living Etc, i forget and literally gasped.  I caught my breath and kinda did a strange trembling thing.  It’s just so beautiful.  I couldn’t find the price, but i’m assuming that its a total fortune. But when i’m rich this is going in my guest bedroom.

2. Suzy Hoodless for Osborne and Little, Davidia HERE. 


I’ve loved this wallpaper for 3 years, at least.  Its just so fluid and has such intense energy. The scale is massive and the colors are perfect  – bright green and silver metallic.  This is less expensive (but still expensive, don’t get me wrong) and i will probably own it one day.  

3. Fornasetti HERE. 

This picture does NOTHING for the beauty of this Fornasetti wallpaper.  Its black, white and gold and totally over the top and crazy.  

The only place i can seem to find it installed is on this screen:

But  I’ve seen it in person and trust me its really amazing.  I almost used it in Ian’s house where i put the black and white toile, but we priced it out and the cost of the paper alone was around $5000 for one wall, so its a bit to rich for my blood right now.  

4. Florence Broadhurst. HERE. 

If any of you guys don’t know her, get on board. She was an Australian designer in the ’50s and ’60s and created so many patterns that are still incredibly modern and fresh looking. Total genius.  

It comes in a bunch of color ways but i love these blue and silver combos.  They feel so happy and feminine and glamorous, but modern.  Peruse them HERE. 

5. Oh Joy, gold floral.  

It’s no secret that i love this gold and white ‘Petal Pusher’ from Hygge and West, designed by my friend Joy.  And yes, she is my friend now, but wasn’t when i first fell in love with it and used it.  

What’s so great about this paper is how the gold and ivory becomes a neutral when put up on the wall. It’s reflective and strangely quiet for a wallpaper.  


It’s $125 a roll which makes it not cheap, but not expensive. That’s kinda the normal ’boutique’ wallpaper price.  I recently used the dark grey and gold combo in a bookshelf niche that turned out amazing as well.  

6. Osbourne and Little,Summer Palace’

This one below i’ve had my eye on for a long time. 

Summer Palace   

It also comes in this colorway:

I know that a lot of these are going kinda regency, but i live in LA and regency is always ‘in’ here.  It just fits. 

7. Abigail Borg, HERE. 

Her patterns are insanely beautiful. They are around $200 a roll, which isn’t crazy for how detailed they are.  Every single one of them is so beautiful.  


8.  Madison and Grow Elizabeth in peacock.  


This one does the same for me that Joy’s does. It is blue and pearlized ivory and is quiet and yet graphic.  You can do a whole room in this and it isn’t too busy and it just feels really light and fresh and airy.  West Elm used it in their catalog a couple years ago and i’ve wanted it ever since.  Maybe i love it becasue i know that all of my furniture and accessories would look awesome with it.  

 I also love this color combo but its a bit more of a risk:

9. Kremelife. HERE. 

This company is awesome and i’ve used their wallpaper 5 times. That’s a lot of times, friends. Besides them being local and friendly and fast, i also love that i can customize the colors.  You just give them a pantone chip or a paint color and they will print you a sample, get approval and then print whatever colors you want.  


They have a ton of patterns and are always coming out with new ones.  It’s a husband and wife team, and they have a new baby so i couldn’t be more supportive of them.  

I’m sure i’m forgetting some, but these are the ones that have made me happy for years so i don’t think i’m going to get over them, which means they are officially my favorite.  

10. Julie Rothman for Hygge and West.  HERE. 



Sometimes you have to use a wallpaper to truly fall in love with it.  I knew i liked this paper, but once it was installed in the lake house in the bathroom i was totally in love.  


It’s just so happy and fresh.  

So what are your favorites and who am i missing?


  1. sue

    The zoffany verdure wallpaper is £90 per roll (about $140)… it's printed on extra wide non-woven paper and comes untrimmed (whatever that means). Total size is 137cm wide x 122cm high, which is a full pattern repeat. Available from here and it looks delicious!!!

  2. Katy

    These are beautiful! But as a normal (read: not-designer) person, I feel like I could never actually use wall paper. Except for in a small bathroom or maybe a closet so when it was disastrous I could avoid having other people look at it. Maybe you could do a "how to make sure your wall paper doesn't look crazy" post someday for us lay-people someday!

  3. Danielle

    Sooo many beautiful papers! Thanks so much for posting – it couldn't be more timely! My husband and I are in the middle of buying a new home and I'm trying to convince him to give wallpaper a try – he comes from the land of bland – but it's proving to be a tough sell. Fingers crossed I can at least get the foyer done. I think 'Petal Pusher' would be a great intro – for him and the house!

  4. Your friend's wallpaper is probably my favori
    te. The last one is super sweet too. Girl you've got a bold style. Wowza!

  5. Jen

    Amber got me head over heels in love with this $198 a roll wallpaper "Raphael" from Sandberg. That glassy stare as I walk the rooms of my house mentally placing it here or there is currently a bit distracting to my productivity and of concern to my loved ones….:)

  6. Sonel

    The Suzy Hoodless for Osborne and Little, Davidia wall paper is achingly beautiful. I love this color green, but have always been afraid it would be garish if I painted it on our walls. This wallpaper is the perfect way to use it in a really fun, yet still sophisticated way. I love it so much!
    By the way, any updates on getting the lake house pictures published in a magazine? I want to see more of it!

  7. Leah

    love your picks! i think we were separated at birth (by a decade or so!). so fun to see someone else loves Abigail Borg too! some of my faves are Albert Hadley for Hinson "Fireworks," Cole & Son Wisteria, Osborne & Little Perroquet, Scalamandre Zebra, Paper Mills Little Havana (Henri or Perdido!), and lastly, the wallpaper seen in one of Molly Luetkemeyer's designs: I think it is a Bob Collins design. Perhaps one of my favorite bathrooms ever!

  8. Sam

    I love your choices – im wallpaper obsessed right now. I'm really into what Flavor Paper are doing – some of their toile's are incredible right now – like the brooklyn one and I love this floral . I also recently discovered this dutch company that is doing some amazing patterns too : the lace like one is gorgeous and then there's my classic go to of Cole and Son – great traditional designs.

  9. Emily – Wallpaper is my love! Your picks are great. The only one I would add as a personal fave is this one by Makelike: in grey. Also in the works with my hubby is our own wallpaper collection designed and made in LA as well. We are super excited about it as wallpaper gets our hearts pumping. Here is our site to give you some flavor: Lots of nautical and metallics. Cheers to you and hope to cross paths one day!

    ps. Just recently started following your work. Love your style and even moreso you SERIOUSLY crack me up.

  10. Gwen

    NO JOKE! I was just in France and stopped dead in my tracks to take a picture of a gorgeous wallpaper. I truly thought it was the coolest, most inspiring thing I'd seen in a long time. I took the pic swearing it would one day end up in my house, of course knowing it would be impossible to try to find. Alas, you just posted about it! It's the Mediterannean Fornasetti one. It is gorgeous and kinda daring, which I love! But, now that I know the price it may just end up in our tiny bathroom or as an accent piece on a decoupaged tray….ha! THANKS for the post.

  11. There are so many beautiful print techniques and materials being used in this wallpaper; embossing, dyed and suede coverings. I am excited getting this heart touching wallpaper with lots of natural atmosphere create here.

  12. Such gorgeous selections! Wish my husband coukd stomach that much pattern.

    But you're missing Grow House Grow! I bought two expen$ive rolls of their amazing hand-screened clay-coated deep blue octopus and jellyfish wallpaper from Anthropologie, but I wound up returning it after my wallpaper guy told me candidly that the bold color and busy pattern were overwhelming and impractical for the spaces I had considered. Oh well! At least he was honest. I might still go back for their more white-toned Silhouette version of the same motif. And it looks like she's doing tile and fabric now too.

    I also think Snow & Graham do some amazing parrerns even if they are a bit more ubiquitous.