My 2014 New years Resolutions


photo by LK Griffin Photography

It’s the time of year where we vow to be better people, promise to progress as human beings and generally swear to not eat carbs. As a severe goal oriented person (and a Virgo) I get as giddy as all 25 bachelorettes meeting Juan Pablo COMBINED just thinking about them. But here’s the deal with my resolutions;  I like them to be specific and achievable. For instance my goal will never be ‘achieve work/life balance’, that is just way to annoyingly big, cliché and unachievable – it doesn’t leave me with ‘the how’. Instead it will be ‘spend at least 1 day a week with my family and without my phone or computer.’ The more specific you get I think the more you can actually achieve the goal. It becomes a rule, not an abstract suggestion. Listen to me get all self-helpy on you … but I personally just think this actually works.

Last years resolutions went well (I accomplished all of them), so I’m going for it. Welcome to a VERY long VERY personal post …


Resolution #1: Grow the blog readership by 50%. You heard me, FIFTY PERCENT!!! I have a whole list of ways I’m going to do that, but mainly it comes down to these three things:

1. Blog more. I don’t know if I can commit to 2 posts a day, so I’m going to go ahead and say at least 7 posts a week. These will be 65% percent about design/style and 35% about anything personal – most likely motherhood/relationships/career/kids – which is why I’m doing more posts. I know that many of you just come for the design/style stuff and many of you are new to the blog here for the more personal mommy stuff, so in order to keep everyone and grow I’m just going to write more and do more posts so that i can do both kinds of posts (because honestly I love both equally).

2. Engage more with you guys. Now with my new blog platform (wordpress) I can respond to comments (Squarespace didn’t allow that) and now that I’m going to be home more I plan on reading every comment of every post (at least for the first three days since its posted). Last year I would post at 7am and then leave the house for the rest of the day. When I got home at night I would respond to comments but at 10pm it wasn’t exactly my first priority. So since I’m staying home more this year I’m going to be better and reading and responding.

3. Have every post be these following three things:

- Personal. Just because I am posting more doesn’t mean that its a machine with a bunch of contributors – NO. Its my blog and will always be from my perspective, written by me, but with some graphics and admin help thanks to Ginny and some DIY’s and market stories from a few experts but still overseen by me.

- Pretty – every post must have good photography/graphics.  It’s really easy for me to get lazy on this because I barely know Photoshop, but its time to make this blog look really good, every post (with help from and thanks to Ginny).

- And either informational OR inspirational. I want you guys walk away with something – either feeling like you received some design/style information or feeling inspired to do change something, somehow.

Personal, pretty and information/inspirational. This is my new standard for EVERY post.


Resolution #2 : When my instinct is unsure on something, take a week to think about it.

The problem with just saying ‘listen to your instincts’ this is that sometimes your (read: MY) instincts are wrong. For instance when I was approached to do The Fig House project this year my instinct said ‘NO’ and then after a meeting I changed my mind and now I’m SUPER happy that I did it. It’s really hard to know what is a good risk that makes you uncomfortable and what is a bad risk that you are going to regret, because sometimes you get the same feeling from your gut about both. Also when money is involved then my instinct is particularly hard to figure out – my bills say ‘Yes! You could use the money!!’ while my brain says ‘No, that’s not really your deal …’ and when you have a mortgage, baby and full-time employee, sometimes if you don’t think things through your bills wins and then everybody loses…. So I’m going to give it a week and bounce the ideas not just off ‘my people’ but my best friends who know me, my brand and how much I work.

charlie henderson

Resolution #3: Strengthen my marriage

Admittedly, after having Charlie we are probably in the best place we’ve ever been. I’m obsessed with this dude. But, we’ve been together for 14 years and have a new baby so yeah, things can slip easily. To be proactive about that Brian and I came up with these 4 resolutions together to make sure that we have a good marriage no matter how much I work and how much time/energy Charlie takes up.

1. Make one special dinner a week together, and get this: WE WILL SIT AT THE DINING TABLE. Candles may or may not be involved. This may not be such a grand resolution, certainly. I mean most of you do that every night. But Brian and I don’t cook nor do we eat at a table. We usually ‘make food’ which involves a salad or heating up kashi meals, or we get take out. So this is our attempt to spend some time together, cooking something new/special and then sitting down together like a date. We plan on getting a sitter at some point so we can go on dates but regardless we should be spending more quality time at home together.

2. Saturdays are officially ‘family day’ … well at least 1/2 the day. Why only 1/2 the day? Again I like realistic/achievable goals. Our friends are very persuasive when it comes to weekend brunches or dinners and Brian and I both have serious FOMO and simply can’t say no. In fact, we’ll both be kinda bummed to be missing out and that’s not a good way to walk into spending the day together as a family. So if we all do brunch together then Brian, Charlie and I spend the rest of the day just the three of us afterwards, or if we are all going to do something that night then we spend the day as a family until then.

3. Give each other 1 night off a week.  I need my girl time and Brian needs to bro out now and again, so at least one night one of us babysits Charlie while the other one gets to go out, sans child. As soon as we figure out what we want with childcare (nanny? sitter? nothing?) then we’ll be able to have a sitter watch Charlie one night a week so we can go out on a date night, but until then we can at least give each other a break from parenthood for one night so I can gab with the ladies about my sleep deprivation and undoubtedly look at pictures of Charlie on my phone the whole time.

4. Don’t dress like a total slob around the house (this is just my resolution, Brian didn’t weigh in on that one obviously – he’s not an idiot). I’m giving myself until January 6th to live in my ugly pajamas, my hair in a bun, bra-less and without any makeup. But starting next week I’m going to buy comfortable clothes that are at least cute and somewhat flattering, put my hair up in cute bobby pins instead of a bun, and take 2 minutes to put on makeup. It’s not that difficult, I can do it. Brian would NEVER say anything, but I caught my reflection in the mirror the other day and it wasn’t that hot chick that can pull off wearing her boyfriends t-shirt around the house … I looked like I had thrown in the towel and that I never cared if I got laid again. I’m not being hard on myself, i promise, but when you work from home it can easily start slipping and I think I’ve been slipping for a while (pre-birth) so this is me trying to catch it before it goes too far.

Other random resolutions:

Work out 3 times a week, not including walks. Normally my resolution is four times a week, but since i’m breastfeeding and therefore don’t need to work out as much I’m going to take it easy on myself this year. But those three times will be actual workouts, not just cute little walks with Charlie.

Get a spray tan and/or a blow out once a month. Weird, I know. But here’s the deal – even if I don’t have an event to do it for I just feel so much prettier afterwards and life just seems slightly better. It’s a $30 fix that makes me feel good. It’s not a massage – it doesn’t relieve physical stress and I’m not pretending it does. But feeling prettier is good for your health. I’m pretty sure Oprah would agree. (I just found the new Versus Spray tan that looks SUPER natural and just gives you a healthy glow).

Call people on their birthdays. I’m terrible at birthdays because I don’t care about mine at ALL. I’m the worst. My birthday has always been over labor day so as a kid I never had parties at school and everyone was always on vacation. I think its made me just not care about birthdays which is fine for me, but I have to remind myself that other people care about their birthdays and it means something to them. I’ve already added them an alarm to my calendar for most of my loved ones and while of course i should send a card, a phone call will at least happen.

Well, there you have it – my very specific 2014 resolutions. So, friends, what are your resolutions? Do you have any that are the same or any suggestions to help me accomplish these?

Happy New Year. I think its going to be a very busy, very happy and very productive year.

  1. Holli

    Man you are totally a Virgo! Great resolutions. I’d like to mediate every day and have FUN with my 6+ month old all the time. I love those folding chairs above- are they in a previous post?

    • Sarah

      The folding chairs/tulip table image was from a post before she moved…but if I recal, there was either no source/they were rosebowl….I do remember there was no way for me to get them.

      • Yup. You are right. They were an awesome find (all for for $50 I think). Thanks!

    • Ashley

      I loved these chairs too, and I found them! They make them in all different color combos and I think they are pretty cheap. You have to call the company to order them (old school):

  2. Sarah

    Is it wrong that one of the reasons I was excited about the new year is that you’d be posting again?!?
    Seriously, your posts are always lovely: thought provoking, educational, and inspiring.
    Thank you!

    • Emily

      Not wrong!!! Thank you so much. Except a lot next year (hopefully:))

    • I agree with you Sarah. Thank you Emily for posting your new years resolutions, they inspire me.

  3. Emily

    Those are some great resolutions! I’m rethinking my decision not to have any this year.

    If it helps, as time goes on, you’ll get over the FOMO, I promise. Partly because you start to realize things aren’t always as fun as you think they’ll be, and partly because even if it is fun, you’ll fear missing out on what’s at home more and/or find that coming home and being a parent after a night out (or hungover) is just not worth it. Until then, though, it sounds like you have a great way to deal with it.

    Also, my sister-in-law is newly pregnant and I just recommended your blog to her yesterday. So hopefully there’s one more reader to help you to your 50% goal!

    • Emily

      THank you :)
      And i’m sure you are right about the FOMO. Fortunately/unfortunately our friends are EXTREMELY fun to hang out with so its soooo hard. I’m also sure that we’ll just have them over more and more. xx

  4. Jade

    Great resolutions, Emily. I wish you the best with sticking with them. I especially love your fourth resolution – I don’t stay at home with kids so I can’t compare my circumstances to you but unless I’m working, I’m a complete slob & I’ve certainly found from my own experience that you feel a lot better & happier to get dressed and feel like you can face the world, even if you are just staying in all day.

    • Emily

      ‘Pretend to care’ is really what it should be called. xx

  5. Zoe Royall

    My resolution is to learn how to use my new Canon Rebel and to learn the Creative Suite enough to be passably (instead of embarrassingly) use Illustrator and Photoshop. I’m 75 pages into the 450 page book for the camera and am sort of regretting the decision. But, “make pretty things/make things pretty” will have to be my mantra to get through. That, and drinking an obscene amount of wine.

    • Emily

      VERY good. I kinda want to add that to my list. Last year I bought a canon and I still don’t know how to use it. So stupid. It just sits there. So good luck. :)

  6. Kristin

    I’m so happy to hear you will be posting more! Your blog is one of my favorite daily reads. I have 4&3 year old boys and aside from guilty pleasure design/DIY topics, parenting something I read about a lot. Happy to hear your POV on all things. Happy NY.

  7. Amanda

    Happy New Year!!! I don’t typically make resolutions but maybe I’ll try for some super realistic ones! I’m a virgo, too so I love making lists and crossing off things! Oh, and I agree with you 110% about a monthly blow-out. I gave up one week of housecleaning per month so I could go. Makes me feel so much better. :) Cheers to 2014!

    • Emily

      Screw a clean house and get your hair did.

  8. This list is great! This is the first year I felt the need to be more specific in my goals as well, like, putting my clothes away EVERY DAY (not once a week). My other major goal is to be a stay at home mom. This means quitting my job. SCARY! My husband and I are expecting our first in May, and major changes are in the air. Anyway, love your list and your honesty. I’m off to get on mine :)

    • Emily

      Oh good luck :) Quit that job – they are 1 million percent worth it. xx

  9. Alexis

    Welcome back from a little time off! CONGRATS!!!! Charlie is absolutely squeezably adorable!! I’m also having a baby boy, due first week in April and we just scored on a house pretty close to our number one neighborhood! I can relate with being a bum around the house and the baby hasn’t even come yet. I’m adding that to my news years resolution and I’ll have to check out the spray tan. I’m very fair and I did once and turned out orangina.
    One of my news years resolutions is to take two 5 minute breaks a day for either a thank you prayer or a little close my eyes and breathe moment. Looking forward to your new home post. Thank you for always giving me inspiration!

    • Emily

      A. check out versa spray tan – its natural looking, i promise.
      b. i think i might steal the 5 minute thing although knowing me i’ll get bored after 2 which is probably exactly why i should do it :)

  10. well, as a virgo who hadn’t made any, i’d say you inspired me. and my resolution is now to create some resolutions! good luck with yours emily!

  11. Julie

    Love the resolutions and love the new “mom clothes” board on Pinterest! I’m 3 weeks out from my due date, and cannot stop fantasizing about normal clothes and getting back to working out. Fantastic inspiration here!

    • Emily

      Its totally exciting to fit into normal clothes again, but none of them are comfortable which is why I created that board. I need more cashmere in my life …

      • Tracy

        Since having my first baby (4 yrs ago!) I have pretty much avoided any clothes that needed to be dry cleaned (like cashmere). So finding the balance of cute but comfortable and low maintenance (and affordable!) clothes has been tough. Good luck, and I look fwd to the inspiration!

        • emily jane

          delicate cycle on cold + baby shampoo = clean & SOFT cashmere!
          (dry cleaning cashmere actually flattens the fibers thus obscuring the softness -the animal that originally wore the cashmere could totally get wet without any ill effects, right..? the dryer is of course off limits -unless you purposefully intend to felt and/or shrink an item made of cashmere and then the dryer would be most helpful…)
          comment sharing random personal tips from a stranger ending now!
          Happy New Year!!!

  12. Great post, Emily.

    Last week, my kids and I watched your season of Design Star. We were wondering if Charlie has already watched it … or if you’re waiting for him to be old enough to remember how you just rocked HGTV.

    In the same way you didn’t bite off more than you could chew on a Design Star challenge (but still brought your unique style strengths), I hear you applying that same strategy to 2014.

    And you’re going to win 2014, too. Just the whole year.

    I’m rooting for you!!

    • Emily

      Ahhh, tell your kids i’m way cooler than i came off … i promise. Such a weird time :) Meanwhile i haven’t even thought about when Charlie will watch it but i’m sure it will be entertaining for all parties. xx

  13. Leslie

    Happy 2014! Great New Years resolutions! You rock designer, blogger and mommy socks! I can’t wait to read some killer posts of yours this year and watch little Charlie grow. One of my New Years resolutions is to look into the possibility of moving to the west coast. At which point I will hit you up for some design advice or find a way to get invited to one of those fabulous girls nights with you and your gal pals! You’ve inspired me to look at design through your quirky goggles and have now turned me to thinking this whole having a baby thing isn’t so bad! Keep on spreading your awesomeness and if you want a real deal tan bring your talents to Miami beach for a visit! You’ve got some fans here lady!!!

    • Emily

      Its funny that it took me reading some blogs (nat the fat rat) to convince me to start a family, so i hope that my blog can do that. its honestly the best thing you’ll ever do and thats coming from somebody who had more fun than most people in the world. Go for it, and come on WEST!!!

  14. Sarisa

    These are all so, so good! I love how specific and well-thought out they are. I am now more inspired to make some resolutions of my own. Thanks!

  15. You certainly checked the “informational” box on this post. I mark my one year anniversary on my blog in January and obviously hope to grow my readership as well. I’m so glad you included your work and blog goals. As dumb as it sounds, I never though to include specific things in each post! I like how you laid it out by including 3 things in each post…Even though I tend to already do that, making a conscious effort will be helpful!

    • Emily

      YUp. i think i kinda did that, too, but having a standard is sooooo good mentally for everyone. there are days where i’ve felt lazy and just want to press ‘publish’ (like today) but now thats not an option. Must be better. Good luck with the blog!

  16. Morgan

    I am totally with ya on the dress-like-a-slob-at-home issue. That is one of my new years resolutions too! I felt weird for admitting it, so thanks for making me feel like I am not the only one that has this problem, and not the only one that is resolving to change it!

    • Emily

      If i only had a camera. … its just so bad right now, but starting next week … :)

  17. Katie

    I’m not normally a commenter, but I definitely felt like all of your resolutions had some applicability to me. I had my first at the end of June and I am now (mostly) a sahm. I am excited to hear more about you and Charlie, and I also have the get you appearance together resolution…I think it was about the 3mo mark where suddenly I felt like I was one pair of mom jeans away from being that old person i swore I would never be:). Good luck keeping them all and I look forward to reading about it all!

    • Emily

      Its just so easy to let it all fall apart (look-wise). Check out my pin board ‘chic/comfortable mom clothes’ for what im’ thinking about buying to help me look/feel better but still be super comfortable. xx

  18. Courtney

    I’m a new reader and I’m loving your posts! I look forward to reading more from you in 2014. I’d love to see a post on a comfy non-slob new mom wardrobe!

    • Emily

      You’ll get it. Today i spent an hour pinning clothes that i want to buy that are comfortable but not totally embarrassing. Its all about fitted sweats, striped tees and cashmere sweaters.

      • emily jane

        hi Em! you just described my wardrobe almost exactly and my kid is almost 15.?! Uh-oh…
        on a less dubious note:
        Congratulations to you and Brian on your adorable (and hella photogenic!) new edition Charlie!
        all my best to all of you, emily jane

  19. You are a lovely + upliftingly (spellcheck says,”No.” to that word)inspiring human. Thanks for that. Excited to see how this year unfolds for you… Enjoy the hell out of it!

    • Emily

      Spellcheck is never on my side either. THANK YOU very much for those nice words. xx

  20. Jacqui Bee

    these definately sound achievable, I have a similar one about birthdays, I allways forget them, My trick this last year was spend the time to add them all onto my online calender set as perpetual now I get reminders about all the people I love and they don’t have to know I have a terrible memory for special dates.

    • Emily

      Good idea. i’ve put them in my calendar but not as ‘perpetual’ which is so smart so I don’t have to do it next year. xx

  21. Amanda

    I love this post. I think I might steal your idea of dinner in the dining room, but maybe once a month for us. We’re working on updates to our house, and it’ll be nice to be in a special, clean room without books and mail and stuff around, just eating and chatting.

    • Emily

      it will be hard for us since we love us some tv watching while eating, but here we go …

  22. I am NOT a goal-oriented Virgo at all; I actually wrote a Medium post about ironic resolutions, mainly for humor. But realistically, my goal is to pour more of my time into my book (a very comprehensive yet fun online dating guide; I’m an online dating coach), grow my sustainable revenue streams for my business, and quit hemming and hawing over home design improvements and just DO them. I’m sick of reading all these great inspirational blogs and then not implementing the ideas they inspire, haha. (And hey, I have clients at my house all the time, so that at least ties into my business goals, right?)

  23. Joanna

    These are great! Funnily enough, my husband has been persuading me to dress *more* like a slob around the house – as in, no makeup and no fuss. I think it’s because I don’t work at home, and I have to dress up for work. He wants to see the real me when I come home.

    I also had issues with FOMO, and then I often had shitty time if I forced myself to go out to an event. Anxiety makes it a lose/lose! But I’ve definitely learned to relax more and enjoy what I’m doing, whether I go out or stay at home. One of my main New Years resolutions is to actually enjoy any time off I might have. Instead of worrying about what I should be doing, or about not being productive, I’m actually going to relax! Easier said than done for an A-type, but I’m determined :)

  24. Lara

    Love your blog — both the personal and design stuff. And as a fellow member of the pale force, what is this versus spray tan you speak of? I googled it but only came up with a versa spa tan. Is that the same thing? Thanks!

    • Emily

      Its like a mystic spray tan but WAY better. i stumbled upon it in portland and got SUCH a natural looking tan so then i called around tanning places in LA and found a couple booths. Choose #1 for the first time you do it and see if thats enough (its light but that is what just gives you the ‘i just lost 5 pounds and look really healthy’ look). Its awesome.

  25. Happy New Year lady! And thanks for keeping it real with these resolutions. I’m definitely gonna follow suit and be as specific with my goals this year. Creating Work/Life/Balance is so 2013! Congrats again on baby Charlie and welcome to the mommy club.

    • Emily

      THANKS! xx

  26. Well, you just inspired me to be much more specific with my resolution making. Thanks for making me take a second look. Happy New Year!!

  27. Ann

    My resolution is to write one thank you note a week for something I appreciated: to the choir for a lovely anthem last Sunday, to a teacher who helped me, to the guy who has such a lovely garden that lifts my spirits when I pass by, to someone I admire or who has taught me something important, to a shut-in whose company I miss. My hope is that it makes these people feel special and will cultivate an attitude of gratitude in me.

    • Sarah

      Love this!

      • Emily

        OH gosh i need to do this. i’m so overwhelmed by thank you notes right now you have no idea so i don’t think i can do it, but man…. thats a VERY good idea. xx

  28. Andrew

    One of my resolutions last year was to call friends whenever I could and especially call on their birthdays. It was the best resolution I ever had. My friendships deepened significantly and I was constantly filling myself and others with joy. I live in NYC so I would just call while walking to the subway or meandering around my neighborhood. I am excited for you to carry this one out. I’m sure you’ll love it.

    • Emily

      VERY good. I need to do that more. I MUSt call my mom once a week. MUST. xx

  29. Sarah Grange

    Thanks so much for sharing your marriage strengthening resolution. It is VERY refreshing to hear a talented, beautiful, in the spot light sort of woman praise her husband and be vocal about wanting to be closer to him. It makes me sad that I sense a shift in the way that a lot of women talk about men, like maybe we don’t want or need them anymore….
    I am approaching my 10th anniversary, love my husband very much, but agree that a realtionship/marriage is something that must be given special consistent time, especially when there are little ones between and all around you. Worth it though :) Best of luck in the new year. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful things you create!

    • Emily

      :) I agree. Too much talk about men being dispensable which i can take part of too, but when it comes to marriage … I really don’t mess around. This thing needs to last and its not going to strengthen itself.

  30. Love your resolutions and look forward to more design and more mommy stuff in 2014!

  31. Miranda

    Love the resolutions. Especially the putting on a bra and donning some real clothes. This is MY resolution too. As soon as I get in the front door I whip off my “real world” clothes and put on PJ pants and take off the bra (so sad, my poor fiancé). Can’t wait to see what you come up with for cute and comfy, I need all the inspiration I can get. Good luck!

    • Emily

      I’m pinning the hell out of it now. Determined to look cute while being totally comfortable.

  32. i already adore you and your blog, so i am excited for these changes. they are all so happy and positive!

  33. Nicole

    Oh, Emily….I’ve recently become a big fan of yours. I’ve got three little ones under the age of four and can relate on the mommy side. Your little Charlie is such a blessing and I pray that you will be able to reflect God’s glory to your readers (and the new 50%) in the coming year. I know that Mormon heart of yours loves Him and I pray you can show others to Him. After all, the point of our life is to point to Him.


    • Emily

      :) You probably caught that my ‘family day’ was pretty much the Sabbath – its all family and only family which was something that was of course annoying growing up but the sentiment is just so perfect. Thanks for reading, and folliwing along. xx

  34. Wow!! I salute your ambitiousness. I will suggest however that you don’t hold yourself too tightly to the goals. Being a new mama can throw you curve balls when you least expect and you sometimes just have to go easy on yourself. I do like your “make tracksuit and a bun look cute” motto. We could all do with some of that.

  35. Jenn

    I love your posts – professional and personal! You’ve inspired me to work on my design style and I am loving it. And your resolutions are great – so realistic and achievable. I may even make a few resolutions this year!

  36. Nicole

    Hi Emily!
    Wonderful post, thank you! I just started reading your blog about a week ago, so I think your on your way with resolution #1! I am pregnant and stay at home with my 22 month old, so I can’t wait to read about your journey into motherhood. Reading some of the comments I see you have a mom clothes Pinterest board, so I’m off to follow you there as well!

    • Emily

      YEAH!! Welcome and thanks for reading. Check out the pinboard – i’m off to shop and see how they are in person and then write posts about them. xx

  37. Katie

    I came upon your blog a few days ago and have been working on catching up ever since. Looking forward to “getting to know” you through your blog! Your resolutions sound great and I love that you’ve created specific steps to get to the larger goal rather than just having the overall goal like most people (who often never get there). Wishing you much luck on your resolutions and congrats on your new baby!

    • Emily

      Welcome to you, too. So glad to know that after 4 years of blogging there are new people reading every day. thank you so much for reading and commenting. xx

  38. Paula Parenzano

    Dear Emily,
    Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! I am very happy for you guys! I really appreciated your 2014 new years resolutions. While I am not married I could definitely identify with the need for chic outfits while one is working from home. Lately I feel like my lulu lemon work out pants have become a second skin for me and some days I barely brush my teeth let along my hair. I am a huge devotee of the spray tan and blow out and I personally am going to make it a point to do so at least ( like you said ) once a month. I have a unlimited monthly membership at cop a tan so that one is easy as for the blow out I am definitely going to incorporate it into the new year routine. If you have any ideas for some chic at home work days ( that are comfy ) alternatives to work out yoga pants please post! Happy New Year!

    • Emily

      I should actually buy more lulu lemon because that stuff is super comfortable. Sounds like you are miles ahead of me already. xx

  39. love your list! mine sounds somewhat similar.
    *eat organically- or as much as possible anyways. i want to cut processed foods/chemicals/hormones from my diet. good in, good out.
    *get fit- and find a workout routine that i actually enjoy. mine has become a drag. i’m thinking i’ll try crossfit first. we’ll see.
    *play more- take a stinkin’ vacation! it’s been far too long.
    *write more- i’m aiming for 6 blog posts a month. your 7 a week is a lofty goal…and one that makes me very happy. i will definitely visit often.
    *i also want to throw out my grunge-wear. my hubby also would never complain, but i’m gonna nip this in the bud. sweats- gone. frumpy pajamas- gone. i feel better already!
    i have read your blog for a long time now, but have particularly enjoyed following along this year. hope your 2014 is full of only good things!

    • Emily

      thank you for saying you’ve particularly enjoyed this last year. makes me think that all the additional hard work is working. thank you. And yes, i want to eat more organically, too. Especially with Charlie. Adding that now ..

  40. Great resolutions! Be careful working out while breastfeeding–some ladies have no trouble with weight training, but I got mastitis several times after I had my second daughter, mainly because I was lifting weights regularly. I stuck with cardio until she started weaning.

    Anyway, Happy New Year!

    • Emily

      good to know. I had no idea that weight training might lead to that so i’ll be very careful. So weird!

  41. Nicole

    Excellent resolutions! I really may have to steal that calling people on their birthdays one. That’s a really good idea. Have a great sloth-y week until the 6th!

  42. Monica

    Those sound like great resolutions!

    If you need one more, I’d love it to be a regular Trolling Craigslist post, like, once a month, at least, if weekly is too hard to do. I just LOVE to read them!!

    I don’t know if I already said this before, but, many congratulations on your baby. You sound totally ready to be a great, great mom. :)

    • Emily

      oh yeah, Trolling craigslist isn’t going anywhere! xx

  43. Chenell

    Quick comment:
    I breastfed and it did not melt the baby weight off as many said it would. I put on a lot of weight during the pregnancy (over 40 lbs) and it took a good 8 or nine months to lose, despite exclusively nursing with no supplementation and continuing a super-healthy lifestyle. I was a very healthy vegan, btw. It did all come off, but I just like to give my ladies a heads-up that it may or may not just melt off because of breastfeeding. It looks like you didn’t put on a ton of weight, but I know we all want to get back into our regular clothes asap. But try not to stress if it takes longer than you thought. Hopefully, yours will melt off. : )

    • Emily

      Good to know. I’ve already been eating so badly that i actually think i’ve gained since i had him. I lost so much the first couple of days but since then … not so much. I’ll watch it and thats super good to know. xx

  44. Emily,

    My girlfriend turned me on to your blog. You did a great job of laying out your vision for 2014, and it sure seems like you’ll be able to accomplish each goal. One thing that I’ll keep in mind when writing for my site, Food GPS, is trying to make the experience more personal, which should be better for me, and for readers. Thanks!

  45. Suzanne

    Wonderful resolutions! You’ve inspired me to get much more specific with mine. :) I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog. You’re so genuine – your voice, your style, your humour – it’s an absolute treat to read you every day. Congratulations on Charlie’s arrival! So scrumptious! We have been trying for the last year, but no luck yet,so I’m living vicariously through your new mom posts. Thank you!

  46. Rob

    Such wonderful resolutions! I hope you have a happy and amazing year!

  47. Marin

    i just recently discovered your blog and it was quickly bookmarked. i love your style, both writing and design. your honesty is refreshing. congratulations on the birth of your little boy! thanks for inspiring me.

  48. Patricia

    yay to more blog posts!

  49. Vicki

    Obviously this isn’t your scenario but I had a friend who had 10, yes, count ‘em, 10 happy healthy kids and a great marriage and they kept a “date night” at least once a week, which often was just them going outside and sitting in their truck. It worked probably so well because of “intention”…and trust and love, etc. Just sayin’…So good luck, love your blog, your design style and keeping up with you. Only time in my life. Vicki

  50. Dina

    Happy New Year Emily! I hardly ever comment, but I just wanted to say thank you for being so honest, open, and for sharing your positive perspective on life with all of us. I’m really looking forward to reading more and all you have planned. Here’s to a happy, healthy, and productive 2014! :)

  51. Martha

    I am not a big resolution maker, but I would like this to be the year that I quit biting my nails – I wanted to do that in 2013, but this year was full of lots of stress including graduate school completion and an international move. To achieve that goal, I plan to get manicures on the regular, as spending money on my nails is the only way I have ever successfully quit, albeit temporarily. My four year old already bites his nails and I really don’t want to model that behavior for him anymore!

    • Good luck. I’ll hold you responsible. You can do it !

  52. Just wanted to say I’m so excited about your blog resolutions and I just thought I’d let you know that your blog is my absolute favorite. I’m a designer, blogger and working mom to two little boys and your point of view and writing style are so up my alley. I look forward to your posts more than just about anyone elses. Keep up the great work!

  53. I actually had the same epiphany the other day about looking nice at home. I caught myself in the mirror–no make up, no bra, matted hair, my husband’s gym shorts–and I was actually embarrassed. So I’m striving to look more put together, even on my days off. I’m also working on my own little handwritten note project. My goal is to send snail mail to at least one person each week. I feel like it’s a forgotten form of communication, and it can brighten someone’s day so easily! Oh yeah, and of course I’m totally on the lose weight and save money bandwagon as well!! Happy new year!

  54. I love your new year’s resolutions! Thanks for sharing these, as I haven’t worked on mine yet. Your tip to make them more specific has motivated me to start on my list right away! And I love your standard for every single blog post—personal + pretty + inspirational / informational. Think I might be following that standard from now on, too. HAPPY NEW YEAR and congratulations on your beautiful baby. ♥

  55. Jenni

    This year is all about self improvement and being more helpful as a person for me- like volunteering more and reading non-fiction books. I may also have to steal the “pretend to care” resolution since I also work from home and had a no make-up Monday resolution last year that quickly spread to multiple days in the week. Also completely agree about more cashmere and must find pants that are not pajamas and but are more comfortable than skinny jeans for around the house.
    Thanks Emily, this list is super inspirational and also very pretty!!!

    • I’m working on a bunch of roundups now of cute comfy clothes, so stay tuned. I love the idea of no-makeup Mondays though :)

  56. Happy New Year, Emily! Your resolutions have inspired me to really sit down and think through some of my own, especially as it relates time and my hubby. We used to be really intentional about having family alter each Sunday night (something he did growing up),where we read a passage of the bible, prayed together, and planned the week, but we fell off. I’m looking forward to getting back to that and developing some family goals. Professionally, I want to be kinder to myself in 2014 with respect to growing my business. I hope you will share some tips along the way and let us know how your steps to growing your readership are working and any lessons learned. Cheers to a fantastic year!

  57. Chausey

    My husband and I check your blog daily. You are such a gifted artist and have inspired our living in a million different ways! Blessings of a year filled with all that your heart desires, expanding in your creativity and continuing to Authentically share your Light with the world! Congratulations on Charlie. He is just beautiful!

    • Emily

      Thank you so much!!! I love that your husband reads it, too. thank you thank you. xx

  58. Emily U

    Your blog is already the besty bestest, so I can’t wait to see where you take it with your resolution #1. Cheers to a fantastic 2014!!

    And thought I’d throw in my personal experience – I breastfed my daughter for about 18 months. I lost a good amount of weight early on, many thanks to breastfeeding, but then my body seemed to hang on to 10 pounds or so until i quit nursing completely. Some people’s bodies seem to want to keep some fat stored up to make sure they can provide for the baby … or something. Good luck with your own journey – whatever course it takes!

    • Emily

      Yeah, i’ve heard that before. Good to know!

  59. Laura

    I love this list! Everything is so relatable. My favorite is “don’t dress like a total slob around the house”. Story of my life!! I’m so excited for your blog updates even though it’s already one of my favorites. And if you felt like doing a post on painting vintage chinese chippendale chairs, I wouldn’t be upset. And maybe how to upholster their chair cushions? (or who to pay to do it). Hope you have a wonderful new year!

  60. Deb

    Happy 2014, Emily and family! Loved seeing your new year’s blog and reading your resolutions was so inspiring. Remember that old saying (and it’s so true): “When Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody’s happy”, so take care of you and the rest will fall into place. Date night is a great idea; how about celebrating every month on the actual numerical date that you were married? After all, beautiful baby Charlie wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you and Brian! Continued joy to you in this new year, in your new home, with your new family. Cheers!!!

    • Emily

      Great idea. The more celebrations the better. xx

  61. M

    These resolutions are so great and so real! I am a new reader, so you are definitely already making some gains on your readership resolution. I recently got married and learned that we are expecting, and I am excited about making a home for our new family, so your blog is very inspirational to me (there’s another resolution on your list that you can check off!). Finally, I’m also a Virgo (whose birthday is always over the Labor Day weekend) and a lover of the non-conventional. Looking forward to all of your blog updates, and best of luck with this new and wonderful journey.

  62. when you figure out the comfy clothes bit, would you share your finds? i work from home doing graphic design and my twin babies are now five years old. i have yet to find what to wear and typically spend my days in lululemon knock-offs. not good!!

  63. Welcome back and Happy New Year! Are you aware that some of your readers (me) are women your mom’s age who love your youthful style and personality? You remind me of my niece and my daughter, both of whom follow you. And not-for-nothin, you’re going to be a great mom.

  64. chad jensen

    Hi Emily,
    I know your super busy so I’ll be quick. This is my first comment post ever(although I’ve been following your career since Naugahyde was a viable option) Ironically enough this is not a design question. I have almost the same skin tone as you and I have been unsuccessful in finding a natural looking spray tan here in Chicago.That is why your post excited me extremely! Is the “versus” tan you spoke of a tanning salon, type of bed, or product? I’m having no such luck searching online. My motto is “tan fat looks better than pale fat” so I need this in my life! Thanks for your help!
    Cheers, and congrats!!

    • Emily

      HA! Its because i spelled it wrong. its ‘Versa’ spray tan. its like mystic but sooo much better. I might go later today actually. Sometimes I get #1 (which is truly super light) or #2 which is more of a tan but a little less natural looking – but still way more natural than any other spray tan. good luck!

  65. Your resolution post got me thinking about maybe I should “resolute” …we just bought a new 70′s ranch that lacks curb appeal and character. I am going to slow down all the decorating ideas in my head and think changes through more than my usual before I go ADD on it – yep that sounds good. Congratulations on baby. I have kiddos you are in for an awesome ride.

  66. Kim

    Thanks for the wonderful reminder regarding my own New Year visions. I’m on board with your comments about specificity — it works wonders. As a mom of teens, I love reading your goals about family life. It would be great if you revisit these when Charlie is older. Although upon second thought, it’s a lot like remodeling a house. You always need to be ready for a plan changer!

  67. Molly

    Oh goodie! Glad to hear of all your goals for the year but (selfishly) most glad to hear you’ll be addressing reader questions more. I’ve been checking back occasionally to a series of questions posted by Jo, Emily SJ, and myself on how/when to repaint vintage furniture in the “Trolling Pittsburgh Craigslist” post hoping to get your feedback. Maybe in 2014!? Fingers crossed! Keep on keeping on Miss EmHen.

  68. jess

    No need to respond to me… Just wanted to tell you I found you this year and you are one of the very few that I check daily. You are just too cute in all that you do! So gaining 50% is achievable!! And I can’t wait to see all the amazingness you do in your new home!

  69. Bethany

    I recently decided to become a SAHM and struggle with making myself get ready everyday but its also something I really want to do. I try to find comfortable, cute, machine washable (kids are messy) clothes to make this easier. I would be really interested to see what clothes you buy to fit this criteria! :-)

  70. Sarah

    I’m back for another comment:
    Whaaat?! You wrote your book?!? I just read last years resolutions and I’m so excited!

  71. Ann

    Love your blog so much!

    Where do you go for your Versa tan? I’m in LA too.

    Thank you! :)

  72. Elizabeth

    I love these.

  73. Leah

    Happy New Year Emily! On this end, you truly seem like one of the nicest, insightful, & most talented people I have come across (not blowing smoke up your ass!.) I only wish I could have such lofty goals :). What a year 2013 was for you and I love seeing your progress. I know you have deserved every bit of your success because of your hard work and talent. Keep it going and be easy on yourself.

    • Emily

      THANK YOU. That means a lot that you just started reading and you read a lot. Thank you thank you.

  74. Awesome resolutions! I normally don’t make any, mainly because I am scared of failing. However, I totally resonate with dressing better around the house. I’m a stay at home mom and for the first three years of my marriage I don’t think I ever put make up on. And if I’m pregnant or holding a newborn you can count on me being in the clothes I wore the day before and a rats nest for hair. Haha! So I’ll definitely be attempting to dress better as well.

  75. Christine

    i started reading your blog a few months ago when i was decorating my new place and thought maybe i loveee your style because i’m a virgo as well. and now, my bday usually lands on labor day weekend too! sept 2! :)

  76. Mary

    I really enjoyed this post. Go Virgo Go! Can you share a link to info on the versus spray tanning? I am a mom of two boys in Burbank and well, I would love to try that spray tan (I have not had luck with the creams). I’m almost see through I’m so pale right now. Thanks for the info!

  77. Victoria

    I was so happy to see your post this morning. The perfect accompaniment I have been missing with my morning cup of coffee. Happy New Year to you and your family. Like the way you laid out your resolutions. The photographers for your pre-baby, though almost here baby, took some amazing photos……are they following you guys around to record Charlie’s every moment and you and Brian’s reactions and actions? If not, start studying/checking out your canon you’ll be smiling at Charlie’s photos while you wait for your grand-kids!

  78. Laura

    Hi Emily! I love your resolutions – I work from home as well, and I definitely identify with the comfortable pjs all day problem! Sometimes I realize it has been a few days since my husband has seen me in something else :) I just discovered your blog and am looking forward to reading your posts in 2014!

    • Emily

      Keep reading!!!!! Thanks so much and welcome. xx

  79. Absolutely love your resolution to get dressed and put together around the house. As a lady who runs a shop out of her home (in cold, cold, cold Boston), I can’t tell you how easy it is to grab some coffee and work in sweats all the live long day, sans bra and sans makeup. I’m to the point where my body will not tolerate a bra for more than 2 hours. That is bad, right? My rule for the year is real pants / skirt on before coffee can hit my lips….let’s see how it goes! xoxo

  80. Jess Hartnett

    This post gave me the motivation to actually make New Years resolutions this year. I never have before because the only ones I could think of seem so generic and unobtainable unless you have to strongest willpower in the world. This year I made very specific resolutions to help me achieve my grander goals. So thank you!

  81. Rebecca

    WOW! I have never known anyone to set to many resolutions! I am guessing you are one of those people who works best under pressure…. I think the goals relating to family/marriage are the most important and wonderful! When our 3 kids were young, we had no family in the area and went many years without a date night. I was a SAHM myself, and being able to have that time with your husband (or a night out with the girls) will do a lot to not only strengthen your marriage, but make you a happier Mommy! Once our kids got older, we have always made it a point to celebrate our Anniversary – even if it was just going out to dinner. A few times I even surprised the Mr. and rented a hotel room and stocked the fridge in the room with his favorite beer :) Yes it was a lot of money for a couple of hours, but it was worth it for many reasons! We have been married 38 years and now we go away for he weekend every anniversary. We know that we can give each other our full attention and rediscover the reasons we got married in the first place! I commend you for your goals, but you are a new Mom and there will be days, moments, sleepless nights that can change what you had planned or what you feel like doing. If it doesn’t all happen exactly as planned, that’s ok. I think you will be a wonderful Mom and continue to entertain and inspire us. (Just LOVE your sense of humor!!)

    • Emily

      38 years. HUGE congrats. My parents always rent a hotel room for their anniversary, too (and they are celebrating their 44th this year). I think we’ll start doing that, too. Seems to be working :)

  82. deanna

    Happy New Year Emily! And congratulations on baby Charlie- he is a beautiful little man. I am new here and loving every bit of your blog, especially the posts about your new home. And may I just say, as a fellow severely goal oriented person, I love your 2014 resolutions. Looking forward to more!!

    • Emily

      Yeah! Welcome welcome welcome. Thank you so much for reading. xx

  83. Lisa

    I am so excited about all of the blog posts! My husband will probably hate it…he already thought I was a little crazy when I said Emily had a baby named Charlie (the name of our cat) or that mimi was lost and found, but I will def enjoy it :)

  84. While I don’t normally do resolutions I do use this time to set some goals for the year – things that I can work towards with milestones. I’ll be working on that this weekend.

    One thing I would like to start as a habit is commenting on blogs more. I read blogs quite often but don’t always comment, I want to change that and connect more in the blogging world.

  85. Rae Ann

    I am impressed that you accomplished all your resolutions last yr. I have to say I am a little envious (LOL) that you have already set forth such an amazing agenda for this year, so early. It is like a little bit of sunshine to come to your blog each day.

    I think it would be awesome if you had a Q&A on design. Perhaps “What would Emily Do?” Whatever you send our way this year will be spectacular. Keep those pics of Charlie coming. SOOOOO adorable.

  86. Holly

    I am so excited about this new year! I don’t really do resolutions but I recently found out that I am pregnant and I am excited about 2014 being the year of my child’s birth. Keep up with the mommy posts as I can always use the advice and wisdom.

  87. Kate

    Wow, wow, WOW… I am sooo checking in on your blog daily ;)

  88. Kate

    I hear you on the birthdays resolution! I so don’t care about my birthday — no logical or horrifying-experience-from-my-past reason…I’ve just never been super into birthdays. BUT, as I get older I do realize that they matter — sometimes REALLY matter — to certain people and I need to be more aware.

  89. I love this post, Emily. Very inspirational goals. I planned on not doing resolutions this year, but I am going to now. You make a good case for making very specific and achievable goals.

    Also, last year, you resolved to write a book. OMG. Congrats on finishing that!!!!!!

  90. Emily

    Hi Emily! I think your goals are reasonable and achievable and I hope you’ll be gentle with yourself this year. The first year of a child’s life has so many ups and downs. You may be blessed with a child that nurses well, sleeps great and gets only a few teeth at a time. Or, you may have a child that nurses sometimes, leaving you to pump a lot, never sleeps and goes from no teeth at 6 months to all teeth at 12. Be gentle with yourself. Do what it takes so you’re surviving and your child is thriving. And, remember, nothing said between midnight and 6:00 a.m. “counts”. This was how my husband and I survived the first 18 months (ours didn’t sleep). Best wishes to your sweet family.

  91. Amelia

    I’m stealing your “call people on their birthday” resolution. I can do that, and it’s a good thing.

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  93. Beth

    The only thing I can add to your impressive resolutions is that you must have a Charlie day. We all love your design ideas but life and your home is place to be with the ones you love. So please share life with Charlie. Most of us are moms and always appreciate some baby love . Congratulations on your beautiful family.

  94. m.k.

    Happy New Year! Your New Year’s post has given me energy and the kick in the butt to return to blog posting. So I guess one of my resolutions is making time to write and post. Thank you for being such an inspiration! I manage and buy for a museum store and there have been more times than I can count where I’ve taken away a tidbit or two from your blog that shows me a new perspective on how we can re-merchandise the museum store.

  95. Lisa Guerrero

    Emily – You are an inspiration and I just wanted to thank you for being you and sharing your talent, humor and honesty.
    One of my “intentions” this year is to be grateful for all the big things and little things in life. Not just saying thank you but really feeling it. Thank you, Emily.
    Peace out. Lisa

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  97. Cindy

    Great resolutions! You’re a great writer and your posts are always worth it, so I will be thrilled to read as many posts as you can dish out — family-permitting, of course.

    Be encouraged: my husband and I found that the key to eating at our table was starting our family. When our first son was born, we suddenly ate there 90 percent of the time. That resolution might resolve itself!

    In the first six months of my boys’ lives, I sometimes got through the day and realized I hadn’t brushed my teeth. So: lots of self-compassion, please. :)

    Be well!

    (My “phrase” for this year is “Beautiful Bones”: remembering to tend to the things that hold everything together — in life, but especially in my house. Ie, I keep spending money on silly accessories instead of saving to have my furniture reupholstered, seeing as how it has holes in it.)

    • Emily

      OH i love that, ‘beautiful bones’. :)

  98. Love the lists – fun and thoughtful at the same time. :-)

  99. katie

    LOVE the resolutions (and all your posts actually-i laugh out loud, marvel at the vintage finds, and just generally have fun reading about your adventures) I especially the resolution about not “going bum” at home! that is indeed a slippery slope…like those old water slides at the pool (without the skin shredding moments when they forget to turn the water on to actually help you slide down the ride instead of coming to a literal screeching halt). i chose to face this new year as boldly as possible-challenging fear in all it’s different guises. how did i usher in such an ambitious goal you may ask? by doing a New Year’s Day Polar Plunge in the Atlantic Ocean (yes, it was a balmy 28 degrees at the time of said event…omg). it was insane, but so liberating (except the part when i couldn’t feel my toes). very best wishes to you and your fabulous growing family!


  100. kirsty

    Happy New Year Emily! I’m excited that you’ll be posting more this year – can’t wait! I’ll be letting my friends know (again) they should check out your blog too. Good luck with your goals.

    • Emily

      Thank you. The more the merrier, obviously. xx

  101. smash

    I love your resolutions, especially related to your blog posts. It can be challenging to accomplish all 3 (trust me I know) but if you can it will definitely keep readers coming back (and bring more in). Great ideas! xx

  102. These are awesome resolutions! Very personal and honest. I love the feeling I get that you want to be sure your connections with people are personal and meaningful, whether they are from your blog or your family and friends:)

  103. Jess

    Great goals!! My know-it-all two cents: Get Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything.” Total inspiration for beginning cooks and hopefully it will help with those weekly sit-down dinners :-)

    • Emily

      I almost bought that the other day, actually … then didn’t. But now i will :)

  104. Melanie

    I dig your new year hustle – trying to grow your blog! I’m a new reader that heard about you from two sources recently (Canadian TV show Steven and Chris, and Cup of Jo) and I’ve quickly become a regular. I’ll definitely spread the word your blog -it is more beautiful than most. Good Luck!!

    • Emily

      ooh, what is this show steven and chris? Very interesting. Going to google now. well, thank you for reading. Keep coming back :)

  105. Beth

    I have been reading your blog off and on for the past year. I love your design/style posts and all of your storytelling as well. In the past couple months I’ve completely converted to daily checking for updates.
    Just a little encouragement on the reader front.

    • Emily

      Yeah!!!!!1 that makes me feel awesome. Thank you thank you. xx

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  107. Jihane

    Great! As a compulsive blog reader, I think one of the keys to grow blog readership (beside the content of the blog, obviously) is to post regularly, at the same hour, so people get used to check the blog. Also, asking questions at the end of every post (just like you did in this post) is super useful to encourage people to comment.
    Also, you’re right about being “prettier” at home… This year I chose to set 2-3 concrete goals a month (I’m all about achievable resolutions too) and you inspired me: in February my husband will feel he’s living with Dita Von Teese :))

    • Emily

      I’m already looking/feeling better just by wearing cute sweats. Its working …. i think. xx

  108. I love your resolutions Emily! They are great and I’m excited to see more posts from you! I think what is so relatable {and endearing} is that they are attainable, realistic goals – I have many of the same and I love the honesty you put out here, cheers to a great 2014!

  109. Holly

    Just started following your blog on bloglovin! Love your resolution about calling people on their birthdays – definitely need to add that to my list of to-dos for this year!

  110. thanks so much for this post, I seriously LOVED it! probably because I’m a new mom myself [well my daughter is almost 9 months now, but it feels like she was born yesterday] so I’d say that’s still pretty new but I loved all your goals even the resolution about getting dressed and putting on makeup around the house – it’s so easy for me to be in pajamas working at home all day and then the Mr. gets home from work and I’m like oh shoot, I was planning on doing my hair at some point! haha
    but i just love your blog, you’re so darling. happy new year!
    xo Chelsey

  111. Jennie

    I loved this post. It turns out we’re Labor Day birthday twins and I’m obsessed with goal-setting, too. Go, Virgo! (By the way, I was actually born ON Labor Day, and until I was about 9, I just thought Labor Day was the day that celebrates moms going into labor. Apparently, I was not the sharpest tool in the shed.)
    My favorite philosophy of goal-setting is that anything worth doing is worth doing badly. (from G.K. Chesterton) For this reason, I set whatever is the lowest, lamest goal I can, and then I feel like a rock star because I actually accomplish my goals and then surpass them. :) It is WAAAY more fun to exceed a low expectation than it is not to live up to a high one.
    Last thing: My husband peeked over and asked whose blog I was commenting on. I said it was my secret friend’s…because we’re friends in my head, but since you don’t know me, it’s kind of a secret. (That came out way creepier than I meant it, but we’d be friends if we ever met, so you know what I mean.)

    • Emily

      I was too and i thought that too about labor day!!!!!!! And we can totally be secret friends. xx Not creepy at all :)thank you so much.

  112. Leah

    As a 29-year old PhD student (who is imagining that having a tiny little person to care for is the only thing in this world that could cause more upending life changes than deciding to start a PhD in her late twenties – well,not really but I do have this writing deadline…), could you please do a blog post on those ‘comfortable’ yet ‘stylish’ clothes? We won’t talk about how quickly going back to school causes one to revert to all-day jammie wearing! Currently wearing a combination that my 20-year-old self probably could’ve rocked… but considering the leggings are a ditzy floral print and that there might be ruffles involved in the ensemble, it’s probably not nearly-thirty appropriate!


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  114. I am not good with birthdays either. I did come up with a way to be ready for them when they come around. I got a birthday calendar and filled it with dates. Then 2x a year I will go buy my birthday cards and stamps. This way when a birthday is coming up, I already have the card ready to go.

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  118. Alicia

    The birthday one COMPLETELY resonates with me – mine is Sept 1st, which meant labor day holiday growing up with everyone away on vacation, then to college when Sept 1st was moving day every. year. Meaning everyone would inevitably forget and I spent it unpacking gross boxes instead.

    Glad I am not the only one who doesn’t care about my own!

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