My 10 Go-To Paint Colors

Favourite Neutral Paints

I feel like in the last 4 years I’ve painted walls hundreds of different colors, often liking, sometimes loving them and often, well, not liking them at all. WHOOPS. Paint colors are EXTREMELY tricky and act differently depending on the time of the day, the furniture that is in the space, the light, the tone of the wood, the traffic outside (kidding or maybe not), etc . So while I still try, every single job, to embrace new colors there are some that I know I can rely on; that no matter what won’t fail me.

Here they are:

1. Half Moon Crest – Benjamin Moore

emily foyer

Photo by Tessa Neustadt

I think this might be my favorite gray right now.  It’s really warm and yet feels just a really good true gray. It doesn’t feel too blue or too brown. It’s like a big warm hug.

To see more of my foyer head over HERE

2. Teresa’s Green – Farrow & Ball.


Photo by Mike Kelley

For a ‘mint’ it is really easy on the eyes. I’ve done many aquas and some of them I’ve liked and some of them I’ve wished they were more muted. But this green is super soft and yet not sag-ey at all. It doesn’t hurt that there is a ton of natural light in this space, but I just love it.

To check out this room in all its glory click HERE

3. Oystershell – Benjamin Moore

Boys Room lake house

Photo by Bjorn Wallander

This was in my old bedroom and office as well as the lake house twins room. It’s really light but has a lot of blue and green in it so its subtle and quiet but has a nice tone.  To see more of the lake house I did for the Harner’s click HERE.

4. Hague Blue – Farrow and Ball

scotts office

Photo by Tessa Neustadt

Its hands down the best navy blue on the planet. It has the most perfect amount of green in it so it’s not purple-y. I’ve used it three or four times now and love it every time. It can be really dark if there is no light on it and much lighter if there is. It’s just deep and intense and modern and yet totally classic.

To get more info on these DIY wall organizers click HERE.

5. Quartz Stone – Benjamin Moore

loreys kids room

Photo by David Tsay

This aqua is crazy happy. I’ve used it twice now, both in kids rooms, and it works if you have a lot of light and if you have a playful spirit. It’s not a sophisticated color, but it is bright, young and soft enough on your eyes.

To see more of this room click HERE, and to see the full tour of the house head over HERE.

6. Aloof Gray – Sherwin Williams

Curbly Living Room

Photo by Melissa Oholendt

Aloof gray has a teeny tiny more green in it, so its slightly cooler but I really loved how it turned out in their house. Also I miss that family.

To see more of the Curbly’s House head over HERE

7. Benjamin Moore white Diamond

Emily's Commonwealth Living Room

Photo by Zeke Ruelas

You can’t really tell but this white (white diamond) is really cool. I loved it because generally I’m more attracted to cool tones rather than warm tones. If you put it up to a true white it looked CRAZY blue, but in person it just looked really white.

To see more of my old house, click HERE.

8. Gray Owl, Benjamin moore.

lake house bathroom - grey owl

Photo by Bjorn Wallander

This is still one of my favorite grays although its slightly more brown than Half Moon Crest, which makes it warmer, but also in certain lights more like taupe than gray. But it’s so warm and pretty. And its the prefect medium tone – not too light but not too dark.

To see more of the Lake House click HERE

9. November Rain, Benjamin Moore.

Emily's Old Living Room

Photo by Teri Lyn Fisher

Now this color (November Rain – Benjamin Moore) is very tricky. I love it because it changes a lot – sometimes its blue, sometimes its green, often its beige, often its taupe, but it’s really really pretty and sophisticated. Scott also painted his brooklyn apartment that color (excuse the small links .. MAN I hate linking to old posts if the pictures aren’t resized).

10. Benjamin Moore, Super bright white.

Emily's Dining Room

Photo by Tessa Neustadt

So right now I’m rocking this BM super bright white color. Its just white. So simple, clean, serene, bright and basically has no tone to it. Now I need to fill those walls with a TON of art.

To see some of the progress of my current house, click HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE!

Those are my go-to’s. But its time for me to explore and start adding to my favorite list. So what are your favorite go-to paint colors?

  1. Rebecca

    I was searching your blog a few weeks ago for paint color inspiration, so this post is perfect! I ended up using BM super bright white and we love it!!

  2. Lauren

    Such incredible and perfect timing. I had a dream last night that my parents agreed to let me paint their entire 107 year old farm house renovation “Emily Henderson’s favorite white”. I get that that statement borders on creepy. But no matter! Super Bright White here we come!

  3. What a great list! Definitely pinning this right now :) As for my favorites – I love Worldly Gray, Silvermist, and Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams!

    • Cari

      I second you on Sea Salt! We chose Sea Salt for our living room, where I’m sitting right now. We sold our house yesterday and I was just thinking I’ll be using this color for more rooms in the next place. Our living room faces west and the walls change color all day long. It somehow works as a neutral even though it’s a light blue-green.

  4. Molly

    Hi Emily – I love all these colors but are they go-to when you don’t have white trim like in all of your pics? I have all wood/oak trim in my house that I am dying to paint…when time and money come to me they will get painted…until then…..having a difficult time figuring out how to get these cool colors to work.


    • I have the same question as Molly; my 1947 home has wood trim and doors that are sort of lazily stained cherry-ish. My husband hates them but I kind of want to see how they jibe with a different wall color before I do all the work of painting them out, especially since I’ve never been a huge fan of glossy white trim like everyone seems to do. We’re also scared of adding too much contrast with super mod dark trim (it reminds me of the windows Emily did in that New York post-Sandy renovation where she changed the casings/trim from dark teal to white because the teal was just too busy and too much). Em, please weigh in about trim color too for us! :)

    • Emily

      OMG. YOU ARE RIGHT!!! Changing now. So weird. Ocean Spray was the color of the other nursery and I think i tried to go from memory. whoops :)

      • Paula

        Emily- I only know beccause I painted my daughters room Quartz Stone! (Love it, thanks to you!)

        • Sarah

          Me too!

  5. Crystal

    I’ve used Sherwin Williams Incredible White which I love and also just used Behr’s Irish Mist which looked way to beigy when wet but dried the perfect white for our bedroom.

    The one thing I’ve learned over the past few years (which was totally validated by your post on color a while back) is that for as much as I love color, color on walls overwhelms me and I just love them shades of white with color and wood tones everywhere else. We also have a small house and I really love light and the sun so I think certain colored paints either darken or glow to much for me.

    • Kelley

      Ditto the comment on Behr’s Irish Mist. We used it in our bedroom where we have white trim, and it’s such a calm, pretty contrast. One of my faves for sure!

  6. I’m on the hunt for the perfect white for my bathroom, so I’ll have to take a closer look at the two you list here. My biggest paint crush of all time is Benjamin Moore’s Newburg Green. We’ve had it up in our bedroom for a year and a half now, and I still can spend an hour staring dreamily at it. I want to pretend it’s a neutral and paint every room in my house with it.

  7. Katy

    Could you do us a big favor and list the paint colors in the swatch in the first image? I kept trying to go back to it to see which paint chip corresponded to the picture, but it’s pretty tricky. Much appreciated!! Thanks :)

  8. Lyndsey

    I painted most of our house Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore. I picked it out because it was a gray, but sometimes it looks a bit taupey and then there’s some undertones of blue also. It’s a nice cool color!

  9. Rebecca mulligan

    Farrow and Ball borrowed light and Pointing are 2 of my favorites. We just painted our home office Oyster shell (per your blog recommendation) and LOVE it:)

    • Rebecca, my husband and I have been considering painting with F&B for ages now but I kind of want a second opinion. Did you love how the paint looked and/or held up? Did the fact that it shifted in different light make you happy or annoyed? :) So many Farrow & Ball questions!

  10. Amanda

    Quiet Moments & Edgecomb Gray both by Benjamin Moore are total go to colors. We’ve used these many times and they always look so good!

  11. Jihane

    Super useful! Thank you for this post :) I see that you tend to paint the ceiling white… Do you always choose the same white or does it depend on the color on the walls?

  12. Loribeth

    Really love this post! I need all the help I can get when it comes to picking paints because I naturally gravitate towards bright, bold colors…

  13. Wow!!! I feel like I stumbled upon a home designer lottery – this is so helpful, and so kind of you to share!

  14. Kim

    This is awesome! I would love to know what colors you recommend for a room that DOESN’T get very much natural light. I am always looking for comprehensive blog posts on the topic and come up short! My huge living room is a great space, but has little natural light :( With high ceilings and a beachy-feel, its not really the right space to go for a cave-vibe. Any light colors you recommend in these situations? Would love your thoughts on this challenge!

    • Hi KIm! My house doesn’t get a ton of natural light either because it is surrounded by trees. We painted almost every single room Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. It’s a warm grey and looks lovely in different light situations (in my personal opinion). You can see it in our house here…

      I’ve used it in two houses now and it does change according to the light, but I love it in low light and bright areas. Good luck!

      • Emily

        Oh I love that color, too, actually. Yes I would suggest using a medium tone – like that revere pewter. Nothing too dark and yet not white either. good luck!

        • Julie

          I am in the same situation. My old apartment was all revere pewter and i loved it but we just bought a house which is also surrounded by trees so not too much natural light. we have the old wood trim that is currently being painted BM white dove. I got Benjamin Moore Acadia White for the entire house walls (minus our bedroom-doing gray owl).

          • Julie

            I am in the same situation. My old apartment was all revere pewter and i loved it but we just bought a house which is also surrounded by trees so not too much natural light. we have the old wood trim that is currently being painted BM white dove. I got Benjamin Moore Acadia White for the entire house walls (minus our bedroom-doing gray owl). Now having second thoughts that I should have gone with gray! (either revere or pale oak). Thoughts?!

  15. got a go-to pale pink that’s sophisticated and not juvenile? having a hard time finding one! thanks!!

    for dark navy, i like flint by BM. got a lot of charcoal in it.
    and the best kelly green is lime twist by valspar. the lime in the name is misleading. it’s perfection in a can.

  16. Maggie H.

    Hi Emily! I am wanting to unleash gallons of white in my house!!! I am sold on BM super bright white now :) Question though. I have (ACK!) popcorn ceilings in my townhouse, old popcorn ceilings – which we know cannot be painted and there is no moola to have them scraped :( Can you use a brighter white or should the shade match the ceilings? What finish do you recommend as well? OK, one more. It’s obvious the baseboards have been painted over once or twice (or a million) times. Would a nice sanding suffice before painting? I really don’t want to have to strip them.

    Peace and love from S. Louisiana!

  17. Julia Weichselbaum

    Built in the 1940s, our house has some pretty cool architectural features like rounded walls and coved ceilings. I painted my kitchen White Dove by Benjamin Moore. All of the other colors in my home are very cool, and that’s usually what I love, but with our black soapstone counters a warmer white seemed right, as I thought a cooler white could look too stark. I love the cozy feel it gives our kitchen.

  18. Sabrina

    Were you around for the actual painting with Sherwin Williams? I’m looking for a pale gray for my living room and had bad experiences with the smell of non BM Natura paints. I don’t think I’ve tried SW though.

    • Emily

      No I wasn’t :(

      • Bruno

        @Sabrina we used Sherwin-Williams Emerald line, which is almost-zero-VOC, and I can tell you the smell was nil. In fact, we moved into the house, literally, one day after the painting was completed, with a two-week old infant, and there was *NO* smell.

        • Sabrina

          Thank you! Good to hear.

  19. Kendi

    I was surprised that you said gray owl is more brown. I had read such good things about it being a true gray and so I got a sample to use in my bedroom and I swear it was practically baby blue :( womp womp. It is a nice true gray in rooms at the other end of the house though. Paint colors ARE so tricky!

    • Emily

      Ha! Thats so funny. its just so much warmer than half moon crest. But i love them both.

  20. Love this post!
    We have a couple go-to colors that we have used over and over again:

    Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore (lovely neutral grey)
    Galveston Grey by Benjamin Moore (medium gray for cozier rooms)
    Pure White by Sherwin Williams for cabinets, trim, crown moulding
    Hematite by Valspar (charcoal grey with a hint of navy)

  21. Ladymama

    I painted my bedroom Farrow & Ball Pavilion Gray and a den Manor House Gray…really love but very pricey. Switched to BMs Revere Pewter for entry and livingroom and it is very very good. For ceilings I use a % of the wall color like 25% revere Pewter added to BMs ceiling paint. The BM paint gurus suggested it and it works great…not a big color change but definitely lighter than walls with a hint of color. Thanks Em for the Charlie updates!!

  22. Kim

    Sorry – I’m forevermore a Benjamin Moore Dove White girl. It’s living in the Pacific NW that does it. You’ve been gone too long Emily. With so much gray outside, adding it to inside just brings me down.

    p.s. I very much like these type of posts in addition to loving your straight out interior design reveals – for some reason, I don’t see you as a DIY girl, sitting at a sewing machine admiring your work, or at a table trying to figure out the latest origami folds for your trumpet swan napkin display.

  23. Mar

    I can’t tell you HOW many times I thought to myself, “What color would EH paint this wall” when we moved to our house. Unfortunately, I picked a few wrong colors and feel pretty bummed about it. Now I’m inspired to consider repainting using these colors as a reference. Thank you!

    If I could ask a question: is it OK to paint a room bright white if it gets low light?

    • Emily

      And no, regarding your dark room. I think a medium tone is better for a room that has really low light. White just looks dead in there and just doesn’t do anything. So you want a color that does something. Harder to find, i know. But those grays I mention up there do things …

  24. Jessica

    THANK YOU!! I always love the paint colors you pick and it’s so incredibly helpful to have them all in one place as a future resource. I love these kinds of posts.

  25. kelly

    Oh bless you for this post. I’m getting ready to paint our family room and I have been flip-flopping on paint colors for weeks. I’m too chicken to do white but half moon and gray owl will be happening.

  26. Emma

    Has anyone had luck color matching Farow & Ball paints? I have been lusting after Teresa’s Green since I first saw it in the Fig House posts but it seems a little pricy for me.

    • Mar

      Also interested in this question! F&B is very expensive.

    • Jess

      I’ve painted with F&B a ton and you get WAAAY more coverage/gallon than you do with BM. Like, nearly double.
      Makes the price of the paint worth it if you ask me.
      I’ve got Charlotte’s Locks on a feature wall in my bedroom, Skimming Stone and Charleston Gray in my living room, Teresa’s Green in a guest bedroom (STUNNING! Great color!) and a few pieces of furniture painted in Hague Blue and Acid Drop.

      I’ve tried color matching and I’ve seen some BM come close but they’re never as good as the original. I actually ended up repainting an entire room because the matched color looked awful.
      Farrow & Ball colors are so heavily pigmented they really do come alive! I’ll never use another brand again.

      Good luck, happy painting! :)

  27. Such a beauty of a paint list, Emily! And, the Curbly family misses you very, very much! XO

  28. Sarah

    What a wonderful resource for us Emily. Thank you!

    Do you think your Hauge Blue could work on bottom kitchen cabinets, black counter (Caesar), Heath white subway backsplash and wood shelving???
    I sure hope so…cuz it’s about to be on!
    Any tips or seals of approval would be SO sincerely appreciated!

    • Emily

      YES YES YES!!! That sounds BEAUTIFUL. Do it!!!!!

      • Sarah

        You have made me so happy!

  29. Jen

    I just painted my living/dining room Aloof Gray by Sherwin Williams and I adore it! In the past when I’ve experimented with gray, I’m not happy–so often the color looks good on the wall but is finicky when you put anything next to it. This gray loves everything, my beige couch, orange chairs, white (it loves white especially) wood tones, blue, other grays, everything! This gray has the effect of tying things all together. I used it because I saw your Curbly house post and loved it there, so thank you!

  30. You need a TON of art. I’ve got a TON of art (including Danielle Krysa’s nudie plant stacks and Lisa Golightly overexposed beach paintings). Check out my site or drop by in person next time you’re in eagle rock.

  31. Jenny

    Most of my house is painted BM Mountain Peak White. It’s definitely warm, bordering on cream/yellow in some light. Initially I wasnt a huge fan of how warm it is but we have nearly-black wood floors so I think the warmth actually keeps the space from looking too stark.

    We also have one wall in our master bedroom (behind the bed) painted BM Temptation and it is goooooooorgeous. It’s a super dark gray-navy that I was really nervous about, as a white walls girl,but I am obsessed with it now. I could not love it more.

  32. Kim

    We painted our playroom Gray Owl based on one of your posts and love it but it does look slightly blue. Also love BM Stongington Gray (darker than Owl) and Gentleman’s Gray (not gray at all, more blackened blue or a poor man’s Hague Blue).

  33. essie

    love this post!

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  36. anna

    This post is great! Thank you!

  37. Fran

    Not sure if you can get this out there, but in England the Little Greene Paint Company’s new ‘Grey’ range is amazing. We especially love ‘Limestone’ and ‘Rolling Fog’.

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  39. Lori

    Above the chair rail in my dining room is Beach Sparkle by Valspar. It’s pretty bright and not for everyone (, but I’ve had it up for years and it still makes me happy every time I see it.

  40. I was just wondering what your go-to colours are!! I’ll be sure to check these out when choosing paint colours for our new house. We move at the end of this week so this is perfect timing for me! Thanks for sharing! My go-to white is Simply White by Benjamin Moore.

  41. …oh and I too LOVE Hague Blue by Farrow and Ball. We painted one wall in our living room this colour and it turned out perfectly. I’m not sure yet where I’ll use it in the new house.

  42. Corinne

    I scanned the comments to see if anyone asked this yet and didn’t see it so here it goes. We bought a newer house and the entire house trim paint is done in an off-white warm beige. Without repainting the entire trim white since it’s already in great shape can you recommend any light colors that would go well with beige. I painted our office in grey owl which makes the trim look more yellow. All I can think of using would be dark colors like navy to offset the warm trim and not make it look more yellow and dated. I can’t find any sites that address this issue.


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  45. Jenna

    I am planning on painting one large wall in our main living area black and I would LOVE your opinion on great blacks. The room in very bright and the other walls are all a very crisp true white. I think a post on really dark paint colors would be so helpful!

  46. I always love your paint selection and your overall design choices. Always spot on, with a touch of quirk. For our house we used these colors:
    which we have been super happy with. The BM cement gray is such a good true gray. Also, I get happy every time I walk into the laundry room because of the gorgeous BM woodlawn blue.
    love your work. so inspiring.

  47. I painted a custom vanity November Rain and LOVED it. I must admit that I was drawn to the “romantic comedy possibly set in Seattle” name. FB Teresa’s Green is soooo dreamy

  48. Those colors are all really great,I think I’d love to rehab some furnishings with Hague Blue. I could see it being really great on a desk or the inside color to a bookcase. A powder room with a nautical nod with this color would also be stunning. With it not being too purple or too blue I think that it would make the nautical vibe very sophisticated if styled correctly.

  49. I’m posting a link to this for my two moms who are both trying to choose paint colors. Perfect timing!

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  51. Tracy H.

    My perfect shade of greige is Sherwon Williams Alpaca Grey. It is a lovely mix of taupe and grey — a fresh take on beige.

  52. Jennie

    Do you have a recommendation for a cream with red undertones rather than blue or brown? Thanks!

  53. Great post! Been reading a lot about choosing colors for my home. Thanks for the info here!

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  56. Alisa

    Our home is on the Long Island Sound, so it’s mostly shades of sand and sea with a strong navy thread throughout. Aside from the den, all of my walls are BM Manchester Tan. I just love that color. It’s the perfect, modern, light neutral and it plays so well with warmer beiges and all shades of blue.

    My den, incidentally, is BM Mt Rainier Gray–which doesn’t read gray to me AT ALL, but rather a wonderfully sophisticated, muted blue. My house gets almost no direct sun, so maybe these colors would read very differently in a space with lots of natural light, but they are perfect here.

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  58. From my initial read through, I’d have to say that my favorite colors are probably the November Rain and the Teresa’s Green. That being said, I could easily see myself changing these up the more I look at them. I guess I’d have to see them in reality to make a final decision. Thanks for sharing the insider tips though, because picking the right color can be a challenge.

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