Mid-Century Texan Outback Baby Shower

It’s a baby shower, folks. Except I’m officially renaming this one to “Send Off to Parenting Party” because that’s more what we decided to do. It’s not that anything is wrong with the more traditional baby showers, truly, but sometimes I think traditions don’t make much sense for everyone in every situation. First off, Leigh (the dad — yes, they both have strangely asexual names) is having a baby, too; he loves a good party; and he deserves a good party before life all changes. Also, Corbett has a lot of close male friends so it’s just kinda weird to make it solely a girl thing and leave all the boys out. Then thirdly, why do they always have to be during the day when people aren’t really ready to get rowdy? So we — myself, and Corbett’s three closest ladies in her life — decided to throw a joint baby shower — er , PARTY, at 5pm, which is an appropriate hour to get your crunk on. And we did.

Corbett Tuck's baby shower

But of course, it had to be a surprise. Not the date or time, but everything else. Leigh and Corbs are very generous and throw awesome parties, sometimes including custom scavenger hunts, magicians, or yachts. And I promise you, being at what you think is a normal party and then having a magician randomly pull a bird out of his pocket next to you is VERY exciting, indeed. So we wanted to go all out and spare no expense for them.

The theme was “MidCentury Texan Outback,” naturally. It’s trending. They both love mid-century, she is from Texas, and he is from Australia, so that is kinda the best we could come up with. Basically it just means a casual desert vibe with delicious beer and BBQ.

yeah rentals Corbett's baby shower

I enlisted help from Yeah! Rentals because even though I’m a stylist you can’t take a backyard that looks like this at 8am …

Image 3

… and turn it into everything you see below without help from an awesome rental company like YEAH!. They provided the furniture, rugs, pillows (except a few of mine), and poufs. Pretty much the whole party. You go to their warehouse, pick out what you want (they’ll help you make decisions based on how many people you have, how big the party area is, etc.), and then they deliver, set up, and remove all in the same day. (And yes, they remove as late as you want — ish. We had them come at 11pm and it was fine). Also, anybody who reads this and books a party before August 1st can get 15 percent off the rental with them, as long as you say “Emily loves Yeah!” in your email.

yeah rentals Corbett's baby shower

yeah rentals Corbett's baby shower

yeah rentals Corbett's baby shower

For flowers, I vacillated between these Proteus and other desert flowers or doing just succulents. Ultimately I liked the height and color variation of the Proteus, but the succulents would have been less wasteful, so they would have been just as good of an option and not that much more expensive. That awesome fringe situation up there is from Geronimo, which was supposed to be on the balloons that we got from them, BUT, we loved them in the more blank places of the party.

yeah rentals Corbett's baby shower

When it comes to the patterns and colors, we decided to not try to art direct it too much and just mix all of these together, with the main color palette being desert colors, with hits of hot pink and teal (duh). Somehow throwing it all together looks way better and more fun than going through and perfectly picking out all the colors that matched, etc. Stylistically, they all look good together because the they all fell within our mid-century Texan outback theme.

yeah rentals Corbett's baby shower

Oh, and I added Billy Balls because I wanted more texture and something really graphic to contrast against the Proteus. Plus, I love saying and buying “Billy Balls.”

Corbett's baby shower geronimo balloons cake

I enlisted help from my friends at Geronimo Balloons, which are those famous huge and round balloons floating around at parties. They were a massive hit, cut to six hours into the party, and yes, “lollipop kids” may have been sung with the help of some helium, that oh-so-precious resource. That beautiful ‘smores cake is a genius creation by Tara at HeirloomLA and was insanely delicious (and while it looks not that big, it served all 75 people). It has all the elements of ‘smores inside it — chocolate, salty graham cracker and marshmallow. VERY Good. I kept meaning to buy or make a cake topper but the day totally got away from us.

yeah rentals Corbett's baby shower


corbett tuck baby shower with emily henderson

We stole the name game idea from Bash, Please (only the hippest party planners in town) when they did it for Margaux and Max’s beautiful shower. Basically you guess (or pick) what name you think they should name their baby. Their last name is Whannell so I chose “1L” (get it “One L” Whannell) and I won. I mean, they aren’t going to name her that, but I still kinda “won” if you know what I mean. I apparently think I’m terribly clever at times. Although Orlando also won by choosing “Orlanda,” which never ceases to make us laugh.

yeah rentals Corbett's baby shower

yeah rentals Corbett's baby shower

baby shower cake

I mean, look at that cake. HeirloomLA, you killed it. I want it in my cake hole now.

yeah rentals Corbett's baby shower

The party was big, at 75 people, so we obviously had to get a group shot. It was a total success and such a blast. Obviously I didn’t do this alone or even close to it. Corbett’s cousin (who-is-basically-her-sister), Hillary hosted it (Secrets from a Stylist, season one episode one, anyone?), and her best friends Anne and Meredith helped an intense amount as well. We didn’t get any proper shots of the delicious BBQ food because it was served inside after dark where the light was bad and wasn’t styled all pretty (but was delicious). Instead, we focused on shooting more of the party and decor. A big trivia game was played, music spun all night, and a week later this happened:

newborn photo

Baby Sabine was born. Everybody is extremely healthy and totally perfect.

Happy Birthday, Sabine. Your aunts really love you very much already. Now to start planning your first birthday party …  I’m thinking “Vintage Victorian Trojan” …

Thanks so much to Monica Wang who shot those lovely party photos; Yeah! Rentals for the awesome furniture and accessories; Geronimo balloons for the insane balloons; HeirloomLA for that cake; and Tessa Neaustadt for the birth photo. And yes, ALL of those people just mentioned are for hire and I strongly recommend hiring them.  :)

  1. DIY di

    I love everything about this shoot!! It makes me happy and jealous at the same time and that’s a great combination for me! :) super talented!!

  2. Teresa

    Aaaawww… this is such a FABulous shower theme – executed brilliantly. And then that sweet little babe — adorable!! Congrats to the new family. :)

  3. Bri

    this is beautiful! i love all of the outdoor decor!

  4. WOW what an amazing shower you threw. The colors are awesome and the theme funny a great! It looked like a really fun party! By the way that cake looks insanely delicious. I need to try it.
    I’m loving the last pic of baby Sabine, such a wonderful shot!
    xo Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

    • Emily

      Thanks, Quinn. It was extremely fun to do, and now i need a baby.

  5. Cami

    Love this shower/party! How fun to celebrate friends. Couldn’t agree more about dad partying too… he totally deserves it!
    This is really random, but do you have any idea where Corbett found her really fun shirt? I am pregnant and am having the hardest time finding fun maternity clothes. Everything is frumpy, and that shirt is amazing! Longshot, but thought I would ask. :)

    • Emily

      I think its Marc Jacobs :) She splurged on a couple pieces and i think that was one of them. And yes, i will be borrowing all of her maternity clothes at some point – they are all VERY cute.

    • corbett

      It’s Lauren Moffatt. Its not a maternity dress, but a lot of her stuff works for pregnant bellies. I have it in 2 patterns! The shirts are great, too:)

  6. Ohhhhhhh, we need to talk about that cake stand…..

    • Emily

      I forget where it came from!! Maybe roost … i don’t remember, but funny, right?

  7. I want that blue wire chair! LIKE SO BAD!!!!!

    I’m in the midst of planning a baby shower too. While mine will not come close to comparing with this, your post and party have given me several ideas. Well done!

    • Emily

      I think Yeah! is starting to reproduce/sell their furniture so if you really want it, you could contact them!

  8. Everything about this is YES.

  9. Suz

    This is soooo great. Now, start thinking about Bob’s 70th at Rancho Hendo next October. I’m counting on you….Miss you too. Suz

  10. Summer

    What a great party! The “theme” is too perfect. You just gave me a great design direction for my own house! Love!!!!!

  11. Marlene

    vintage Victorian Trojan…haha! Sorry but I think I’m gonna have to steal that idea!

  12. this is fantastic (and so much better than a regular baby shower!). But as South African, where the Protea is the national flower, I have to tell you its spelled with an “a” :) Aren’t they gorgeous?

    • Emily

      AHH, that’s why my spellcheck was being all bossy. I’ll change it, Thanks!

  13. What an AMAZING event! Emily have to ask – are the rugs also from the rental company? Or do you have any tips or suggestions on finding similar rugs? I have been in love with that style for a while but can never find good quality rugs with such bright colors. They’re so gorgeous!

    • Emily

      Yep! All the rugs are from Yeah!. They are called kilims (some people spell them kilem) and you can find them on ebay but yes, the brighter colors are harder to find and they tend to be in awkward sizes. Good luck!

      • Thank you so much! #emhenforprez

  14. Laurielulu

    Omg…..I don’t like tradition baby showers. This on looks like such fun! Dying laughing at Orlanda……..

  15. Jess

    This shower was spectacular!! I kinda want to have a first baby all over again for this shower…

    And what a sweet way to end the post with the arrival of the little one, congrats to your friend!

  16. Hillary

    Looking at these pics reminds me again at how GD talented you are. (Not that I need to look further than my own livingroom for that). This party was your baby so to speak, and you killed it. The party. Not the baby. Killed it in a good way…nevermind. Bravo.
    Corbett is SO lucky to have you as a bestie. x

  17. simone

    Great party and love Corbett’s boots!

  18. Lauren

    Vintage Victorian Trojan made me laugh out loud. You are so funny to me. Looks like a great party! I want all the rugs and pillows for my office.

  19. Eva

    Dear Emily, you are a genius, this is so much eye candy I can barely take it, don’t you have plans to travel towards Belgium any time soon? Our house could use some small redecorating and I could use your advise, in return I can show you the crème de la crème thriftshops in Antwerp and I’ll buy you the best chocolate and french fries :))

  20. Really just so so lovely. What a lucky lady to have such a great friend! Very special and such lovely setting. Nice work! X :)

  21. Monica was telling me about this baby shower! So, so beautiful! Love all the unique touches. What a lucky little girl :)

  22. I’m still mad she didn’t name the baby Orlanda.

  23. Emily Anne

    As an owner of 6 hens and an avid baker I am dying over that cake stand!! I wish I could find one up here in Seattle! Love your stuff!

  24. Jamie

    looks awesome! I have to ask, who manufacturers those sofas?

    I know I have seen them before (in fact i am nearly positive I pinned a picture of them before) but I cannot find a book or a pin that has them for some reason. Absolutely love their shape for an informal sitting area. Of course, they are so simple that maybe there isn’t a set manufacturer and they are just custom made locally, but I had toask.

  25. Laurie E.

    Beautiful Party…you rocked it as usual Emily. I rarely comment on anything…but I just need to say, that I never thought I would see the day where a balloon would cost (according to their website) $65 to $250 dollars per balloon. And then, if you need is shipped, they will ship a flat balloon to you for and additional $25. You will then need to take it locally to fill for who knows how much more. This all seems ridiculously expensive. Especially for something that will last only hours!? That is all. :)

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  27. Wendy

    Wow! Super shower! Nicely done. Love the colors/decor, theme, and making it man friendly. The traditional kind of showers are definitely not as fun as this kind.

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  29. gina

    I’m still amazed that Corbett gave birth a week later?! How is that possible? She was so teeny tiny. Seriously she looked beautiful and NOT AT ALL like someone who is ready-to-pop. I know its LA and all, but seriously! What a pretty momma-to-be she was! (The party rocked too!)

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  33. Anna

    This is so very lovely! I wish we had the climate to have parties like that all year long. Very inspired by your page. (borrowed some pics, hope you don´t mind?)

    Anna x

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  36. What a lovely baby shower. I love the theme being used, are they Aztec designs on your carpets and all the other textiles being used? There colors are so lively and happy!!! Anyway, Congratulations!! Baby Sabine is so beautiful! Please do share her first birthday here.

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