Last night I dreamt of wicker

As you do.  I had a dream that a client said ‘no wicker’ which is more like deja vu, less like a dream because i’ve had 3 homeowners put the immediate kaybash on ‘wicker’.   And i get it, i do.  You grew up in the 80’s, you remember loads of wicker and floral fabric, a la this guy:


And you are terrified.  It’s many a man’s nightmare.  But you know what else was in the 80’s that was awesome? Family Ties. princess sleeves, shoulder pads and aerobics.  I’m a huge fan of never, ever, ever saying out right ‘I don’t like _____’ because inevitably that thing will come back, OR even better, if its the right version of that thing, you can always style it in a way that totally works.  
Bolo Ties.  
I thought that Bolo ties were the on thing 10 years ago that would never ever ever ever come back in style. NO way,  NOT A CHANCE!! i would say. IMPOSSIBLE! I would yell.  And low and behold Urban Outfitters be totes selling bolo ties.  So here’s my ode to wicker or rattan (wicker is the weaving and rattan is the material).  Because its back and its awesome…..If done right….. 
Yup.  JA knows how to do it.  Who doesn’t want to hang out in these chairs? lame people, that’s who.  (parker palm springs, my favorite hotel ever).
I bought this one on Amazon for an episode a few weeks back, $350
I had never bought furniture from Amazon before, but it came within a week with free shipping (because i am a very special ‘premiere’ member….super exclusive).  It was a total hit (stay tuned for episode 7 of the second season).  Buy it here
Yes, it can be inside.  I’m not freaking out about this room, but i think that the wicker chair is approachably pretty here and might sway a wicker -hater.  
Yes please.  I think the key is combining it with other non-wicker furniture.  like these little african stools.  wicker means lashing of reeds or fibers (my friend Wikipedia told me that), so while this bed is probably not rattan its still wicker.  
I bought this bed the other day for the show for $250:  
Its sick.  Technically its bamboo, but since its lashed bamboo that makes it wicker (right, wikipedia?).  I mean, its stupid its so awesome.  it was all flattened and crammed into a bed isle with like 50 others but this eagle eye saw it and forced 3 guys to help me hold it together while i decided if it was too big for the room or so amazing that it didn’t matter.  I decided it wasn’t too big, and it too amazing, and cheap, to pass up.  It’s headed to my lacquer guy as we speak.  Still deciding on color….
Again, this works because a. the wicker is interesting and not a plain boring big box wicker chair, and b. its combined with other finishes that make it more modern.  
pretty and chic. 
Here are the shapes i’m always drawn to:
Mixed with metal bases.  I bought these two below for my friends Ian’s patio (both for $100 at the flea market)
Loving his shape.
And a peacock chair? Forget about it.  I know people hate these, i’m aware.  But they are incredible sculptures that make you feel like a queen when you sit in it.  i’m waiting to have the right home before i buy one of these bad boys.
Anthro is selling these:
Great.  CHeck her out here, its $298.
And this one, which is much more expensive ($1600) but pretty rad:
Buy it here. 
So never say never folks.  I had someone hate florals the other day, and i turned him.  And someone hated sisal and i turned him.  Everything i used to be a snob about i have ended up opening up to (i never thought i liked country music, but man, after a week in Austin, that stuff makes you happy).   
What do you think will never ever ever come back?


  1. Erin

    I don't like Jeggings………….. I don't know, the cross between leggings and jeans. Something just doesn't sit right with me. Besides, leggings aren't pants (right?). Ah, I don't know. Just weird!

    P.S. LOVE this wicker post! Getting me more interested in wicker furniture :)

  2. amyks

    I so want those hanging wicker chairs from the Parker Palm Springs. They are soo amazing.

  3. cjm

    I'm not convinced. But, for me I more than hate wicker, I loath it from the core of ever cell of my body.

  4. Kim

    Such a good point! I do kind of love 'new' wicker. Also, you are SO FUNNY! Thank you for being awesome.


  5. verdigris?
    I remember Newell writing about trends in one of his first HB letters from the editor, and he mentioned the verdigris trend as one he fell hard for back in the day. My mom's still got some in her porch (at least that's the place for it, right?), so if it DOES comeback, she'll be all set.

  6. Diana

    You did it Emily, you helped rid me of my hatred for wicker. Though I may not have liked every example you shared, there were a few I exceptionally liked. It just needs to be displayed/designed right, but I know I'll never have the skills to achieve that, which may be why I always hated it.. haha, thanks anyway.

  7. CariStereo

    Emily, I think you are awesome, I love your work, and I more than share an affinity with your ’70s-tinged style, as do a ton of my friends, but I don't care what you or Jonathan Adler say: I can't get behind wicker. Yes, it's fun to take pictures sitting in your friend's peacock chair that she has on the patio of her groovy 70s-vibe house, but nuh-uh. Wicker is not for me. (Love the OG Wicker Man movie, though!).

  8. as in all things, use of wicker is talent level appropriate- in the right hands, wicker can be a good thing, evoking chic mid-century or 1920's cottage vibes; in the wrong hands it can bring back all the badness of the eighties, in one golden girls flavored scoop. i would totes trust you to bring out the chic, without evoking elderly floridian sadness.

  9. Claire

    this is less about wicker (which i love) and more about the fact that you mentioned FAMILY TIES!!! Michael J. Fox was my first celeb crush! I was so bummed out when Alex got a girlfriend and it was Courtney Cox!

  10. SHUT UP. That bed is awesome. I'm really hoping you had it lacquered in coral. I have mixed opinions about wicker, mostly because I usually find it uncomfortable, but for occasional sitting I think it can be gorgeous and unique.

  11. It's funny, I have a wicker/rattan chair that I bought at Ikea probably 10 years ago (that looks a lot like the second-to-last Anthro chair in your post) that I was SO over and ready to toss out or pass on to someone else. It was pretty sad looking but then I thought "what's the worst that could happen?" and bought a couple of cans of spray paint. Now I actually really like it. Not that I'm suddenly crushing on wicker, but there are exceptions, lol. Here's the "after" of the chair:

  12. I think a little wicker can be very good in a room. I don't have any but oh….when I was a teenager..I had the curly cue wicker headboard and a chair mixed with a 1920's vanity. I was mixing things up in a good way even back then. I painted my headboard and chair white and loved them. They are still at my Mom's house and I still love them. There was a time I would have loved a sun room all in wicker but no more…..yes the trick is to mix it with a lot of other stuff. I think almost anything can be made to look good if painted or styled or mixed with the right other things. I hate those big overstuffed faux leather sofas that have big huge pillow looking backs on them…they look like dead elephants in a room. Seems lots of men loved them back a few years ago and you see them everywhere here. They are hideous and will never look good no matter what.

  13. Jennetix

    Yes! Typically I'm more drawn to Mid Century but I was at a vintage shop the other day and I came home with a wicker chair. I fell in love with it, and I have always HATED wicker. But damn it works! Who knew? Emily knew.

  14. katie

    Haha! This cracks me up because I've RANTED about my hate of wicker and have recently become addicted to baskets made of wicker-like materials. WHAT?! WHAT?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!

    The hatred stemmed from a college summer job working at Pier 1 Imports and unloading trucks in blazing heat in the back alley. GOD! I HATED WICKER!!

    So I tip my hat off to you, Emily. You called it.

  15. I happen to really like wicker… my husband, however, is a wicker hater. He refuses to have it in the house. I'm totally showing him this post in hopes of swaying him the other way :)

  16. Kayt

    I think the things that you do with wicker are amazing, but I hate the way it feels. It's so uncomfortable! And even if it has a pillow on it, it's not practical for us. I have a toddler that loves to take things and hide them, especially pillows. Sorry Emily, I still won't put it in my house!

    As for trends that I think won't ever ever come back, I'm going to have to vote for the allover pattern look. You know the one. The matching wallpaper, bed linens, couch, chair, and carpet all in the same pattern. It's just crazy!

  17. i love wicker, i love you, my bed when i was seven was wicker, and if i owned a wicker peacock chair my tush would never leave its loving embrace. that is all.

  18. Erin

    lol! You have to admit some wicker is pretty scary but there are also some nice pieces as well which you did show in your blog Emily. I mean you can't beat a good wicker papasan chair….those things are amazing (and slightly dangerous lol)!

  19. I am totally pro wicker. I have a a strong attraction to anything monochromatic and textural, and wicker falls decidedly in that camp. I am dying to put that swing on our new porch.

  20. Stephanie

    I'm kind of on the fence still about wicker. I love the look of it, but when I sit in a wicker chair, it makes me feel like I'm going to break it every time I move with the all of the creeky sounds. But I'm pretty sure I would still buy one.

  21. Jolene

    ha! I was just thinking the other day – will scrunchies EVER be cool again?? I decided no – and threw my old collection out. Can't wait to hear about your recent trips. Glad to hear you got some time for yourself. And Wyoming! That's getting close to my home territory and it just makes me feel better knowing you were there. Yup, that sounds weird – oh well!

  22. Sarah

    I love it! That turquoise office chair is beyond amazing, and now has a spot on my Pinterest board for home ideas!

  23. Alison

    Officially convinced :) LOOOOVE the seafoam chair and the first bed!

  24. perfidia

    No! I have wicker PTSD from when my mom made me go along with her to places called The Wicker Shack, The Wicker Locker, Wicker Hut, Wicker World, Wicker Wonderland…it is all a blur. WIcker and pseudo-Hawaiian prints in peaches and turquoises. I will never recover.

    But rattan is fine.

  25. I have one of those wiker queen chairs that I picked up FOR FREE from a thrift shop at my local Air Force base. I love it. It's still natural wicker, but I keep playing around with the idea of dressing it up in yellow, turquoise, or black. I think it will stay natural until I figure out a permanent home for her in my apartment.

    So, yeah. I'm totally on board with the wicker trend. LOVE.

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  27. marva

    loving the wicker. there's also a nice wicker-ish chair at urban outfitters these days. i tend to frequent uo, as she is the cheaper, younger sister of our lovely anthropologie, which i just can not afford… yet.

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  32. Emily, those chairs you bought for Ian’s patio are Frederick Weinberg Wicker and Iron lounge chairs. Let him know!

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