Yesterday I went insane during the shoot for all my vintage One Kings Lane pieces. I just kept adding and adding and adding vintage pieces from my house. Because I, Emily Henderson, own too much vintage.

I’ve been pretty much broke my entire life (until three years ago) and I don’t think I made the transition well. Instead of saving and splurging on incredible pieces, I’ve been buying and buying, more and more vintage awesomeness, but it’s just too much you guys.

(above piece by Carlo Van der Roer, and I’m seriously considering splurging)

After finishing Bri’s house this week, which is so fresh and poppy and modern, and yet totally full of personality, I decided I needed a big purge. All of my weird and kinda amazing art is going up for sale, March 10th, on One Kings Lane. Well, not all of it, come now, but most of it. Instead, I’m going to take that money and buy original pieces of contemporary art. I’ve kept enough paintings that I’m good on those, but I need drawings, photography, etchings, mixed media pieces, and collages to grow my collection.

'the boy'.  Hey @Lisa Congdon can i purchase this piece? Its just amazing.

I’m debating this piece above by Lisa Congdon. SOOOO good. Lisa, are you selling this bad boy?

But I’m not a millionaire, so I can’t buy pieces for thousands of dollars, of course. So I need your help.

Image of Original hand threaded art work: "Climbing"

(I just bought this piece, from Happy Red Fish. It’s embroidered thread on a photograph and Brian even loves it.)

So this is my call for original pieces of art by living artists that you know for in the hundreds of dollars or less. They could be big, small, 3-D, anything. Obviously I’m going to be picky, I just don’t know too much about art and it’s high time I get into what’s happening in that scene.

What I do know is the Jealous Curator. She knows her shit and is in the art world in the most approachable kind of way. On her blog, she highlights artists that are happening now, and a lot that are affordable as well. It the only art blog that I actually read regularly. So I’ll be perusing that site over the weekend.

And I just bought this piece by Orlando because not only do I love it, but it will always remind me of him, so one day, when he decides he’s sick of me bossing him around, I can simply boss the drawing around, talk to the drawing, take the drawing shopping, etc. A la Tom Hanks and his volleyball, Wilson, in Castaway.

Look Away 2

Hey Orlando, you better sign that piece before you send it to me (… or you can just bring it to the office on Monday). Click here for other pieces by Orlando from his, ahem, ‘Storelando’. 

I also refer to  Curate 1K for more affordable art. Check it out.

Any and all suggestions are helpful. Help me help me. Have you any artist friends that are up and coming? Are you or have you ever been an artist looking for more exposure? Let’s do this …

  1. Meryl

    I’ve been on an art-finding binge lately too! I’m currently in love with Michelle Morin’s watercolors on Etsy (etsy.com/shop/unitedthread). I saw one of her paintings for sale at Land of Nod, and decided to look her up, and I’m so glad that I did. Mostly animals, but some other stuff–all really pretty and happy, and she sells originals that aren’t crazy expensive.
    Can’t wait for your sale!!

    • Emily

      Ooh, thanks Kay. I love Jessica Bell. Just emailed her about purchasing. And Sarah has been on my radar for a while…..so mesmerizing. Will check out Andrea Wan right now. Thank you thank you.

  2. Corrie

    Hi Emily! Huge fan of your work and your blog (and Orlando). My cousin is an amazing artist and owns a gallery in Portland, Oregon. I’m sure he would even love to do a custom piece just for you! You can check out his work at http://aedionaesthetic.tumblr.com/ Happy hunting!

  3. Molly

    I super duper love this guy’s work, especially his “new botanicals” series. http://williamrugen.com/new-botanicals I inquired about buying one of them and he said it would be around $300. I’m saving up!

    • hey molly, thanks for the mention! i had someone contact me to day and buy a print thanks to you. I also wanted to mention that new botanicals are numbered edition prints starting at $350 for edition numbers 1-5 and $500 for numbers 6-10.

      hope the saving is going well!

      • Molly

        So sorry for misquoting the price, William! But I’m glad someone bought one of your beautiful prints. I’m still in love withe the “bleeding heart.”

  4. Hi Emily, I am a huge fan of yours and also an abstract painter. I have work on my site and also do private commissions ranging from teeny tiny 8x8s to some huge beasts. Hope you enjoy! Good luck in your hunt!! http://Www.christieconleyart.com Is my site:) thanks!

  5. I hate to be the web police (and you don’t even have to post this comment!) — I just wanted to alert you that your links aren’t working in the post (I clicked on One Kings Lane and Bri’s website link). The problem is the links are missing the “http://” at the beginning, so WordPress is just tacking the URL on the end of your URL. So it’s like “stylebyemilyhenderson.com/www.onekingslane.com.” That problem will be solved if you change the link to “http://www.onekingslane.com” instead of just “www.onekingslane.com.” Sorry! I know this is probably super obnoxious — I just hoped it might be helpful. Again, totally don’t need to approve this commment. :) Can’t wait to see your One Kings Lane stuff!

    • Emily

      OMG. thank you so much. I didn’t realize that, so thank you, thank you, thank you. That is totally totally helpful. xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Donna

    I’m always thrilled when you introduce us to new artwork and artists, I especially loved the artwork from “Eclectic Artsy Odyssey”…such fun pieces.

    I’m a mixed media artist and would love more exposure as all artists would…LOL!


  7. Jessie

    Check out Jason Siegel Photography. He’s an up and coming photographer in Denver and has some awesome urban and travel shots. Really unique pieces that seriously draw you in. And really affordable too!


  8. ashley


    this is my favorite “friend” artist. she paints, embroiders and is an incredible photographer. I’m commissioning her “couples portraits” (see pin link) as wedding gifts. Her name is llore pemberton.

    • Emily

      Hey Cynthia,
      Thank you so much. I love Elsita’s work (and am seriously debating the paper bee……such an awesome sculpture to mix in with art) and Samantha Simpson’s work is totally weird and cool, too. Thank you thank you.

    • Emily

      Oh yeah, i love them. All of my favorites are sold out though, so i’m waiting for some new ones from them. But they are awesome. Thanks for reminding me of them. xx

  9. Susan

    My favorite contemporary artist is Raul de la Torre. I have a painting of his (paint on paper with embroidery) and I love it! Since buying the painting, we have become friendly. I love his stuff and it’s affordable!

  10. I’d take a look at some japanese hanga – modern prints in all techniques from woodblock to engravings to lithographs. There is such extraordinary vision and talent out there for such reasonable prices and unlike much of what I see over and over in the blog world – it is not trendy. Let me know if you want some directions to look in.

    • Emily

      OOH, VERY interesting. Is he selling them? I like Lincoln and some of the portraits a lot. Thanks so much for sending. And please email about whether he’s selling them or not….i’m interested.

  11. Megan

    Student work is usually super affordable, and if it is a good school, quite good. I think most schools have some sort of portfolio sharing site. Here’s mine:

    You can brows by majors and masters programs.

  12. Jennie

    Thank you for supporting artists!

  13. maureen

    I stalk (in a friendly non-threatening way) art and artists on “Buy Some Damn Art”….I have seen LOTS of stuff I love but have not pulled the lever yet (commitment issues much?) Lots of stuff to love, they always are getting new people featured…maybe thats my issue. “I Love this!!! But whats coming next week????” Good luck

  14. I had the same feeling about all of my vintage clothes awhile back – it got to be too much. In fact, after seeing you on DS & SFAS I actually emailed you about sending a vintage piece or two your way – retrospectively, I am sure that seemed pretty weird, but that red silk YSL bow tie number had your name written all over it. Instead I did this http://ow.ly/hLEaA and, yes,purging feels great!

    On the art front, I sell inexpensive prints of original photographs and artwork. #2 or #4 here might appeal to your color senses -http://ow.ly/hLEBr Did you say you liked peonies, this is kind of an abstract one – http://ow.ly/hLEl8 – I think there are a couple in this series too – http://ow.ly/hLEqR

    I have been admiring the paintings of Keila Marino at furbish, Lucy Jones http://www.flowersgallery.com/artists/lucy-jones/work#2008 & Australian painter http://www.aritekannavos.com/gallery.php, but you said you had paintings. I think people often forget about sculpture. I really love Aurora Robson’s work http://aurorarobson.com/gallery_sculpture.html and she could not be a nicer person to boot. Or this little brass one is kinda cute & affordable http://www.etsy.com/listing/123349243/tabletop-sculpture-in-brass? I think you can also find some good (& accessible) Dan Murphy metal or Van Teal lucite sculptures on etsy/eBay from time to time.

    Looks like you have lots of good suggestions so far. Good luck.

  15. Sarah

    I’m pretty sure he’s not your style, but my favorite artist is Cbjork. I am fortunate enough to own 5 of his originals, including my favorite of his! I can’t describe how much I love them.


  16. Amy

    Hi Emily! Please please please come to my Etsy shop, Fallen Walnut! I make decorative sunburst mirror art using salvaged, reclaimed, and natural walnut wood. Most sunbursts are made from one fallen walnut tree that was knocked down during a storm. I’m disabled and create things to give my life meaning… good cause, right? Come visit me at, fallenwalnut.etsy.com

  17. patty blaettler

    Wow, what timing. I am picking up a 24×36 ($350.00,framed)photo for my daughter’s newly remodeled bedroom today. The photographer is Laura San Fillipo. Her work is compelling.

  18. Sam

    Is it possible to own too much vintage? Surely not! For all the money in the world new stuff just does not have the same appeal as an old, well loved vintage treasure. Love your stuff, love your style. Good luck finding the perfect art pieces for you and how great to support local.

  19. sue

    i know exactly where you’re coming from… i pull the purchasing trigger on vintage a lot quicker than i do modern pieces & somewhere along the line my balance between old & new got out of whack… too much vintage & the house starts to look like an op shop… too much modern & it may as well be a shop catalogue… get the mix right & it’s juuuuuuuuust right! best of luck ;)

  20. probably not your style, but kimiaki yaegashi’s stuff is delightfully weird:
    he’ll also do a (digital) custom portrait of you with the animal of your choice for a bargain $50:

    this woman does beautiful stuff with colored sand, it’s also weird. what can i say? i like weird art:

    oh, and then there’s this guy. he’s kind of my fave:
    if you do a google image search on his name (matthew feyld) you can see some of his older stuff, which is equally great.

  21. martine walker

    my friend lorelei beckstrom is an up and coming artist based out of manitou springs, co. her stuff is quite amazing, thought provoking and just sometimes silly…but serious at the same time. that is the beauty in her work, other than her color palette. her newest paintings for her next show involve cute, cuddly animals becoming savage and acting out the greek myths. http://www.loreleibeckstrom.com

  22. Tabitha pacheco

    Joe penrod

  23. Just found your blog! Love the posts and the artists!
    Thanks so much!
    Jamie Herzlinger

  24. Diana Navarrete

    I dont know if Miss Van would be your style ( i would hops so) because she’s amazing. She’s a street artist but paints some beautiful paintings that I cant afford but you can. so let me live through you a little! lol

  25. Just wanted to share some awesome contemporary photography…


    He’s easy to work with and will do special editions. He’s working on a new collection now that involves HOT PINK glitter… I think you might LOVE it.

  26. Jessica

    sorry, forgot the word “with” – he combines them WITH unorthodox materials . . .

  27. Jill

    I think Jenny Andrews @ myfavoriteandmybest.com has fantastic art! I can only dream of owning one of her pieces. Someday. Some. Day.

  28. If you’re looking for mixed media art, I think you should look at mine. …of course…. lol I create ink landscape paintings, layer them with awesome found items, handmade papers, fabric, and anything else I totally love, arrange it all in a composition that makes me happy on beautiful wood or metal.
    Heck, I’ll even do a commission just for you!

    I’m so happy for you! Buying art is SO much fun. You get to pick out what speaks to your aesthetic, and learn about someone else’s story in the process.

    Emily Jeffords

  29. Michael

    I think you’d love this artist. She often uses the same colors in her paintings that you use in your home.


  30. hillcmm

    Alison Foshee. Amazing. I don’t know how much her art goes for these days, but she is simply amazing, I think. I swoon. Hope you like her as much as I do

    Alison Foshee.com

    • jamie

      (oops, erase! sorry if that had a pretentious tone to it….. not at all intended!!)
      love the blog & all that you do!

  31. Katrina

    Dan Sheets, check him out. I used to wait tables with this cat in college. Saving pennies in hopes of owning an original some day. Art hunting…..good times, indeed!


  32. First – I cannot wait for your one king’s lane sale!!!! Second – I am loving all of these links that everyone is sharing! I’ve already book marked a bunch of them.

    I have a photography shop on etsy. I shoot with a wide range of cameras both new & vintage and have a serious obsession with instant film. Perhaps something will catch your fancy? http://www.etsy.com/shop/StudioThirtyFour?page=1#save

    Thanks for looking!

  33. I was actually just about to email you! I would absolutely love if you checked out my work. They’re watercolor and ink paintings, each are 100% original and one of a kind, and because I combine graphic black ink with bright vivid colors, they are definitely contemporary. Best of luck with your art search! (It’s my weakness/favorite thing.)

  34. I sell custom pencil portraits on Etsy. :) I would be more than happy to draw a picture of you, or Bearcat, or someone you love! I’m an art student who is majoring in children’s book illustration. These portraits are something that I do on the side, and it’s very satisfying work.


  35. Kate

    Hi Emily,

    My friend Mary Kathryn is a great photographer! She does some really interesting things with her work. You can check it out here:


  36. Erica

    After reading this post I found myself at an art show Saturday night in Pasadena. You inspired me to purchase a print! Thanks Emily! (The artists name is Daniel Williams-Baumgart and he has a flickr page if your interested in checking it out. He uses pen and does a lot of portraits which I know you like) Cheers!

  37. Lauren

    This girl out of Austin. Amazing to the max. Her use of light and color is like nothing I’ve ever seen. I wish I knew her actual website but I’m sure her instagram will show you what I mean.


    I mean seriously. No one should be able to paint that well ever. But thank goodness she can.

  38. karen l

    Another for you to gaze at –
    Paige is in Gainesville, Tx – an amazing painter – airstreams, abstracts – as well as hand sewn purses cut from vintage fabrics. Fun!

  39. Pingback: original art resource; Cureeo.com | Emily Henderson

  40. Hi, Emily.
    I look forward to your One Kings Lane sale! I am a big fan of yours and of One Kings Lane. I am an artist with a passion for interior design. Truthfully, most of my work does indeed cost thousands of dollars, but there are some smaller works that are less. (And I am open to offering you a special Emily Henderson discount.) I love your aesthetic, so I thought I’d offer you a look: http://www.kazaan.com.
    I hope you find art that you’ll cherish for years to come. Good luck in your quest.
    Kazaan Viveiros

  41. Hi Emily,
    Huge fan of your work! I am an artist, I do sculpture from objects I find on the beach, collage from anything & everything, & black and white drawings. Good luck art hunting, there is lots of amazing stuff out there…

  42. First time poster, love your blog!

    One of my closest friends is an incredibly talented painter, who makes really lush oil paintings on aluminum. Her smaller works are quite affordable, would definitely recommend checking her site out!


  43. Andi

    Sloane Bibb, an Alabama artist, does amazing mixed media pieces that combine vintage items and lots of texture. Most of his artwork is rather large, so they are a bit on the expensive side (but maybe they would work well for clients?). http://www.sloanebibb.com/

  44. Carrie

    Marisa Dukowitz is an artist/stylist that makes amazing masks out of up yield materials, totally original and awesome 3d option!

  45. My good friend Oren is an incredible painter/mixed media artists. He is dark pieces as well as ones that are lighter and vibrant.

  46. Courtney

    My good friend Oren is an incredible painter/mixed media artists. He is dark pieces as well as ones that are lighter and vibrant.


  47. Hello!

    I’m a Montana artist who is always looking for potential new customers, but the customers I seek aren’t typical perhaps? I use a combination of computer software and hardware and wide format printers to create commissioned works of art. It’s a process that’s really intended for people who don’t want mass produced imports or print #23,783 or #80,000. It’s a process that really needs a customer who knows what they want and can tell me the story they want their art to tell.

    Please take a moment to check out this service on my website (http://www.andabelart.com/#!commissions/c12ek) and let me know if there is a story I can tell for you.

  48. Anne

    I’m a bit late to the game, but I just started reading your blog, and started back at the beginning of last year. I have always loved your style/ design/ and very cute personality!

    I would love if you would take a moment to check out my friend, Merilee Challiss’ art: http://www.merrileechalliss.com
    I honestly believe you will love her work. It’s gorgeous, creepy, feminine, intricate, and compelling. Check it out!

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