Hot Pink and Green; currently my favorite color trend.

Combining two very saturated colors is VERY tricky in an outfit and your home, and you can often come off looking like Dr. Seuss, a fast food restaurant or like you are auditioning to be a mascot for your college football team.  

the-moustached-king:    Vlada Roslyakova by KT Auleta, Vogue Russia September 2007.   Coat from Christian Dior Fall Winter 2007 Ready-to-Wear, headpiece from Christian Dior Spring Summer 2002 Haute Couture

But some people can pull it off and i want to be that person.  It’s just so exciting and adventursome.  

summer colours

awesome colors.....

Beautiful green dres


crazy room but i'm intrigued.



Kelly Green Front Door

Splatter paint on vases. From Australian Vogue or Elle Decor UK, I forget.




My new guest room from

Above photo from my guest room redesign.  

Pink and green

Pink and green

Can you handle it?

I’m shooting my holiday episode this week and crazy busy spray painting life size nutrackers hot pink. Yes.  So this week is getting nuttier and nuttier, pun very much intended.  But stay with me for and follow me in Instagram (emhenderson) for behind the scenes pics of the most hot pink and red christmas you’ll ever see.  


  1. I've always liked pink and green together. I find it to be a pleasing combo.

    I really want that green dress with the open back. Beautiful.

  2. Claire Yang

    Those are the colors of my bedding! Hot pink duvet cover over green shams and bolster cases. I have a black & white striped duvet cover and black & white polka dotted shams/bolster cases, which I thought I'd pair with the pink and green separately. But I think the b&w paired together and the p&g paired together. Go big or go home, right?

  3. KarenD

    "lifesize nutrackers" I heart typos sometimes. Giggle.

  4. Tracy

    My grandmother threw a pink Christmas party in the '60s (she was pretty fabulous), and growing up still had various elements from it. Best of all was pink Santa, which my sister and I trade each year because we love him and his pink velveteen coat so much. I would leave him out year round if I didn't think the world would judge me.

  5. Carrie

    I just bought a house (my first!) and the bathroom has the original 1959 pink bathtub and toilet. I normally don't like pink but I'm going to go with it and am planning on painting the walls green. The colors are not/will not be as saturated as the above pictures but I hope it works out just as fab!

  6. Shane O

    i'm going to die if i don't see more SFAS sooooooon :(

  7. Annie

    The Chinoiserie Wallpaper is to die for!

  8. Cindy

    Yes to everything!