Handmade | Paper Edition

Not sure if you are aware but there is a massive maker movement happening – like taking over the world. People that make things, sell them then I buy them and stare at them and wonder if I’ll ever make anything. So to celebrate this movement we’ve started a new column called ‘handmade’ which highlights our favorite handmade pieces from around the interwebs. First edition is ‘paper’, and here you are.



1. paper folded book | 2. paper house mobile | 3. hand painted notebook | 4. geometric paper tassel panel | 5. patterned paint roller  | 6. personalized paper dolls  | 7. digital family portrait | 8.  paper cut shadow box | 9. paper cloud mobile

1. Paper folded book : I’ve seen these before but this one is super intricate and so well done. What if it was Charlie’s favorite book with his initials carved into it? That would be awesome unless his favorite book was the Flowers in the Attic, in which case that would be creepy (did anyone watch the recent made for tv movie? I taped it and am saving it for a night when Brian and I can really hunker down and watch it together, except for the fact that Brian would leave me before he would succumb to such an evening).

2. Paper house mobile :  It’s so simple, clean, modern and white. It would look awesome in a kid’s rooms, or a creative space. There is something so ‘Wizard of Oz’ about it. I want.

3. Hand painted notebook : My only issue with this hand-painted notebook is its over-promising nature, and you know how I hate to over-promise. I feel like every time that I saw it I would open it all excitedly, eager to read my ‘best ideas ever’ and then constantly be disappointed. But the notebook itself is super cute.

4. Geometric paper tassel panel : Great colors, cute little frame, overall an awesome little addition to a wall. I’m picturing it big and bold. It also reminded me of the art installation at The Fig House.

5. Patterned paint roller : Waddup, genius? While this isn’t actually paper, it’s ability to make a wallpaper pattern has me intrigued. It’s like a combo roller / stamp and if you have pretty smooth walls and don’t want to commit to wallpaper, give this bad boy a try. Renters need apply.

6. Personalized paper dolls : Its hipster crafts to a meta level and I’m totally into it. I’m picturing little Charlie super bummed out that instead of ‘toys’ I gave him paper dolls of me and his dad. ‘Go ahead, little one. Play with your toys’, I would encourage. He’ll just love them.

7. Digital family portrait : If paper dolls aren’t your thing how about a simple clean and modern family portrait?

8. Paper cut shadow box : Remember those dioramas you created in a shoebox as a kid? Thats what this shadow box is, only better. Layers of paper precisely cut out to make an interesting scene. So beautiful.

9. Paper cloud mobile : I’ve loved this mobile since forever and I wouldn’t mind even creating a large version made out of lucite for an art installation in my house somewhere. It’s just so simple and sweet and yet has a lot of impact.

If you are a maker and have a handmade craft that you want to share, leave a comment with your link and we’ll check er out. xx

Post curated by Rebecca Zajac | Design by Numbers, in collaboration with yours truly. 

  1. The paper house mobile is amazing! Can’t wait to see what you do with this series, thanks for supporting all the makers out here.

  2. Yay for creativity!!! Thanks for loving and appreciating creatives Emily! I’m a horse lover that takes and creates beautiful equine photography and prints. I shoot and LOVE the ocean too. http://www.roadtripcreative.com I’d LOVE to do a giveaway or send you a gift of something! Just holla :)

  3. Love your paper picks! And thank you so much for highlighting the maker movement! I am a self-taught illustrator and create watercolor drawings of whimsical girls and animals. My work is collected by moms, their little ones and non-moms too! Probably a bit girly for Charlie but you never know! :) Also, there is a FANTASTIC handmade market, Renegade Craft Fair, that happens in LA. I’m usually a vendor but I’m currently expecting so will be sitting out this year. You should check it out though!

  4. Yay for all things handmade! The paper cut shadow box is amazing. I have a custom & creative paper goods store, everything is designed and handmade by me. Thank you for sharing and loving handmade. http://www.tiffzippy.com

  5. Ooh, I’m so excited for this series. I love finding new handmade shops! I’m really intrigued by that patterned paint roller. I own an etsy shop in which I sell my photography prints from Detroit, New York, Paris, Italy, etc. :) http://www.studiothirtyfour.etsy.com

  6. Monica Gray

    Thank you for making Harnor Designs Digital Family Portrait #7!!!!
    What a pleasant surprise to get an email that we were featured on your amazing blog!

  7. Amanda

    What great finds! You have the best eye, and these kinds of posts, where you share the awesome things people do, are always much appreciated.

    And your flowers in the attic reference totally made my day! What a creepy, creepy book. A made-for-TV movie version of it is required watching for all.

  8. Erin Marie

    Love this post! So excited for new handmade column. Thanks Emily and Co!

  9. Jennifer Squires

    I have a weakness for paper. And chocolate too, but that’s another discussion. I’m that girl that takes every postcard {paper, though I’d probably take two if they were chocolate} from every vendor at a trade show just to see how people are using the medium.

    I make inspired art for beautiful people, I’d love for you to stop by:

  10. Love that you’ll be featuring makers! I make hand-knitted gold and silver jewellery on the side of my grad school studies. LOVE your blog, and would absolutely love it if you visited my website!

    • Love that you’ll be featuring makers! I make hand-knitted gold and silver jewellery on the side of my grad school studies. LOVE your blog, and would absolutely love it if you visited my website!


  11. I love the idea of the roller, knowing me I’d find a way to botch it up!

  12. kate

    What do bloggers see in those silly paper tassel things??

    On a less whiney note, Flowers in the Attic held my attention, and surprisingly my husbands too. There’s lots to look at- the attic is chock full of interesting stuff and the acting and story line are campy and overwrought in a good way. I think you’ll like it.

  13. Liz

    I love that you are doing this series! As a maker myself (my area is modern ceramic home goods), I really appreciate buying things that are hand crafted, and knowing that I am supporting someone’s creative passion with my purchase.
    I’d love for you to visit my shop! thelulubird.etsy.com

  14. violeta

    Fantastic idea for your blog, I love it! Look forward to more maker stuff.

  15. Alisa

    I love reading your blog with my coffee in hand and spilling it everywhere because you crack me up:) love your blog, so much inspiration…

    for a colorful lifestyle check out my little shop on etsy

  16. Lisa

    so sweet to have my notebook in your first column featuring handmade! just wanted to say, if i may – there’s no danger of over-promising – like the title says, the notebook will be filled with the best ideas ever… until you think of the next one! (tongue firmly implanted in cheek) thanks so much Emily!

  17. Lori

    I loved #8 so much that I bought it!

  18. dawn

    Hi Emily, I know everyone else has shared their art and normally I don’t, but maybe (who knows) there will be something that catches your eye here: http://www.cutpaperpaste.com I don’t have a shop, but I do make custom pieces if asked. Thanks for your time :)

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