episode 5, breaking it dizown.

ALright alright.  So here is what the Osbornes needed:  a living room where they could watch tv, but felt grown up and sophisticated.  When i first saw the house they had just had a dinner party and there were folding tables in the living room, they had a eat-in kitchen area for the family, but they like to throw dinner parties a lot, so they were kinda sol.  The challenge was that the fireplace was too high to put the tv on top  – some people don’t care, but for them it was off the table – and the fireplace wasn’t functional, so its not really a focal point. Sure, its interesting architecturally, but orienting the room around it would be ignoring the functional needs of the family.  So while it does seem weird, thats just what i did to make the room work.  And as far as the tv goes, there was no where else to put it – there were a ton of windows and i like how when you walk into the room you DON’T see the tv  til you turn around and sit down to watch it.  The entrance to the room is to the right of the tv so its pretty hidden and lets that massive pretty window get a lot of attention.  

I love this couple. She is snarky and funny and Southern but with a lot of attitude, which i respond to.  She reminds me of me a little where on first impression people think i’m super sweet and innocent and then upon knowing me…well you guys know me well enough to see the bite.  although i have tames down the blog since Design Star….for obvious reasons.   Anyway, Nick is adorable, funny and such a cute father and loves his edgy southern rebel wife so much.  

Here’s some quick shopping resources:

Drapery – NOT $20 a panel. Sorry about that.  I get them sewn for $15 a panel which is amazing. it’s a place that does a lot of hollywood movies so they whip em out for nothing.  $3 more to line them. its insane.  But they are to the trade, and most upholstery places start at $60 per panel to sew. The yardage alone was $20 per panel so that must be what they were referencing ($6 a yard).  So i’m sorry if that was mis-leading.  In the later episodes i see them before the episode is locked down so i make sure they are accurate and not my deals. 

living area rug:  West elm ‘Safari’ $599

coffee table – PCC flea market $60

amazing bench ( i really really love this bench) i saw at the Long Beach flea market, but it was sold. Turns out it was sold to my friend, Staci, who owns 45 three modern vintage (which is one of my all time favorite stores) and so i ended up buying it from her.  It came without any padding, and i can’t for the life of me find the before picture.

It’s early american – not totally sure if that means 18th century or 19th century but its crazy old.  So i wanted to upholster the pad in something appropriate to the era, and a large scale ticking stripe kept it modern and masculine.  ish.

I wanted it to look like one of those old timey matresses – with the large box piping and the tufting.  I love how its really old and antique while still being clean lined and not ornate.  And the scale of it was perfect for this room.  I think it should have been flipped around the other way for the show, even though for their function (to watch tv) they would probably have changed it back.

Lets see, to answer some questions:

1. i didn’t like their previous sconces – they were faux aged 90’s wrought iron, NOT original to the house.  I knew that i was going to replace them for look 2, so for look one i just painted them so they would disappear. which made some of you unhappy.  I wish we hadn’t shown a close up of it, because they didn’t look good, but they looked better than they did before.  But don’t worry, they were NOT original.  like 10 years old and gross.  I will say that a fault of mine is that its hard for me to do anything to the original state of the house that is permanent.  Whenever i see painted hardwood flooring like this:

I mean, this room is so perfect in so many ways (by Nate Berkus who i dreamt about again last night, by the way, so weird).  But he painted stripes on the hardwood flooring and it looks amazing.  Im trying to grow a pair, but for now when the house is so old doing something really permanent to the architecture (like painting over brick or exposed stone or painting the floors) scares me.

 FYI in this house the wrought iron and the beams were recently painted brown – they weren’t wood that I painted white and that wrought iron stopped your eye completely and was super distracting in a bad way.   

2. i kinda over pillowed.  It didn’t seem like it while in the room, but on tv i wish i had like 5 less pillows happening.  Especially in look one, ick.

3. dining chairs were from HD buttercup and i think they were on sale for $85 but normally are around $100 – and they stock them in all wood toned, too. A pretty great deal for non-ikea, non-vintage matching dining chairs.

4. chandelier was from HD Buttercup, too.  it was around $900 i think, but it really was perfect for them, the space and their styles.  

5. Sofa was from the Sofa Co. and i actually think it was only $1200 (plus $75 to treat it).  I’ve become obsessed with stain resisting sofas.  It’s like a 5 year guarantee and often they’ll come to your house (for more, i think like $200) and boom, you can relax on your sofa.  i’ll put up names of the company soon.

I’ll break down look 1 tomorrow.  and yeah, some of that stuff is still in the storage unit for sale and some of it Staci is selling at her store, 45 three vintage modern.  I think she has the two setees, her web-site is down right now but here’s the info. And tell her i sent you.  1051 1/2 S Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA 90019-4402 – (323) 932-0832

  1. SO glad you do these recaps becaaaause I am dying to know if I saw what I thought was $20 PER panel for the ticking stripe curtains was for real? It's been haunting me.

  2. Karen Dybis

    Thank you for taking the time to write this all down. I loved that couch more than you know and was stalking your site to find out where you bought it. The show is wonderful and I look forward to it every week. If you ever want to come to Michigan, I'll be your first client!

  3. You knocked it out of the park…again! I spotted a rug I just purchased for a split second in the room but it never made it into either of the two designs shown (but was fun to see, had to rewind to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks on me)…but I think the West Elm rug worked much better than that rug in the space!

  4. My favorite thing about this episode was the DIY family portrait silhouette project. I kinda disliked the first DIY project with the pillows and this one just felt organic, sophisticated, and kinda Martha Steweart (in a great way). Love love loved this episode.

  5. Just gorgeous as always, Emily.

  6. This room is amazing, the episode was so good was husband watched the entire thing with me. What paint color is the blue?

  7. Kate

    My husband (who doesn't really watch design shows but wandered into the room and got hooked) was very upset that you painted the iron and the beams; I'm relieved to be able to tell him they were already painted.

  8. diane

    Kate – my husband would also freak if anyone painted woodwork or wrought iron white! Emily i loved the show! One comment – shouldn't the green velvet chair be pushed forward into the room? Shouldn't the front legs be ON the carpet? That really bugged me for some reason.

  9. Loved this room – both look 1 and 2. What was the paint color you used? My husband and I would love to see it "in play" in our house! I also LOVE that Safari rug – I've been eyeing it for awhile now for a "man cave", so it was good to see it in action. It comes across almost feminine in a way, so maybe for a man room not so much! Love your show! Keep it up!


  10. Shae

    Hi Emily!
    I loved Domino Magazine and am so sad that it is no more, but I am glad you are bringing that aesthetic to HGTV (finally). You are the first designer on HGTV that I don't pick apart everything they do. Your designs are not too designy and much more interesting than the overly decorated rooms that I usually see on TV. It is hard work to make a room look like you didn't try too hard. One thing I wanted to tell you, I am a bit of a crazy environmentalist (although good design sometimes trumps the cause) and the stain treatment you mentioned for the sofa is a little scary, especially for kids. It is not good for their little brains (most carpets have the same issues too.) Maybe slipcovers, wool fabrics, and or darker colors for kids could be an alternative????

    You are soooo great to watch! Thank You!

  11. I l-o-v-e-d this episode, which is a testament to your talent because their style was much different from mine. AND, I'm a huge fan of how you mix stuff available to us plebes (e.g., the West Elm rug) with one-of-a-kinds. Sigh. What a gorgeous room.

    Also! I get pegged as an innocent, polite, sweet-girl all the time, and then people are horrified to hear me pepper everyday conversations with bathroom jokes and f-bombs. I think it's a blonde thing. My mother tells herself my foul mouth is a psychological rebellion against the first impression I tend to give…but I just think snarkiness is hilarious.

    I CAN'T WAIT to read more re-caps!!!!

  12. This design is much different from previous episodes and I love that! I think that hgtv has distorted the work and costs of interior design, but I appreciate that you tell it like it is on the blog.

  13. Lynda

    So Emily this post made me wonder what happens to the room when you are done? You take everything out and put it back they way it was? Does the homeowner buy what they like. I just assumed they got to keep everything!

  14. Funny – I love this room so much more in these photos than on the show – it seemed too big and disjointed on tv, but here I can see how cozy and coherent it is – happy happy!

    The other morning I woke up thinking about your show (no, I am not a stalker and I am NOT making this up) wishing that you'd get rid of the two looks concept and do more shopping, sourcing, and go into why you put this-with-that. Any chance things will change up?

  15. Merav

    Emily – fantastic job with the Osbornes. As a sassy southerner myself, I have to say that you nailed it!
    I simply MUST have their chandelier but would like to avoid spending $900 – do you think that taking this chandelier (http://www.ballarddesigns.com/lourdes-12-light-chandelier/lighting/chandeliers/14180) and adding wooden balls (from art supply store) or even turquoise beads (from somewhere) will result in the same effect?

  16. Megan

    Beautiful! That room makes me wanna be in it. In a platonic way. It's awesome the way you took a potential 3-focal-point mess and made it coherent without doing something evil like covering up the old fireplace. You rocked it again!

  17. As always Emily, loved the episode and loved the design. That antique chaise is to die, but I'm going bananas over the golden couch in the inspiration pic you just posted.

    Kick ass job, looking forward to the next one. =)

  18. I think I'm with the commenter that asked if you might scrap the two versions for the show and show more about how you find things. I too would like you to show more shopping and painting and stuff and you could say I'm getting this for her and that for him. Just seems like such a waste of time to set it all up one way and then redo another. I know this is the concept for the show and I would love if it was an hour long but only being 30 minutes….I feel like we are missing out on awful lot that we'd get to see if you didn't have to rush to do two versions.

  19. Laura

    I love the two look concept!!! I know it's only 30 minutes but then we get the blog posts, too. LOVE it all.

  20. my mom and i about died for that settee. in an alternate universe i bought it and it looks really great in my apartment.

  21. Morgan

    Do you have any suggestions on how to find an antique chaise similar to the one in this room?

  22. daniel river

    The dining chairs you almost used but didn't for the second look were AMAZING. I agree with the final choice for the homeowners, but damn were those delicious.

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