Episode 14, Recap

Alright.  So this was the first time i saw the new format, and i liked it. We are working things out, trying new things and there are growing pains but i think its going to be a much better show.  Thanks so much for your comments, I really really appreciate them.  And you are heard. :)

Now to the good stuff:  I thought that it felt so much less rushed and i didn’t seem so tired and hurried (a combination that i didn’t realize i was until the format changed).  There were some editing bumps in the ‘furniture layer’, and we actually didn’t have the coffee table or the rugs yet (due to arrive the next day…what would normally be the ‘second look’) so we had to put some stand-ins in (that first layer ottoman was a last minute run to storage before the room service piece was ready).

But ultimately i’m psyched about this season.  I felt like there was more information and more of me and Orlando (who will start appearing even more, thank god because he is awesome).

I am still Krishann an Chris and their daughter are awesome. Totally sweet and lovely in every way and totally absolutely stuck stylistically.  He liked new, gadgety, streamlined and contemporary and she liked shabby chic, white-washed, crystal, victorian, uber feminine.  So when they shopped together they were gravitating towards intensely different things so they never agreed.  They bought the sectional recently and at first they bought it in white, but it i guess stained easily or something so they switched it out for black and while a lot of people would find a black leather sectional a deal-breaker, i found it a total challenge that sounded fun.  Its a good sectional, nice proportions and quality, so replacing it with something in our budget that was just as functional would be hard.

Sorry, no before pictures, they were on my old computer.  But here are the afters:

They are diagnosed as ‘Contemporary Romance’ which means furniture with clean lines, more masculine shapes and weight, then combined with more feminine accessories (mercury glass, crystals, porcelein), textiles (velvets, metallics), and finishes (mirrors, lots of silver and age). I kept them working together through the color palette and used the black of the tv and the sectional to my advantage.  The color palette was:  black, grey, white and lavender.  And it looks so pretty, if i do say so myself.  I went back a few weeks later to do a re-shoot and i was still so happy with it (not always the case).

Sectional:  Owners, but i don’t know where they got it.  Barcelona chairs (not real ones, i’m sure), vintage from the flea market ($150 for both) then reupholstered in white Denim with dark grey piping and tufting).  I love these chairs. The original fabric was really bad brown vinyl, but now they are like Mr. tailored pants.

Shelving system:  I bought it from Pepe’s on Sunset (he makes them). But they are basically repro’s of mid-century modular systems that can be really expensive.  This system was $600.  I’m sure someone could make a badass version with ready-made cabinets.  The real-deals that are this big start at $1200 (and are usually like $1800 – $2400 with the cabinetry) so when i found these guys i jumped on it.

The cute white stool is from Chiasso, and its kinda the perfect little occasional table.  1/2 of the mercury glass was real, from antique malls, and 1/2 of it was from West Elm. You honestly can’t tell the difference.  I’m normally not pro buying things that are trying to look old, but a. they look the same, b. the old stuff is super expensive and very very breakable and, c. the new stuff can actually hold water without the painted inside flaking off.

This little table was from the flea market, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  It was $250 and worth every penny.  It’s an old card catalogue that was put on pin-legs and topped with a mirror.  And so can you.

More mercury glass and white dotted pottery and white/wood stash box on top from West Elm.  You know i love vintage accessories, but the good thing about West Elms is that they change seasonally before you get actually sick of seeing them.

The adorable little yellow heart photo is from Little Brown Pen on Etsy, link here, $25.

The ‘Life is Sweeter Together’ was one that Krishann hinted at that she liked, its totally adorable.  It’s from Etsy, from FauxKiss, click here. 

The New York box is from Z Gallerie.  The white footed bowl and the grey cutout vessel is from Room Service. (both cheap, i forget, but betwen $10-$20).

Black stool from Chiasso, too. Sorry i did two of the same in one episode, but they seemed perfect for them (remember the black wine glass that he chose?)  Masculine and feminine…and these suckers are like $158, not bad, not bad.

And the chevron drapery….long story.  So here’s what we did:  we bought big box thick drapery then cut this grey linen in a big thick stripe, cut, folded it,…..the reason i’m not going into detail is because i wouldn’t recommend it.  We then used serious doubleface siding to iron it on, after we hemmed the sides.  Don’t do this.  It was super hard to manage because they were SUCH huge drapes.  If you want a pattern, then yes, go through this effort, but there is a lot of troubleshooting that we didn’t know about and frankly didnt’ have time to fix.  SO, next time i would either a. design it on Spoonflower (I didn’t know about that at the time). b. order a chevron fabric that someone has already designed on Spoonflower (Oh Joy’s is awesome), or C. paint with fabric paint and 3M Blue tape.  I hate pointing out my flaws (totally not true) but in this case they were dramatic and totally worked on camera, but when you looked closely, they had a lot of ‘character’.  Luckily Krishann is like the sweetest person ever and was just psyched that they were something that was so handmade and just for her.  Which they were. :)

That chair was vintage, from the flea market i think. $250. The rug is a standard Ikea Grey rug.


The ottoman is from Room Service.  I customized it (which you can easily do there, but i’m sure they still have my particular order if you want that one exactly just tell them you saw it on the show).  Its around $700, i think.

The metallic pillows are from Chiasso, and the little 12×16 is from West Elm.

The wood tray is from Pottery Barn.  The Cowhide is from Ikea.  The mercury glass standing lamp was the homeowners.  The standing lamp in the corner is from ZGallerie (its the white faux bois one).

The chandy was vintage, from Casa Victoria, on Sunset in LA.  $350.

This poster of LOVE in all the different languages is an etsy find, too. From Jennifer Ramos, (MadeByGirl), and you can buy it here for $25.  Perfect for ‘romance’.

WAIT!!! The wallpaper is from Graham and Brown and its only $30 a roll (super cheap).  You really can repaint it different colors whenever you want.  It didn’t read that well on camera, but in person its awesome.  The wall color is Violet Rain by Benjamin Moore, 1451.

And that, my friends is the beginning of season 2.  Thanks so much for your support.  i loves you a lot.

All photos styled and taken by the awesome Teri Lyn Fisher

  1. $600 for that wall unit? That's a steal!! And love that ottoman – great room, was so excited to see the new episode! I made my husband go get us dinner so that I didn't miss even the first 5 minutes of it :)

  2. cindy

    Emily, I don't know who has been whispering in your ear but I don't want to hear "going to be a much better show" anymore. I adore your show and I would be happy with no changes at all. Keep up the excellent work. I just redid my living room and have been thinking in layers the whole time. : )

  3. Katie

    Hi Emily, first of all- I love your show and am sure that I will love your new format too. But I haven't seen the new format because we don't have cable and so far hgtv hasn't posted the full episodes of your second season. Do you know if the full episodes will be available on hgtv.com? I really, really, really want to watch !!!!

  4. Jessi

    Beautiful! I love your design, as usual! I rewatched the show again so I could really give an intelligent, constructive review of the new format. Let me preface by saying that I love everything you do and would probably watch you alphabetize color swatches if it was televised. I loved seeing two looks, but I understand why they are switching to one, and I did feel like I heard a few more "how to" tips than normal. However, I hope that the new format doesn't take away from "how to blend two styles", because I LOVE that and I feel like that is a problem in every single home. It really sets your show apart from everything else out there, along with your great vintage infused style. Also, the new voice over is something I think I can get used to, but I really wish they would use your voice when you are working on the style board, and maybe even when they describe the final room design. I felt like it kind of took the accomplishment away from you….I dunno, it just didn't make sense. It was like your thoughts were narrarated by some chick….it was a little jarring. I know these probably aren't things you control, so pass along to whoever needs to hear these things. Change is tough and people always resist, but all in all the changes were great and I'm a fan forever!

  5. Emily, 
    You are one of the kindest most genuine people ever.  From the moment we met you you've been so sweet.  You are also hilarious and you keep it real.  Love that! We adore you and our living room and honestly can not thank you enough for doing such a beautiful job. Everything was and still is perfect for us….even Stella.  Thank you again for everything! We will continue to support all things you!

    The Briscoes

    p.s. The sectional came from Macy's it was on sale and because of you I am so glad it stayed!

  6. Emily,

    You are my favorite Design Star winner by far and I love, love, love your show! I just watched your new season and it was great as usual. The only new thing I'm not loving is the voice over work. I felt like I was listening to a computer generated voice. Like, is there a real person behind this or what? That is the only thing that bummed me out about the new format! But then I was watching another HGTV show and for the life of me which one is escaping me – but it had some weird new voice over stuff too! Is this just a new thing for all HGTV programs? It is definitely not an improvement! But I love you enough to keep watching and recording…..despite any weird voices but I would much rather listen to your voice!

  7. Jill

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that card catalog table. Such a cute unique little piece. I am definitely going to keep my eyes peeled for a card catalog at flea markets and consignment stores. I know I have seen them before and now I'm kicking myself for not picking one up. Overall I liked the new format of the show – loved seeing more of Orlando and of course more of you and how youu ultimately style the room. However, I agree with Jessi's comments above regarding the new voiceover. I remember thinking "Wait, Emily is supposed to be talking right now. Who is this chick?" I'm just curious about the change…is it a time thing to give you more time to work on room ideas and design versus going into a studio to do voiceovers? Or was there another reason?

  8. Sam

    Emily — wow, the pictures of this last room are really impressive!! I've been overseas since your show began airing and have tried everything to stream/watch it online (get with it UK) but to no avail! Anyway, I'll be back stateside in the fall and will spend an entire weekend catching up on your show. I was immediately hooked from the pilot episode! Keep up the awesome work decorating for our generational tastes/sensibilities! : )

  9. Marta

    Come to our house already! pretty please :)

  10. Oh my goodness I love everything about this room! The fireplace wall is just gorgeous. I recently painted our white concrete mantel white, and was thinking about painting the brick white as well, but now you have me rethinking that. (although ours isn't lovely stone like this one.) The midcentury furniture pieces (especially the wall unit) are so gorgeous. Amazing job! I missed this episode so I need to see if it is playing again and DVR it!

  11. Kathryn

    I was so excited to see the white birdcage on this episode! I spotted the same one (just a little bigger) in a junk shop and it's my favorite thing in my bedroom. I love the way you used it.

  12. Johnna

    Emily, the new "one final room" format is awesome! I am so glad you stuck with showing the ways to bridge to styles in one room. PLEASE go back to narrating your show! I don't know if you have any control over it, but it seems very House Hunters International when you aren't talking about the issues and what's going on in the room. I do love the longer shopping bits and suggestions. And you are a GENIUS when it comes to styling a room! I get so caught up in the big pieces and usually lose steam by the time I'm supposed to add the details. Love, love, love your show, and I hope you keep showing multiple styles and decorating tips forever!

  13. Nanci

    How do you get pictures so evenly on the walls?
    ..I find that a daunting task but so want to do this to my home!

  14. Emily, I absolutely love your show! I can't believe I had not seen season one before watching reruns just this past week. Wait, yes I can. We didn't have cable for a while, but now we have cable and HGTV again. Yay!

    I liked the two looks format, but it seemed much more rushed than the one look format. It felt like I learned a lot more in this season two episode, because it seemed to be little slower and contain more details and information.

    I am dying to have 'Barcelona chairs' in our home some day! Maybe when my husband and I get out of apartments and into a home, I'll splurge on a set. Your assistant made me laugh when he called your birdcage the 'freakiest bird cage ever'. It was really fun watching you two style the room together! (:

    I'm looking forward to the rest of season two! Thanks for sharing your stylist secrets.

  15. Sarah

    I just watched the episode last night and haven't read any of the other comments so I might be repeating others, but oh well. I have to say I liked the two look format a bit better because we got to see so many different things. BUT the one look format felt a lot more relaxed and less rushed, and that was nice. So I guess I'm on the fence about one look vs two.

    The one thing I didn't really care for was the new voiceover, both at the beginning of the show and a few times throughout. It seemed detached. I'd rather hear YOU doing the voiceovers, I think it makes the show more personal.

  16. That card catalog table had me literally exclaiming out loud and my hubby looked at me like I was nuts! I'm obsessed with old card catalogs and file cabinets-basically a multitude of tiny drawers and vessels makes be go bananas. LOVED IT!

  17. i love that shelving unit! and it's totally affordable.

  18. I loved this room, I think it is the closest to our style than anything – but I HATE the voiceover!!! I love your voice talking about what you are doing, not some random chick talking about everything.

  19. Stephanie

    Another great episode! I love the wall color and the blending of these two styles.

    A question for the Briscoes (if they are reading)…I love the mercury glass standing lamp of yours that was incorporated into the design. I spotted something similar in a room once before and have been trying to find a lamp with that shape ever since. If you know the maker and wouldn't mind sharing, I would be so grateful for the lead!

  20. Amy Elizabeth

    I know it has been said before, but I can't stress enough how strange and unnecessary the voiceovers are. It probably won't stop me from watching, but I cringe whenever I hear them.

  21. Gretchen

    Hi Emily – I really love your show and your blog. I have a tiny suggestion for the blog. Would it be possible to post your external links to "open in a new window"? Just makes it easier to click over to one of your source sites without losing my page on your blog. Just a thought. Keep up the good work – you're the best thing on HGTV!

  22. Jerri

    Absolutely LOVE your show! Thought you were awesome on Design Star and waited, waited, waited for your first season. Your show is like nothing else on television, and inspiring, informative and just fun all rolled into one. I like the new format, though I do miss the overlaying bit (I wondered what kind of budget you must have had to do that!)…but it was ALOT of information for a half hour show! This new format is more relaxed and you are getting to interact more which I enjoy. I agree with everyone else…the weird lady voiceover took me by total surprise…at first I thought maybe you were speaking in your "grownup" voice…but no, not you, and such a departure from your quirky, uniquely warm voice. More Emily is better and less grownup lady voiceover would be nice too. Can't wait more Secrets!

  23. CMR1510

    I love this show. I am glad they now only show one finished room rather then two. The host has great style and I really like her thoughts and design tips. This one is a keeper!

  24. Sher

    I adore your show, but I have to say the one thing I missed was you doing the narration over how you changed the room and what all the pieces were. The new voice sounded a little sterile for what is such a great, quirky show! Thanks so much for letting us in on all your design sources. I'm always wondering when I watch these design shows where they got that, and now, thanks to you, I know! Love you lots!

  25. Jonathan

    Emily, I am a huge fan of your show – easily among the best of best on HGTV!

    However, I must say I agree with a couple of the other comments here – the new voice-over just sounded a bit dull for me. It could be just a matter of getting used to, but I really missed your voice doing the narration! But as always great job; loved your show and adored your styling tips!

  26. Hi Stephanie! Yes we're reading :) The lamp came from Anthropologie. I bought it on sale in one of their stores. Thanks for asking!

  27. Love the pictures. I am so excited to watch this episode!

    I recognized the sectional immediately as I am sitting on it right now – the MIlano leather sectional from Macy's.

  28. Amanda


    Do you know of anywhere on-line/nationally that the modular shelves like Pepe's might be available, even if they are more expensive? These would be perfect for our small space. We have a similar kickstand wall unit from CB2, but it isn't modular. Thanks!

  29. That's the one Kristen! Haha I got excited that we have the same sectional (I'm sure lots of people do…)! We had it in white as we were told it was very easy to clean but denim stains wouldnt come off, other thqn that it was fairly simple to clean, and they allowed us to exchange it for black. It was beautiful in white but thanks to Emily I'm super happy we gave it another try and got it in black. It's super comfy and now fits the room perfectly :)

  30. Hi Emily, Thank you so much for featuring my LOVE LANGUAGES print in this home, looks awesome! I unfortunately missed this episode… :(
    Going to see if i can find it on HGTV….
    THANKS again.

  31. Sarah G.

    I just wanted to say that the paint-able wall paper really blew my mind. I literally woke up the next morning thinking about paint-able wall paper. And the lavender color is really pretty. If someone were to describe this room, with all its masculine qualities paired with ornate purple wallpaper, I would have said, "no way, not gonna work." But it works! This was my first time seeing your show, so I have no comment on the new format, but I really liked how you worked out the couple's style with the quiz in the beginning. I learned a lot! You have great style! Keep it up!

  32. Gosh the more I look at this room the more I love it… Saw the show the other night but love
    the still photos, I can really study it!

  33. Summer

    Emily, please do your own voiceovers!! I miss your sweet voice! =D

    Also, where can I order that shelving unit?!?! It's so awesome and an even better price. Does this Pepe person have a website? Please help!!!!

  34. Hey Emily! I second the question you may or may not know the answer to: When is HGTV gonna put the season two episodes online? We just dumped cable, so that's our source for your wonderful show, and we love it so! Also, when are you gonna come to New York and trick out our new apartment?? =)

  35. Susan

    What Margaret said.

  36. Miss Maja

    So I've been – and still am a big fan – watched you on design star – and have watched all of your shows – and I understand that one look vs two may be an effective change… and it does allow for more information to be given to the viewer.
    But in terms of delivery of that information, I would like to say that I am a fan of yours, and that I am making sure my DVR is set to record Secrets from a Stylist – not Secrets from a Voice-over Woman. I don't know whether or not you have any control over this, or if HGTV controls whether or not you have to use voice-overs, but I like to hear the secrets and the descriptions come from you – the Stylist. You bring something fresh and interesting to TV – I just think your so great, and it doesn't feel as genuine when your not narrating – it feels really jarring.
    Best of Luck!

  37. Haley

    I love the drapes. I'm not sure why you are trying to "explain" them they look beautiful and I love how oversized the zigzag pattern is.

  38. Emily, I just watched the episode last night, and I really like the new format. It feels much more natural. Like a few of the other commenters, I don't like the voice over. I wish it was your voice. As for the design in this episode, I really enjoyed the tip about the paintable wallpaper. I also fell hard for the shelving unit and was shocked at how affordable it was. I wish I lived in LA so I could purchase one. The card catalog table was also an amazing find.

  39. Jae

    I LOVE mecury glass! NEED SOME now.
    love your use of it here.

  40. Tashauna

    Hi Emily! Love it!!! Who makes the silver box that is on top of the ottoman? Thanks!

  41. EvelynB

    I really enjoyed the new format of the show. 16 min. into my Tivo and I felt like you had already packed in 30 min. of content. I was seriously happy when I realized I still had another half of the show to go! I liked how you were able to use their couch. Many of us have big ticket items that we can't afford to replace so I loved how you were able to make a black leather couch look so different on the before and after. I also liked how they showed you trying different pieces and seeing whether they worked or not (the white vs brown tray on the ottoman, the three different vase options for under the wall unit). I agree with your other comments that I like your voice over better but if it means if it saves you some time to do other things (downtime, I hope??) then I'm all for it. Can't wait for next week!!

  42. Janelle

    Your show needs to be accessible to Canadians! This room is beautiful.

  43. Kelly

    I loved the new format, but totally didn't feel like the voiceover fit the show at all. :( I miss your sweet voice telling us what everything is, and what inspired you.

    That room is amazing! LOVED the painted wallpaper and the gorgeous chairs. I had my doubts that the couch could work there but you made it work!

  44. viet

    i don't have cable so i have to watch the shows online. last time, someone posted the link to the premier episode and i tried searching on hgtv but can't seem to find the second episode. has anyone had any luck finding this episode online? if you can post here that would be AMAZING. thanks!

  45. Hilary

    Love the new format and the room! Can you tell me where the stand-in rug was from? The one that got switched out, I mean. Thanks!!

  46. Melissa K

    I finally got a chance to watch this episode, and I'm going to beat that dead horse once again. I hate the voice over. I don't mind the concept of having more voice overs, but they should be your voice. Having this disembodied voice makes you seem unknowledgeable; like someone else needs to tell you why you are doing what you are doing. It's coming off like she is telling you what you should be doing, and then you go and do it, which I really, really don't like, because you are SO original and pretty darn intelligent, if I do say so myself. Anyway, I know there are some complaints about your voice throughout the blogosphere, which is the only reason I can come up with why TPTB chose to have someone else do the VOs, but I personally love it. If you have any say in how the voice over is done, I really think you should insist that you take over that job. I realize that this will create more work for you post production, but it will be totally worth it.

  47. hayden

    I really like the new format. It definitely feels less rushed and leaves time for you to give us awesome tips. I really don't like the voice over lady. I don't know her personally, but I just think it is distracting to have someone else's voice during your show. you are the show. I don't understand why they are using her. Were you just tired of talking? We like your voice and want to hear more of it! anyway – where can we state this so that the producers will see it?

  48. Kat

    I'm still waiting for HGTV to post the 2nd episode on line. Last week someone had the tip of searching for the episode name since it wasn't showing as an available full episode yet. I've tried and no such luck this week. Anxiously waiting to see the new format!!

  49. Marina

    Emily, I'm a big fan of your show and a bigger fan of your design sensibility, Your quirky personal aesthetic always seems to shine through, even though you manage to work very convincingly in a myriad of styles. I'm with those who are protesting the "grown up lady" voice over. What is that?! Tell the HGTV execs to stop that immediately!! The best shows on HGTV are the ones that let their stars shine and don't work to counteract what they have to offer with generic normalizing disembodied narration. Ugh! Really, it offends me on your behalf. On the other hand, I do think walking us through the best way to combine styles rather than the do-over format of the new season works well. I like that you have time to explain things to the viewer and that the homeowners don't have to generate a "you're 85.7 percent there" response after your first attempt. I'm still looking for more on-screen banter with your design assistant. We need either more witty repartee or more design sense from him. Don't see either so far, but that is doubtless not his fault. Overall, I think you are hilarious, charming, strange, and super-talented. It's a combination that just can't be manufactured.

  50. Carls

    Emily, I love your show. But I don't get TV. But I love your show! But I don't get TV! What the heck is up with HGTV not posting your episodes on the internet so I can watch them on HULU????

  51. Jess

    I can't find any of the Season two episodes on HGTV.com. I was able to watch 1 and 2 with links I found in the comments on your blog, but I can't find episode three at all! Has anyone found it? And why is HGTV making it hard for me to watch you online? :(

  52. CharlesD

    Hey Emily, is it rude of me to say I wasn't originally a fan of your show. I thought the two reveals was wasteful which I had a hard time getting over. I love your new format, but now I have a problem with the narrator. The careful ennunciation of a pro voice over seems so fake esp. compared to your fun, upbeat, but most of all unpretentious personality. Keep going, keep growing, you are doing a great job. Thanks for the entertainment!

  53. First I absolutely LOVE your show, old format and new. The one look is nice and gives us a chance to dive deeper into one look. I just really miss your narration. When that voiceover lady started talking, I was like "whoa, who is this!?" I missed you telling us the story. But I love your style and show, so it won't stop me from watching!

  54. Emily – fantastic episode 1/season 2. I felt like the new format was much more relaxed and there were so many more shopping scenes and tips! I think it works great without losing two much of the original concept. I especially liked how we sort of experienced the two looks since we got to see the room unfold layer by layer.

    BUT – that new voiceover is horrible!!! It feels really sterile and disconnected from the feeling of your show. Either go back to narrating your own or trade her in for someone else!

  55. Aiko

    Love the show and the new format!! Hopefully another comment about the crazy sounding voice over lady will force the producers at HGTV to ditch this aspect of the show and bring your voice back. Can't wait to see tonight's episode.

  56. LadyLara

    It seems HGTV is trying to edit you out of your own show. The much-discussed VO was a dismal call and I'm sure not your own. My biggest comment this season is that your mood and personality have been toned down and it makes me sad. I am imagining you in some boardroom with HGTV execs and a stack of focus group findings. Well they are wrong! Your personality and wit is why we watch this show, as many here have said, bring back EMILY! SFAS is so refreshing, don't let it become just another show. Because it's not!

  57. I had to come back and comment again after seeing the second episode tonight. As usual, you produced a fantastic room that felt "designed" and yet lived in and real. This is a quality that no other design show has ever accomplished. The fact that HGTV is trying to take that away by forcing this robot voice over lady on us makes me so sad! Tonight I felt like the voiceover was even more jarring than the last episode. It just doesn't work – at all. It made me cringe :(

    Dear HGTV – let Emily do her thing!

  58. Love, love, love this space! I love the palette, and the mix of masculine and feminine is great! So bummed that I can't watch your show from Canada…

  59. hi emily- i'm been in tv-less-land this summer, so i'm a bit behind on episodes, but wanted to pipe in on the new format. and i have to agree with others about the voiceover. one of the things i like most about your show is, well, you. your delivery, your persona are so integral to the fresh appeal of the show. it seems out of sorts to have another generic female voice speaking for you. as i write this, i hope that you don't hate doing voiceovers and find them a big time suck. because i'd love to have you back in that capacity. otherwise, i love the show!

    also, are those brass hairpin legs on the library catalogue? if so, anyone know where to get a set of those beauties?

  60. kenley

    I had the same thoughts everyone else did about the boring Voiceover lady. Hate, hate, hate it. Reminds me of other HGTV shows like House Hunters and HGTV'd. I mean, REALLY awful call on their part. The best part of the show is your amazing adorable personality and when you insert robot lady, it really ruins it. I hope HGTV people are reading this and realizing the disastrous nature of their decision.
    Also, I absolutely love your clothes. Would you consider doing blog posts on what brands/designers you are wearing and where you found your pieces? I'm a petite, curvy, size 2 and you are the only "celebrity" out there I feel emulates my style and has a similar body type. Thank you for all you do!

  61. Kelly

    I am late to these comments (been catching up on new season online) but just wanted to say LOVE the show! (And the clothes! And Orlando – ha ha!) The projects get better and better and it's so fun to see all my old LA haunts plus some great new sources being given a spotlight. I second/third the other comments – Bring back Emily's voice please! I'm sure she is a nice girl but Emily you are adorable as you are and the new voice just does noooot gooooo… ;{

  62. I like the living room so refreshing and love the interior design. Whoever did this thumbs up both my hands and feet you did a great job.

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