Emerald; the color of the year

I have to admit that I love when Pantone deems one color ‘The Color of the Year.” It’s like the Oscar’s of colors. The Superbowl of palettes. The Miss America of the rainbow. Last year, it was Tangerine Tango. They have to give them cool names because there are just so many colors, and when we run out, we can’t go around all year saying “orange,” which if you say it over and over turns out to be a very ugly word. But Tangerine Tango? Oh, the sweet sound of that word practically turns me British.

But the winner this year? Emerald. BOOM.

Even Scar-jo loves emerald, all over her precious lady parts.


This sofa loves emerald velvet, and I love this sofa, although I’m curious if there is more of it and I’m not psyched about that pillow styling:

Rich emerald green velvet sofa

This chick loves emerald, in a super vintage way, although they are calling it “Mint,” and while it might be it still kinda feels like Emerald. I love vintage Vogue — oh, and I’ve taken to a lot of hat wearing – -fashion hats, not winter hats.

Vintage fashion


I love this house and this sofa, but still on the fence about the rug and pillows. And by “on the fence,” I mean I don’t really like them, BUT the photo is so pretty that it is disguising the contemporary nature of such rug.

George Smith Emerald Green Chesterfield

 Uh huh. One of my favorite rooms using a lot of said Emerald, but mixed with a traditional sofa and modern chandelier in a super old world building:

Emerald green!

Oh if i were a ship, how I would cloth my sails in such green cloth and sail around the world, or at least to the nearest flea market.


Hey credenza, get into my church/house. So weird and definitely has an ’80s spin to it, but that my friends is a pretty sculptural piece of furniture.

Oh, you know who else loves emerald? A little black cat that is always on trend, forever a slave to Pantone’s color of the year and a feline who commits hard and with total passion:


green meow

One Bearcat von Henderson¬† — who I’m currently holding like a baby, and she and I are both OK with it. It’s good practice and barely creepy.

I for one love emerald and was very happy that such a saturated color was going to saturate us this year. Had Mr and Mrs Pantone said “Greige,” I would have been slightly underwhelmed. But jewel tones are headed back and I’ll be here to support them.

Were you guys surprised? What would you have picked?

(And thank you soooo much EVERYONE who left a very sweet and supportive comment on the blog yesterday. Thank you thank you, thank you.)


  1. Tapan

    Nice post Emily. I've always loved emeralds (and rubies too, but that's another point entirely). I love the photos where the emerald is not overwhelming. The old world room is really amazing and I love the juxtaposition of the modern elements but I think that's a case where a little less would have been more, to my tastes at least! :)

  2. I love emerald (and many other shades of green) so I was thrilled by Pantone's choice this year. Also thrilling: the green sofas you've featured here–gorgeous!

    I'm pretty sure Pantone called 2012's color "Tangerine Tango," but "Persimmon" is a much prettier word choice, in my opinion. :)

  3. Tish

    I've always been in love with the color green. Feel like this is my year…at least color wise. Bring it!

  4. I love me some green, so I am all for this color choice.

  5. i'm stoked about it – it's my birthstone – so maybe i'll get a few more gems this year :o)

  6. Barbara Beeler Million

    I love the emerald velvet couch. I sure would like to have one. At Christmas when all the little girls in grade school wanted red velvet dresses, I wanted green velvet.

  7. Jackie D B

    I have been giddy about this color of the year. So much so that my front door got painted a sweet little paint number called emerald city :)
    I can't help wishing I could see your pillow choices haha! I agree they aren't my fav.
    Also I wish you luck with baby plans. I love your attitude ;)

  8. Holly

    I love these fun posts! I had no idea what Pantone was – I was thinking shampoo, so I looked it up and now I feel more edumacated. Since the question WAS posed, "what would you have picked?" my answer is Periwinkle!! I like emerald, but I LOVE periwinkle. It's great for pale blonds to wear because it makes us look like we have some blood circulating in there somewhere. It's not blue and it's not lavendar or purple. It's neither. It's a sophisticated color – my favorite wardrobe color actually – but sadly NObody does it right, and when they get the color right, they get the sweater wrong. And I don't think Periwinkle will ever be color of the year, because you sound silly when you say it. Almost like you should add a "wheee!!" at the end. But I love it.

  9. Love it. I've been looking for a good emerald party dress for under $200 for a couple years now with no luck. Maybe it will happen this year, now that the color has been endowed with such clout!

  10. LOVING the emerald color of the year and love the pairing of it with bright whites and neutrals. I cannot wait to paint a huge piece highlighting this bold beautiful color!

  11. I did think they'd go more neutral this year, but I'm super pumped for emerald.. mental note: *must buy as many emerald things this year as possible *

  12. I love the ship with emerald sails! Gorgeous!
    Your "Greige" comment made be laugh because my husband told me the Color of the Year was "Sage" and I almost barfed up my breakfast. I really was upset! I railed against Sage all that morning until I finally looked it up for myself and saw that it was Emerald.
    Anyway! I'm visiting via the Alt Summit speakers page. I'm loving your blog and I look forward to hearing more from you at the summit!

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