Designing with Snoop Dogg and Airbnb for SXSW

Despite being a blonde chick raised mormon in Coos Bay, Oregon, I did my senior college history thesis on the racial appropriation of music via Hip Hop. Actually shocking, I know. I used to be a massive fan of hip hop and its not that i’m not anymore, but i’m just way behind in music in general. So when Airbnb told me that Snoop might be one of the artist I would work with I was PSYCHED because I’ve always loved him. Snoop? He’s legit, not a young wanna be gangsta; he’s classic and current, old school and new school and crazy talented. Plus he has style. You would be shocked at how generic some famous people’s style can be but Snoop’s never is and I knew that we could do something interesting together. We were made for eachother, Snoop and I.


Here’s a bit of background for the project: Airbnb wanted do an experiential marketing campaign where we designed these three Kithaus‘ with three musicians at SXSW. These musicians filled out a questionnaire that helped Ginny and I come up with an initial design plan. We presented it, they approved it and then we installed it where it remained live for 5 days in Austin last week during SXSW.  And the whole event turned out pretty awesome. (Check out the first one we did HERE and look at Moby’s, Lake Bell’s, Molly Sims‘, Anjelica Huston’s and James Franco’s).

For Snoop his questionnaire revealed that he loves the following: Versace (which he says you can’t say just once, you have to say ‘Versace, Versace, Versace’), Jamaica, WEED, prohibition era style, the ’70’s, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, the movie ‘The MACK’, and, again … pot. (FYI it is legal in LA, he has a card, and I will withhold my opinion of the substance even though it was hilarious to have to incorporate it into a design project).

So before we met with him we came up with a rough mood board  to show him based on his likes:


We wanted it to be comfy and lounge-y, with a 70’s club feel, some stoner references but in a luxe (and non-tacky) way. The wallpaper in the upper left hand corner of the board would be a custom cannibus inspired paper in navy and gold – using the word ‘cannibus’ is far more hilarious than pot, btw. He requested blue, and remember he loves Versace so naturally gold was going to be in our color story. But we wanted to give him the option of also having a wallpaper full of quotes of the people that he loves – James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Bob Marley and some Snoop quotes in there too which is what is running along the bottom. We would have done it where the font is small enough that it would just look like a texture until you got close enough and then you’d realize it was sentences and quotes. We figured it would be a fun stoner party game. The furniture was vintage Danish 70’s which was super loungey and there were some wood, peacock chair and plants to reference Jamaica.


But a few hours before the presentation we got a note from his people that he wanted it to feel more ‘Deco’ and ‘Speakeasy’ like. So we whipped this up real quick – making a few alterations.


We loved how this looked but it wasn’t feeling very Snoop to us. Then we met him and that pretty much changed everything, anyway. He loved both plans, but preferred the luxe high end/Deco one more. He loved that velvet sofa saying that the black leather danish 1970’s piece could have been ‘found on the streets on Inglewood’. Of course I wanted to assure him that no, he couldn’t get that piece on the side of the street but I understood what he was saying – he wanted something more rich and luxurious looking.

But the problem with that is that we just didn’t feel like that would look like him, either. After meeting him we realized that he is an insanely funny, interesting, smart in a way I can’t compete with and yet a totally crazy person. He free-styled constantly and threw out amazing, quotable one-liners every 2 minutes. And while, yes, of course he was stoned at the time, it was clear that his pod needed to feel way more colorful and interesting, and definitely have a sense of humor about it.

Also he had a few requests: He wanted the lights to constantly change colors – red to blue to yellow to green, all day long and he definitely wanted red or blue light bulbs in the lamps. He asked if our custom pot wallpaper could change colors and while I feel like in LA you can do almost everything, that seemed pretty much impossible on our budget. And you should have seen the look on my face – I mean, I’ve never gotten such a weird and terrifying request before … but the point was he wanted the mood to be exiting with lights.

So riddle me this, friends, how do you create a space that has both vintage crystal chandeliers and flashing red/blue/purple LED lights in it? How do you make it look both luxe and kinda gangsta at the same time? Classy and yet, as Snoop says, ballin’?  It was HARD, but such a fun challenge. So after days of us looking at each other like we might be designing the ugliest space on the earth we finally finished the mood board that got approved:

Snoop Dogg Airbnb

And here was my pitch:

“Snoop Dogg’s man cave will be a mix of laid back stoner comfort and Versace luxe… in Jamaica. He loves the 1970’s (and films like The Mack) so some of the furniture will be from that era and be super lounge-y and yet totally stylish. He loves blue, red and purple and wears a lot of black, so the cave will be predominantly these colors with gold (to bring in the Versace) as an accent and wood and natural fibers (to reference Jamaica) as textures.

There will be a stoner inspired custom wallpaper treatment with a deco weed design in navy blue on a mirrored gold back. Snoop loves red and wants a throne so there’ll be a red leather egg chair which is super loungy yet masculine and weird. There’ll be lots of crystal chandeliers with a deco vibe but the white bulbs will be replaced by red and blue bulbs. There is a custom illuminated sign that will read BOSS and have color spectrum flashing lights alla Snoop’s style and request. It will be exciting, interesting, inviting and totally Snoop”.

Snoop Dogg Airbnb

For the outside we would bring in some peacock chairs (inspired by that awesome photo of Snoop and the requested additionally by him) with some plants that looked like weed and other tropical plants. So Tajima, the creative agency we work with who coordinated with Kithaus’ took our mood board and with our direction created this rendering:

Snoop Dogg Airbnb

It took us probably 15 edits to get to that point where we were happy with it. And then still we were secretly ‘is this awesome or hideous???????’ (The exterior color is part of a greater Edward Scissorhand inspired exterior design plan which i’ll explain in tomorrows post).

Snoop Dogg Airbnb

Let me tell you about the sign. We figured that a custom sign (with LED color changing lights) could bring in the feeling that he wanted it was just a matter of coming up with the right word or phrase. Snoop said ‘Boss’ twice in his questionaire. When asked how he would describe himself he said ‘Boss’ and ‘The Mack’. We thought about ‘Dope’ because that has a double meaning, too, but then ‘Boss’ just seemed funnier. Its both an adjective and a noun – he’s super Boss and he’s the Boss. Its just funny. And then at the last minute, while following him on instagram, we realized that obviously BOSS should be BO$$, as he spells it, so we called the sign company and made the change. When we picked it up from the sign company and turned it on, I was totally speechless – either we were genius’ or we had totally lost our minds.

Airbnb Snoop

Once we started styling the space it really started coming together. That wallpaper was insane in a good way. The sofa from ShopClass was beautiful in a lounge-y deco way. The Boss sign was just so BO$$.

Snoop Dog Sign Boss

There she is. Is this pop-up very ‘ME’? Uh, no…. And yet I love it – that wallpaper, sofa, coffee table, side table and most of the accessories actually are me in a weird way, too. But more importantly it is totally Snoop. He loved is so much you wouldn’t believe.

Snoop Dogg

Obviously I didnt hire a photographer (clearly). There were a bunch of professional photographer floating around but its been hard to get my hands on the photos so this is me, using my iphone photos. Not my best work but I figured it was just important to really see what was in the space. That weird box on the upper left is an air conditioner. its mounted almost like a flat screen TV, but we faced it out with wallpaper so it could go away even more.

Resources: Rug from Z Gallerie (and yes, its slightly too small), Coffee table from Organic Modernism, Side table from Target, Tray from Target by Nate Berkus, navy/gold pillows and faux fur throw from Z Gallerie. Marble lamp and geode stash box from West Elm.

red egg chair

Please notice the red lightbulb in the lamp. I’m telling you, if you spend a few hours in a room with only red lightbulbs new white bulbs will make you feel like you are living in an episode of Orange is the New Black. Those things really are warm and inviting, if not totally insane.

Boss Sign

Yes, that is a brick of gold and some gin and juice there in the corner. It’s all about the details. We had his favorite movies, books, games and even installed that flat screen TV and X BOX 360.


snoop peacock chairs

After we were done Ginny and I were 100% sure that Snoop would like it. We actually LOVED it and strangely so did all of our friends. Brian walked into it and loved it, even Charlie lit up and stared at that sign for minutes. I know it’s really hard to get a sense of it from my stupid iphone photos but trust me that when you were inside of it, you wanted to party and never leave.

So Snoop arrived, checked his custom rhinestone encrusted mailbox (that only took Ginny 9 hours to bedazzle) where he was greeted with an issue of high times – I told you .. the details.

Airbnb Snoop Dogg

And then …. yea … he was into it. He called me in, passed all the paparazzi who had booked interviews with him, and gave me a massive hug with a lot of generous words about how he wants to transport it all to  his house in LA and how we should go there and design it, etc. He was shocked – over and over about all the details and how much it felt like him. Very satisfying indeed.

Airbnb Snoop

So there we are: Me, Snoop and Ginny. One of my favorite projects to date.

snoop dogg ginny emily

Watch this video where you get a way better sense of the space and hear him speak about the pod, Airbnb and probably weed.

And then this is the video of Snoop and  chatting about design where I presented him the ideas. It was 11pm and 80 degrees – it’s not my best work, but it’s not about me, anyway. Snoop carries the video.

So what do you all think about Snoop’s pod? Would you say its BO$$? Was this shocking? Do you think we pulled it off?  Tell me everything …

(Disclaimer: I/we do not condone or promote any drug use but its also not my job to judge my client on liking a legal hobby. It was his request. Had he wanted me to design a heroine or pornographic themed house, I would not have.)

Photo credits: Djstormsblog | Vivien Killilea | Rush Jagoe for Airbnb

Renderings: Tajima Creative Partners | Louis Polidori

Landscape: Big Red Sun Austin

  1. AB

    Hate too sound lame.. but I’m a bit uncomfortable with this. I get that you’re supposed to design for your client- but was designing around his drug of choice necessary?

    In addition, this event was in Texas, not LA. Marijuana is not legal in Texas. For you to constantly mention him being stoned the whole time he was there made it seem like you were condoning some not-so-legal behavior.

    Anyway, I love the place other than that and look forward to your posts on the other homes!

    • Jennifer

      I think Emily incorporated marijuana into the design because he specifically requested it. It is representative of this particular artist and his persona since the early 90’s. His music has evolved but his affection for cannibis has remained the same. Regardless of your being (I’m assuming) uncomfortable with that. So I believe Emily did an excellent job of putting her clients desires and personality first. We don’t know how she feels about the use of marijuana (and honestly it doesn’t matter because this is a design blog).

      • Emily

        thanks jennifer. snoops was very adamant in his request for the use of a pot theme. is this my style or taste? nope, but it was my clients and i wont judge him for it. :)

        • AB

          I do respect that, and I can even get behind a pot theme for the room.

          But- him smoking marijuana in a video for your blog which (was filmed in Texas, not LA) is wrong. There’s a difference between not judging someone (totally understand that!) and turning a blind eye to illegal activity.

          Maybe skip the drug use in future videos for your blog? ;)

          • Stacy

            I’m pretty sure that is a mini cigar he’s smoking in the video, and not weed. Even if it is, I really don’t understand why anyone would waste their time caring.

            As always, I can’t stop looking at all the well-thought-out details that Emily puts into the rooms she designs. I think she did a fab job translating his crazy ideas into something that looks amazing. Bravo, Emily!

          • Kat

            BOOOOO. Get over it.

          • Katie

            It doesn’t look like it was filmed at the same location?! Maybe the pot smoking was filmed in LA which is where they both live?!. We can’t judge without knowing all the facts!! Either way everyone who has heard of Snoop knows him for his music and his signature pot smoking. He doesn’t hide it and Emily respected that within her designs and in doing so respected him. It looks awesome Em, well done again!

    • Jessi

      It’s not uncommon to see people smoking weed openly in Austin. I’ve witnessed it standing in line at 9 AM for Franklin Barbeque, so I’m sure it was very common at SXSW. It would not have been Snoop without the pot. There’s no way to make him PG and it still be “him”.

  2. Incredible! You are a miracle worker reigning in all of his, let’s say, eclectic ideas into a place that still looks pulled together and elegant.

  3. I love this! It’s hilarious and well done. I really appreciate that even though you and Snoop clearly have different styles and taste that you were able to respect him as your client and make something kind really cool!

  4. Jin

    When I first saw this on IG, I died! Huge fan of Snoop and totally glad you added the’s Snoop after all. =) The Boss sign is everything..hehe..

  5. Isn’t he Snoop Lion now? Ha! That’s the last I heard anyway. Love the space, it’s not my style but it looks like a cool place to hang out.

  6. Julia

    Love it! Great job! Not really my style but I just love it. I usually show my husband your designs but I’m going to have to hide this one for fear of another red leather chair debate. My fave designer using one in a design is not going to help my case at all!

  7. OMG – clearly you nailed it! And the amazing thing is that it still has YOU all over it. I can only imagine that this was a trip to do and to have it be so well appreciated is a fabulous reward. Well done you!

  8. This is a clear sign that a good designer can work with anyone’s taste/style and make it work. Great job!

  9. Kim

    I second Nicole. I think you did a phenomenal job with what could have been a very difficult situation. And as insane as it sounds, I still see you in this. That’s what is so impressive to me. No matter what style you are requested, you can still put your stamp on it. I think that’s true genius in a designer.

    By the way SFAS on HGTV Friday 6:30 & 7am ET. DVR is all set to record. WOOHOO!!!

  10. Muoi

    It looks incredible, very Boss =)
    That wallpaper is insane, in the best way and I love that we can still see you in the sofa, gold accents, warm wood tones, and texture but the overall look, is so masculine and gangsta.

  11. mary

    How old is he and he wants WEED as a central decorating theme? Seems kinda teen boy-like. Changing color lights, too. I’d suspect he was messing with you but I’m sure you would know. ; )

    • Emily

      he wasnt messing with us i assure you. at one point i wished that he was kidding. but he wasnt!

  12. Jess Hartnett

    IN. SANE.

    I love that Snoop has such a strong opinion about design and atmosphere. And he does actually seem very sophisticated – he gets that design is about balance (the over-the-top luxe and the comfortable/cozy/warm), about personality and voice, and clearly about not taking anything too seriously.

    And you did an AMAZING job understanding and executing Snoop’s vision; not that I’m at all surprised by this, just a little envious of how your mind works. ;)

  13. Kathy

    This cracks me up! You did such a great job; I didn’t even notice the pot leaves in the wallpaper until I took a second look at your pictures. Are there pics of the bathroom too?

    Again, you and Ginny are truly gifted to be able to pull this off with such an unusual client.

  14. Amy

    I can’t believe he’s sitting there smoking weed in that video! Hope it didn’t bother you too much! Craziness! Great job on the room!

  15. Kathy

    Another question…what happens to all the props you make/acquire for the Airbnb projects? Does Snoop get to keep his sign?

  16. Jessica

    Um. This is the best post! What an amazing example of collaboration and cooperation. Snoop really is an artist and is quite genuine about who he is. This is my fave Air BNB yet – and, no, I don’t necessarily condone weed. I respect that you took your opinion about his hobbies out of the picture, that’s good design. Also, Aviation Gin! Nice shout out to PDX! Best post to read with coffee in the morning ever.

  17. Kelsey

    Oh my goodness. This is hilarious. I was dying laughing throughout the entire post. Great job

  18. Keli

    Fantastic – that wallpaper is perfection; really appreciate working with something so out of the normal realm and as other said, respecting what he would love, not trying to change it. And holy crap, you met Snoop Dog? loved the picture with him, you and Charlie:).

  19. This is too wonderful. Seriously, a project for the books. I love that you can design to any taste/style or even recreation activity :P

  20. Lexi

    Love this post and everything you did for Snoop! So fun!!!

  21. Jenna

    Hilarious and insane in the best possible way!
    Fabulous, and a great example of what being a designer is all about – finding a way to incorporate the client’s style and wishes into an aesthetic that you can also be proud of.
    Also, isn’t Austin the best city?

  22. Kelli

    Seeing this work in person was awesome. (I posted some photos.) I seriously wanted to sit and lounge. It was over the top in a classy, Snoop style kind of way with a definite touch of Emily. I loved reading about the process and seeing the mood boards. I think you guys nailed it! Hearing about Snoop’s reaction was great! How cool is it that he wants you to incorporate what you did in his own home?!

    • Victoria

      Kelli, thank you for going, writing and posting all those pictures. It was so fun to read and see for someone who lives back in the Los Angeles area.

      • Kelli

        You are so welcome! It was my pleasure! If only I had been able to get into the other two pop-ups! :)

  23. Megan

    OHMIGOD. you are seriously insanely amazing. Thank you so much for sharing!

  24. Molly

    Great post, Emily! Really enjoyed reading about your process. Love how it turned out and love seeing you pull off a different style with such heart and panache.

  25. Victoria

    Emily, a fantastic looking place for you client, Snoop Dog, and continued amazement with your work. I really enjoyed reading about the back and forth of getting this project down correctly and then executed. You’ve written here and before details people, it is the details which had to be the icing on the cake, or the onion, olive or whatever you put in gin to Mr. Dog. Brava to you, Ginny and everyone who helped (plus Brian and Charlie….bravo).

  26. This is aaaaamazing! We’re jealous that you got to work with Snoop so we’re so glad that it’s on video! It seems like a hilarious and challenging project. We love how it turned out!

  27. Melanie

    I love this post. I love his space. And I love Snoop. Amazing job and beautiful work!!

  28. Zoe Royall

    GAHHHHH!! I LOVE THIS!!! Snoop is very committed to his lifestyle and I love that you made it a point of pride for him without making it vulgar or otherwise pointing it to one extreme or another, which would have discounted how seriously he takes it and how honest, in my opinion, he is with who he is as a person. I do not know HOW you overcame some of those design challenges (made my head spin!!), and, personally, I think weed is sort of hard to incorporate with Deco/glam since most of us think of it more as part of an organic vibe, but hey…you and Ginny nailed it. Also, how proud of you will Charlie be in 18 years?!?! (V v proud his mom is so cool).

  29. Jessi

    You guys nailed it. Seriously, if you can pull this one off, you can clearly do anything.

    PLEASE tell me there was a Jonathan Adler “Ganja” jar in there somewhere! :)

  30. Rachel

    I don’t even smoke and I LOVE that wallpaper. I think you did a wonderful job. Listened to the client, created a great space, and had fun with it! Snoop is the best!

  31. thelady

    What a fantastic job–really interesting to see all the mood boards and adaptations. I have no doubt designers who work with celebrities have their work cut out for them! And seriously, the comments about pot culture and illegality…OMG clutch the pearls and turn the channel maybe this blog (and the internet) is not for you.

  32. Only a truely visionary person could take those instructions, his personality, and off the wall requests and pull together such an awesome project that pleased him and still had your mark! As always, perfection. This is insipiring for a young designer to see that when your work you a** off and be open to crazy client requests that the end result can be great when you don’t doubt yourself and just start saying yes!

  33. Bee

    What a fun project! Snoop’s Airbnb turned out great, Emily. I love learning about your process. It’s so interesting to see how different people tackled challenges and obstacles within a project.

  34. Amber

    BRAVO! Ditto everyone else minus the “pearl clutchers”. This has to be my favorite post to date. Why? Because this was a tall order and you delivered. I had no idea how laborious and intense collaboration truely is. Love it. Wish I could have seen it in person.

  35. rose

    “(Disclaimer: I/we do not condone or promote any drug use but its also not my job to judge my client on liking a legal hobby. It was his request. Had he wanted me to design a heroine or pornographic themed house, I would not have.” …………. confused by this, where in the U.S. is porn illegal? Or would that offend your personal taste? Which is fine, but either it’s an issue of legality or it’s not. And porn, while tacky, isn’t illegal.

    • Agnes

      I think that Emily is saying that, in her OPINION, she would not design a porn or heroin inspired room. And I think she’s just stating a point that weed is legal in CA, for all those who are going to trash her for including it. Anyways…her blog…her design…and a wicked job at that!! (although not my taste, you’re amazing for pulling it off!)

      • AB

        What is the connection between a design project in Texas, where weed is not legal, and LA? I understand he’s from LA- but the connection ends there.

    • Rose, are you back again? Why do you continue to come on here and complain about everything. Aren’t you the same one who swore off this space for trying to be both a mommy blog and a design blog?

    • AB

      Yeah, that disclaimer makes no sense. I get what she’s trying to say (“weed is somewhat socially acceptable and doesn’t bother me, so I’m okay with designing around it… porn? eh not so much”) but the disclaimer is poorly worded.

  36. Erica

    Ha! This is so hilarious/awesome/so not normal Emily/BO$$
    This is just making me crack up so much. How is something so crazy, so great?
    (Plus, pretty sure this couldn’t be a snoop house without some pot.)

  37. Alexis


    You guys ROCKED BO$$ IT OUT!! I love watching you be challenged and learn in the process. Thats why (I think anyway) you and your team are so awesome…always looking for the opportunities to have fun. I think you captured snoop style. BRAVO! had fun watching the process. XXOO

  38. Penny

    That wallpaper is the craziest, awesomest. best design ever. Love the whole thing.

  39. oh my god, I love you! and i love snoop! i have no words for how excited i would be to do this project.
    the second scheme was definitely my favorite- will be checking out that blue velvet number.

  40. Rae Ann

    amazing job. The room has so much texture. That wallpaper is insane. I would love to have it and I don’t smoke pot.LOL.

  41. Alexa

    I was fortunate enough to attend your event, and it was AWESOME! Thank you for designing such a fun, relaxing, and all-around groovy space. My friends and I had a blast with the games and activities…and my harmonica skillz are definitely improving thanks to the lessons! :) I wish I could have stayed longer in this little oasis you designed. Thanks again! We had a blast!

  42. I so so so enjoyed this post and I love Snoop! And you did an awesome job!

  43. Laura

    Hilarious Emily, love your work!

  44. Jane

    So cute how you spelled the drug heroin as heroine with an e. I am a psychologist and once naively did the same when writing a note in the emergency room. I got laughed out of there. Proves how innocent we are! Nice work on this job! I agree… No need to judge!

  45. Ha! I love this! The details are incredible. I love the back story and you sharing all of your thoughts, it’s good to know even you sometimes think “is this actually good?” I think that often!

  46. Pearl

    The room looks amazing ( I almost said ‘dope’ because I can’t resist a good pun but anyway). I was a bit nervous when I saw all the changes from the first mood board to the last but it turned out great! It feels very Snoop but also very you somehow. I love it!

  47. Hilarity! You will never have a project like this again! Consider yourself lucky to have such interesting experiences in your line of work. Tune all of these haters and complainers out.. you’re not offending anyone who has a reasonable sense of humor. He didn’t ask you stock the mailbox with pot (or did he? ha..I’m sure his shit would be way better than yours). From your description, you had the luxury of working for a kind and generous client. Lucky you! And well done on working out of your comfort zone! R

  48. Abby

    Had to pin the wallpaper! Amazing! I love this post.

  49. I had no idea you grew up in Coos Bay. My mother lives there and I moved there from Florida for three months in high school at which point I realized I could not live without sunlight for weeks on end. In Coos Bay’s defense, I lived there during it’s worst three months of the year.

  50. Sam

    This is the best thing I have seen in forever! You did such a great job! Seeing this gives me hope that I can actually incorporate all of my weird interests into my house in a why that does not make me seem totally insane. Can’t get over how you we’re able to make cannabis and “BO$$” look so luxe.

  51. Thanks for the shout out Emily! We loved working with you and Ginny. You guys did an amazing, amazing, amazing job and we can’t wait ’til the next project.

    You both are BO$$!

  52. Jaimie

    I hope this doesn’t come across as rude, but the drugs you reference in this post are misspelled. They are “cannabis” and “heroin.” A heroine is a female hero, and I can’t imagine you’d have a problem designing a room around that theme!

    • Emily

      ha!!!! thats hilarious and not surprising. whoops. will change now. Clearly i don’t do drugs :)

  53. I LOVE this so much! People are nuts if they judge you on styling Snoop’s airBnB home. you nailed it!

  54. Jo

    This is amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  55. Sara

    Emily!! This is an amazing post and it reminds a lot of Martha Stewart’s AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit where she talks about being friends with Snoop. This pretty much makes you the princess to the queen’s thrown in my mind.

    Also I LOVE your thesis topic!! I took Sociology of Hip Hop my senior year in college, come on: advocacy, style, fashion and music all coming together… so great!

  56. WOW, JUST WOW! You m’lady are a true definition of a BO$$! I hope you get to design his pad in LA. That would be AWESOME!


  57. Ami

    Hi Emily! My husband and I drove all the way from San Antonio to the fire sale. We scored a super cool set of 3 vintage nesting tables with white tops. I was hoping to see it in your blog… Did you use them in your design?

    BTW, when we were bargaining, my husband told the seller, “Emily Henderson is her idol!” She was nice enough to give us a good deal. :)

    You are an inspiration. Thank you!

  58. Sacha

    I think this turned out great! It really is so much about the details.

    And I like the way you handled the whole weed thing. You seemed to stick to your beliefs while respecting your clients. Nicely done!

  59. As if I didn’t already think you were the coolest person ever, you go and work with Snoop. Well played.

  60. THIS WHOLE PROJECT IS SO BO$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t use enough exclamation points to express how impressed I am with the way this turned out. Seriously, you hit all the marks. All the details are spectacular – I love how you put a High Times in the mailbox! Big ups!!
    People be getting way too uptight about the cannabis references, seriously, it’s tha mutha f**kin’ D O double G, HELLOooooooo… he smokes weed every day
    But back to the design of this space – it is so incredibly ON POINT, so beautifully and thoughtfully designed, and I just can’t even comprehend how cool it must have been to hang out in there.
    Not to mention I am super jealous you got to hang with Snoop! I hope that he hires you to do work on his real home. Please please please become his personal interior decorator.

  61. can you say most fun project ever!?

  62. Erica W.

    Loving this! I also really enjoy that you incorporated cannabis into this, it is a big part of Snoop’s life and it is cool and unique to see in design.

  63. Dawn R

    I love this! Can you tell me if you sourced the peacock chairs and the butterfly chairs around the AirBnB Park in Austin and if so, where? Thanks!

  64. Hayley

    This is so fantastic! It can be such a challenge incorporating what the client wants in to your design scheme when you know its just bananas- but you totally nailed it. That wallpaper is so good.

  65. Ingrid

    Love the interior, but the exterior is hideous, that light teal color clashing with the interior… I assume it couldn’t be repainted or modified much.

  66. kate

    Of course he loved it! So so cool. IMHO no one does cool- funky- hip better than Emily Henderson.

  67. Megan T

    Hi Emily, I am from Cape Town in South Africa, and you are my design hero. Love what you did with the project, the custom made wallpaper is a winner!

  68. Amanda

    Where is the wallpaper from?

  69. Amanda

    Please tell where the wallpaper is from, love it.

  70. Page

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