Designer Mashup Challenge with Project Runway

Big old announcement, friends. It’s a Designers Mashup with HP, Jeanne from Aphrochic fame, Hewlitt Packard, and ME for a big Project Runway project.


In case you don’t know Aphrochic, Jeanine is a designer and blogger who has really beautiful African inspired textiles and wallpapers.  They are rad.

I used her wallpaper in the recently aired episode of Secrets from a Stylist, ‘Sexy Aphro Glam':

This room is one of my favorites i’ve ever designed, if i do say so myself.

I didn’t style these shots that were taken by Patrick, but he did a great job because that room had no natural light – that sole window looked into a wall.


It’s so girly and feminine, but i could absolutely live there.

Those tables are from West Elm, but everything else is vintage and reupholstered or refinished.  The rug was from Bonita Interiors in Pasadena (i want this rug so bad, it is exactly what i’ve been looking for for my entrance), and the drapes are custom made, hot pink linen from Grey Lines in New York.

So that is Jeanine, the designer of the wallpaper and an all around extremely lovely and talented person. The wallpaper is called ‘Vibe’ and i’ve loved it forever because the motif is African inspired but the colors are so updated and unexpected.  My client screamed and cried when she saw this room. Watch that episode HERE.   It’s called ‘Sexy Aphro Glam’.

So now Jeanine and I have been asked to partner up for a design challenge for Project Runway and Hewlitt Packard. We are to design a new product inspired by this season of PR and then during the Project Runway finale (s’right, i’m going to the final runway show and i’m going to the parties afterward) we will present them to HP and Project Runway with the three other teams that are doing it.

So what does that mean for you? You guys get to decide which outfit our product will be inspired by:



Jeanine and I will count up the comments between both blogs and whatever outfit/styles win will be the inspiration for the wallpaper we’ll design.  Then we’ll design it on one of those fancy HP Touchsmart with photoshop, like they do on Project Runway.

Then i’ll spend the next six weeks planning my outfits for the big night, which is really why i’m doing all of this. I’ve watched every season of Project Runway since it started and am a massive fan, so being able to go to the final show and the party afterwards is major.

Vote away, my friends.  Make it work…

1. Pattern gone Wild

2. Crazy 80’s or

3. Modern Floral

And naturally you can vote twice so head to Jeanine’s Blog, Aphrochic and cast your vote there.  You have til August 18th and then we’ll blog about the results and start the design process. We only have til September 4th, which is crazy, but sometimes the best things come out of really hard deadlines. Wish me luck…

  1. t

    1. Pattern gone Wild – How fun!!

  2. Christine

    Modern Floral … you are on fun overload!

  3. yonghui

    modern floral please!

  4. Emily, this is absolutely stunning!!! What a GREAT job you did on this project. I would've screamed and cried too.

    Lots of Love,


  5. Jamie

    Pattern Gone Wild – love it.

  6. Martha

    Modern Floral. That room is awesome, btw–love the wallpaper!

  7. Kara

    Pattern gone WILD!!

  8. Emily

    Modern Floral!!

  9. Jaclyn Joslin

    Going to have to go with modern floral, I am just loving that look right now! And congratulations on such exciting news:)

  10. Cathy

    Modern Floral!!! Congratulations – what a fun project!

  11. Nicole M.

    Love the room, fabulous! The wallpaper makes the room, fantastic design by Jeanne! I vote for MODERN FLORAL, you girls will rock it!

  12. Elizabeth

    Modern Floral. I love Project Runway! how cool.

  13. hr4979

    Modern Floral…Flor-sure!

  14. Claire Yang

    Pattern Gone W!ld!

  15. kay*

    Definitely pattern gone wild!

  16. Kimberly

    Updated Floral – love that he used stained glass as the inspiration behind the design and it was my favorite of that episode of Project Runway. Also, loved this episode of SFAS and just saw that wallpaper on Graham & Brown – it actually is one of the wallpapers that comes up when you go their website. Did they name it after your episode because they're also calling it AphroChic!!

  17. ellie bee

    Modern floral ftw!! :D

  18. amber

    Pattern Gone Wild!

  19. Monica

    Pattern gone wild!

  20. Kimberly

    Darn – I didn't use the correct name – should be Modern Floral.

  21. Jessi

    WOW! That is so exciting for you! See, being a reality TV fan does have benefits! Now if I could just convince my husband that…

    MODERN FLORAL for the win!

  22. I am so jealous! So to make it better, pick pattern gone wild! I loved Kooan and was so bummed to see him go.

  23. Rachel

    So jealous!!!! Definitely go with Pattern Gone Wild!

  24. Sarah

    Modern Floral!

  25. Lauren

    Pattern gone Wild!

  26. Katy

    updated floral! love it.

  27. vel

    would love to see what you'd come up for Modern Floral!!!

  28. Kay-Loo

    That room is absolutely stunning. Your work is such an inspiration Emily, thank you!

    Another vote for Pattern Gone Wild.

  29. Heather

    Pattern Gone Wild!!! Can't wait to see the outcome!!

  30. Karla

    #1 Pattern

  31. jennifer

    All my favorite things together! I vote for Pattern Gone Wild – too crazy for a dress, but I like the blues and oranges

  32. Now I love ab it of neon, BUT I'm not digging the outfit with that SO it's got to be pattern gone wild.

  33. michelle

    1. Pattern gone Wild

  34. Christine

    Modern Floral! I love the feminine flare.

  35. mosey

    Pattern gone Wild!!

  36. Jaclyn

    Pattern gone Wild

  37. Christina

    OMG! Two of my fav shows together! Can't wait. Oh annnnd Pattern Gone Wild.

  38. Kelly

    Pattern Gone Wild, por favor.

  39. donnat

    Pattern gone Wild

  40. 100% Pattern gone wild!! I would be sooo edxcited to see what you would do with that!

  41. Eagle Eye

    Updated floral!

  42. Sara

    Updated floral!

  43. Mac

    Wild Modern. Think it is not as trendy, more normal for most people

  44. Erica

    Congratulations! Pattern gone Wild all the way.

  45. sarah b

    modern floral

  46. Dana

    Pattern gone wild! And, as if were possible, now I'm even more excited for the PR finale!

  47. Even though I love the second dress the best (as a dress), I'm voting for the first one! I think the bolder the colors, the better for something like this. Pattern Gone Willd!

    Also, I am available to be your plus one. ;)

  48. Diane

    Pattern Gone Wild!

  49. Erica

    Pattern gone wild!

  50. Crystal

    Modern Floral

  51. I just watched that episode a few nights ago and it was amazing! Such beautiful colors–especially the wallpaper.

    I'd love to see an updated modern floral–Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  52. elz

    Floral Feminine Modern- Can't wait to see what you both design!

  53. Michelle

    Modern Floral definitely!

  54. Andrea

    Pattern gone wild!!!

  55. Elyse

    Pattern Gone Wild fo sho!

  56. erin

    wow, so cool! i love project runway and i love aphrochic!

    i vote for pattern gone wild!

  57. amy

    Modern Floral…mainly because I really liked that dress :)

  58. Mary

    Pattern gone Wild!!

  59. Suze

    Pattern gone wild, for sure.

  60. Kim

    Pattern gone wild!

  61. Abigayle

    Modern floral!

  62. carrie

    pattern gone wild

  63. Patti

    No Question – PATTERN GONE WILD1

  64. Katie

    Modern floral, I want that designer to win PR and think it is so lame that two people quit when so many people want to be on that show. I am so excited that you get to go to the finale!

  65. Pam

    UPdated Floral

  66. Robin

    crazy 80s!

  67. Joan

    Pattern Gone Wild

  68. pamb

    Pattern Gone Wild – lots of creative options!

  69. Shifra

    Another vote for modern floral please!

  70. Modern floral is my vote!

  71. atiya

    modern floral, for serious.

  72. Modern floral for shizzal!!

  73. rebecca

    pattern gone wild. wild.

  74. Carla


  75. Emily O.

    Pattern gone wild.

  76. danielle


  77. Sara

    Pattern gone Wild!

  78. Bev

    Crazy 80's !

  79. updated floral! Can't wait!

  80. Jane

    Modern floral!

  81. Ingrid

    Modern Floral!! Can't wait to see your design!

  82. lana

    Modern floral please!

  83. Sara

    SO, SO fun!!! I love project runway, too. It's awesome. Even thought it wasn't all that successful on the show as a dress, I definitely vote for Patterns Gone Wild!

    Cannot wait to see what you two come up with, whichever pattern wins!

  84. Jean

    Definitely Modern/Updated Floral!!!!!

  85. Liz

    Modern Floral

  86. Love that room! Love your show too, by the way. Your show is the only reason I ever tune into HGTV, and I ADORE your style, design approach and personality. The room you did for Jeanine is so interesting and well done. My pick would definitely be pattern gone wild. I would love to see where you go with that one design-wise. Looking forward to it!

  87. Updated Floral – 100% And have fun working on this!! Love Jeanine :)

  88. anastasia beaverhausen

    updated floral!

  89. Kim

    Modern floral, please!

  90. Jamie

    Pattern gone Wild for sure-sies! It's as easy a choice as watching the Bach on a Monday night!

  91. Julia

    Love the modern floral – the name sounds like it could be kind of stale and overdone, but that dress is so fresh! The architecture of it is super flattering, which could help it be an amazing inspiration piece. Maybe I'm making the dress too much of a metaphor for the interior design, but I feel like the other dresses translate as random great furniture in a random room. Which is fine, but the BEST designs are those that take the room into account, and then find great furniture to fit it! (Similar to when you put an awesome tall painting into a room with tall ceilings)

  92. Steph

    Oh, fun! Modern Floral is my vote!

  93. Gwen

    Pattern gone wild!

  94. EmilyHS

    1. Pattern Gone Wild!

  95. Katherine Lee

    Would love to see pattern gone wild!

  96. Candice

    Pattern Gone Wild!

  97. courtney

    pattern gone wild! give me color, sister!

  98. Sabrina

    Pattern gone wild! Although I just watched the PR episode with that floral candy dress and loved it, rooms I want crazier.

  99. Gigi

    Crazy 80's!!

  100. Jeanne

    Pattern Gone Wild- so excited for you! Have fun!

  101. Stacey

    Pattern Gone Wild!

  102. Janette

    My two favorite shows paring up, the excitement is overwhelming! Modern floral – the judges hated the other two outfits but the modern floral is on trend with pastels and won the challenge.

  103. Modern floral!

  104. I love the MODERN FLORAL. But combined with the color of the Crazy 80s. That would be smokin'!!

  105. Shaun

    1) Pattern gone wild

  106. Pattern Gone Wild is completely doing it for me. All the best with the challenge!

  107. sara

    Pattern gone wild!

  108. Granny McPhee

    Modern floral…can you add texture?!?!?!

  109. Sunne


  110. Faireden

    Modern Floral. I would wear it! The others – not so much.

  111. Carolyn

    I love Project Runway, too. I ran into Mondo in a restaurant a few moths ago. (And on my birthday!) Let's just say that I was way more excited to see him than he was to be recognized and congratulated for his All Star's victory. After Mondo replied with a tight little "thanks," my husband declared that I had an authentic Mondo experience. Ha!

    So, I am thrilled for your chance to design something for PR! I love both the geometric print and the crazy 80's, but I will cast my vote for the crazy 80's. Enjoy!

  112. Ellen

    modern floral!

  113. Anna

    pattern gone wild :)

  114. Laura

    MODERN FLORAL! Even though I hate Ven

  115. Natalie W

    Crazy 80's !!!!!

  116. Me


  117. stephanie

    modern floral

  118. Petra

    Am I too late to vote?! Pattern Gone Wild, no question about it. Can't wait to see you on the finale!! My two favorites (Em_Henderson & ProjectRunway) together? Crazy House!

  119. Christy

    Pattern gone wild-love your blog and your show

  120. Sandy

    #1 with the bold geometrics – Love the idea of it and would love to see the room!

  121. Julie

    Modern Floral!

  122. Angel

    Please do the 80s look. That would be super fun and phenomenal. I know you guys can pull it off.

  123. Catherine

    Definately Modern Floral…more refined, and it was the winner that week!

  124. Claire

    modern floral!

  125. Kate

    Modern Floral!

  126. modern floral. Because I want to see how pastels can be modern, not kids or baby room.

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