Customize it … Embossed Velvet Heart Pillow

DIY Embossed Pillow

It’s that time of year when love and romance just fills the air so how embarrassing would it be if you got caught without a heart pillow in your house? So embarrassing. But whats even more embarrassing is when its heart overkill. I actually did this DIY 4 months ago and I’m actually a bigger fan of it when it’s not Valentines day (its a little on the nose) but it seemed like such a good time to post about it, so I hoarded the post til now.

So with the help of my friend and designer Samantha Gluck, we designed and made these pretty adorable and subtle pillow if I do say so myself. Check em out, folks!

DIY Embossed Pillow Ingredients

Rubber $5.49, tracing paper $3.09, velvet pillowcase (we already had this one but this one could work) , lino carver $8.50, spray bottle, pencil and iron.

DIY Embossed Pillow How To

1.  First you need to make your stamp.  Draw your desired shape or design onto tracing paper.  You could also use a store-bought stamp if you have one you like.  If you go that route, skip ahead to step four.

2.  Lay your tracing paper graphite side down onto your blank rubber stamp block and trace your pattern onto the back side of the tracing paper.  This will push the graphite on the original side of the tracing paper onto the stamp block.  Remove your tracing paper.

3.  With your pattern now transferred onto the stamp block, use a lino cutter tool to carve away the excess rubber from the block.  Your pattern will be left as the smooth, raised portion, which in our case was a heart.

DIY Embossed Velvet Pillow How To

4.  Lay your stamp block with the pattern facing up on your ironing board.  (TIP: you may find it helpful to lay something rigid, like a board, under your stamp to counteract some of the ironing board’s cushiness). Prepare your velvet by misting it with some water. Don’t soak the fabric, just get it a bit damp.  Lay the velvet over the stamp block with the knap side of the velvet facing the block.

Turn your iron to a medium-high setting, but turn off the steam.  Press the iron onto the velvet and hold it for 10-15 seconds.  If you’re using a homemade stamp, beware of pressing the iron onto the fabric for too long. Sometimes the heat of the iron can start to melt the block and cause some of the rubber to stick to your velvet.  Try pressing for 10 seconds, removing the iron so the fabric and block can cool slightly, then press for another 10 seconds.  Repeat until your pattern is embossed into the velvet. (TIP: if you’re embossing a larger patter, avoid the steam holes on your iron as they can get embossed into the velvet.  You could try using a dry iron in this case, which has no steam holes).

DIY Emobossed Velvet Pillow

5.  Slowly remove the velvet from the stamp block and allow it to cool completely.

This is a project with a lot of possibilities.  We had a really pretty velvet pillow on hand, so we used that for our project.  But this could easily be applied in other situations, like maybe along the edge of velvet curtain panels for example, or hell, even that velvet gown that you’ve been wanting to make for a long time.

Obviously if the iconic heart is not your thing you could do crosses (not a crucifix kinda cross although I’m sure you could do that, too), or a simple triangle, circles/polka dots, lines, or even Guy Fieri’s profile – kinda whatever you want. Actually I highly recommend Guy Fieri’s profile, make sure to include the sun glasses on the back of his head, that would be an amazing Valentines day present.

Meanwhile pick up February’s Redbook Magazine where this pillow DIY was featured.  Thanks Sam for helping on this project and Tessa Neustadt for shooting it!

velvet heart pillow

  1. Kate Pastrana

    STEER HEAD SOURCE PLEASE??!!! **Desperate plea**

    • Emily

      sadly its vintage :)

  2. Sandy

    You can use regular rubber stamps for this project as well. It’s funny, I remember this being all the rage back in the 90′s. But I think your idea is much more modern and subtle than it was back then. I think that’s the way trends go…first time around they’re over the top and over done then when they come back around they are toned down and much more approachable. Love this!

  3. I’m wondering how this DIY holds up in time. Can you wash it at all ? Doesn’t it fade over time ? I was a fan of the jewelry hooks DIY, but I’m just not so sure about this one, sorry.

    • Emily

      Hmm. Not sure how it holds up, actually. I guess we’ll find out. But glad you like the hooks!

    • Laura

      In my experience with embossing velvet, you can’t wash it or the embossing will ‘disappear’ but that also presents opportunities to emboss anew after every wash!

  4. Julia

    Great DIY, love the idea!

  5. Emily

    lalalalooove that wicker chair! gahh!! and cute diy.

  6. Kelli

    I love the shimmer of the heart. And the infinite possibilities to make it personal with the rubber stamp. Thanks, Emily!

  7. Jodi

    So cute!

    I love the wall color! Any idea what the paint color is?

    • Tanisha

      Ikr!? Please tell me!!! I want this wall color so bad!

  8. Jen

    Nice pillow……but, seriously, let’s talk about the brass skull. MUST. HAVE. BRASS SKULL. I didn’t even know how incomplete my life was without it until now. Probably vintage, right? Put me out of my misery and tell me it’s readily available. And under $200. Please?

  9. Meleah

    So cute!

  10. Love this DIY – glad you waited till near Valentine’s day to post it – perfect timing. And its something that you can easily do without having to buy a lot of supplies. I think a group of smaller hearts would look great too!

  11. Jill

    Maybe it’s the wine talking, but I NEED a Guy Fieri profile on my pillow. Yes.

  12. Anna

    Hi Emily! Do you know what that most perfect, amazing, beautiful, gray paint color is?

  13. What a data of un-ambiguity and preserveness of valuable knowledge regarding unexpected emotions.

  14. Elle

    I second the comments above! Wall color pretty please?

  15. Lyndsey

    OH, and share the artist for those 2 prints. Lovely stuff as always Emily!

  16. Kelly

    This is going to be so random, but Emily are those your hands in the pictures? I only ask because I have the exact mole on my left hand and a very similar wedding ring and band. I did a double take immediately! Again, totally random, but had to ask because I’ve found my hand twin ;) haha

  17. Alicia

    I was checking the comments to see if anyone asked about the wall color? It appears I’m very original ;)

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  19. Jen

    The wall color looks a lot like Ben Moore gray owl. We just painted out kitchen that color and it is the perfect gray. It never goes lavender or taupe – just smooth neutral sailing with slight blue-ish or greenish cast at certain times of the day. I kept seeing grays I liked in magazines and every time I looked up what color it was, it was gray owl.

  20. Alisha

    Cute DIY…but my heart belongs to those prints!! Anyone know who made them and where to get them?!

  21. amy bordeaux

    hi i love this idea and the way you styled that nook (of course i loved it!). can you tell me who the artist of the 2 prints is above the chair? i love them!


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  24. Jihane

    It’s adorable! I love it. Thanks for sharin’

  25. Elle

    Eeeek! How can I find out this wall color? I’ve been checking every day for a response, I need it please, pretty please?!

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  28. Elle

    Wall color pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!!

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