Bri Emery’s New Living Room, designed by Emily Henderson, shot by Laure Joliet

A good “before and after” is like design porn to me. I’m easy like that.

designlovefest living room

Finally, my friends, we can post Bri’s house. In case you don’t know the cast members in this story, Bri Emery is the blogger genius behind DesignLoveFest and Blogshop) and Arian her boyfriend, is the videographer/filmmaker, Modshift, who shoots a lot of my, Joy’s and Bri’s videos — plus a lot of high end companies.

They are quite the creative couple and needed a really creatively inspiring space. Bri and I struck a trade; I’d do her living/dining room and she’ re-design my web-site/blog. I started this project in October and finished it in February, and it was published in the LA Times this weekend so we can finally show you.

blogger design emily henderson

Here’s where we started: Move in day where they were barely unpacked. She had gotten rid of any furniture that she felt didn’t represent her anymore because she was ready to invest in some real pieces that would last and really look like “them.”  It was pretty empty but a great blank canvas.

bri emery before

What they wanted: bright, airy, calm, grown up, unique, inspiring, and happy. Oh and to somehow minimize the importance of all the media — the TV, speakers, stacks of dvds, etc. All the usual “dude” stuff. Her style is pretty modern and graphic, but with big hits of color, some girly lines, but ultimately despite how feminine she seems, she wanted it to be balanced with a lot of masculine lines and colors.

mid-century bright living room

And there you have it. Bri’s house all totally made over.

The space has incredible light, which is why they decided to rent it. And instead of painting the walls or doing some wallpaper, I decided to bring in color in some of the major pieces of furniture to keep it bright, without being busy.

designlovefest living room

Oh hell yes. There’s just so much to say. We wanted it to be a mix of modern streamlined pieces, with some more custom vintage pieces to throw it off, in a good way; you know, make it unique.

The rug is from RugsUSA and is awesome. I would argue that its better than getting a real vintage Moroccan rug because it’s brighter (aka, less yellow) than the real deal and obviously WAY less expensive. The sofa was in a brown tweed that was pretty but felt heavy, so it was reupholstered in a aqua linen. The fabric cost around $300 and the upholstery job was $700 = $1000. The black chair above was either a real Milo Baughman chair or a vintage reproduction that I had upholstered in that amazing black navajo inspired fabric.

designlovefest living room

Such a happy room. God I love it. The coffee table, pouf, and shelving unit are all vintage from Craigslist or the flea market.

aqua sofa, living room

I’m obsessed with that vintage plycraft chair in the corner. The pops of yellow inject an instant dose of happiness (not that it was lacking) into the space. That huge tree is a fiddle leaf fig, which runs around $150 – $250 just so you know. They are relatively easy to care for, but still an investment for something you can kill (and I have). But they are just so big and graphic and add soooo much life.

teal sofa, yellow lamp, bri emery's house

The gold pillow is from West Elm, the scalloped pillow I bought in Portland and sadly I don’t remember where I got it, sorry! The yellow task lamp was a vintage find.

michelle armas painting

The abstract painting is from Michelle Armas, the wood/black vase from A + R. Don’t forget to put art in shelving units. It’s kinda the easiest way to fill up space in non-busy way.

teal mid-century sofa

The black and white pillows on the left is from Proud Mary, the vessel on the table that looks HUGE right now is West Elm last year, the tray is from Ladies and Gentlemen Studio and it’s probably the best tray that has ever been made. The gold/porcelain coasters are from HD Buttercup. The gold bowl is from Garde by Tom Dixon.

Blu dot leather lounge chair

That Toro leather chair from BluDot was one of the first things we decided on months ago. The lines are incredible. It’s streamlined and modern, but warm since it’s in leather and wood. It’s large scale, but visually very light. We needed a chair/ottoman situation in that corner because it actually angled out (confusing, but basically the architecture of the space was challenging and we needed to really fill that space and engage the corner). The lamp is Arian’s favorite thing in the space. It’s from LampsPlus, by Jonathan Adler. It’s 100 percent awesome.

The credenza was designed by me and I’ll have a full before and after this week — a whole separate post about how to deal with TV/speakers and media in a classy way.

blue dot table and inside garden

The Strut table that the plants are sitting on is from Blu Dot as well. Technically, it’s a coffee table, but we love how clean and simple it is, and since it’s powder coated metal, it can handle all the water/leaves from the plants. The big face pot was from the flower district downtown, but was all brown and clay, so I painted it a crisp white and Jonathan Adler’d it all up.

The pink ottoman was from the flea market, and I had recovered in the most amazing pint velvet.

teal lamps, bri emery

The Strut console here is also from BluDot, and the proportions are kinda amazing. It’s the perfect sofa table or entrance table for a smaller space. Bri had purchased those lamps from Mod Pieces and we got new shades for them that were narrow, yet oval. The stool was hers that we recovered in that black/white leopard pattern to keep the same color palette throughout the whole space.

The painting was vintage that I already had, but worked perfectly in the space. (Arian is still on the fence about this one, so it might change, but for now it looks awesome).

turquoise, aqua vintage lamp

The little stash covered jar is from Jonathan Adler. The dipped vesselsl are from A + R and look how cute those photobooth strips are theirs …

Max Wanger photo, mid-century modern dining table

Oh man, this dining room is killer in every way. Bri bought the dining set at Mid-Century LA and its’ BEAUTIFUL. The rugs are from Lake in Silver Lake and are around $300 a piece. We couldn’t find the right rug to work with the Morrocan shag in the living room, but the second we saw these, Bri was like, “Let’s just layer them,” and I was 100 percent on board. The amazing light fixture is from Brendan Ravenhill and it’s INCREDIBLE. He’s a local LA designer and we were psyched to work with him.

The photo behind the dining table is by the amazing Max Wanger, and it’s called Tulum. I really struggled with this wall. We didn’t want to do a gallery wall because we wanted it to feel more modern and simple, but it needed to have color because that side of the room was feeling kinda sad and less colorful than the other side.

mid-century modern dining room

We got the Max Wanger photo framed by Dana at Hotel De Ville. She’s moved her studio downtown and is by appointment only, but I really recommend her for framing. She has lots of options, opinions, and reasonable pricing. The gold birdcage is from A + R and I put a plant in it because I’m cooky like that.

crate and barrel bar cart

Lastly, the bar cart, naturally. That beauty is from Crate and Barrel. The lamp is a vintage piece I found and got a black shade for. The “Scotch” bottle is a favorite of mine that I finally sold to Bri, but I will be visiting it often. :)

So there you have it folks. Bri Emery and Arian’s house, designed by me, Emily Henderson, shot by Laure Joliet. Thank you Danielle Walch for my hair and makeup, per usual (she’s the best in every way; I’m hideous without her), and Erin Cunningham for helping us make it happen.

So, friends, what do you think? Would you live here? Let us know what you think, and meanwhile share it around if you are into it.



  1. Gorgeous! (Of course.) I think my favorite is how well you fit so many surfaces/seating into a space that isn’t huge, but they all look made for it. And of course the aqua couch with mixed patterns is amazing. Great job!

  2. natasha

    I want to french kiss these rooms. I love them so much.

    Sorry if that sounds crazy but they are SO awesome. Good work Emily!

  3. I love the pops of colour the room has really come alive. That white pot plant with the face is awesome, lots of personality and character. Love it :)

  4. Lori

    It hurts my heart that I don’t own that couch. Sigh. If I ever win the lottery, I’m so hiring Emily to design my house. I feel like I have good skills for a novice, but I really need a pro to come pull things together and I love her style.

  5. Lori

    Also, I covet that dining set in a major way.

    • Carrie

      I own the same dining set! It’s a midcentury Drexel Heritage piece designed by Kipp Stewart. I see pieces for sale online from time-to-time. I picked mine up on Craigslist a few years ago for next to nothing. Google turned up some listings. If you’re interested, check it out.

      • Katy

        Thanks so much for the info! Very useful!!

  6. I have been waiting to see the room that turquoise vintage plycraft lives in! Everything is so happy. I love the sea of dainty vintage table legs. Lovely!

  7. in love with everything about this makeover . . . especially the artwork and bar cart

  8. I have major girl wood over that room! Sorry to be crude, but seriously, it’s beautiful! I’m pretty certain I adore everything about it. Dang… I’m going to need a moment…

  9. emily jane zarov

    Love, love, LOVE -the make-over, the article, the photographs & that custom-made armoire- ALL of it! Congratulations to everybody! (absolutely love how the colors make my eye dance but it’s the brightness of this room that has seduced me & is just what I needed to finally actually pick up a brush/nappy roller & paint my 6 ft wide x 3 ft deep, floor-to-ceiling brick fireplace white -thanks for the nudge… also, I recently spray-painted a ceramic owl planter blue (to converse with my dresser/media center) and turned him into a vase -he has the best afro when hydrangeas are in season…) Yeah Miss Em! Thanks so much for the lovely start to my day!
    sincerely, emily jane

  10. Austin

    Fabulous Monday morning inspiration! Any idea where her media console is from?

    • Emily

      oH shoot, i forgot to include that. i designed it (separate post to come). thansk!

      • Marie

        Hi Emily-
        I love this room, and keep dreaming of the credenza. Any chance you can share more details about it?

  11. Rachael

    i wish you would come to Switzerland and style my apartment!
    is the Max Wanger picture 30×45?

    • Emily

      I’d love to come to switzerland. :) And no, we custom ordered that print, i think its like 48×65 or something. its CRAZY big. xx

  12. Jessi

    so so good! love it! i can’t believe that giant planter isn’t JA! Good find!

  13. Ashley

    So amazing, I could live in this space! I love her blog, I love your blog, what a good trade!

  14. Hey Emily! I have been following your blog since DesignStar and recently took Bri’s class in Boston. Love that you two work together. Two of my favorite designers! This space looks amazing, I feel like I am on a vacation just looking at it (it’s cold and not sunny like LA here!). Thank you for keeping up the blog, it is such a joy to read. All the best, C

    • Emily

      Thanks, Cambria. I still need to take blogshop :) xx

  15. Megan

    I’m obsessed with this whole space! It’s so happy and cozy, and I’m loving the marriage of modern and vintage. Fabulous job!

  16. Ava

    So I have never commented on a blog before. Ever. But when I saw this gorgeous room I just had to tell you how much I love it. This is exactly what I want my house to feel like, with the light, colors, textures, and mix of old and new. It is dark and rainy today where I am, and this room brought my day some sunshine. Thank you!

    • Emily

      AHHH, first time commenter! Thank you so much, seriously. Comments are like crack to us bloggers and they mean THE WORLD. So thank you so much. xxxxxxx

  17. Erin

    AMAZING. I want to move in. This is like my dream room!

    • Emily

      Thank you!!!! Of course its like wildly better than my own home :) i’m suffering from a serious case of cobblers kids/no shoes as i’m looking at these photos again….

  18. Oh wow such a bright and happy space! Obsessed with Max Wanger and the scale of the print is amazing.

  19. Kristina

    LOVE! Do you have any great resources online for your lampshades? I have to many naked lamps!

    • Emily

      i think its called ‘replacement shades’. thats where i get all my custom shades for not too much money. Ballards and shades of light have good shades as well. xx

  20. Laurielulu

    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I’m an accountant wanna trade? I’m in the I.E…..

  21. Emily,
    This is one of my favorites spaces you’ve done so far. I love how happy your designs are with this amazing vintage flair. You are very inspiring! Keep up the great work!

    Quinn Cooper Style

  22. Love, love, love it! I’ve caught sneak peaks on Instagram which got me so excited to see the whole space and it is amazing! Fantastic works as always. Great choice in colors. It looks like such a happy place. :)

  23. So many amazing details, yet the space looks open and completely livable – not stuffy or too well-placed. It has a casual, playful feel. That said, I assume this is a space without children (and possibly pets). Or at least, I hope it is, as it would be a tragedy for any of those lovely goodies to break or be damaged.

  24. I want everything. This is beyond gorgeous.

  25. dana attlan

    i love love love this room … this post made me finally create an “i love emily” board on my pinterest – because i have way too many things from you pinned to my general spaces boards :) so yea, i’m a stalker … but only in the most harmless way :)

  26. Emily, you are absolutely amazing and inspiring at what you do! This room is beautiful! I love the black and white and the totally fun use of color. You should know that we have matching blue tufted wingback so I think we could be friends…even though you might have sold it on one kings lane:/ anyways…love this room!!!

  27. lauren g

    DLF & your blog are a daily read for me. i have been getting anxiety waiting for this post! as soon as i saw a sneak peek of that couch i knew i wanted to see more. seriously beautiful. you can tell a lot of love and hard work went in to this makeover. also a first time commentor.. feels good :)

  28. Alice

    Hi Emily – this makeover is fantastic!! You have ah-mazing design skillz and I Love stealing ideas from you! It was also very nice to meet you at the West Elm popup – Rich Pedine intro’d us!

    Where are the round brass side table and the brass x leg side table from? Thank you!!

  29. LOVE! I’ve been waiting for you to share this collaboration! My sister and I love you both and it was the perfect match. I pinned a bunch of your pictures to remember what you did and use the design tips in my own life. I’m typically not a fan of white walls because the rooms can lack in color but you’ve got it all here!

  30. Susan Wilson

    Love, Love, Love! Where is black/white throw/blanket from on back of gorgeous couch?

  31. kim basinger

    Hey Emily- awesome! Sure, you can explain a few things about the room and resources, but I always say the same thing…”how does she do it?!” It’s light and colorful and purposeful; and just plain full(!) but it doesn’t FEEL like it. How now brown cow? -oops! no offense intended, maybe you didn’t play that game of how on the west coast. Anyway why does it “feel” so great– thin lines of furniture? lots of legs? Also did you go with the black and white because of that amazing rug? Sorry, this isn’t a homework (ha) assignment for you. But you are amazing and so is what you do! Thank YOU! By the way, you single handidly brought me back to hgtv. Can’t wait to see you again. And again…

  32. Jess

    You and Bri are my style/design role models! So pumped for this collaboration. I’m in love with every detail of these rooms. Wish my fiddle leaf fig looked that good!

  33. Sue

    It looks amazing—I love white rooms with colorful furniture and bold patterns. And I especially want that teal sofa! Emily, you such have a knack for creating interesting spaces that are both approachable and polished. This is a happy room!

  34. This room is absolutely divine! I honestly adore everything about it. It is such a happy space! I love the polished bohemian vibe. Great job on the media console design; It looks like fantastic piece (hope that we get so see more pictures of it at some point). Keep up the good work. I always love getting to see one of your interiors!

  35. katie

    I love the pops of color and the amount of light! Sigh! I so wish my place was sunnier than it was. Give me a treetop apartment. My heart just melted when I saw the dining room. Perfect styling! I just love the simple, huge framed photograph. I want that tray. Full stop. Pinned it. Bookmarked it. Need it!

  36. The room is so fresh and bright, love it. I was noticing that you painted the rods the same color as the walls, what a neat trick!

  37. This is so rad!!! I saw Bri’s teaser image in insta earlier but had no idea it was a collaboration between the two of you. SO FUN.

  38. Rae

    This is my favorite of all of your spaces – the colors, the textures, the mix of serious and whimsical. Perfect!!! And thank you for explaining what the tree is, I need one now.

  39. Wow – I have those chairs in her dining room set. I only found 4, including the arm chair, at a thrift store and paid 4 bucks each. Seeing them here, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH MORE! This makeover is fantastic – great job.

  40. Brooke Harris

    So fabulous and relaxed! I love how effortless you make the spaces. Nothing is too fussy. The mix of patterns and colors is divine. I can’t wait to hear about how to hide tv/dvd/cords. I am building a media unit soon and need to figure out how to style it.

  41. Emily, you already know what we think…it’s freaking amazing as always! Sounds like you had lovely clients as well.

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  43. Such a happy space, Emily!
    I’m such a huge fan of your beautiful work and style, and I’m kicking myself for not saying hello to you and introducing myself at the LA Flower Market last Friday. :)

  44. Oh man, this is stunning!!! I totally want my place to look, no, feel like this. I am planning on getting a slipcover made for my sofa soon and aqua blue just might be the colour I get now. I am going to be poring over these photos for a very long time! Can you give more detail about the bookcases in the corner?

  45. It’s fabulous! I love all the plants you selected … it give the room such life. bravo!


  46. Della

    Easily my favourite room of yours that I’ve seen. Beautiful. Every single part of it.

  47. Kim

    So amazing and fun! Exactly like Bri!

  48. The color and pattern play is amazing! Such a fun room, yet calm at the same time! Any tips on other plants to buy – I sadly have an awful track record with plants (Although my fiddle leaf fig is still alive…so far!)

  49. Chris

    Brava – as always. Love those dining room chairs.

  50. Dawn

    Wow- what a gorgeous space! You really blow me away every time. I can’t wait to see your blog on the media console because I’m struggling with that now thanks to my husband’s millions of components!

  51. That scallop pillow (especially paired with the aqua couch + stripes) makes me swoon. Sad you can’t remember where it’s from, since I live in Oregon.

    GORGEOUS work. I could sit in there all day.

  52. Mary Breinich

    Emily, I love your rooms and this one has inspired me to start a redo of my living room! I actually own the wood shelving unit pictured and have never been happy with the way I have it accessorized….now I see how it should be done!

    • Phoebe

      I also have the same shelving unit (bought on ebay) and haven’t been able to figure out exactly who/when it’s from. Do you have any info you pass along?

  53. wow! love everything, and if I had the money I would have you fixin my home up in a hot second! love love love

  54. Oh I love everything about this room! Beautiful, beautiful job Emily. I adore seeing your before and afters.

    Do you mind sharing the source for that great navajo print for the Milo Baughman chair?

    • Oh perty please if you have a free time in London, will you share the source of this fabric? I’m super close to attempting to recreate it on my own from Spoonflower :-) but I would love to purchase it if possible!

      Love, LOVE the beautiful home reveal today! That playroom is to die for, and the living room – amazing.

  55. Have been looking forward to this reveal, since you have been teasing it for months. I would move in there in one second. Some of the elements alone would be a bit too boho eclectic for me, but together they are amazing.

    White, black and blue are my fave color combination and what my own living room is currently sporting, only in a totally different proportion. My favorite pieces are the sofa, the black and white chair, the Max Wanger photo, and the dining room light fixture.

  56. Joey

    I don’t even think I have the vocabulary to tell you how much I love this room.

  57. Zella

    Been following your blog and Twitter for a while now, but first time commenting here! Just wanted to say how amazing the place looks and ask where I can find the gold X side table next to the couch? Thanks so much!!

  58. Megan D


  59. You, Emily Henderson, are a genius. I am one of those people. Afraid of most colors. But I want to move into this house immediately. Well played :)

  60. tammyCA

    Love! I’m someone who craves color and there are some of my favorites I see, turquoise, yellow, pink…can’t stop looking lovingly at the aqua sofa. The plants are so pretty, too & really make it even livelier..and, the Mid-century furniture looks fantastic in this setting. I’m feelin’ envious…in a good way.

  61. BrookeJ

    Love it! Looks so relaxing and a place to really “live” in.

  62. Whitney

    love love love it! i pinned the s@#$ out of this post :) you are so talented!

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  64. Dana

    ohmygoodness. love every single thing about it. i especially love how your worked so many seating arrangements in without feeling crowded. and color. yes!

  65. I’m in complete and utter lust. This room is freaking unbelievable. You are a total rock star, Emily. Truly and completely. First time commenter here as well but I often sing your praises – so beautiful, so accessible, so perfect. x

  66. Lindsay

    Dying. DYING over this design. The fact that I can look at that room and the *last* thing I notice is the-world’s-largest-television-holy-crap-dot-com, is a testament to what an amazing job you did.

  67. Mary

    Just, wow. This is my first time commenting. I am so in love with these spaces. That couch, the pink ottoman and just everything is amazing. I love the photographer in the dining area. It’s gorgeous. I love color. My hubby is a tad afraid of it at times, so I’ll have to show him this and see what he thinks. Congrats on the LA Times!

  68. My goodness! What a fresh and delicious feast for the eyes! I came across one of these images on Pinterest today and found this post. I am so in love with it and am inspired to share on my little bloggy! Thanks for sharing. Such beauty!

  69. Erin

    You killed it girl – absolutely killed it. You + Bri is a design and client match made in heaven. Congrats!

  70. Julie

    This space is SO way cool and beautiful I’d live here NOW! It is awesome, beautiful, and I’m really feeling the need for something hot pink in my house! Emily, this is one of your best spaces yet. LOVE!

  71. Sarah

    And I’m not surprised. You are amazing!
    Would it be possible to know where the Navajo black and white upholstery fabric is from? I admired it on the piece in kings lane too. I have an ugly (but sentimental) chair that could really (really!) use it.
    Thanks for sharing so much.
    You are so inspiring.

  72. evie

    i would live here with ease, totally love this! the light and brightness with spots of aqua bringing everything together is wonderful. i love aqua. what a fun collaboration of creative minds. congratulations. and i especially love how you jonathan adler’d up that giant face pot. he’s my fav : )

  73. Atiya

    this is Perfect.

  74. mahsa

    You did such an amazing job with this space. I like it very much. where did you get the couch reupholstered ?

  75. Very nice!! I am absolutely in love with everything.

  76. Danielle

    Love it! I would move into this house in a minute – or at least the living and dining rooms since I haven’t seen the rest. ;) Thanks for the inspiration, like always. Our living room is a slooow work in progress and I need the reminder to get back to trolling CraigsList for original pieces.

  77. this is absolutely fantastic. i love all the color {and you} . i just started following your blog!

  78. Karla

    I’m in love with this space!! So amazing. I love the way you add character and bring people’s homes to life and seem to really represent who they are. I am dipping my toe into the design world these days and find your blog such an inspiration, thanks! Love the how to videos! Also would you do a post on fashion, hair etc? I know, sounds superficial but would be great to hear your tips! Look forward to this weeks post. Signed your avid reader… Karla

  79. What an awesome calabo?

    My favorite elements are the bar cart and the bird cage/cloche/plant remix.

    Let the pinning begin!

  80. maddi

    Hi, I am in love with the palette you used and had one question, you had forgot to mention where the gold sofa side table was from? where would I find it?

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  82. AH!! I am so in love! Your work is so colorful, eclectic & inspirational! One of my team members and I did a blogshop class with Bri last year & had such an awesome time! She told us you could always tell someones favorite colors through their blog & you can definitely see them in this room as well! Pinks, bright blues, lots of white.. :)) Ughh, & that pictures over the table. STOPP IT. SO AMAZING. You’re such an inspiration, as always!

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  84. Katy

    Emily, this is so beautiful! I have plant envy! I love fiddle leaf fig trees, but I haven’t had any lucky finding one (I live in Virginia). Could you recommend anything else that might be similar? Perhaps even cheaper?

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  86. Tara

    Great makeover. I love that you use old and new finds…not everything has to be purchased (that bugs me) making the room look pulled together and more collected over time than screaming NEW! NEW! NEW! and “I have a brand new living room because I just went and bought a ton of new stuff!” Ok, that may be a run on sentence…but you get the point. Well done!

  87. Lydia

    Ok, I need that side table with the brass x-legs. Where did you find it?

  88. Wow – this is going to be my photo of inspiration for my new home to-be in a year or so… we’re moving from Western Australia back to my home town in the beautiful English countryside – Somerset. I can’t wait to be able to get our own place (after years of renting) and it’s going to be fresh and vibrant like this. Thank you!

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  90. Kaela

    What a lively and inspiring space! I love it and just want to cozy up on that dreamy couch and read a book. This prompts me to want to add more color to my own living/dining room (I tend towards black, white, and shades of grey). Fabulous job Emily!

  91. Brittney Rindlisbacher

    Best “after” of yours EVER in my opinion. Beautiful!

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  97. celine

    That wall unit… I have been looking for something just like that for over a year. I may have just lost the will to live seeing it here and knowing it is not mine. Excuse me while I go weep tears of bitterness. Also, did you see “kim basinger” left a comment? the actress? hmmm… Anyway, if you could pass on any more specific info as to where you found it, I would appreciate it, I am here in the LA area.

  98. Catherine


    I am in love with the white face pottery. Such a happy piece of art , makes me want to have real plants in my home. Where can I purchase one online? I live in Windy City, Chicago.

  99. Sona

    For anyone who might be interested in purchasing an affordable fiddle leaf fig. I know it’s not exactly the same as the tree, but it will grow eventually and save you money.

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  101. Hi Em!

    This is such a fantastic space and marriage of talents. Amazing job!

    Question for you re: Plycraft chair. I have the same one waiting to be restored, but mine is missing all upholstery. Is that a tweedy fabric or a leather-y/naugahyde-y material? Trying to decide which way to go with mine…

    Any info/advice is appreciated!


  102. Jenn

    Love this room! I’ve been following you since Design Star and can’t express how much you’ve inspired me to take chances and really find my style. Looking forward to your post on how to incorporate speakers/media as that is one of my husband’s passions (he loves his surround sound!) and I have no idea what to do!

    Also – love your cat! I have a black-and-white spoiled cat who is hilarious. :)

  103. lauren

    amazing! that black navajoy inspired fabric needs to be in my life! love it all :-)

  104. KD

    Beautiful! First time to your blog — via a pin of this happy space. Can you tell us who made the gold stool/table beside the black and white chair? Gorgeous piece. Thanks!

  105. Amber

    Absolutley love this room! So inspiried by it! It’s perfection! Can you tell me what aqua fabric is on the sofa? Thanks! :)

  106. You always nail the details so so well! This is one fabulous collection of chairs! LOVE!

  107. Ashley

    I love it! I actually own the vintage Drexel Table set you used. I picked mine up with 4 chairs from one Craigslist seller and then got 4 more chairs including 1 arm chair from another CL seller like 8 months later. Total paid was less than $650 and in great condition. I feel like I must have really good taste now that Emily used it too. :)

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  109. Eli

    I have been drooling over this room since the post first went live. I wish I could channel it into my tiny little living roomdiningroomkitchen (it really is one long, narrow room…awkward…challenging)

    Well. Done!

  110. Sensational job, Emily. All is gorgeous. Strange request. I have a 165′ long window in a mid century house. I am having trouble finding a curtain rod that is clean and not ornate. One that just disappears to my white walls like Bri’s. Where did you get them?

  111. This room is insanely happy (does that even make sense)! I absolutely love it!! You are so talented, such an inspiration.

  112. michelle

    LOVE the Aqua Sofa! Can you PLEASE come do my space next? I could totally live in this space.

  113. omg this makes me want to move out of my NY apartment! gorgeous. everything looks amazingly comfortable, not stuffy and so cozy and inviting.

  114. Elisha Johnson

    I swear Emily, you are just amazing. And I am so grateful that you share these pictures and where to find things. You give those of us that are “decor challenged” some ideas that we can imitate. I love you Emily! You’re my design AND style icon!

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  117. Jill

    That Moroccan rug is a beauty but it’s soooo cheap. Have you used it before? Will it shed like crazy?

  118. Kim

    Oh. My. Goodness.
    This is the first time I’ve come across your blog, and I love your style. It’s so… me. One day, in my dream future, I will be asking you to re-do my living room (at the very least). :) Love.

  119. hello! love the room! i’ve been trying to get my friend to purchase that very bar cart. it would be perfect for her dining room.

    and of all the beautiful pieces in that room…i am focused on the bull on the table next to the turquoise lamp. where did you get it? is it vintage?

  120. I just died!!! Every time I think I already saw the most beautiful interior ever, there is another one coming out!! I love it!!!!!!!

  121. Sarah

    Emily Henderson! You beautiful, brilliant, talented woman you! This is one of my favorite remodels of your’s yet. The art! That coffee table! And the turquoise…oh the turquoise was where you set the hook. Love it.

  122. Tina

    Hi Emily, could you tell me which vendor you got the face pot at? I went to the flower district And went around for 2 hours looking for it but no one had seen it. :( please help. Thank u!

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  130. Nancy Burton

    Emily- I love, love, love your redo!! My living room needs a wonderful face pot like the one you used. I have seen others ask for info on finding them. I cannot seem to find your response? Would you please tell me the source so that I can order one online?
    Thanks so much for the inspiration-

  131. sunshine

    One of your other commenters might have answered this already but there’s a lot of comments on this post, too many for me to scroll thru :)
    What kind of plant is that in your photos? The tall tropical looking one… thanks so much!
    (would you mind emailing the info to me? knowing how spacey I am, I might forget to check back in :/)
    Thank you so much!!

    • Lindsay

      It’s a Fiddle Leaf Fig.

  132. Amy

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting the credenza post! I have the typical tv/speaker,problems and desire the look you achieved in Bri and Arian’s home. I’ve been checking but haven’t seen the info – I’m I missing something or is it still “in the works?”

  133. I’m not sure exactly why but this site is loading incredibly slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check
    back later on and see if the problem still exists.

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  135. Lindsay

    This is the best thing that has ever happened in the world. I just keep coming back to look at it.

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  138. I have a plycraft that is upholstered in white pleather. I would love to have it reupholstered with the same fabric as the one in the picture. What kind if fabric is it? I can’t tell from the photos if it is tweed or pleather.

  139. Linda

    Emily where did the pink ottoman in front of the plycraft chair come from? Thanks Lidna

    • Emily

      Its vintage from the flea market!

  140. Sarah Vondrasek

    Hi Emily!

    I don’t know if you already answered this, but where did you find the black navajo fabric for the Milo?! I’m so in love with it and trying to find something like it! I hear you can create your own on spoonflower, have you tried that? Thank you for your help!

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  143. My family all the time say that I am killing my time here at web, but I know I am
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  146. Holly

    I love the room and I am trying to emulate it in little ways in my front formal living room. I’m wondering what color “white” you used on the walls. I’m going for a white room with fun pops of color just as you did in this room. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

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  149. where have i been? I have been looking at crap too long in my home. this is where i want to be in my decorating abilities. thanks for the porn!

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  152. tracie

    This literally made my heart beat faster and I felt like I couldn’t breathe! Really. And I’m a 46 yo housewife/design junkie who mainlines design blogs and mags daily, so I have a high tolerance for fabulous! Your color choices and modernity are stunning. I miss your “Secrets from a Stylist” but I am so grateful to be able to see your work here. I restyle my home and move the living room furniture weekly for kicks, but I can only aspire to Emily-worthy results! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the joy!!

  153. I’m new to developing internet sites and I was wondering if having your blog title relevant to your articles and other content really that critical? I notice your title, “Bri Emery

  154. Kimberly

    What brand of paint and color are the walls? I have had a hard time finding the right white! Any help would be so very appreciated!


    • kimberlydow

      did any one ever find out what color/brand paint is used. help please!

  155. Nikki

    This is kind of a silly question, but could you share where you got the curtains/curtain rods? I’ve been very surprised at how many variations of white curtains there are!

  156. Amanda DeFerrari

    Congrats Emily. The couch is such a winner – for me, it sets the tone of the room. The colors and style are perfect. Looks very mid- 70′s modern with eclectic twist. Best yet of your work I have seen…and outstanding work on boybaby!!!!

  157. Awesome!! love your blog and all these pictures & desigens are looking awesome!! i really inspired, thanks for sharing with us valuable post.

  158. loan

    What’s up i am kavin, its my first occasion to commenting anywhere, when i read this post i thought i could also create comment due to this sensible article.

  159. elizabeth

    Emily – Can you please share where you found the small round brass side table and also the black and white tribal fabric?


  160. I read this article completely regarding the comparison of hottest and earlier technologies, it’s awesome article.

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  164. Emily – where is the big white planter from (the one by the credenza, in between that and the Blu dot chair)?

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  167. I’m redoing my home office/guest bedroom soon and will totally use Bri’s gorgeous living room as a template! I already have an aqua sleeper sofa and black/white rug. Think I’ll use peachy pink instead of magenta as my counterpoint to the blue, but otherwise I’m copying!

  168. Danielle

    I love the deign! Such light and the patterns and colors are beautiful together. Maybe you’ve answered this but I am obsessed with the black and white fabric on the chair. Where is it from/what manufacturer? Any info on it or comparable fabrics would be great!

    • mary catherine

      YES!! i just scrolled through 9000 comments to see if you had already answered who made that gorgeous fabric–see what a good, non-annoying reader i am?? :)))) so can you tell us where this incredible fabric came from? i’ve been googling “black white tribal native upholstery fabric” for the last month before i saw this post. i feel like you have all the answers!! also i’m a giant fan. you make me feel like we’re best friends. weird? ;) xoxoxooxoxoxo

  169. Rebekah

    What size is the Max Wanger? I am trying to do something very similar in my house and this looks amazing!! Great work, as always!

  170. Karmen

    Luv your style, luv your hair…can you tell me what you use to get your hair soon fab?

  171. kimberlydow

    wall color /brand of paint pretty please.

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  175. tami

    I WANT THE SOFA, single cushion is the best, why don’t they make more! Come do my home, so love your style!

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  178. Danielle

    Hi Emily, what a fabulous job! I know lots of people have asked this so forgive me if I missed the answer…but what’s the source for the black and white navajo print?? Thanks!

  179. Heather

    Hey Emily! I have a question about this rug. I just ordered it from RugsUSA and was so excited about it! I got it and it was off-white with brown diamonds. I thought it was going to have black diamonds. Is the one in your design white/brown or white/black??

    Dying to know!


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  189. jamie lyn smith

    there is a black and white pillow on the couch (without tassels) that is only in one of the photos (4th photo from the top). can you tell me where it is from?

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  192. Your mode of telling the whole thing in this article is truly
    good, every one be capable of easily know it, Thanks a lot.

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  196. anna

    Love everything about this room. I’ve been on the hunt for a coffee table for too long and I live this one with the brass accent, I know its vintage but any idea who the designer might be???

  197. paras

    I love this look! I moved into my first apartment without roommates and in the process of decorating. Your blog is so helpful! I’ve never been into home decor or followed home blogs, let alone written a comment, but I felt compelled after seeing this gorgeous space! I’m purchasing the moroccan shag rug here (big sale now on at Rugs USA), and watched your video about choosing the right size. It looks like the size of my living room is right between a 5×7 and 8×10 (my couch is against the wall). Curious to know what size this rug is in this apartment? Thanks!

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  203. Esther

    This room is absolutely stunning. What paint and trim color did you use for the walls? Maybe im liking it because its picking up on all the beautiful tones in the room.

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