Best navy blue paint, inspired by Robert Pattinson

R-Pats has been blue.  What with K-Stew cheating on him, the breakup being publicized world-wide, the terribly invasive paparazzi (i can totally relate R-patz, it’s so hard to just be a normal person sometimes, right?….KIDDING), not to mention the fact that he’s a vampire and he has a demon baby.  He’s got reason to be blue, my friends. 

So let’s celebrate him and K-stew moving back in together (IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD BY THE WAY) with a ‘best navy blue paint’ post, inspired by my favorite vampire. And yes, this is another attempt (due to the success of gray paints according to Ryan Gosling) to entertain you and me, whilst giving design tips, and possibly getting the attention of my favorite men in the world.  It’s absolutely shameless and i absolutely don’t care. 


Navy blue is my favorite color, so yes, i know a thing or two about it.. It’s calming and cozy. Its brooding masculinity perfectly offsets all of my feminine furniture and accessories. It gives everything an instant modern backdrop; and it’s a color that is pretty much loved by all.  Much like R-Patz.   

I’ve used Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore twice, on the season finale of Design Star, HERE and on SFAS once, HERE, although i don’t like the photo so i’m not going to put it on my own blog.  It’s a very, very deep dark navy blue.  It can go almost black.  It would be perfect for a viewing room or on the wall where the tv is.  It’s serious and intense, much like R-Patz here:


Oh, you are so brooding aren’t you. What? Did the Volturi stop by unannounced again and your living room was a mess?  The lack of manners those 800-year-old Italian vampires have is really abominable. Oh for shame.  Leave R-patz alone, although keep looking at me like that please. 


I love this navy by Farrow and Ball very much. It’s almost like a deep royal blue. It has a lot of pigment to it and is feels very alive. There are places where it feels more green and places where it goes super dark – Farrow and Ball has extremely well-pigmented paints, so even though they can be expensive, it’s totally worth it.  Would be great for an accent wall in a loft, or a boys room, or a bedroom. Such a quick way to cozy things up.  You know what this happy color reminds me of? S’right, this guy:

He’s all, ‘Hey K-stew, wanna get drunk and climb trees whilst hugging?’  She says yes, of course, and that makes him so happy.    

You all remember my office makeover, with Sherwin Williams.  I used ‘Loyal Blue’ and i still love it. Its bright at times and dark at times. We are turning that room into a dining room soon, because Brian doesn’t work from home anymore, and i think this color is great for cozy dinner parties.  Perhaps i’ll invite my neighbors, R-patz and K-stew, only and ONLY if he brings that boyish beaming smile.  

Shirtless werewolves NOT invited.  In fact, screw it, even SHIRTED wearwolves can’t come.  



Now this color was brought to my attention by a friend of mine who did it in her bedroom and it looked amazing. She had her painter put 5 coats on her walls and it was so deep and dark and pretty.  The light reflected off it perfectly and it created this warm cozy cave.  Like a navy blue hug.  Speaking of hug….

‘Oh to be the glove on that hand that i might touch that cheek’, said, one Bill Shakespeare.

Although in this case it’s ‘oh to be that armpit that i might squeeze your head whilst your head is on my leg,’. Similar, but less poetic, i presume.  

So thanks R-Patz for the navy blue recommendations.  I can only hope that they bring as much joy to my readers’ bedrooms as you have to mine.  


  1. Emily! OMG. Thank you for brightening up my Monday morning with this hilariously fantastic post. I totally loved it, and LOVED the blues you have worked with- I cant wait to splash some into my own master bedroom!
    Thank you again- totally made my morning.
    ps. Did I mention that you can intermingle pics of R-Pats into any of your posts and I totally wouldn't mind!? Seriously- do it!

  2. Jesse

    i painted our dining room "old navy" about a month ago and absolutely love it! so glad it made your post!

  3. Annie

    Thank you for this post! I went back to the Ryan Gosling post too and pinned a bunch of grays. Thank you for making your pictures so easily pinnable! And of course for the advice – much more sophisticated than BHG, for sure!

  4. Leslie

    You are hilarious. And I love Hale Navy.

  5. Kelly

    Navy blue is my favorite color as well, and I can't wait to refer back to this post a million times and "pin" every single image you included. Best way to start a Monday, EVER!

  6. Laurielulu


  7. Dana

    I thought your Ryan Gosling/Gray post couldn't get any better – and then you went and posted an RPats/Navy Blue post. It's like you know me. Loved this! My bedroom is painted navy and I agree that it just makes it so cozy.

  8. Ellen

    These color posts are the best! Keep em comin

  9. This is fabulous and brilliant I can barely stand it. We have a vibrant Prussian blue in our dining room and its been one of our very best design choices ever. Xoxo You are awesome btw.

  10. Bean Wager

    I loved this, made me laugh at work which is always a good thing on Monday!!

    My husband and I just painted our dining room Annapolis Blue (Olympic), because we couldn't get our hands on any of the Behr that we wanted. It was thinner than I like (probably due to the cheaper paint), but after a few coats, it turned out really moody and good!

  11. heather

    Love me some navy blue, but not so much Robert Pattinson. Can anyone else relate here in that they do not think he's attractive and don't understand all the hype??? If you just saw him walking down the street, would you even stop??? Sorry, I just don't get it one bit. Ryan Gosling on the other hand, he's factually hot. Anyway, I'll choose to just read this article as a fan of navy blue. :)

  12. Lauren

    Really, really, really love your posts about paint colors. I just referred back to the ryan post yesterday! Would love to know how you feel about a painted accent wall. I had in my head that you weren't into them. Did you ever say that or did I make it up? Is it too 2001?

  13. Navy blue is my favorite too, and I liked your office so much I painted my bedroom Loyal Blue. I really do think it's the PERFECT navy. It's got some peacock in it, and I love that; it's so happy for a dark color.

    I'm totally with Heather regarding Robert Pattinson though. Do not get it. I don't see the appeal of anyone in the Twilight franchise actually. I don't get the hype over the Jacob guy either. Same with Kristen Stewart. I just don't see it. Not that they're unattractive, just nothing special by celebrity standards. To be fair, though, I didn't read any of the books or see any of the movies, so maybe I'm missing it because I don't have an emotional connection with the characters…

  14. Crystal

    This is such a fun post, I hope this is going to be a series.

  15. I didn't think you could top the Gosling gray paint post but this is right up there. Ryan Reynolds and greens up next?

  16. Bobbi Jo

    Love it!! Made me laugh from start to finish. Yep, adding Mr. Pattinson definitely had the desired effect! Just added an accent wall of Hale Navy in the office and we love it.

  17. Sara

    This is perfect. About to add some navy to my master bedroom, and have been wondering if there is one that I would like more than Hale Navy…I think I'll compare with Old Navy now, before I pull the trigger. Love that Loyal Blue, too, but I know my husband wouldn't like it. Thank you!

  18. Carrie

    I used a color very similar to the Sherwin Williams Loyal Blue – Bermudan Blue by Behr – in my bathroom to go with the vintage pink fixtures and creamy white tile. It looks fantastic!

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