Dear Emily’s Readers,

Typography. I seriously cannot get enough of it. Maybe it’s because I’m a graphic designer by day, but the use of phrases and letter forms in a piece of art is one of my most favorite things ever … throw in some vintage paint-by-numbers, and I’m totally IN:





This is the work of New York based artist Trey Speegle. He inherited hundreds of vintage paint-by-numbers and has done some pretty fantastic things with them! The good news for us — he just opened an online shop with prints and originals of a whole bunch of this work! Prints start at $50 and originals (the A and B are original collages) start at $200.



Mike-Monteiro-black-white-artwork   Mike-Monteiro-black-white-artwork

It doesn’t get much more straight forward that this! The work of San Francisco’s Mike Monteiro is literally black and white. Some of his phrases are heart-felt, others funny, and a handful that are kinda rude — in the most awesome way, of course! There are lots more where these came from, and they’re all are available as originals.




Rachel-Castle-felt-type-artwork Rachel-Castle-felt-type-artwork

Now, if these don’t make you ridiculously happy, I don’t know what will. Felt on felt phrases about disco balls, and being totally like epic. I think Australian artist Rachel Castle says it best … HELL YEAH.

(P.S. You’ll see lots of SOLD stickers in Rachel’s shop, but she’s quite happy to make you something new — just give her a shout.)

OK. So who’s up for some paint-by-numbers, being a third-wheel, and a few bananas? Me too! Thanks for indulging my love of type … I hope you love it too! See you soon ~ Danielle (aka The Jealous Curator)


  1. Andrea Urbass

    Usually it is great stuff, but today’s choices are yucky.
    Why pay for this stuff if you have young kids at home and they could do better work?

  2. hi andrea – i’m sorry you feel that way – art is a very subjective thing though, isn’t it. i think all of the artists do really great work – which is why i featured them.

  3. I own a Trey Speegle print. ^.^ “Can You Imagine”. I adore it.

  4. What about those “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters? Ha, just kidding.

    I like the mixture of the direct yet still poetic/oblique in Mike Monteiro’s song lyric-reference paintings, but that may just be the sad, aging indie-rocker in me?

  5. RMC

    Love, love, love the first two & last paint by number pieces!

  6. Working with type is something I can’t help but do! It’s nice to see a round-up dedicated to the cause. I especially like Rachel’s pieces!

  7. Catherine

    I just hung a (framed) tea towel from Rachel Castle that says “Sheeza and goddam, you are super duper good looking.” in my bathroom, and it makes me so happy every morning!

    Her felt pieces are awesome, but unfortunately a little out of my current budget. Fortunately, her tea towels frame well and are much less expensive. :)

  8. jess

    Rachel Castle’s work is AMAZING I own an art piece of hers and two pillows from her collection so happy and bright! =)

  9. kim

    I love old paint by numbers! Trey Speegle’s work is awesome :)

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  11. While this rec is not in the typography realm, this post reminded me of a very talented printmaker whom I know personally, Minna Resnick. I feel like it would mesh with Emily’s aesthetic for its graphic quality, female driven subject matter and often fun or quirky juxtapositions, Just thought I’d share!

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