Art Roundup: Houses

Dear Emily’s Readers,

It’s Danielle from The Jealous Curator, and I’m back again with more art. And yes, it’s all still affordable! So, if our relationship is going to go further, you should know that I have a small obsession with houses. I’m not sure if it’s actually trending, but #houses are always trending in my head — even if they have plants growing out of the bottom of them:



Oh my. The collage/embroidery work of Amsterdam-based artist Hagar Vardimon-van Heummen. Emily actually has a piece from Hagar, and you guessed it, I’m jealous. Hagar has prints available here, or contact her to talk about getting one of her amazing originals.

So, from houses with plants growing out of them, to houses with plants growing in them:

greenhouse artwork

American artist Jeremy Miranda and his greenhouses. Sigh. I’m not sure how much his originals cost, but you can pick up a print of one of these bizarrely beautiful glass houses starting at $20. Yes. I said $20. ?!

Now, home truly is where the heart is – and if your heart is in a silver airstream in the middle of the desert, then have I got some art for you!

trailer-park artwork

Boston based artist Leah Giberson paints a trailer like no one else can! Her originals are stunning (I was lucky enough to curate a group show that included her work, last year), but  you can also find a huge number of prints in her Etsy shop.

Houses. Boy oh boy, I really could look at them all day long. Maybe I’ll just wait here ’til my next post.

See you then ~ Danielle (aka The Jealous Curator)


  1. Sarah

    I checked the blog today and when I saw this post my first thought was, “Oh great. What am I going to have to buy today?” And wouldn’t you know it – a lovely print for my mom’s birthday. She’s always loved Airstreams!

  2. Andrea Urbass

    Not my cup of tea, but hey …

  3. Jenny M

    Thank you so much for you post. I had seem some of Jeremy Miranda’s work somewhere before but had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I went directly to his Esty shop and bought one of the prints that I had pinned a while back. One day an original…

      • Jenny M

        I bought the ocean scene with the deep sea diver at the bottom. I love it and cannot wait for it to arrive. I am an a mission to get some interesting things on my walls.

        On a separate note, would you have any idea where I can buy prints of Ben Giles’ work?

  4. Kim C.

    This artist (Michelle Schneider) does custom house portraits….….plus a lot of other whimsical pieces. I instantly thought of her work when I saw this post.

  5. Great to see Jeremy Miranda featured — his spaces are so dreamy and haunting. Danielle, do you know Jessica Cannon’s work? Her paintings have a similar delicacy and spatial weirdness that you might like. Her website is Cheers! Shanan

  6. Lisa

    I bought a Leah Giberson print – Garden Chairs. It reminds me so much of my grandparents and it is lovely! Thanks for the art postings…love them.

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  10. Love Leah G — I carry her prints in my store. *Very* excited about this introduction to Jeremy Miranda’s work! Thanks for the tasty curatin’, Danielle!

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