Art for The Fig House: Clare Elsasser

The Fig House project is wrapping up, folks. We are in the super intense phase where everything is getting done at the same time. I’m off for an early site meeting now, but I wanted to share with you the work of Clare Elsasser whose work we are featuring at the space.

Its 100 percent weird and beautiful … which is my favorite design combo.

il_570xN.387527594_4bz9     il_570xN.425162054_fn6c     il_570xN.425160131_t5ev     il_570xN.447841163_imso     il_570xN.475400679_qexh You can view all her other work here: Clare Elsaesser, including prints you can buy! Plus, like her on Facebook here.

Thanks to The Jealous Curator for once again introducing me to this lovely weirdness. I want to own all of these pieces. It’s just so flowery and pretty without being overly girly. Thank you so much, Clare, for working with us. We are totally psyched.

  1. Jan

    We love Clare’s work and have been proud to represent her for years. Cool too that fellow Vancouverite, The Jealous Curator found her!

  2. Sarah

    I love mine….
    But now I made need another!

  3. clare

    Thanks so much Emily! You don’t even know how excited I am to be included in the opening of the Fig House with so many super fantastic artists. I can’t wait to see the show and your amazing new space! And thank you for the lovely compliments…weird and beautiful is my favorite combo too!

  4. Cindy

    I loooooooooooove Clare Elsaesser.

  5. I have loved Clare’s work for so long! She definitely has a gift for the weird and beautiful. Congrats to Clare on being a part of this project!

  6. I LOVE Clare! I just put two of her prints up on my gallery wall. And what an amazing experience collaborating with you on the Fig House!

  7. I love my two prints from her. I don’t think anyone else “gets” them, but it’s swoonville for me.

  8. Kad

    Emily, it would be great to know where you get all of your plantspiration from! You always find the most interesting plants and flowers to use in your designs

  9. I love Clare’s work! I have a few of her prints framed at home and in my office, and I’ve even gifted one to my best friend!

  10. gayleen

    Love her! I think I spied one of her prints on Mindy Kaling’s show on Fox??

  11. i love that clare’s fantastic work is in this show! i’m counting down til i get down to LA to hang this show with you…. YAHOOOOOO!

  12. These are so cool, Emily! I’ve been working on paintings lately for our gallery wall, but Clare’s work is rad!
    So are you!

  13. Mary

    Love Clare’s work-awesome choice!

  14. Elana

    What a brilliant match…Clare’s gorgeous creations and your brilliant design brio! Looking forward to seeing your sure-to-be amazing design of The Fig House! P.S. Clare’s paintings remind me of one of my son’s favorite books “The Boy Who Grew Flowers” by Jen Wojtowicz Emily, I know you have a ways to go before your son will be reading this book but it is truly a very special one!

  15. Ava

    They kind of remind me of René Magritte’s “Son of Man” except with flowers instead of an apple. And the actual style of painting is different. I really love them!

  16. Lori

    I bought a print from her and I looooooooooooooooove it. It’s across the living room from my front door so I see it as soon as I get home.

  17. So nice to see a featured artist on your very fun Blog. Love all your great ideas and how you feature them in each post.

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