Art for The Fig House from Amy Wilson Faville

It’s another round of ‘Look Who I Got to Show Their Artwork at The Fig House.‘ Today’s installment involves Amy Wilson Faville who is a San Francisco based artist that does some pretty freaky and beautiful pieces. Thanks Danielle (The Jealous Curator – read her blog!!) for introducing me to this lovely artwork:


She is doing some original pieces for The Fig House project (installing next week, dear God) but these are some of my favorites from her. So pretty.

chimera To see more of Amy’s work, please go┬áHERE. It’s all just so weird and beautiful. xx

  1. Poppy

    It’s cool, but as someone who designs fabric, there’s something about cutting and pasting that just rubs me. And not in a good way ;>

  2. Jolene

    I’d call it socially significant. Thought provoking, as well as pretty.

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