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You're Not The Only One With Secrets…..


What? What’s this? This is a birthday surprise, a la intra-net! Happy Birthday Miss Emily! Yes, I (Lana) totally hijacked your account to bring you a video from all of us who adore you. Friends, fans, and everything in between, we made you a little video to wish you a happy day, each in our own way. Plus, we wanted to show you, you’re not the only one with secrets! So, cheers to you! Have a fabulous day!

Big X’s and O’s,

Joey and Lana, Orlando, The Cho Family, Duane, Lindsay, Sherry and John, Team Wistler,  Roeshel,  The Briscoe Family,  Lisa, Lindsay,  Blythe and Deweese,  Jackie, and everyone else who was too scared to get in front of the camera, but totally wanted to wish you the best!

Fin Mark
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