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Yeah! Furniture Pop Up


You know those cool kids in town who are always collaborating with the other cool kids on really cool projects, and you are like “why are all the cool kids hanging out together and how do all of those cool kids even meet in the first place?” Well one of those projects is happening right now – and you can meet said kids at the Yeah! Furniture pop up.

I’ve known Michael from Yeah! Rentals and The Flashdance for years – we used them at my baby shower, my friends baby shower, plus I see their goods at most cool parties and have drank with them at more. They’ve been renting these awesome furniture pieces out for events for years and finally they have decided to manufacture their own designs to SELL to the public.

So to celebrate the launch of their new line they are having a 2 week pop up shop at the Hudson Lofts, with a million different very cool events along with some of LA’s most creative people. Due to my ‘condition’ (pregnancy and extreme first trimester exhaustion) I am not hosting one, but its not because I don’t want to. I promise, I just feared that I would stand there like the night-time zombie that I am right now and we’d all regret it. So instead I want to make sure that as many people as possible know about the events and attend.

Here’s what is going down:

Link to RSVP here.

Fin Mark
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I always knew you were one of the cool kids…


definitely a cool kid event! Nice!

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