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Wooh, I'm back and almost fully recovered.




yo yo yo.  i’m back.  Woah, that was a rough couple days.  Besides interviews, i kinda just checked out of life.  I’ve never been so exhausted in my life, strike that, since my honeymoon.  It’s weird how your body knows when you were stressed even when you don’t feel stressed.  I had the most low-maintenance wedding ever (we literally had a taco truck cater it) but still i must have been exhausted because i slept roughly 16 hours a day on our honeymoon. And that is pretty much what I did this week, too.  I feel better and ready to roll.  ish. 

I’m working on the new blog (or should I say, somebody else is, to be disclosed soon***update, don’t worry it will remain the same, run by yours truly, i just want it redesigned and updated, all fancy-like), web-site, interviews, you know, general ‘taking-over-the-world-and-building-my-empire’ stuff.  

Kidding, well kinda.  

The outpouring of support has been overwhelming and so appreciated.  I’m just so happy to know that people (not all, mind you) wanted me to win and are excited for my show.  I promise it will be unlike any show out there, ever. (aka, the fashion to home thing has been altered to create a more original show….curious, eh?).    

Secrets from a Stylist airs this sunday at the same time slot as Design Star – 10pm/7pm.  Just a reminder, which i’ll probably do everyday until sunday.    

photographs are styled by me, in my apartment, and shot by Terilyn Fisher

I heart all of you so much.


Fin Mark
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