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The Link Up: The $30 Pants Sara Immediately Bought Two Of, Mallory’s Blonde Hair Secret, & The New Bench We All Love


design by jake alexander arnold | photo by trevor tondro | via elle decor

Hello friends and welcome back. If you are experiencing the Sunday scaries, we hear you and we hope this little link up can give you a little relief. Let’s get to it:

First things first. We NEED to talk about Sophia Bush’s new home that was designed by one of our favorites, Jake Alexander Arnold. It’s neutral but full of texture and her office is a must-see…go please, go now.

Speaking of home tours, Emily’s friend, Victoria (aka SFgirlbybay), just revealed her wonderful new home in Laguna Beach. It’s eclectic and full of soul…just like her. So do yourself a favor a check out her oceanside oasis.

From Veronica: If you’re a hot sleeper (even in those winter months) like me, you know how hard it is to find a comforter that’s equal parts cool and warm.  So, here I am to ask you guys — has anyone here tried a Buffy comforter or duvet? I’ve been looking into them for months now, so please leave a comment below if you have any advice on them or other brands!!

It’s no secret Team EHD loooves using black to add a dramatic punch to a room. Julie was particularly inspired by these ideas from Article. She’s designing a secret new space and has fallen hard for this amazing bench. It’s got the perfect balance of drama and airiness. Consider it a little sneak peek from her to you:)

Jess’ new favorite lifestyle site (with serious substance) is Cinnamon Mag. One of their current favorite pieces was a feature on designer, Carlos Anthony Lopez. Despite Jess dining in almost every one of Carlos’ projects, she didn’t know the man behind the genius and loved getting an inside look on his story. FYI Bar Caló is a must-see and must-drink if you are in LA:)

Caitlin is OBSESSED with the new Pieces Home by An Aesthetic Pursuit home tour. Her favorite part is the lavender modular sofa paired with the tufted coffee table.

From Mallory: For all my blondies out there that want their hair to look brighter, lighter, and less orange/brassy, THIS is the shampoo to use.

From Sara: “This podcast titled 1619 and produced by the New York Times, is an intensely illuminating education on how the introduction of slavery to America in 1619 has shaped every facet of our modern American lives. There are only 6 episodes, and each one is riveting and packs a better racial history education than all my American history classes ever.”

Sara also wore two versions of the same pant this week, and now we’re pretty convinced we need them too (Julie already bought a pair). She says they’re the perfect way to try out the wide leg pant trend – they’ve got a structured high waist that’s flattering, they’re made of thick material that helps hide wrinkles or folds from tucked-in shirts, and come in a great selection of colors. Oh, and they’re from Target and only $30. She has both the rust color and the pinstripe versions.

Ryann recently bought this pullover in off white and she is so happy with it. It is so simple yet well made and surprisingly goes with a lot of her outfits. 10/10!

There you have it. We hope you have a lovely Sunday and don’t forget to come back tomorrow. xx

Fin Mark
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Sara, I bought those pants after seeing them in your Insta stories because I’m obsessed with watching your dark moody room unfold before my eyes (ahhh, I love it so much!).

Pants are great. Also, my husband blames our entire Target bill on this blog. Thanks y’all!

AHHHH thank you so much!!!!!!! Also so happy you like the pants 🙂


Buffy is the best purchase I made in 2019. Game changer for me! Super soft and keeps me warm but more importantly, cool. Odd that it does both perfectly but it regulates my body temperature so I sleep comfortably all night long. Pair it with a sleep meditation from Breethe and I am a goner for 8 hours straight! And no, this is not a paid endorsement. But yes, it is that good!

ahh sounds so lovely, thank you!!


Veronica, I am a fellow hot sleeper and highly recommend the LaCrosse Light down comforters from the Company Store. Fluffy and full but never too hot – it’s Goldilocks perfect.

amazing! i’ll check them out 🙂 thanks so much!!

Lauren Horton

Veronica- I just spent way too much time (and money) looking into all of the best bedding for cooling! We ended up with a Molecule mattress topper and pillows, the Buffy Breeze comforter, and Brooklinen sheets. The comforter, pillow, & topper all feel remarkably cool to the touch. I still wake up a little hot most mornings, but I feel like it’s an improvement over our old setup. They’re sooo comfy, that we decided to keep everything even though they didn’t 100% solve my problem. I’d say it’s worth giving Buffy a try for sure!

thank you so much !!! i’m so tired of waking up hot and sweaty in the middle of the night. i’m definitely leaning hard towards purchasing with Buffy & this makes me want one even more !!

KB McGuinness

Check out Carolina Morning furniture at


😍 Sophia Bush’s house.

I didn’t read it until it was too late to comment on that post, but I loved Julie’s bedroom reveal!

Awww, thank you so much Milo! That made my day 🙂

Robin C.

Did anyone get the memo that fast fashion (Target, Uniqlo, etc) is VERY bad for the environment???


I did! And now I’m going to go live in a shack in the woods and sew my own clothes out of leaves and bark.

Lol! Sheesh. Watching what we purchase doesn’t mean we never purchase ANYTHING. Hope you don’t fall off that high horse and hurt yourself.


Uniqlo is not fast fashion. Basics & staples in plain colours that last for years.

Andrea Dolan

I bought and returned the Buffy. Both my husband and I are hot sleepers and I was lured in with the promise of something breathable and cool….NOT! It is very thick and the filler is polyester which does not breath and therefore retains heat. Nearly every single comforter filler is polyester and so…pretty hot.
We live in Virginia so our winters are a bit cooler than yours and summers hotter and more humid.
So, I have a relatively thin comforter – polyester with a linen duvet cover and linen sheets. Linen is the best of both worlds – it is warm in the cooler months and cooler in the hotter ones. It has been perfect as all season bedding. Our comforter works for us but my next step was going to be to make a duvet insert with either cotton batting or wool batting. Wool is breathable, warm and hypoallergenic, so also a very good option.

ah man, this makes me so sad because i’ve heard such good things about Buffy 🙁 thank you so much for this info though!!


We have that Article bench in blue as our end-of-the-bed bench, and it’s the perfect size for our king bed. (A smaller bench that we had purchased initially without looking at the measurements carefully enough just looked dwarfed by the bed, but luckily it found a home in the guest room with a queen-sized bed.)

We cannot wait to share it in the space, so happy you love it too!


Veronica, I too am a hot sleeper. My solution living in wintery Michigan has been to keep a warm level down comforter folded in half at the foot of my bed. I sleep under a sheet and light weight quilt with the down folded to cover the lower portion of the bed. My feet and lower extremeties stay toasty warm while the hot top half sleeps comfortably. The super special fibers are a gimmic, IMHO, if you like them use them to cover the cooler parts while you free the warmer areas. Good luck

this is a great suggestion! thank you, Alice 🙂


I have had the Buffy for 2+ years and I’m a comforter snob and it is my hands down favorite after having had The Company Store goose & alternate, a Macy’s goose, and several others. I often used to sweat or it was too hot and none of that with Buffy. It feels good and makes me happy!

ahhh yay such great news!! thank you for the reassurance 🙂

pikachu chu

I am very impressed with your article. thank you for sharing. shell shockers


Veronica, just saw your ask about Buffy. I have the same issue – I often run cold when I go to bed and warm up through the night, year round this is. consistent cycle. I got a Buffy comforter hoping it would magically regulate my temp. It didn’t. Its just a nice down alternative, nothing more or less special. It is easy to clean and stays consistent, so no feathers shifting or precious airing out needed. But it didn’t solve my problems and its been relegated to the guest bed because my husband is pro blanket, where I want the weightless warmth of down. If I could trade it, I think a light weight summer down comforter is the way to go. Nothing regulates as well as down.


Oh hey, after I went to bed I did a dope slap. Because you love in CALIFORNIA! In that climate I highly recommend an alpaca blanket. A luxury yes, but nothing beats it for temperature regulating until it’s get super cold, then down wins.

Megan Marsh

Hi Veronica! I am also a warm sleeper – I bought the Buffy and love it! We live in Florida, so it’s ALWAYS hot. We paired it with the Target Easy Care Solid Duvet Cover Set – Made By Design in white, and it’s perfect! On another note – they also offer 100% satisfaction or you can return for a full refund. If you decide to return, rather than ship it back to them, they kindly ask that you donate it to a homeless shelter or pet shelter. A great sustainable model that gives back.

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