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The Mountain House

Mountain House UPDATE!!


Before we leave for the new year (one.more.week!!), I wanted to give you a mountain house update and sneaky peek.


Well, with phase 1 anyway. We are moving up there this weekend and staying through the holidays. You guys KNOW that it’s kinda hard for me to publicly congratulate us for our own work, but I will say this: THIS HOUSE WAS BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED. It is all the things that we wanted it to be and Brian is, well, VERY impressed and so happy.

While the value of the house might never really match what we’ve put into it (no turning profits here), it was absolutely worth the time, stress, pain and resources that we spent on it because we will love, live-in, appreciate and shoot content in it so much over the next (at least) 10 years.

We really, really, really love it. It only took four designers, one general contractor, 10 months and more budget than I’ll ever publicly admit to renovate our dream modern mountain home.

So…what’s next?

It’s time to decorate, style, shoot and reveal this sucker. We have some built-in projects left to do but honestly, for now, we are just physically, emotionally and financially DONE. The built-in bunk beds might wait for a few years. The glass/steel closet situation might get put off, too. Brian’s dream built-in hot tub isn’t happening this winter. I just want to live there, see how we use it, how often we have people up, what our real needs are before we make more decisions. But who knows, that could change.

I’m not sure exactly when we’ll start revealing it all but I would think we could get started by showing you the kitchen and bathrooms, as they basically just need styling, whereas the other rooms actually need furniture and a proper design plan. So when we are up there next week over the holiday, I’ll be doing a TON of pinning and shopping for major pieces (on top of all the stuff I’ve already started hoarding from my recent flea binges).

Okay, I know you’re probably wondering what’s up with the whole “I Design, You Decide” aspect of the mountain house’s design (and the contest that correlates). It’s still on, folks. We’ll keep it going through the decorating phase of this project. I probably won’t come up with two completely different design plans because coming up with two schemes that Brian and I both like equally has proven to be too time-consuming and stressful. It will likely be smaller projects, like sofa selection, headboard fabric, rug choices, etc. I am not abandoning the concept, just pivoting efforts a little.

And yes, I do plan on having some events up there for some of you to experience it because having that open house for the Portland project was so fun to both meet everyone and for you guys to actually experience the space rather than just see photos. Stay tuned on that (but it will likely be a special day for the runners up of the contest).

People keep asking so I’ll answer it again in case you didn’t catch it: We are absolutely NOT selling this house (unless we move away from Los Angeles). We will likely spend summers and most weekends up there, because I need nature and to escape the energy of this city in order to stay mentally healthy. 🙂

So, that’s where we are with everything. Enjoy some sneak peeks of the house. I don’t want to give too much away because I want you to want to see the reveals, so some of these images are more “sneak” than real “peek”…the wait will be worth it, I promise.

Emily Henderson Mountain House Update With Copy 2

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Emily Henderson Mountain House Update With Copy 7

Emily Henderson Mountain House Update With Copy 8

Emily Henderson Mountain House Update With Copy 6

Emily Henderson Mountain House Update With Copy 9

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Emily Henderson Mountain House Update With Copy 11 New

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Emily Henderson Mountain House Update With Copy 12

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Emily Henderson Mountain House Update With Copy 10

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Emily Henderson Mountain House Update With Copy 3

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It is looking phenomenal! Cannot wait to see the reveals!!!

Vicki Williams

Can’t wait! Just experimenting here. For some reason my comments never get posted. Sure would like that to change.


I LOVE the color you selected for the exterior, that bath is everything, and I’m so happy you found a solution for the ceilings. What a dreamy space to create memories with your family. Happy Christmas, Emily and Team EHD!


Duuuuuuuude. It’s sooooo GOOD. We’re gonna need to hear details on how to achieve those doors ASAP. I’ve been searching everywhere for that look.


It’s amazing! I am obsessed with the reclaimed wood ceiling. So glad you kept searching for the perfect solution!!!


Loving it so far!

I miss the I Design You Decide posts – can’t wait for those to come back in whatever fashion suits your family.

Seems like a dream home!! All the heart-eye emojis.


It looks great! I can’t wait to see it when you have everything in place. I’m LOVING that tile that looks like parquet flooring!

Jordan G

Very excited that your family gets to enjoy the holidays there! I’ll be following along on stories to see if you share any other little peeks. Looks like such a great space!


Dying over all this!!!! (All the way from Chicago ☺️)
As a scandi design fanatic I was worried it would move away from that feel but BOY OH BOY! You guys nailed it. I was so excited for this whole project because while I love what you usually do a really wanted to see your take on This aesthetic. Can’t wait to see more. Please don’t leave us hanging for too long. So excited that you guys get to move there after all the hard work, sweat and tears. Well deserved ♥️
Happy holidays!!!!!


Yay! It’s beautiful. So excited for you and your family – what a sweet escape!


Can’t wait to see some full reveals! Just curious about the delay with the bunk beds– is it mostly due to cost?

Julie P

Woohoo! I’m loving these sneak peek photos. It has turned out SO well. Many many congrats team EHD!


It all looks so good. Congrats! I especially love the windows…. The bones of the house really make it sing. 🙂

Melkorka Kjarval

wow. looks amazing! You must be so pleased!


I LOVE it can’t wait to see more – what a good teaser!!!

Susie Q.

I’ll say it again–the house is so beautiful, who needs furniture? I’d just lie back on a cushion on a plush furry rug and stare at the ceiling all day–content! Please don’t take any tchotchkes up there (spoken by one who currently has more than enough tchotchkes, so no judgment here)!


So excited for all of this! That green stone looks SO COOL and not at all like I was picturing (which wasn’t bad but just wasn’t this good). All of that wood is amazing. The shower ledge is genius and I need to build a house just for that. All of the tile is so good too. I CAN’t WAIT!


BRAVO! excited to see it as you style it. Especially the kids bathroom


Welcome to the mountain! It is the perfect place to escape the energy of the city. Cannot wait to see the reveals. You are setting a new bar for design in this town…and trust me, it is desperately needed 🙂


I love it and can’t wait to see the final product!
(I love your content and have followed for many years but coming to your website is not as pleasant as once was. It’s filled with adverts and pop ups, the page takes forever to load which is off putting. It just spoils it for me. This is meant as constructive 🙂 )


I agree with this, to the point that I’ve taken to only reading through BlogLovin. I don’t think you get traffic for opening posts this way though so if the experience ever improved, would be happy to go back!


I don’t get any pop ups or see many if any advertisements on this site. I’d recommend an ad-blocking plug-in which will make browsing any website a nicer experience for you!


I also agree with this. The page load speed seems pretty slow Abdul the ads are frustrating to navigate, especially on mobile.


Agree! The pop-ups are super annoying and the website is almost impossible to navigate on a mobile. Love the content but dealing with the website is another story.


Oooh I want to see it ALL right now! This is looking great!


Awesome post. This is really fun to see the behind-the-scenes progress, not just the before and after! Do a couple more of these before the end product 🙂

Kylea J

I’ve been dying for some mountain house content. It looks amazing so far from the sneaky peaks!

Wooow. Love it. Thanks


I love it. It’s so beautiful. Congrats.




Love the look so far!! I am very disappointed that your I Design You Decide is going to be trimmed down to basically single pieces of furniture. The concept was so fresh and unlike anything else anyone was doing. And YES, a lot of work!! Very sad that it’s not going to be the same. And maybe you can share the cost even if high on what you spent on the house. It will help people that want to step into a large remodel project to understand the costs involved.


OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! The beauty of it all. Those wood doors are gorgeous and that bathtub!!! Congratulations!!!


That wood!!!

Mallie Lanham

gahhhhh. So, so good! You can see every ounce of work and I think most all of the money. Mostly.

Carolyn Eldredge

What color paint is on bedroom wall and trim color?


Love this project? Just a question, if you could go back in time, would you still choose to remodel this house or wait for another one or build?


I love this SO much–it’s beautiful! Would you be willing to share the final exterior dark green paint color selection? Congratulations and Happy Holidays!


Congratulations, Emily and team – the mountain house looks gorgeous. So happy for you that the major renovations are finished, and you can do the fun part … decorate! Since I love the minimal/contemporary look, I think I will love all the finished rooms. Can’t wait for the reveals.

Enjoy the holidays relaxing with your family out in nature.

Paula Carr




Can’t wait for styling and finished pics, looks beautiful! Have loved every minute of the mountain house. Xx


YAY! Looks fabulous! Can’t wait to see the reveals!


I can just tell it will be soooo worth the wait! xo


Ah congrats Emily. I hope your family makes lots of happy memories up there!


Hi Emile. It looks so, so good. One thing I would really love to see more on here in 2019 is transparency about cost. Not because I want to judge how much you spent on the project, but because it’s so hard to get a sense on how much things cost when it comes to renovations. I can’t do everything you’ve done, but getting a better sense of breakdown will help me know if re-doing my stairs and adding nice baulstrads is in the cards or not. I’d also love more posts on where you saved/splurged and what you might do differently. I.e. were there things that you put big $$$ into that you think you might have been almost as happy doing something more affordable. The same goes for the Portland house. I’ve loved all the reveals, but I’d love some more reveals that are just cost breakdowns. How much were the windows? How much does it cost to add that architectural trip to the staircase? To the bedrooms? You see what I’m saying. I always love how transparent you are about many aspects of the design process (from regrets to anxieties) I’d also love to see you dig… Read more »


It looks *amazing.* That texture on the fireplace! The green marble in the kids’ bath! THAT RECLAIMED WOOD EVERYWHERE! I’m smitten with it all. Also, how exciting that you actually get to start enjoying the house again, just in time for the holidays!


Oh god. I misspelled your name!! How embarrassing. I have an IRL friend “Emile” and it’s such an effort to spell hers write I now got yours wrong!! My bad.


I cannot wait to see more of this. The idea of it coming out in drips and drabs like the Portland house feels like toooorture! I will bribe you with fake internet cake to give us more frequent updates, even if it’s just on Insta. Hook the mountain house content up to my VEINS, Emily!


LOVE it all! It makes me want to renovate a mountain home 🙂

Cleo Murnane

Emily – this looks so gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy the holidays!!


It’s looking fabulous. MERRY MOUNTAIN CHRISTMAS! We love the area, and always look forward to escaping to our home up there. I call it my “alternate universe”.
I had seen your hubby awhile back at one of the local grocery stores…cart full of groceries. He was so cute!


I am SO stoked to see this styled out.

Alicia McD

SO SO GOOD!!! Can you please share the wood flooring source?! I’m drooooooling! It’s gorgeous! Thank you!


This already looks so good, even in this unfinished state, unedited photos, and unstyled rooms 😍 It truely is a buetuful space and I can’t wait to see reveals. Job well done, you and your team should be openly proud of it 🙂
Have a great time and wishing you all happy hollidays and much more blessings in year to come.

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