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by Arlyn Hernandez

I can remember mine and my husband Charles’ faces when we first walked into this apartment. We had spent the last few weekends apartment hunting only to be disappointed by a multitude of reasons (“cat-fish worthy” photos as compared to real life, value, parking, etc.), but then we walked in here and we instantly knew…. Read More …

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by Jess Bunge

  Hi everyone. It’s me, Jess, Senior Market Editor and Official EHD Spotify Playlist DJ (that of which I am completely unqualified for). I can’t believe my fingers are actually typing this post because it feels like 5 years since I started to design my apartment. I think Emily, the team, my friends, family and the guy at the liquor store… Read More …

by Velinda Hellen

Velinda here again, welcoming you to my home. Sort of. I welcome you to the 400-square-foot tiny hobbit-home that my 980-square-foot bungalow sits above…likely the basement at one point. Revealing this “Makeover Takeover” as the introduction to my home is like skipping to read the final page of a novel. You’ve missed chapters. Here are… Read More …

by Sara Tramp

Happy Friday, folks. Sara here (resident social media coordinator and in-house photographer). You might remember me from last year, when I made-over my childhood bedroom for the blog. Since then I’ve moved back to the city proper, and I’m ready to dive into a brand new ‘Makeover Takeover.’ But this time I’m not alone. This past… Read More …

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