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Emily Henderson

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by Brady Tolbert

Hey guys, Brady here! I’m back and this time it’s all about grey. The perfect grey for my living room that is. When I first moved into my space I knew that I wanted to do something dark, moody, masculine, and slightly modern. I also knew that I had loads of natural light, as you can see from the pic below. It is a 1920’s Spanish style with high ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, and lots of charm and original character, so I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to go dark.

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by Emily Henderson

Hey, girl.  Wanna sample some low VOC paint swatches with me while we drink crystal light and i play Twinkle Twinkle on my ukelele? What. He’s from Canada so he really appreciates the sophisticated yet understated power of this multi-toned neutral. It’s nuanced. It’s both masculine and feminine.  It’s thought provoking, intellectual and yet totally simple…. Read More …

by Laurren Welch

Hey everyone! Contributing writer Laurren here to talk some nuts and bolts design. You ready? The journey to finding the perfect paint color can be a long one. You flip through sample after sample until the eyes blur and everything starts to look the same (wait…how many shades of white are there?!?). Finally, somehow, you… Read More …

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