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Melanie Burstin Hollywood Hills

Hello, hello again, it’s Mel here to bring you another dose of Etsy goods for your home and body. This time it’s “Etsy Finds: Volume Five” which doesn’t quite rhyme but for some reason feels like it does, right? If …

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Modern Dining Room With Fireplace

Hi EHD world. It’s Mel and I’m back with more Etsy goodness. If you’ve been keeping up on my shopping posts (this is number 4!), you’ll know I’m digging through pages and pages of goods to find you the best …

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California Casual Triptych Leather Pillow Zen Bench

Hello hello, it’s Mel again, former EHD designer and current Etsy docent back for another installment of Etsy Finds (part three!). I’ve spent some more time sifting through the doilies, the glitter and (best of all) the chicken-emblazoned throw pillows to …

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