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Mr. Black, you do intrigue me.



So many posts about crazy colors that my friend, mr. black, got neglected.  No, not the John Black from Days of our lives, circa ’85 although yes, he has also been neglected (is he still whispering instead of talking?).  But the color, BLACK.  Yes. Black is always ‘in’, never boring (although the whole ‘little black dress’ thing really can put me to sleep if its not done right); It is assuredly masculine, often feminine, and is modern and traditional at the same time. It’s a real go-to color, whereas most others are trendy, their popularity wavers with the season, year and decade.  Would I say that black is ‘The Notebook’ of all colors?  – For sure. It’s timeless, ageless, an instant classic that tends to conjure tears and make me force Brian to repeat ‘i promise we’ll die together, i promise we’ll die together’ until I cry myelf to sleep.
 um. …woah.
Give me that beatup leather sofa, on that traditional rug, with a surprise black wall.  via emmas blog
messy messy sexy bed, with an awesome black pendant.  thank you Mikkel
Love this room.   I love how clean, inviting, modern yet casual, fresh and huge it is.
(adjetives much?)
I already regret ‘The Notebook’ comment.  I’m feeling a bit paranoid.   But, am i alone ladies? …Am i?……… Ladies?  (dear god….i am, aren’t I…??)


Fin Mark
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