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Kids shoot.



Shooting with four year olds is like dealing with children.  But kids shoots are always fun because you can take more risks, have more imagination with the props and sets than with grown ups.  Be prepared for your brass teapot to be filled with dirt and chalk, oh and your vintage books to be scribbled in – because that’s what kids do. And you can’t tell them to stop because you need them to be happy and playful.  But, if you say the word ‘poop’ or ‘fart’ they are guaranteed to laugh – and in case you are wondering, yes, it also works with grownups, go ahead, try it.  Walk up to your boss and call him a ‘poop face’ or accuse him of farting, and I promise you he’ll laugh, probably give you a promotion and feel generally jolly-er all day.
These were all taken by the awesome Cheyenne Ellis, styled by muah (I have no idea how to spell that).


Fashion styling by Gina Aglietti, hair and makeup by Jen Fiamenco.  ok, CrewCuts, bring it on.



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