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The Link Up: The Book You Need to Preorder Now, The Jumpsuit Veronica is Living In, & Sara’s Life-Changing Shower Accessory


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Happy Sunday folks. Welcome back to our weekly series where we chat about what’s on our brains and in our carts. We are talking home tours, products, music and so much more. Let’s get to it:

Today’s home tour (via Cup of Jo) is, as the title suggests, a book lover’s actual dream. We’d love to spend days browsing those shelves, not to mention that gallery wall is a serious 10/10.

Emily’s very good friend Jen Gotch’s incredible new book, The Upside of Being Down: How Mental Health Struggles Led to My Greatest Successes in Work and Life is available for preorder and we all CANNOT WAIT to read it. If you love super honest and funny writing that will likely help your mental health go preorder now!

When you live with two roommates kitchen storage can be limited. Julie currently has one cupboard which she shoves all of her cookware into so needless to say, she is lacking motivation to regularly make dinner when she has to take almost everything out to find one pan. So, as a way to consolidate and get her to keep up with those New Year’s Resolutions (ie. cooking one new recipe every month) she has been eyeing the Always Pan from Our Place. And it’s beautiful too boot!

From Mallory: “I love hoop earrings because you can pop ’em in your earlobe and then forget about them. These are awesome since they’re not too big.”

If you’re looking for a bright and electric makeover, look no further than designer, Megan Hopp’s new living room. We love a bold wallpaper moment and her’s does not disappoint. Fun fact: Jess and Megan went to college together!

Ryann has been in the market for a new bed frame for about three years now and can’t stop browsing Chairish’s vast bed frame selection. She found this bed the other day and can’t stop thinking about it, so SOMEONE please buy it (since it’s not exactly within her budget) because it deserves a loving home.

In need of a GREAT playlist?? Jess’ tried and true is the TLC radio on Spotify or the TLC station on Pandora. The whole staff loves it too. It’s fun and singable but an easy listen if you also need to work:)

From Veronica: “My mom gifted me this jumpsuit for Christmas and I basically live in it. It is so cozy and perfect for lounging or working. Plus, it’s 50% off right now!”

From Sara: “THIS HAS CHANGED MY LIFE – and that is not hyperbole. I thought my dry, straw-like hair and incredibly itchy watery eyes (so bad some days that I can’t even wear mascara) were just symptoms of aging. Literally, I just thought my body was getting older and my smooth shiny hair was a thing of my youthful past. I used to be able to let my hair air dry and wear it out as is, but the past few months/last year the texture had changed so much that I was just keeping it back all time (and I thought that was my life moving forward). Then I stayed at a hotel, where after my shower my hair was it’s soft, smooth, air-dryable self. And I didn’t wake up with my eyes red, crusty, and itching. It took me a few weeks to put two and two together, but SOFT WATER, FRIENDS. Emily’s touted the benefits of soft water forever, but her amazing Culligan system isn’t financially affordable for everyone (aka me). Step in my new Aquabliss soft water shower head adapter. Within ONE shower with this bad boy attached my hair was super soft and wore eyeliner to work the next day. Until I can get a self-installed full home soft water system (about $500-$600), this guy is gonna be a lifesaver.”


And there you have it. That is all we have for you today, but be sure to come back tomorrow. See you then. xx

Fin Mark
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Aaaaah, yes… pan ever is my Calphalon Everyday Pan. It goes from cooktop to oven and looks so fine, to table too. Very good looking, non-stick, with gorgeous handles and lid!!


I’m curious about the soft water adapter! Did it change your water pressure?


I used this and it was great for about three weeks and then no water pressure. Read the reviews, many people with the same issue


If you aren’t renting, getting a whole house water filtration system is the way to go. If you get a good one that clears up your water you really shouldn’t need the “soft” water addition- the salt that is used really isn’t good for the environment and your water softens already because of the filtration. My hubby has installed quite a few for friends because we love ours so much! Good luck!!
If renting, there are other brands to hook to the shower.


LA’s hard water is KILLING my previous silky smooth hair – may have to get this filter ASAP

patricia blaettler

People! If there is a letter ‘s’ in a word, it doesn’t mean that it needs an apostrophe. Her’s? Oh, heck no.


Aggravating to see this so often here.


Totally agree.


And it’s is incorrect in this application as a possessive pronoun


So glad I’m not the only one noticing these errors!


I see apostrophes misused everywhere, and it drives me nuts. Holiday cards blow my mind: from the Nelson’s, from the Smith’s, from the Whatever’s. Don’t over think it. Honestly, if you don’t know whether to use one or not, you’re better off NOT using one. (But really, shouldn’t you know how to pluralize your surname?)


Ugh thank you. It isn’t difficult to figure out and I don’t really want to be an asshole but also, this is a professional blog, and… and… just Google it? It drives me NUT’S haha

Julie S

Our well water is ultrahard per usual, and I was so excited to read about the difference with this filter! Then I remembered our shower head is a handheld detachable spray/hose thingy and not the kind of fixed screw on shower head 🙁 At least now I can do a bit of research about something similar.


The one they linked to says it works for a handheld hose shower head. I hope it does, because I just ordered it! Ironic that was in the linkup because it finally hit me this week that my hair has not been shiny since we moved to a new city (actually, a new country) and I only have shiny hair when I’m on vacation somewhere but never have it at home. Hard water is the culprit so hope this shower head does the trick!

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Ryann has good taste. I have that same bed frame. My aunt gave it to me when she redecorated. My whole bedroom suite is teak though everything was bought at different times. My bedside table is a vintage teak double layered end table.

Jake Cassar

What a classy blog. That’s the perfect look I exactly want. I’m totally in love with your content and writing skills. Keep up the good work. Much Love 🙂


I was looking through Craigslist this morning and spotted Ryann’s bed frame at a lower price! Maybe there’s something similar in the LA area

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