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I Heart Blue Tuesdays


So in line with making sure my head doesn’t explode, but I still keep up the blog i’ve decided that along with mondays being ‘Flea Market Mondays’ (I lost the ‘find’ in there, i could tell you guys weren’t digging it) Tuesdays are going to be ‘I heart blue Tuesdays’.  
I was going to call it ‘just because I wear blue doesn’t mean I am blue’ tuesdays, but Brian nixed it and said it was too long, and then i said ‘ah, i think its funny’, and he said that it actually wasn’t.  
Welcome to I Heart Blue Tuesdays. Where i will feature my most beloved color ‘blue’.
Starting with Peter Franks den:
Cindy and I shot the Garnet Hill Catalogue probably 5 years ago here at Peter Franks house (via House Beautiful) up the Hudson Valley.  It was the first time that I saw (or fell head over oxfords for) blue grasscloth.  I remember thinking it is just so warm, but quiet – a texture without pattern.  
Peter is a stylist and his house is beautiful in every way, but this room in particular looks so ‘weekend’ and comfortable but still high end. 
Kudos, Pete.  Can i call you Pete, Pete?

You guys probably have seen this, but I hadn’t for some reason.  (via apartment therapy).
I was surprised to find out that it was a home, i thought it was a catalogue for whomever makes those crochet thingy’s (is it their home, does anyone know?)
But the colors are what does it for me.  And to all of you who think that wood panelling is out, i say to you, ‘nay, NAY ’tis in’.  Granted i’m the 70’s girl, but i love some painted white or stripped and washed wood panelling any day.  a la this one:
Sorry no blue in that one.  
But i leave you with this happy happy space.  
Do we like ‘I heart Blue Tuesdays’ 
and yes it will include some fashion, accessories, links to products, etc. anything i want, really.  
As long as its blue.

Fin Mark
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