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HGTV Design Star. Yep this is actually happening.


Finally.  I can tell you.
I, Emily Henderson, am on a reality tv show,  not only ‘on purpose’ but I even sought out the auditions, went through a ton of interviews, portfolio reviews, etc, etc and finally made it on the show.  here we go.

I guess there comes a time in every stylist’s life to be in a reality show.  Now is mine.


Here are the details:
it airs June 13th, sunday at 10pm.
It’s produced by Mark Burnett, which to those who are unaware, Mark Burnett productions pretty much rule in the reality show world with the apprentice, survivor, and the new Sara Palin show which i’m pretty psyched to watch.  they are total total pros.  
It’s a design competition.  and its drama.
If you check out the link above, you can meet my castmates and read all their bios and look at their portfolios.  
Wager your bets carefully.  There might be some surprises.  
Hands down the most exciting time of my life –  no sarcasm here, pure and simple excitement. 


Fin Mark
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