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HELP. To throw away magazines or not.


Here’s the deal:  its starting to not make sense.  Yes. i’ll keep all the Dominos. And probably the Elle Decor’s. But most of me wants to go through all the Martha’s, Gourmets, Bon Appetits, Blueprints, Canaidan house and homes, ReadyMade, Dwell, House Beautiful, W, Cookie’s etc and pull out every picture that i like and file them by room/theme and then by color in three ring binders (inside plastic sleeves).  


I could have a whole binder for DIY.  A whole binder for ‘Tabletop inspiration’.  My own ‘Entertaining’ inspiration binder……it all sounds so good.  

Yet something feels wrong about doing it. I remember suggesting to my old boss when she moved that she get rid of them and she looked at me as if all of a sudden she had me pegged all wrong – such an absurd suggestion.  And then i remember shooting at the Sara Costell’s house (the style editor at Domino) and seeing her row and row of magazine in awe thinking, ‘god she must just love design’.  In a good way.  It’s like a trophy;  Proof of your devotion.

But, I’m afraid it might also be the same reason why i feel like i can’t get rid of all my Thomas Pynchon books even though i have no intention of reading them again. 

Is keeping every single design/decor magazine (as a whole) actually just for looks?

Will i regret cutting them up? I’m overloaded by magazines and i haven’t looked at A LOT of them for years – i just keep moving them around, house to house just to be in pretty boxes in an office.  BUT, if I actually go through them and pull out inspirational shots then i might actually get use out of them in the future.

But i need help decidiing…..

Vote, please…..


Thanks for the permission. I’m so excited to start this project.  I’m keeping the Domino’s – the enitre magazine is normally great.  Then all the rest i’m ripping and putting in binders.  I may scan a ton, too, but i still like looking through something physical so i love the idea of flipping throug them.  

Plus this gives me something to do whilst watching all of the TV that i’ve become addicted to (we started Game of Thrones last night…oh dear). 

Thanks so much for all the imput.  And some of you had really good digital ideas, too, which i might do as well (the one where you take pictures of them and it automatically files by subject is a genius think that i didn’t know existed.)


Fin Mark
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