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Going to the dark side.



Digging these dark walls with crazy pops-o-color.  Orange/red ladder?  ish do think so.



Borderline garish, but i like most everything individually.  You know that somebody really ‘wacky’ lives here – like Jonathan Adler, Patricia Field or Carrot Top.  and they wear bow-ties, with suspenders. and shorts.  and I bet they have a weird small hairless dog that they kiss on the mouth.  maybe.
This is one of those that looks good on first view, but actually I don’t really like anything here, save the coffee tables that orange pillow and kinda that big mirror.  But there is something still beautiful about the room as a whole, right? or am i seduced by a good photo?   maybe.  i get seduced easily. 
(first pic via Design Files, 2nd an old Elle Decor, dunno about the third)


Fin Mark
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