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Flea Market Find Mondays


Rose Bowl Sundays = Flea Market Find Mondays.
This might be a new Monday thing since I flea market every weekend and I like show and tell a lot – not in a weird way, just in a ‘look at my pretty things’ kinda way……which is actually kinda weird now that i think about it. 
I love me a landscape watercolor.  You know it. $20 and about 10×14″
Ethereal, moody yet totally in my color palette and with a ton of age and character.
I shall frame promptly.
Check out these bad-boys.  They are old brass English measurers for whey or hops for english beers.  They are hand-welded and totally imperfect.  I love that they have a modern silhouette, and act as a grouping of sculptures, but are old and could be functional as well.  
They will go either in my shelving or just on a console as a grouping.  If i feel crazy i might just put branches in the tallest one. who knows. i’m totally unpredictable when it comes to foliage. 
looky at the little stamped measuring details on all of them. these were $90 for the six.  I know.  it was a splurge but I love them very much.  They catch the light so perfectly and make a huge statement without being gaudy.  
I love an extendable lamp, $30.  From the 70’s.  In brass.  Lord how I am obsessed with the 70’s.  
Perhaps its because I was made in the 70’s.  
Does that make me vintage?
Wait, does anyone know the guy at the L.A. flea markets that was a hoarder and now is trying to get better so he is selling everything, but before he sells each item he takes a picture of you with it?  
he’s awesome.  And then he hoards the picture. I’m not kidding, which actually makes a lot more sense. 
 I find it so strange, but incredibly sweet at the same time.  I imagine him just flipping through the pictures on a Saturday night, reminiscing on each glass bottle or silver pencil cup, hoping that it has a good home now and fantasizing that they will meet again.  
I thought he wanted a picture of me because of DS and SFAS, but nope, he had no idea who i was (as it should be), just wanted one last memento of his lamp.
Let me know if you guys are into Flea Market Find Mondays.
I always like to know what people are buying so i can either scoff at them or envy them, but if you guys don’t have the same neurosis, then i won’t subject you to mine.  

Fin Mark
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