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Episode 2, pre-cap


I hope you are ready to meet the cutest family ever tomorrow night on episode 2.  Yes i am biased because it was an effing fantastic week and i have a lot in common with them, but these guys are kinda amazing.  By the second week already a bunch of kinks were out, and things went a lot more smoothly.  Although there was a wallpaper disaster (HIRE THE BEST WALLPAPERER EVER, I PROMISE YOU’LL REGRET ANYTHING LESS THAN PERFECT) that you won’t see, but i’ll tell you about next week.  

Here’s their mood board that i made before i started shopping, basically its based on my initial meeting with them where we go through magazines and they point to what they love and what they hate.  I’ll post those pics next week.

And here is what their place looked like before:

Whats it gonna look like people?  Any guesses?  Tune in tomorrow night (6pm, 9pm, midnight) and of course behind the scenes all next week.  


Fin Mark
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