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Enter To Win - Emily Henderson Enter To Win - Emily Henderson

A Vacay Giveway at Em's Cabin

Go on. Enter. Heck, someone's gonna win...

It could be you.



    • You will win a 5 night stay at this (hopefully) stunning 3,200 square foot cabin located an hour and half outside of LA. It sleeps 8, so bring your well behaved friends or kids. You'll get $1k towards travel expenses, or if you want to drive there, consider it your fun allowance.
    • I'll be there (with my team) to greet you,show you around and have a drink (or 3)if you're up for it. Then I'll leave you alone to enjoy, but will be just a phone call away to answer any questions and make sure your trip at this cabin is magical.
    • If you are up for it I'd love to share it on the blog with some photos and a quick video so others can see the contest winner.
    • Also yes, you can drive the bright red six seater golf cart with fringe on the roof down to the lake, 5 minutes away.We'll even provide the music - a mixed cassette tape. I hope you like late-90's jam tunes as much as Brain Henderson does.


  • 1. Leave a comment (make sure to put an email-which is just for tracking). You don't have to say anything in particular-could be a nice comment or a question you are curious about. Just having your engagement shows you care.
  • 2. Share the poll via the social media icons at the end of the post.
    • a. Instagram (make sure to tag @em_henderson and tag so we can see it. #designyoudecide or #emilyhenderson is optional.)
    • b. Facebook - share this post with the poll
    • c. Twitter
    • d. Pinterest
  • To thank you for your engagement, every time you share you will be entered into a large raffle. The more times you share, the more entries you have, the better the chance of winning. At the end of the project, after the final reveals we will choose the winner randomly.
  • That’s a total of 6 entries into the contest per poll. We plan on doing between 10 - 15 polls for the design of this house and those of you who enter/share every single time will also receive a consolation prize, TBD based on our sponsors. Unless you are of course the big winner ...
  • Now go check out the landing page with all the posts and don’t forget to read the blog daily for other projects, shopping resources, and some personal stories. Besides, you might want to get to know me before you stay at my house.

The Fine Print

  • *We are hoping to be done with the house by July of 2018, but lord knows it could be later.
  • **I reserve the right to vet the random winner, and if i’m uncomfortable in any way to choose a backup. Listen, its still my house and I have kids so you know, no creepos or people who are posting about their rampant drug use on social media.
  • ***Memorial day, Labor day, 4th of July and the week between Christmas and new years are exempt as those are reserved by my family.

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