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Emily, Emily who are you wearing??


S’right.  Those screams follow me everywhere, wait no they don’t, and especially NOT a the Rose Bowl yesterday during the drizzle that turned this little blonde into a little drowned squirrel, a la this:


Oh that guy? Not sure who he is but he reminds me of somebody…..  And no, i did not purchase him, although for $80 i was tempted because he is quite the piece.  I can see him in a big hipster loft, or east village restaurant.  

Anyhoo, here is another ‘who i’ve been obsessed with’ fashion wise lately.  You know i wear a lot of vintage but girlfriend doesn’t want to look like a character from the early 80’s so i do mix in a bunch of new items, as often as possible (and as often as i can afford) and here are a my newest favorites:

Dear Creatures.  They are new to me, but i’m totally loving them, and eagerly awaiting for my navy romper.

For when i go boating, thinking about both colors….

And i will play Tennis in it, yes i will.  

Yup.  Love these guys, they sell at Anthropologie and a bunch of other stores, but i think you can buy directly from them, too. Click here for their spring/summer line, and i just saw their fall line and i’m in love with some of the pieces.  (lots of princess sleeves with bows…).  

Emerson Made:

You know i love this brand.  It’s me in every way.  I’ve rocked the tweed jacket, but now my friends, i’m getting myself its grown up older sister:

And this guy:

And for some new kickers, i’m about to start donning these fellas from Seychelles (which i pronounce ‘say shells’:

I know. Supes adorbes.  And their shoes are totally reasonably priced, so you don’t feel like you are breaking the bank.  

 And that folks is ‘who i’m wearing’.  Happily.  

Fin Mark
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